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GP Juniors Australia & GP Juniors Cup Supp Regs & Tech Specs

MA News - Thu, 02/02/2017 - 5:06pm
GP Juniors Australia coordinator, Mark Bracks has worked closely with MA in formulating the rules and regulations behind the exciting new developmental series ahead of the GP Juniors Cup inaugural year. Supp Regs provide information and regulations for official competition in Australia according to discipline, and include a full listing of race permitted additions, compulsory safety additions and further series regulations in general.

Bracks relayed his excitement about the approaching GP Juniors Cup initiatives, stating; "The philosophy of GP Juniors Australia is to unearth and foster new talent to become future champions. The introduction of the one-make GP Juniors Cup ensures a level playing field for everyone. Yet another positive step forward, is to have the 2017 Supp Regs and tech specs released.
"I think everyone will be happy with the direction we are taking with the GP Juniors Cup and keeping the Yamaha R15 as standard and controlled as possible will keep costs down, making it more attractive and viable for mum's and dad's, as well as providing a platform for highlighting true Road Race talent.

"In the past, this formula has produced many excellent riders, including Mike Jones, Daniel Falzon and Josh Hook. It is our belief that the GP Juniors Cup will yield the same results." He concluded.

MA's newly appointed National Technical Officer, Pip Harrison added; "The GP Juniors Cup is a fantastic platform suited to entry level competition. The Yamaha R15's handling and power delivery characteristics are predictable, dependable and reliable.

"The GP Juniors Cup provides an immense opportunity for young riders to develop and advance in their sport. With the full backing and support of well-established organisations, at an affordable price, as the rider's hone their skills and progress, who knows where they will end up!" Harrison concluded.  

The total cost of the GP Junior Cup package is $4,499.00 and includes the following:
  • Yamaha R15
  • Race fairing set
  • Braided steel front brake line
  • Lower set handlebars
  • Adjustment plates for rear set footpegs
  • Engine cover crash knobs fitted
  • Performance exhaust system fitted
  • Alternate rear sprockets kit
  • Rear stand pickups to enable race stand to be used
  • Graphics kit
Importantly, GP Juniors Cup coordinator, Bracks added; "In the coming weeks, a control tyre will be selected to complete the package for 2017." 

For a copy of the 2017 GP Juniors Australia Supp Regs Tech Specs, click here. 

Along with races according to their own fixture, the GP Juniors Cup will feature at three rounds of the 2017 Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) as below: The GP Juniors Australia and GP Junior Cup 2017 Calendar:
Round 1   17-19 March    Wakefield Park Raceway      GP Juniors Cup* Round 2   28-30 April       Winton Motor Raceway       GP Juniors Cup*

Round 3   TBC                         TBC                               GP Juniors Australia                                                                                      and GP Juniors Cup
Round 4   6-7 August        Wakefield Park Raceway    GP Juniors Australia                                                                                       and GP Juniors Cup

Round 5   25-27 August        Morgan Park Raceway    GP Juniors Cup*

Round 6   24-26 November  Mallala Motorsport Park   GP Juniors Australia                                                                                and GP Juniors Cup
*denotes a round with ASBK  

For more information on the GP Juniors Cup, please visit or ASBK website, contact Mark Bracks via

2017 ASBK Rounds 2-7 Released

MA News - Wed, 01/02/2017 - 3:25pm
upplementary Regulations provide information and regulations for the Australian Championship and are available to download from the ASBK website HERE or via the Supp Regs page of the Motorcycling Australia website.
Australian Championship classes include Superbike; Supersport; Supersport 300 Up to, Over, and Women?s; and Moto3/125GP. The YMF R3 Cup will run at Rounds 2, 3, 5, 6, & 7.
Motorcycling Australia would like to remind competitiors of the ASBK Homologated Tyre list for 2017, providing competitors and teams with consistency while allowing a wide range of tyre choice in competition. The list will be made available at weeks end.

Please note these Supplementary Regulations pertain only to Rounds 2 ? 7, Round 1 information is included in WSBK Support Class Supplementary Regulations also released on the Supp Regs page of the MA website or can be viewed from the ASBK website here.
For all ASBK enquiries please contact
2017 ASBK Calendar:

·      Round 1 Phillip Island GP Circuit, WSBK, VIC         23-26 February
·      Round 2 Wakefield Park Raceway, NSW                 17-19 March
·      Round 3 Winton Motor Raceway, VIC                      28-30 April
·      Round 4  (TBC)                                                         June
·      Round 5 Morgan Park Raceway, Warick, QLD         25-27 August
·      Round 6 SMP Eastern Creek, NSW                           8- 10 September 
       Round 7 Phillip Island Circuit, VIC                           6 -10 October

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Team Rider and Team Manager applications open for 2017 FIM World Junior Motocross

MA News - Wed, 01/02/2017 - 9:07am
Riders and Team Managers wishing to apply for an Australian Team position in this year's FIM World Junior Motocross will need to consider that while MA will contribute some funding to the team, there may be a greater cost to individuals than in previous years. 

The expected time away for this year's FIM World Junior Motocross will be approximately 10 days, with further details to be confirmed at a later date. 
The FIM Junior Motocross World Championship will consist of the following two classes:

Class 1: 85cc, 12-14 years
Class 2: 125cc, 13-17 years

Currently, we are still awaiting on full confirmation from the FIM on further information.
Motorcycling Australia would like to thank previous Team Manager Glen Macdonald for his dedication to the team over a number of years.

Team Rider application forms are available to download here.
Team Manager application forms are available to download here.

Team Manager applications must be returned by COB Friday, March 17, 2017.
Team Rider applications must be returned by COB Friday, March 31, 2017.
Applications and enquiries should be addressed to:

Matthew Falvo
Motorcycling Australia
PO Box 134
South Melbourne, VIC 3220

Further information can be found on the application forms at

For more information head to


MA News - Tue, 31/01/2017 - 8:43pm
The event is being organized by Darrin Treloar in association with the Kurri Kurri Speedway Club as a tribute to Darrin?s father who was a top class speedway sidecar rider himself.

