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Speedway 2018 Championships Calendar Released

MA News - Mon, 13/02/2017 - 2:22pm
With the exciting 2017 Australian Speedway Championships now wrapped up, we have seen new champions crowned and many of our talented riders are heading overseas to mix it with the world's best Speedway competitors, before once again returning to home shores for the 2018 season.

The Australian Speedway Senior Solo Championship will be started, run, done and dusted inside a week in 2018. Four gruelling rounds deciding Senior Solo Championship glory will be held in multiple locations across the country, kicking off January 06 in Kurri Kurri for Round 1 before moving south to Undera in central Victoria, then onto the major tri-state border town of Mildura and winding up at Gillman Speedway in South Australia on the 14th January.

The Under 16 250cc solo, 125cc Solo and 125cc Teams Championships is currently listed for 25-28 January and will slot into the Speedway calendar after the Under 21's Solo Championship, scheduled for 20 January in Mildura. The Australian Speedway Sidecar Championship will feature in April at Tamworth, New South Wales, which is a new location on the Sidecar schedule in 2018.

  6-Jan   Australian Senior Solo Championship     Round 1      Kurri Kurri, NSW  
10-Jan    Australian Senior Solo Championship    Round 2              Undera, VIC
12-Jan    Australian Senior Solo Championship    Round 3              Mildura, VIC
14-Jan    Australian Senior Solo Championship Round 4 Gillman Speedway, SA
20-Jan     Australian U21's Solo Championship                                Mildura, VIC

* 25-28 Jan  Australian U16 250cc / 125cc Solo 125cc Teams Championships   
                                                                                                  Mildura, VIC
13-14 April  Australian Speedway Sidecar Championship        Tamworth, NSW  
Further calendar announcements regarding Supp regs, Australian Speedway Championship, World Cup Speedway and Oceania Speeway events will be made in due coarse.
For further information on the Australian Speedway Championships, head to

Keep up to date with all Australian Speedway Championship news by heading to the MA Speedway Commission Facebook page or the  Motorcycling Australia website for results and pictures, and as always, follow us on the Motorcycling Australia Facebook and Instagram pages.

*Dates provisionally listed

EOI to host 2019 Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE) is now open

MA News - Mon, 13/02/2017 - 10:08am
The Australian Four Day Enduro is the pinnacle of Off-Road competition in Australia and a great way to promote your club and your community whilst providing an opportunity for your local riders to compete amongst the best in Australia. This meeting not only brings competitors and spectators from all over Australia, but in some cases competitors from all over the world.
Please return completed Expression of Interest form to: Motorcycling Australia's Event Coordinator ? Off-Road, Matthew Falvo (

The closing date for 2019 applications is Friday June 2, 2017. Upon receipt of your club?s Expression of Interest, Motorcycling Australia will send additional information on the specific championship and the requirements therein.
Expression of Interest forms for Australian Motorcycle Sport National Championships can be found by clicking here, or by visiting the ?Forms? section of the Motorcycling Australia website.

EOI to host MX Championship events 2018-2019 now open

MA News - Mon, 13/02/2017 - 9:21am
An Australian Championship is the pinnacle of competition in Australia and a great way to promote your club and your community whilst providing an opportunity for your local riders to compete amongst the best in Australia. These meetings not only bring competitors and spectators from all over Australia, but in some cases competitors from all over the world.
The following Championships are now available for hosting by suitable applicants:
  • Junior Motocross (2019 only)
  • ATV Motocross (2018 & 2019)
  • Classic Motocross (2018 & 2019)
  • Post Classic Motocross (2018 & 2019)
Please return completed Expression of Interest form to: Motorcycling Australia's Event Coordinator ? Off-Road, Matthew Falvo at

The closing date for 2018 applications and 2019 Junior Motocross is Friday April 14, 2017. Upon receipt of your club?s Expression of Interest, Motorcycling Australia will send additional information on the specific championship and the requirements therein.
Expression of Interest forms for Australian Motorcycle Sport National Championships can be found by clicking here, or by visiting the ?Forms? section of the Motorcycling Australia website.

For further information regarding helmets or 2017 competition in general, click here or visit the Motorcycling Australia website here

2017 Conference of FIM Commissions

MA News - Sun, 12/02/2017 - 8:04am
The annual gathering of the FIM Commissions is one of the most important occasions in the FIM?s year when the members of the FIM Board of Directors, the members of the FIM Commissions and the FIM Administration meet and exchange views and information. It is also a great occasion to celebrate and recognise the achievements of dedicated volunteers.