The Aircom Group Garry Treloar Roll the Dice will feature sixteen of Australia?s best sidecar competitors in 20 qualifying heats culminating in a B and A Final as well as events for Junior Sidecars, Vincent sidecars and low line sidecars.

?There have never been as many different sidecars on the one race program,? said Kurri Kurri Speedway Club President, Peter Campton. ?Our Club is always keen to support sidecar racing and we are very happy to work with Darrin [Treloar] to present this meeting. It is a great boost for the sport.?

?Dad was a great inspiration for me and the Treloar family is delighted to have the chance to pay tribute to him in this way,? said Darrin.?We want to make this meeting a success with the intention of making it an annual event. Dad had a set of dice on all his racing leathers, so we reckoned ?Roll the Dice? was pretty appropriate.?

Darrin Treloar is unquestionably Australia?s most successful speedway sidecar rider. He is the current FIM World Speedway Sidecar Champion, the current Australian Speedway Sidecar Champion and the current QLD, NSW and South Australia Speedway Sidecar Champion.

There is a strong local presence in Treloar?s outstanding record by way of his passenger, Blake Cox. Cox lives in Lake Macquarie and has been Treloar?s passenger for the last three speedway seasons.

?Just like the Treloars, my family has been in sidecars for many years,? said Cox. ?I tried a few other sports but when the offer came to partner Darrin, I went with it.?

All four members of the Cox family will be filling the ?passenger? role on Saturday night. Father of the family, Glen, will dust off the leathers and compete with long time partner, Grant Bond. Blake will be passenger for Darrin Treloar, whilst Brady Cox will partner Hayden Bond and Liam Cox will pair with Klae Hobbs.

For the very first time Junior Sidecars will compete on the same program as the senior riders. Albeit on the junior inner track, six young riders and their passengers will get the thrill of racing on the big stage with the winning combination receiving the inaugural ?GT? Cup.

The barking roar of the famous Vincent engines is certain to bring back memories for long time speedway fans and the reappearance of the ?low line? sidecars is also in tribute to Garry Treloar. He and his brother Ricky were amongst the first riders to compete on these custom built vehicles that came into vogue in place of the Vincent style machines.

A parade of the sixteen competitors in the main event in the back of Mustang convertibles will get the night underway at 5:15pm followed by the presentation of medallions by the Treloar family to all competitors. Racing commences at 6:30pm.

2017 Australian Under 21 Speedway Solo Championship Final Kurri Kurri 28 January

MA News - Tue, 31/01/2017 - 8:09am
Event Details
2017 Australian Speedway Under 21 Solo Championship 


28 January, 2017


Kurri Kurri Speedway, New South Wales

Event Results For results click here.

2017 ASBK Official Test Day

MA News - Tue, 31/01/2017 - 8:04am
Event Details

2017 ASBK Official Test Day  


30th of January, 2017


Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Phillip Island.

Event Results For results click here.

2017 Australian Motorcycle News International Island Classic

MA News - Tue, 31/01/2017 - 7:58am
Event Details

2017 Australian Motorcycle News International Island Classic 


27th to 29th of January, 2017


Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Phillip Island.

Event Results For results click here.

Blair snatches fastest time of the day at ASBK Official Test

MA News - Mon, 30/01/2017 - 4:46pm
In between the drizzles of rain and the cool conditions out on track, it was Blair Builds Michael Blair who made use of his track time before round one in only a few short weeks, posting the final fastest time overall for the day.


It was no surprise to see limited laps turned with the weather looking bleak to start the day for the first Superbike session. The times only just reached down in to the 1 minute and 40 seconds? bracket by Beau Beaton?s Ducati Panigale.

By the second session of the day it was declared a wet track, with competitors taking their time heading out on to the wet Phillip Island surface. Despite the competition out on track young 20-year-old John Hunt was the fastest man surfacing with the quickest time of 1:46.606 towards the end of the Superbike session.

Things were looking better in the third Superbike practice just after the lunch break, a dry line had formed and within the first 10 minutes the times had already dropped in to the 1 minute 37?s. It seemed to be Yamaha domination this afternoon with three R1?s setting the top three fastest times led by Caterpillar Jon Daniels Racing?s Daniel Falzon (1:34.920).

With a whopping 27 Superbike machines, out on track for testing a clear track was far and few between. Regulars to the top ten being Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team's Brian Starring, Yamaha mounted Michael Blair, and Kawasaki?s BC Performance's Robbie Bugden in the mix, plus more.

The final session of the day was extended to 35 minutes, providing competitors ample opportunity to get the last creases ironed out before round one. Helmets tucked behind their screens down the front straight, there was slacking rider in the final session.

Yamaha Racing Teams Allerton looked as though he had the fastest time for the day secured with five minutes remaining on the clock, however just before the session stopped short from a red flag, consistent rider today, Blair, stole the show with a total and final time of 1 minute 33.197 seconds.

The final session top ten leaving behind the making of a good battle at round one, as already the top ten bikes were only one second apart.

Supersport: Light rain littered the first session of the morning for the Supersport competitors, with only 13 riders braving the anticlimax weather conditions, however in the second session the drying track sprouted 6 new riders.

By the middle of the day the fastest lap produced in the Supersport 600 class was a 1:50.083, by Sam Muldoon, with still two session left for the remainder of the day.

A dry track put anticipation back in to the air of the Supersport competitors, and it was time to get down to business and make use of the limited time they had left of the ASBK Official Test Day. Making his first appearance out on track for the day Triumph mounted Mark Chiodo finished with the fastest session time of 1 minute 37.320 seconds.

Chiodo went from strength to strength in the final Supersport session of the day, finishing with a total overall fastest Supersport time of 1:35.947.

Supersport 300/ YMF R3 Cup/ Moto 3/125GP:

As the first bikes, out on track this morning, the Supersport 300, YMF R3 Cup and Moto 3/125GP competitors were treated to a dry, 25-degree track temperature. Broc Pearson finished the first session fastest with a final time of 1:54.376.

A wet track for the second session mixed up things for these competitors, now with Reid Battye out in front however not matching Pearson previous time, finishing the session with a 2:01.494.

After a momentary red flag in their third session, it was back in to gear for these competitors with plenty of new faces sprouting. In 2016 we saw some of the most epic battles in the stacked class, and this year is shaping up to be much the same.

Hot 2016 Moto 3 competitor Locky Taylor debuted his Supersport 300 today, feeling his way around the machine producing some promising times throughout the day. However, the man of the moment for the Supersport 300 competitors was Broc Pearson who couldn?t better this morning times of 1:54.376, leaving him the fastest Supersport rider today.

Today the excitement well and truly hit its climax with just a snapshot of what the year has in store. For these Australia Superbike Championship competitors, its back home to rest, train and refuel, ready for a challenging and much anticipated round one at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit ahead this February 24th to 26th.

Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from the ASBK Official Test Day by liking ASBK on Facebook, following the @asbk on Instagram and checking out the ASBK website here.

McWilliams-led United Kingdom wins International Challenge

MA News - Mon, 30/01/2017 - 9:28am
The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit came alive in the fourth and final race in the multi-national event after Aussie rookie Alex Phillis (Suzuki XR69) won a thriller ahead of Jeremy McWilliams (Harris Yamaha) and another local, Steve Martin (Suzuki Katana).
With Jed Metcher (Harris Honda) and Shawn Giles (Katana) also performing strongly, Australia managed to claw back some points on the UK but it wasn't enough to deny victory to the visitor for the third successive year ? with the tireless veteran McWilliams also taking home the individual standings for the fourth time.
The final score saw the United Kingdom complete the event on 651pts ahead of Australia (640), Ireland (539), America (357) and New Zealand (323).

"Riders leave absolutely nothing in the tank at the International Challenge, and that's what makes it so special to compete in and win," said McWilliams, now 52 and showing little signs of slowing down. "We are allowed to ride bikes on the limit by the owners, and it's been an honour to represent the UK and get the job done again in 2017.
"My teammate Peter Hickman is right when he says this is some of the hardest and toughest racing you'll find anywhere, so that always makes winning extra special."
Australia's attempt to reclaim the International Challenge from the UK got off on the wrong foot when Irving Vincent-riding speedsters Cameron Donald and Beau Beaton were forced out of proceedings by mechanical problems on Saturday, while Phillis ? who started from second on the grid alongside McWilliams ? retired from race one with a flat tyre.
McWilliams won both races on day one, the first ahead of Giles and fellow UK rider Peter Hickman (Harris Yamaha), while in race two Hickman and Metcher completed the top three.
The UK then extended its lead to 26pts in race three, with McWilliams unstoppable en route to another win and a new lap record of 1:36.388. Hickman and Giles completed the top three.
With the event again going down to the wire, Australia sensed a sniff of victory after Hickman high-sided out of the lead at turn 10 on lap two, with McWilliams dropping a couple of places as he took evasive action.
However, with Aussie hard-charger Chad Hern (Harris Honda) out on the following lap with a broken cam chain it was then obvious only a calamity from a UK perspective would let Australia back into the game.
That didn't eventuate, but the last few laps of race four were the best of the weekend as Phillis led while McWilliams was on a comeback mission after being held up in the Hickman crash.
The final lap was a nerve-jangler, and just when it appeared McWilliams was ready to make a move he got all loose a turn 10 which scuppered his chances of a clean sweep.
"I just went in too hot and the bike stepped out," said McWilliams. "Alex is also exceptionally fast at turn 11 ? and also at turns two and six for that matter! - so I knew that was it for me as far as pushing for the win."
Phillis was elated, as he completed his rookie International Challenge campaign in the best possible way.
"I knew Jeremy was close behind so I just had to stay focussed and get on the gas as hard as I could coming out of turn 10 on that last lap," said Alex, the son of Aussie superbike racing legend, Robbie. "I have really enjoyed riding the XR69, and I knew that once we had ironed out a few fuelling niggles I would give myself a great chance of pushing for a win.
"I also got a great start in the last race, so that always helps."
Phillis only finished 11th overall in the individual standings after his race one DNF, with McWilliams running out an easy winner on 159pts from Metcher (147), Giles (147), Ireland's Paul Byrne (McIntosh Suzuki, 140), UK's Conor Cummins (Harris Yamaha, 133), Martin (132), Ireland's Derek Sheils (XR69, 132), and another batch of UK riders: McGuinness (Harris Honda, 125), James Hillier (Harris Yamaha, 118) and Hickman (116).
The highest point-scorer for America was Pat Mooney (XR69) in a 12th position, and for New Zealand it was Glenn Hindle (XR69) in 12th position.
Irish non-riding captain Mike Meskell was delighted with how his team performed.
"We had some good bikes and some  not so good this weekend, but they held together and we have achieved our goal of getting closer to the top two teams," Meskell said. "We want to be regarded as a serious competitor to Australia and the UK, and we will come back bigger and stronger in 2018 with better bikes, including two XR69s."
American head honcho Dave Crussell said: Our bikes and riders finished every single race in 2017, which is a fantastic achievement. Our bike development has paid off, and I was particularly delighted with the form of Pat Mooney and Barrett Long."
Despite again holding up the International Challenge ladder, New Zealand captain Duncan Coutts was far from despondent.
"We were a bit unlucky in that last race with Damien (Kavney) a DNF, but a couple of our bikes were really strong and we'll be back to fight on again in 2017," Coutts said.
In a massive weekend of historic competition, Murray Seabrook collected the Phil Irving Memorial Trophy for the most points collected by a competitor outside the International Challenge races. Seabrook defeated Dean Oughtred and Lachlan Hill.
Race one: 1 Jeremy McWilliams (UK), 2 Shawn Giles (AUS), 3 Peter Hickman (UK), 4 Conor Cummins (UK), 5 Jed Metcher (AUS), 6 Chas Hern (AUS).
Race two: 1 McWilliams, 2 Hickman, 3 Metcher, 4 Alex Phillis (AUS), 5 Paul Byrne (IRE), 6 Giles.
Race three: 1 McWilliams, 2 Hickman, 3 Giles, 4 Phillis, 5 Metcher, 6 Byrne
Race four: 1 Phillis, 2 McWilliams, 3 Steve Martin (AUS), 4 Metcher, 5 Byrne, 6 Giles.
1. United Kingdom 651pts  
2. Australia 640pts  
3. Ireland 539pts
4. America 357pts
5. New Zealand 323pts
1. Jeremy McWilliams (UK) 159
2. Jed Metcher (AUS) 147
3. Shawn Giles (AUS) 147
4. Paul Byrne (IRE) 140
5. Conor Cummins (UK) 133
6. Steve Martin (AUS) 132
7. Derek Sheils (IRE) 132
8. John McGuinness (UK) 125
9. James Hillier (UK) 118
10. Peter Hickman (UK) 116
125cc FORGOTTEN ERA: Simon Oliver
125cc NEW ERA: Stephen Kairl
250cc FORGOTTEN ERA: Peter Hinton
250cc NEW ERA PRODUCTION: Glenn Chandler
250cc NEW ERA: Scott Sullivan
125cc POST-CLASSIC: Stacey Heaney
250cc CLASSIC: John Imrie
250cc POST-CLASSIC: Murray Seabrook
350cc POST-CLASSIC: Murray Seabrook
350cc CLASSIC: Philip Paton
350cc FORGOTTEN ERA: Lachlan Hill
500cc FORGOTTEN ERA: Tom Bramich
500cc CLASSIC: Brendan Roberts
VINTAGE: Clive Harrop
UNLIMITED FORGOTTEN ERA ? Premier: Marty Craggill
NEW ERA FORMULA 750cc: Scott Campbell
NEW ERA FORMULA 1300cc: Dean Oughtred
Murray Seabrook
For all Island Classic results, visit