This year, the FIM will also be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the International Sustainability Commission (CID). This Commission, formerly known as the International Environment Commission, has recently changed its name in recognition of the FIM?s commitment to organisation of sustainable events.

The Conference of FIM Commissions highlighted the three strategic focuses of Sport, Beyond Sport, and Volunteers.

The Plenary Session of the Conference on Saturday morning included a presentation entitled ?Focus on Commissions? highlighting key projects and challenges.

There followed a ?View from the Motorcycle Industry? presented by Mr Edwin Bastiaensen, Secretary General of IMMA (International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association). He outlined the structure and aims of IMMA and some of the association?s members? key projects, some of which are of considerable interest to the FIM.

The thematic part of the Session concluded with a workshop on ?Identifying key skills and knowledge?. This is part of an initiative launched by the FIM under the umbrella of its Strategic Plan to develop and nurture the skills of its volunteers by various means including training delivered through a digital Academy.

At the end of the Plenary Session, honorary positions were awarded and loyal service awards were presented to members of the FIM Commissions.

The various FIM Commissions then met on Saturday afternoon and Sunday to review the latest season and discuss the challenges they face, improvements that need to be made and targets for the coming season and beyond. The Board of Directors meeting and a number of seminars and Board Committee meetings were also held in the days preceding the Plenary Session.

FIM Chief Executive Officer Steve Aeschlimann expressed his satisfaction following the annual FIM gathering. ?The Conference of the FIM Commissions remains a very important opportunity to meet with all the members of the FIM Commissions. It gives us an opportunity to explore our shared objectives and to exchange views on how we can best work together to reach our targets. This gathering of the FIM family is also the perfect moment to thank and reward the volunteers for their valuable dedication to the FIM. These people are a pillar of the Federation and of motorcycling in general and without them, our sport would not be what it is today.?

2017 One Event Competition licence introduction

MA News - Fri, 10/02/2017 - 2:00pm
One event competition licences have been the focus of the review, specifically the One Meeting Competition licence (7 & Over) and Senior One Meeting National Competition licence (16 & Over). The aim of the review has been to streamline the licencing structure and in turn reduce the overall cost.

The volume of riders purchasing 'One Meeting Competition' and 'Senior One Meeting National' licences means by combining the structure and values of both licences MA have eliminated the need for two different one event licences.
The decision to combine the two licences and formulate a new, all encompassing 'One Event Competition' licence that provides the benefits of both licences was made by the respective boards and is now offered to members at the set rate of $75.00.

The newly revised 'One Event Competition' licence, combines all of the eligibilities of the now, amalgamated licences. The 'One Event Competition' licence now covers riders for eligibility in; Practice, Coaching, Recreation events, Club and Inter-Club events and National/ Open events. The One Event Competition licence offers a fantastic amount of flexibility for members to better suit their specific competition licencing requirements at a reasonable rate.

Competition licencing information can be found on page 33, chapter 3.1.2 of the 2017 Manual of Motorsport (MoMS) For further information on licencing and guidelines, visit the Motorcycling Australia website here. 

Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship - Round 1

MA News - Fri, 10/02/2017 - 11:55am
Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship - Round 1 Date  1 April, 2017 Venue Undera, VIC Event Details

MA Saftey - Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy

MA News - Fri, 10/02/2017 - 11:11am
The MA Safety -Drug and Alcohol Program commenced in September 2014. The program focused on educational reform regarding the dangers of illicit drug and alcohol use, in particular the implications of operating motorcycles while affected by drugs or alcohol. The initiative focused on re-education and prevention, rather than enforcement.

The major outcome of the developmental Drug and Alcohol Program was that any participant whom produced non-negative results were excluded from the event in the interest of general safety.
Members and Officials have indicated the desire for tougher penalties and sanctions in relation to riders returning a non-negative or a positive test for illicit substances and/or alcohol.   
MA has further developed our Drug and Alcohol Policy in accordance with best practice procedures, now including disciplinary actions as; exclusions from meetings, compulsory drug and alcohol counselling, along with monetary fines. Changes in the policy have been agreed on by the MA Board in the ?MA Safety ? Drug and Alcohol Policy" on 04 February 2017. 