Speedway 2017 U21's Aussie Championship Claimed

MA News - Sun, 29/01/2017 - 10:28pm
On Maximum points, the current U21?s World Champion took out the 2017 Australian Championship with a formidable win. The Under 21's was an actioned packed Saturday night on January 28th, that saw more than half a dozen riders come unstuck, making heavy contact with the dirt.

The last heat of the night ensured crowd favourites, Max Fricke and Jack Holder both tied on maximum points with Brady Kurtz only one point behind on 11. In a race not to be missed, a flying start off the line resulted in a crash at turn one that saw Holder go down, Kurtz flying over the top of him, in turn both falling heavily. Both riders were up again and after a short delay, the race was re-started. Kurtz dramatically pulled out of the race due to an apparent injury from the prior stack, leaving Fricke to take the win over Holder.
The final race including Fricke, Holder, Lidsey and Pickering was worth the wait, with Fricke gaining the lead over Holder to win the night. The battle behind the front runners was equally impressive, with Lidsey battling Pickering to take his first Australian Championship podium.
On the back of his World U21 Champion title, Max Fricke shared with Motorcycling Australia how he felt after adding the U21 Aussie title "It's awesome to have done the double! We are heading back overseas now and its pretty cool to be finishing our Aussie season on a high. I have built some momentum going overseas which is great! I had some tough competition tonight with Jack and I can?t remember the last time I ran at full maximum!"

A humble Fricke also seized the moment by adding; "A big shout out to everyone who is involved in running tonight, the track has been awesome all weekend." As 2017 is Max?s last year in U21?s he confirmed that he would be back next year to contest in the Senior events.  

Motorcycling Australia spoke to Australian U21 Championship defending Champion and 2017 second place getter, Jack Holder.
"It was a good meet tonight and I got all the points I could get. I knew the last heat was going to be as tough as they come and that I had all the top guys in it! Unfortunately, BK (Brady Kurtz) crashed out and you don?t like seeing a mate get hurt like that. So, I tried my best in that final and made a good start, because you can't give Max a head start!" Holder explained.

 When asked how he was feeling after suffering through two crashes in the night, Jack said "I had to lay the bike down to avoid a few people and the other crash that was a first corner incident. I'm all sweet! Just a bit of a graze on my finger." The hearty young rider expressed.
Jack shared with MA; "Of course I will be taking my position up in the World U21?s which is what I came here to do, and I really wanted to defend my title, but, I was second and that is second best. So, I can?t wait until the World season starts." 2017 is also Jack?s last year in U21?s.
Third place getter, Jaimon Lidsey has another three years left to race in Under 21 Championships and is touted to be stiff competition through those years. He shared with MA; " With Max being the World U21 Champ and Jack winning it last year, it?s pretty cool to finish just behind them. To finish off the season with this is great." The young gun finished.

Motorcycling Australia caught up with 2012 World Speedway Grand Prix Champion, winner of the 2016 Australian Speedway Grand Prix, and Kurri Kurri U21's attendee, Chris Holder. Chris lent his thoughts on the 'up and comer's' "We have a bunch of young Aussie guys who are doing really well with a lot of guys also competing over in England with good results too which is great. Max is probably our best U21 at the moment and is our current World Champion too! So it was a good night for him to wrap up the title and for my younger brother, Jack to get second is a great effort." He surmised.

MA simply had to ask Chris what he felt when he watched his little brother race at speed. Chris said "It's hard to watch him (Jack Holder) race, I get more nervous watching because I am not in control. I am stoked he had a good night and I like to come up and give him a hand when I can. Jack lives with me overseas and he will be racing the Elite rounds this year. He will be a lot busier this year, so it will be good for him to get more experience and hopefully step up to the Australian Senior team." The proud brother and Speedway champ finished.

Click here for the official scorecard of the night.
Keep up to date with all the 2017 Australian Speedway U21 Championship news by heading to the Motorcycling Australia website for results and pictures, and as always, follow us on the Motorcycling Australia Facebook and Instagram pages.

2017 Speedway Under 16's Championship Wraps Up in Kurri

MA News - Sun, 29/01/2017 - 8:52pm
Maurice Brown finished the night and his 2017 Championship campaign as runner up to the unstoppable Queenslander, Keynan Rew, who took the night in a clean sweep on his 125 machine.
After winning the New South Wales, South Australian, Queensland and Victorian State Titles, Keynan Rew didn?t make a mistake on the road to winning his first National Championship at Kurri Kurri on Saturday night, and when Motorcycling Australia caught up with him after his win, Keynan said "It was a really good night. I am surprised more than anything! I'll be stepping up into the 250's and I feel comfortable on the larger bike. I'm really looking forward it!" The exited young talent concluded.
The under 16's success story continued on Saturday night when the 2017 250cc Australian Champion was named as 15 year old, Jedd List who placed first on the balmy Kurri Kurri night, with maximum points awarded. Under 16?s 125cc Champion, Keynan Rew took his second medal for the weekend, placing second in the Championship.
A name we will no doubt hear more of in the near future, Jedd List relayed his ambitions for the year ahead, adding; "It feels unbelievable! It hasn?t really sunk in yet, it?s just such a great feeling!  I am heading over to the 'Worlds' and while we are overseas I might try out the Junior 500cc leagues, because if you are 15 over there you can race a 500. I might also do the Darcy meeting. I will definitely be back here next year, but not sure what Championship I will be in" the determined young man explained.

Click here for the Australian Speedway Under 16's 125cc official scorecard.

Keep up to date with all the 2017 Australian Speedway U16 Championship news by heading to the Motorcycling Australia website for results and pictures, and as always, follow us on the Motorcycling Australia Facebook and Instagram pages.

Motorcycling WA?s Junior Elite Training Camp 2017

MA News - Fri, 27/01/2017 - 3:13pm
The changes to this year?s camp include a visit to Western Australian Institute of Sport, expert cross training advise from World Champion Kickboxer Bruce Macfie and a Parent?s Seminar with Peter Strickland, Team Manager of Yamaha Australia ? Junior Development Team.

Our aim is to revolutionise Junior motorsport off the bike training by providing first class facilities and world class presenters. The camp offers tuition and guidance from those who have competed and coached at World  level. No other Motorsport camp in Australia currently provides this.

The camps new date and southern location will provide the opportunity for participants to develop their new found skills throughout the 2017 season.
The Camp will start on 10 April 2017 at Woodman Point Recreation Centre Coogee, WA, 6166, and will conclude on the 13th April  2017.
Fantastic opportunities can be gained at the camp, but nothing will be given away.  All will be released soon.
A week at MWA's Junior Elite Training Camp can transform your body and mind. With the experts on hand to show you the way to success. If you have the determination, the desire and think you have what it takes to be the best on our next camp. Then complete your application NOW!!

·         Aged between 13-18 years old.
·         Race Resume Including Race Results.
·         Current School Report.
·         Include two photos to use for Media. 1 x Sport Related, 1 x Portrait
·         Contracted Sponsors (if any)

CLOSING DATE:  All entries must be received by : Friday March 10, 2017

For further information contact:
Janine Wragg
Motorcycling WA Development & Training Officer
Phone: 08 9371 5333

Click here to start registration
To view photos of last year?s Junior Elite Training Camp visit our Facebook site.

Burns ready to light up New Zealand next weekend

MA News - Fri, 27/01/2017 - 11:33am
Chandler, 16, impressively finished second in the A-Lites class in his first senior motocross competition. ?It was a good weekend for me. It was going to be real test for me as it was my first senior race and I was racing in A Grade,? Chandler said.

?Saturday started off a bit average after not getting the starts that I wanted, which saw me getting caught behind a few people. I ended up with a 4th and a 6th on Saturday. Sunday was much better as I got off to a good start in the first race and made a quick couple of passes into second and rode a comfortable race in second to finish.

?The second race on Sunday was even better, as I nearly got the hole shot, and was in second for the whole race ending up with second overall for the weekend,? Chandler added.

Chandler has a big year ahead of him as he plans to compete in all four rounds of the Victorian Senior Motocross Championships, where he hopes to finish in the top 5 in the A Lites class; aims to finish in the top 15 in the MXD class at the 2017 Australian MX Nationals, and would like to finish third in A Grade in the 2017 Shell Advance Gippsland Motocross Series.

Chandler is also heading overseas for the first time to compete in one of New Zealand?s top flight motocross competitions.  Chandler said he was invited by the host club ? the Manawatu Orion Motorcycle Club on NZ?s North Island - and was assisted by the Jillings Family arranging a bike to race he is also supported by Davey Motorsport KTM Team in Australia.

He?ll be competing in the Junior 14 to 16-years 250cc 4-stroke class on January 28, and then in the Senior MX2 Championship Class on Sunday, January 29.

?I can?t wait. It?s going to be a real test for me as it is my first time travelling to another country all on my own. I?m also really excited as there will be at least a dozen top Australian riders taking it to the Kiwis,? Chandler said. ?I?m really grateful for this opportunity.?

Other top Victorian riders such as Jed Beaton, Cody Dyce, Bailey Malkiewicz, and Mason Semmens will also be competing at Woodville next weekend.

Fresh Speedway Talent on Show at Kurri

MA News - Fri, 27/01/2017 - 10:42am
Yesterday, 26 January, qualifying took place at the Kurri Kurri Speedway track ahead of the Australian Speeway Under 16's 125cc Championship, with 13 year old Queenslander Bailey Viner, leading the chase with a stunning four heat wins from four starts, placing him squarely at the front of the Australian 125cc Championship pack. Hot on his heels was Jackson Milner, James Pearson, Flyn Nicol, Liam May, Jack Sadler and Broc Hall who rounded out the seven qualifiers to join already seeded riders who are all chasing a piece of the 2017 Speedway pie. Patrick Bowes and Aiden Phillips named as reserve riders.

2016 Australian Speedway 125cc Champion Matt Gillmore, was in attendance yesterday cheering and spurring the youngsters on. Similarly, Australian Senior solo hot talent, Mason Campton was at the track lending his support in an official capacity as a flag marshal, before he heads over to Europe to compete this year.   
  2017 Speedway U16 - 125cc Race Draw First Name Surname SEEDED Connor Bailey SEEDED Fraser Bowes SEEDED Maurice Brown SEEDED Jacob Hook SEEDED Jack Miles SEEDED Jack Norman SEEDED Keynan Rew SEEDED Cordell Rogerson SEEDED   26th - 27th January ? Speedway Australian U16 125cc Solo Championship
28th   January - Speedway Australian U21 Solo/U16 250cc Solo Championship
29th January  - Speedway Australian U16 125cc Teams Championship

Keep up to date with all the 2017 Australian Speedway U21 & U16 Championship news by heading to the Motorcycling Australia website for results and pictures, and as always, follow us on the Motorcycling Australia Facebook and Instagram pages.