Click here to view the Drug and Alcohol policy.

Click here to view the testing procedure.

Stay up to date with Motorcycling Australia and Australian Institute of Sport Policies by heading to the MA website for further information.

RULE CLARIFICATION Information Bulletin #1622

MA News - Fri, 10/02/2017 - 9:24am

Rule change effective from:

Rule Pertains to:
Number plate & figure colours for machines 501cc - 750cc, and 751cc - Over.

Current Rule in the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport:
10.11.2 Number Plate Colours Number plate colours for Senior and Junior competition must be as follows:

New Rule after Change:
10.11.2 Number Plate Colours Number plate colours for Senior and Junior competition must be as follows:


Rule was published incorrectly in the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport. The decision was made to align colour combinations with FIM regulations across all State and National road race classes.

Rule change effective from:


Feedback contact: | (03) 9684 0512

RULE CHANGE Information Bulletin #1623

MA News - Thu, 09/02/2017 - 5:57pm
Information Bulletin #1623

09 February 2017
Affected Discipline:
Road Race
Rule Pertains to:
Handlebar modifications in the Production Class

Current Rule in the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport:
10.21.4 Permitted Modifications The following may be replaced or modified:
i) Handlebars and handlebar mounted levers, but replacement handlebars must be mounted in the original position on the fork assembly or top clamp.

New Rule after Change:
10.21.4 Permitted Modifications The following may be replaced or modified:
i) Handlebars, handlebar ends, grips and handlebar mounted levers. Handlebars may be repositioned underneath the top triple clamp providing no other modifications are required to do so. but replacement handlebars must be mounted in the original position on the fork assembly or top clamp.
The R3 cup currently allows for handlebars to be mounted other than in the original position on the fork assembly. Alignment of regulations encourages cross-entry between the Production and R3 Cup classes.

Rule change effective from:
Feedback contact: | (03) 9684 0512

Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Michelin confirmed for 2017 ASBK

MA News - Thu, 09/02/2017 - 4:01pm
Global top-tier tyre manufacturers, Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Michelin have a long and proud history of participating in Australian motorcycle racing and the recent confirmation of their 2017 involvement in the ASBK for the third year running, speaks volumes to the calibre of the Championship.   
Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Michelin are all names synonymous with the elite status of international motorcycle racing. Providing mutual benefit for manufacturers and race teams alike, riders are presented with many combinations of tyre choices for use in the upcoming race season. The inclusion of Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Michelin in the 2017 ASBK, raises the overall profile of the Championship both nationally and internationally, providing greater opportunity and further exposure of both factory and privateer teams.

For tyre manufacturers, benefits of information feedback gained from riders and race teams for use wth their products, is vital. The ASBK is a perfect grounds for tyre development, paving the way for cutting edge tyre design that begins on the racetrack, eventually flowing on to public road use.

Motorcycling Australia (MA) National Technical Officer, Pip Harrison shared his excitement on the announcement; 'It is fantastic that we find ourselves in the position where we have four internationally famous tyre manufactures on board ahead of the 2017 ASBK season. Having such a wide choice of manufacturer gives riders a variety of choices for their preferred tyre brand. This in turn can really play to a riders' increased levels of confidence, thereby increasing performance and lap times. In racing, confidence and improved lap times is everything'. Harrison concluded.

MA Chief Executive Officer, Peter Doyle said, "More choice of tyre means more opportunity for up and coming riders to race to their full potential. They choose the tyre that suits their riding style rather than adapting to one single type. We are absolutely wrapped that Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Michelin have all chosen to support the Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship for another great year of cutting edge racing." Doyle finished.

For a complete listing of ASBK Homologated Tyres for 2017 and tyre supply contact details, click here.
  2017 Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship Calendar:

·      Round 1 Phillip Island GP Circuit, WSBK, VIC        23-26 February
·      Round 2 Wakefield Park Raceway, NSW                 17-19 March
·      Round 3 Winton Motor Raceway, VIC                      28-30 April
·      Round 4  (TBC)                                                           June
·      Round 5 Morgan Park Raceway, Warick, QLD         25-27 August
·      Round 6 SMP Eastern Creek, NSW                           8- 10 September 
       Round 7 Phillip Island Circuit, VIC                            6-10 October

Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from the ASBK by liking ASBK on Facebook, following the @asbk on Instagram and checking out the ASBK website here.