MA News - Fri, 27/01/2017 - 8:04am
Now one of the largest historic motorcycle racing events in the world, the Island Classic is not only a pilgrimage for so many as they watch their favourite riders and bikes slug it out over 56 races ? as well as getting up close and personal with them in the pits ? but it has a massive no-holds-barred element to it as well: the International Challenge teams' event between Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and America.
Now in its 13th year, the International Challenge (for bikes manufactured between 1973 and 1984) was dominated by Australia from the outset before the United Kingdom not only made up large chunks of ground but finally overshadowed its antipodean rival by taking out the last two events ? its lead rider Jeremy McWilliams the mainstay.
That's left a sour taste in the Aussie camp, and in 2017 it's looking for redemption with battle-hardened stars like Shawn Giles, Steve Martin, Cam Donald and Jed Metcher and Beau Beaton to be joined by new faces Alex Phillis and Chas Hern.
The UK defence is also looking ominous, with British superbike champion Peter Hickman joining the squad alongside McWilliams, Conor Cummins, John McGuinness, Glen Richards and James Hillier.
Metcher and McWilliams won the Ken Wootton Memorial Trophy in 2016 as the highest point scorers across the four International Challenge races.
Ireland, America and New Zealand will also arrive at Phillip Island with strong line-ups ? Ireland with Paul Byrne and Cormac Conroy; the US with Barrett Long and James McKay; and NZ with Damian Mackie and Roger Gunn.
Australian speedsters Dave Johnson and Levi Day have joined the Irish effort, while Tasmanian superbike and production racing legend Malcolm Campbell is taking on the American cause.
Eight riders from each team will contest the four International Challenge races ? two apiece on Saturday and Sunday ? to make up the maximum 40-rider grid.
The Australia versus New Zealand component of the International Challenge will also count towards points in the 2017 FIM Oceania Historic Road Race Cup.
For riders in the non-International Challenge races, the carrot is winning the Phil Irving Perpetual Trophy for the highest points scored, with the likes of Donald and Day past winners.
It's not all about racing, though. The Island Classic will also host demonstration laps by the legendary Britten V 1000 V-twin home-built racebike out of New Zealand. Retired international rider Andrew Stroud, who won the 1995 world BEARS (British European American Racing Series) title on the V1000, as well as one-off wins at other tracks around the globe, will be the rider.
Another Island Classic guest will be Dutchman Ferry Brouwer, the founder of Arai Europe, who will be interviewed by renowned motorcycle scribe Alan Cathcart. Brouwer not only set up a European home for Arai helmets, but also he was also a spanner man for a host of top GP riders when he worked for Yamaha.
Phillip Island?s has also just secured a superb collection of 24 grand prix motorcycles -  15 sleek Aprilias and a brood of 9 beautiful, fiery red Cagivas - that Island Classic guests will be the first to enjoy.   All two strokes, they raced in GP competition between 1987 and 2003 and on board were some of the world?s great riders including the Italian aces Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi and Loris Capirossi, and American stars Eddie Lawson and John Kocinski.
The collection includes the Aprilia RSV500 of Jeremy McWilliams, the mainstay of the UK team for this weekend?s International Challenge.   He rode the machine in 2000, and in fact scored pole position at Australia?s Phillip Island when competing in the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.
To be housed in the Phillip Island Visitor Centre, Island Classic patrons will get discounted entry to view the prized collection with adult entry just $9.50.
The Island Classic begins with practice and qualifying on Friday, January 27, and on Saturday and Sunday (January 28-29) there will be non-stop action, with all races between four and six laps and catering for bikes from pre-WW1 bikes through to Vintage (1920-1945), Classic and Post Classic (from 1946 to 1972), and the more recent Forgotten Era and New Era classes. Sidecars will also join solos on the program.
As well as the Japanese Big Four, other manufacturers on the Island Classic grids will include BSA, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Matchless, Norton, Vincent, Ariel, Indian, Aermacchi, Bultaco and Adler, as well as a bevy of chassis specialists.
Fergus Cameron, Phillip Island managing director, says the event is pure heaven for bike lovers and is chuffed that people come from all over the globe to spend a long weekend immersed in bike-lore.
?We love that 95 percent of the bikes that travel from all over the globe to the event actually are in tip-top condition, in fact in such good spec, that they can compete in fierce racing on one of the most demanding circuits in the world,? said Fergus Cameron, md of the Phillip Island Circuit.
?I?m also so excited about our superb collection of grand prix motorcycles that have literally just landed from Italy and Island Classic visitors will be the first to view these treasures.?
Gate prices from Friday 8am?Three day pass $90 at gate; Sunday only $60 at gate; Saturday only $50 at gate.   All children 15 and under free.    Camping at gate $95 for up to four nights.
Gates will open at 8:00am each day with qualifying and racing from 9:00am.
*All ticket prices quoted are in advance

Superb Italian Grand Prix Motorcycle collection arrives at Phillip Island

MA News - Wed, 25/01/2017 - 2:26pm
Fans at this weekend?s AMCN Island Classic at Phillip Island ? one of the largest historic bike meets in the world ? will be the first to see the collection with a discounted entry to $9.50 for Island Classic patrons.
Uncovered in Italy  by Andrew Fox and purchased from private collectors by Melbourne?s Fox family, owners of the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit, the collection boasts a fleet of 15 sleek, agile Aprilias and a brood of 9 beautiful, fiery red Cagivas.   
All two strokes, they raced in GP competition between 1987 and 2003 and on board were some of the world?s great riders including the Italian aces Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi and Loris Capirossi, and American stars Eddie Lawson and John Kocinski.
?We are extremely excited about this collection.  It represents a sensational era of grand prix racing and showcases the bikes that launched some of the biggest names in motorcycle racing,? said Andrew Fox.  ?The bikes are all in perfect condition and I believe we have the finest collection of Cagivas anywhere in the world.?
Fox said they decided to search for a significant collection after last year securing rights for the MotoGP and World Superbike for another decade.
?We are the only circuit in the world with ten year tenures on both these world championships and this collection launches our desire to build a world class exhibition of grand prix motorcycles that befits our circuit.?
The 15 Aprilias of the Phillip Island collection starred in world championship campaigns from 1992 to 2003, across the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc classes.    Heralding from Venice, the Aprilia manufacturer?s philosophy of ?Made in Italy? was replicated in their race team - with Italian riders on Italian bikes charting the team?s successful path and launching the careers of many including Rossi and Biaggi.
Aprilia was particularly dominant in the 125cc and intermediate classes during that era, with the bikes in the Phillip Island display winning an incredible nine world championships and taking home 50 GP wins towards a total podium count of 152.
In the Aprilia stable, the Phillip Island Collection includes the world title-winning machines of Rossi in 1997 (125), Biaggi in 1995 (250), Capirossi in 1998 (250) and Marco Melandri (250) in 2002.
There are also three RSV500s in the collection, including the Aprilia Jeremy McWilliams rode to pole position in the Australian GP at Phillip Island in 2000.
The Alessandro Gramigni bike of 1992 was the machine Aprilia won its first world title on in 125cc, and following came further world championship success with Kazuto Sakata on the 125cc bike of 1994 and 1998.
Rossi?s 1997 Aprilia RSV125 is a treasured member of the collection. The bike rode the Italian to 125cc dominance with 11 victories, 13 podiums and a world title and launched his career on the world stage. He took two titles with Aprilia, in the smaller classes (1997- 125cc; 1999 - 250cc), before he moved up to 500cc racing and increased his world championship count to nine.
But it was the quarter-litre class where Aprilia really made its mark on the world stage.
Biaggi scored three consecutive 250cc world titles for Aprilia from 1994 to 1996, with the bike from his 1995 campaign (8 wins and 12 podiums) a highlight of the Phillip Island offer. Biaggi?s dominance led the way for Capirossi, Melandri and Manual Poggiali whose world championship winning bikes are now firmly ensconced at Phillip Island ? a showcase to the Aprilian success story of the 1990s.
The Cagiva bikes of the Phillip Island collection represent 500cc racing from 1987 to 1994, the race category where the Italian Varese factory concentrated its efforts with riders like Lawson, Kocinski, Randy Mamola, Alex Barros, Doug Chandler and Aussie Mat Mladin, who was plucked straight from an Aussie superbike-winning season in Australia to go GP racing in 1993.
The nine brilliantly bright red Cagivas on display include the race-winning machines of Lawson who scored the first ever Cagiva victory in Hungary in the wet in 1992; and Kocinski who led the final Cagiva charge in 1993 and 1994 with wins in the US and Australia.
During that eight-year period, Cagiva scored three wins and a total of 13 podiums, before withdrawing from competition at the end of 1994 due to the financial squeeze of competing at the highest level of road racing ? ironically after its best ever year of competition when Kocinski won at Sydney?s Eastern Creek and finished third in the championship.
The story of Cagiva is a true Italian melodrama that started in 1978 with an ambitious plan by the two Castiglioni brothers from Varese, Gianfranco and Claudio, establishing an Italian team to go 500cc racing and take on the all- conquering Japanese makes.  They purchased the old Aermacchi factory beside Lake Varese and renamed it Cagiva, after their father CAstiglioni GIovanni of VArese.
Red-blooded Italian passion and persistence were the characteristics of the 15 year Cagiva 500 cc journey, a campaign that ended due to lack of funds just as the brand was tasting 500cc glory and success. The company had input from all over the globe ? the Japanese helping with technical advice to assist a European marque to fire on the 500cc grid; and from the US it was gifted the know-how of King Kenny Roberts and the riding ability of their eventual victors, Lawson and Kocinski.
But, always, the Cagivas were totally Italian and totally gorgeous. In their fiery red they brought not only presence, pace and power to the racetrack, but also Italian good looks and flair in design. And still in 2017, at their new home at Australia?s Phillip Island, they shine brilliantly bright in their blood red livery.
Fox and circuit managing director, Fergus Cameron, sourced the bikes from two Italian collectors.
?These are legendary Latin machines and a special collection for the people of Phillip Island.  It is a racing repertoire to be proud of, another wonderful treasure for our island that visitors will really enjoy,? said Fox.
?Part of me sees it as a thank you.   For more than a decade, the track has benefitted from a great working relationship with the Premiers and the Victorian government, the support of Brendan McClements from VMEC, and more recently from the team at Visit Victoria.  This is something to build on for the future.?
Cameron took delivery of the collection from Italy last weekend and said the collection is another step to ensure Phillip Island is truly regarded as the world?s motorcycling mecca.
?Race fans come to experience Phillip Island?s thrilling action live and now viewing these incredible machines at such close range, they can relive some of motorcycling?s great memories,? said Cameron.   
The Phillip Island Grand Prix Motorcycle Collection at the Visitor Centre will be open to the public from Australia Day, with entry $17.50 for adults and $8.50 for children.
For patrons of this weekend?s massive historic bike meet, the AMCN sland Classic at Phillip Island, there?s a discount on entry for adults to $9.50.
For more information about the History of Motorsport Display go to
For information on the AMCN International Island Classic go to
Ffi Ingrid Roepers on mobile 04 111 989 44 or

MA Junior Officials Policy

MA News - Tue, 24/01/2017 - 3:57pm
With an aging population, Australian sporting associations and groups across the board, are unfortunately experiencing a decline in volunteer numbers, and motorcycle racing is certainly no different. The intention of MA's Junior Offical Policy is that juniors who participate in volunteering at an early age will be keen to remain in the sport in an official capacity, having learnt from experience that being part of motorcycle events can deliver many benefits including: social interaction, the rewards of continual learning, bettering of skill bases through an enhanced understanding on MA methods and expectations as well as being apart of all the unique action motorsport provides.