MA News - Thu, 09/02/2017 - 2:41pm
With 147 riders lining up for the four national classes - Australian superbike, Australian supersport, supersport 300 and historics -  grids in superbikes and supersport 300 are actually oversubscribed and riders will have to be at the best from the word go to make the race cut.* Adding to the pressure, riders in superbike, supersport and supersport 300 will be facing the first round of their seven round national championship, so a shocker in qualifying to miss the start grid would spell disaster for a season launch.  It's all adding up to a spectacular three days of on-track bike action. Sixteen races will be run, comprising the three world championship events in world superbike and world supersport, three races apiece for domestic superbike, supersport and supersport 300, and four outings for the historic bikes of yesteryear. The Australian Superbike Championship has enjoyed a renaissance in the last couple of years, and the popularity of the class is reflected in 43 riders enlisted. And what a line-up across the three 12-lap Yamaha Finance races, with experienced hands like reigning champion Troy Herfoss, Wayne Maxwell, Glenn Allerton; international players returning home like Bryan Staring, Josh Waters, Matt Walters and Alex Phillis; and strong contenders Cru Halliday, Robbie Bugden,  Daniel Falzon and Beau Beaton.  They?ll all lock horns and face an onslaught from the young stars like Michael Blair, Callum Spriggs and Troy Guenther. Blair was the fastest in a recent ASBK test at Phillip Island ahead of Allerton, Falzon and Maxwell. (see further on field in additional story below). Aussie supersport has attracted 35 entries, with Luke Mitchell the most highly credentialed following his third place in the 2016 championship. Mark Chiodo appears the man to beat though after setting a cracking pace at the recent Phillip Island test session. The supersport races will be held over 10 laps. Qualifying alone will throw up a challenge for the 300 supersport competitors, with 48 riders entered! The burgeoning class is proving to be a magnet for experienced riders and emerging talent alike, with a number of the rookies coming straight from dirt track competition ? a discipline that has helped mould a number of Aussie road racing icons like Casey Stoner. WorldSBK icon Troy Bayliss' son Ollie will be one of the riders in the three eight-lap races. Finally, the majority of the 21 riders in historics will be backing up from the recent Island Classic meeting, including Chas Hern, Dean Oughtred and Craig Ditchburn ? the trio most likely to be circulating at the pointy end in the four six-lappers. Meanwhile, the two 22-lap WorldSBK races will be held at 3:00pm on Saturday and Sunday, with WorldSSP (18 laps) starting at 1:30pm on Sunday. Tickets for the Yamaha Finance round of the WorldSBK are available through Ticketek, with a three-day general admission pass costing $120 ? a saving of $35 over the gate price. BarSBK passes, for undercover viewing locations at some of the most spectacular parts of the circuit, are $260, while adult single-day passes cost $30 for Friday, $65 for Saturday and $80 for Sunday. Camping is available for up to four nights for $105.   Best of all, children aged 15 and under are in for free, making the event affordable for families of all sizes. For tickets visit For more information ring the Superbike Hotline on 1300 728 007 or visit Aussie superbikes: stars at every turn Australian superbikes promise the best domestic line-up in years and the level of talent sitting on the Phillip Island start list for round one of their seven round 2017 Aussie title chase is quite extraordinary. There?s 43 riders enlisted for the three 12-lap Yamaha Finance races, with a clutch of exceptionally fast incumbents joined by returning Aussie superbike champions who?ve been racing overseas and riders joining the scene from other classes and series. The huge roll-call will arrive en masse for the round, and the anticipation is palpable. Let's start with the incumbents, which is a potent enough roll call in itself. Troy Herfoss (Honda) is the rider everyone is gunning for after winning his first Aussie superbike title in 2016 ahead of Yamaha pair Glenn Allerton and Wayne Maxwell. That trio will all return, but Herfoss has a new teammate in West Aussie Bryan Staring, who will make a full-time return to Australia for the first time since winning the 2010 domestic superbike title. Since then, Staring has spent a year in MotoGP as well as winning Superstock 1000 FIM Cup races. Two-time Aussie superbike champion Josh Waters is also back for another full-time campaign after competing in the final round of the 2016 championship on a Yamaha. But he'll now link up with Suzuki in 2017, the marque which has brought him the most success locally. Yamaha trio Cru Halliday, Michael Blair and Daniel Falzon also return from 2016 ASBK duties, while experienced Kawasaki pair Matt Walters and Robbie Budgen are welcome additions to the scene. Former European 600 superstock champion Jed Metcher (Yamaha) will also race at Phillip Island, while the rookies looking to snap the domination of the experienced clientele include Troy Guenther (BMW), Callum Spriggs (Ducati) and Kyle Buckley (Kawasaki). Spriggs has replaced the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup-bound Mike Jones at the Troy Bayliss-owned Ducati team, while the impressive Guenther won the 2016 Australian supersport title. Mitch Levy (Yamaha) is another former supersport rider making the jump to the premier class. Alex Phillis is also a late addition to the field on an Aprilia. The son of Aussie superbike legend Robbie Phillis has just come off a brilliant performance at the Island Classic in late January when he won took out the final International Challenge race after holding out the hard-charging Jeremy McWilliams. So how's the form guide shaping up? In testing at Phillip Island in late January, Blair was the big surprise as he went fastest from Allerton, Falzon, Maxwell, Herfoss, Bugden, Staring, Beau Beaton (Ducati), Walters and Halliday. However, riders like Staring will be much better off for the gallop, while Maxwell and Allerton are also former Australian superbike champions for one reason: they know when to flick the switch. And Herfoss will be desperate to start his title defence off on a strong footing. The lap record for Australian superbikes at Phillip Island is an impressive 1:32.316, held by Maxwell, which is only a couple of seconds off the benchmark for WorldSBK where the machines carry a much higher state of tune. The class is all about showcasing the latest generation of high-performance four-stroke street bikes in a cut-throat environment ? and there's no more testing location than the sweeping curves of Phillip Island. Superbikes have been at the pinnacle of domestic road racing since 1987 ? and unofficially about a decade before that as riders like Aussie Wayne Gardner and Kiwi Graeme Crosby  pioneered the category with machines that weren't always the sweetest handling, but had buckets of horsepower and 'character'. *GRID RULING FROM SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS Maximum grid capacity for Practice and Qualifying for all classes is 48. Maximum grid capacity for Racing is 40 for Superbike, Supersport and Australian Period 5/6 and 42 for Supersport 300. If the number of qualifiers exceeds the grid limit, positions will be determined by qualifying times. Riders who qualify but are not allocated a grid position due the grid limit will be considered as reserves in the event of withdrawals.