The Junior Officials Policy aims to assist MA in upholding its core values of creating a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone, especially volunteers under the age of 18 that are engaged in performing tasks at an MA permitted event. Our commitment is to ensure that every junior official is adequately trained and appropriately supervised.

1.     Purpose
The Junior Officials Policy is a hands-on and skill based initiative that will train and retain young officials and introduce them to officiating at motorcycle sport events in a safe and carefully supervised manner. It will enhance their total understanding of motorcycle competition and provide ongoing knowledge and experience in the sport.
This Policy seeks to ensure the safe conduct of duties and proper supervision of all Junior Officials ? that is, anyone under the age of 18. It is a Policy requirement that the conditions of this policy are met.

2.     Definitions
Junior Official: Any person under the age of 18 who is appointed by an Event Organiser and trained to undertake a specific task at events under the control of an Event Permit issued by MA and/or RCB.
The Junior Official Policy is a positive initiative that see?s the transfer of skills built up over the course of many years, in a ?passing of the baton? to the up and coming generation of sporting officials. The policy outlines safe and developmentally encouraging ways to utilise vast knowledge resources that are our Senior Officials.

To view a full copy of the policy, click here.  
Don?t forget to always stay up to date with the  MA website for further information, and visit the MA Facebook Page

KiSS Navarra video brings the ISDE green story to life

MA News - Tue, 24/01/2017 - 9:49am
KiSS Navarra (Keep it Shiny and Sustainable) was an historic debut for the introduction of a programme of this kind into the venerable and evergreen discipline of Enduro.

In addition, this far reaching initiative was a highly significant milestone in the FIM?s plan to deliver sustainable events in all the disciplines with the FIM Ride Green Programme.

Environmental awareness, respect and responsibility are vitally important for events such as the ISDE, which operate in potentially sensitive areas.

This crucial understanding and the steps taken to bring it to the Enduro community are brilliantly brought to life in the newly released KiSS Navarra video that provides an interesting and informative insight into what proved to be a highly successful green story.

This short film confirms the triumphant nature of the KiSS Navarra project and illustrates the sheer extent of the many different and diverse elements, all of which combined to make a significant and positive impression in terms of managing and reducing the overall impact of the ISDE on this beautiful area.

Watch and learn how to Ride Green!

Renee revved-up for first Girls on Track Day in 2017

MA News - Tue, 24/01/2017 - 9:27am
The extremely-popular GOTDs is geared towards supporting females and their journeys through motorcycle sport. Renee says that taking part in GOTDs have helped made her a better rider: ?I have been able to improve on skills such as cornering, line selection, braking and body positioning,? Renee said.

Girls On Track Days are a fantastic day full of learning and riding whilst making great friends at the track. All compliant road bikes are welcome to take part during GOTDs, including scooters, cruisers and sport bikes.

Renee said GOTDs were a great way to learn new skills and meet great like-minded people at a fantastic Road Race Circuit at Broadford. ?I really hope to learn and refine my skills to an advanced-level,? Renee added.

There will be four rebranded Girls On Track Days Proudly Supported by Shannons at the State Motorcycling Sports Complex at Broadford this year. They are:

Saturday, January 29
Sunday, March 19
Saturday, June 3
Sunday, October 1

Renee highly-recommend girls who have ever thought about taking part in motorcycle sport to give Girls On Track Days a go.

?I would really like to thank Jayson Laureta, who is the owner and founder of JMS Tuning for providing me a track bike, and Peta Thomas, the organiser of the GOTD, for all her support and encouragement,? Renee added.

You can register for the Girls On Track Days for 2017 via this Online Entry Form. 

Huge International interest in Woodville event

MA News - Tue, 24/01/2017 - 8:17am
With more than 700 riders expected to race over the two days, the 56th annual Honda-sponsored New Zealand Motocross Grand Prix at Woodville is obviously a very strong magnet for the nation?s elite and it is the biggest event on the Kiwi motocross calendar for many reasons.
In addition to offering GP titles across several different bike categories and attracting the cream of talent from New Zealand, as well as many leading riders from overseas, the stand-alone event caters for entrants from as young as four years old, to senior men and women in their 40s and 50s.
While plenty of international visitors have won the event in the past, it is worth noting that Kiwi riders are world class too and it is home-grown New Zealand riders who have tended to dominate at Woodville over the years.
However, it has been three years since a Kiwi last won the main crown at Woodville, with Australian Kirk Gibbs winning in 2015 and then fellow Australian Dean Ferris taking the main prize last year.
Mount Maunganui's Cody Cooper won the main title at Woodville in 2014 and he's again the man favoured to deflect the Aussie invasion this time around.
Kiwi international Cooper has been national MX1 champion for the past four seasons (2013-2016) and has been on something of a golden run at home over the past few months.
But Cooper will have to overcome a power-packed crop of Australian riders at Woodville, including Ferris, Jed Beaton, Todd Waters, Luke Styke, Trae Kuehn and Daniel Banks.
Cooper also knows that his own Honda team-mate, Rotorua's John Phillips, is in hot form at the moment, while fellow Kiwi internationals Brad Groombridge, of Taupo, Tauranga's Ben Townley, Mangakino's Kayne Lamont, Takapuna's Hamish Harwood, Mount Maunganui's Rhys Carter and Tauranga pair Roydon White and Peter Broxholme, to name just a few, have good reason to fancy their chances too.
There is also a large contingent of leading Australians entered in the MX2 (250cc) class ? with Chandler Burns, Cody Dyce, Morgan Fogarty, Wilson Todd and Mason Semmons among the stand-out names ? although a high number of talented Kiwis will stand resolutely in their way.
Kiwi internationals such as current national MX2 champion Harwood, Hamilton's Josiah Natzke, Christchurch's Dylan Walsh, Reporoa's Hadleigh Knight, Otago's Courtney Duncan, Rangiora's Micah McGoldrick, Te Puke's Logan Blackburn, Cambridge's Trent Collins and Te Puke's Tyler Steiner, among others, are each capable of winning the MX2 class this weekend.
Racing over the two days at Woodville caters for minis, juniors, women and veterans, with the novelty river race on Sunday always a crowd-pleaser.
Credit: Words and photo by Andy McGechan,
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