Yamaha AORC Kicks Off with an Enduro Double Header!

MA News - Thu, 09/02/2017 - 12:33pm
MA would also like to advise that the AORC rounds are card carrying Enduro events, and part of the Senior course runs through public roads and state forests. This means all Senior riders must have registered motorcycles and carry a road licence as well as their MA licence. Alongside Motorcycling Australia (MA), Dungog Motorcycle Club will now host rounds 1 and 2 of the AORC as well as rounds 1 and 2 of the NSW Enduro series. Dungog Motorcycle Club was voted the Host Club of the Year in 2016 which leaves no doubt that these events will run smoothly. Club President and AORC Course Assessor, Trent Lean, has been working hard behind the scenes with the club members to acquire Council approval for the Saturday and Sunday Enduro format with success! ?We are very excited to host the first rounds of the year here in Dungog, and thought we would kick it off bigger and better, and get back to an Enduro format as riders have been calling for this? says Lean. One of the benefits of the change of venue is the larger variety of accommodation in the Dungog area, which we have listed a few options below for your convenience. There will also be on-site camping available from Thursday 6th April ? Monday 10th April. Tall Timbers Motel (Event sponsor and owner of race venue) 167 Dowling St, Dungog NSW 2420 02) 4992 1574 - Anne Barnes Settlers Arms 45 Brown St, Dungog NSW 2420 02) 4992 1615 Dungog Royal Hotel 80 Dowling Street, Dungog, NSW 2420
02) 4992 3070 Dungog Visitor Information 02) 4992 2212 for further accommodation information, ask for Wendy. Also, entries for rounds 1 and 2, and Supp Regs for the series will follow in the coming weeks. So stay tuned! See below for the full 2017 Yamaha AORC Calendar: Round 1 & 2: Dungog, NSW                   8 ? 9 April 2017 Round 3 & 4: Rawson, VIC                      22 ? 23 April 2017 Round 5 & 6: Miva, QLD                         13 ? 14 May 2017 Round 7 & 8: Renmark, SA                     24 ? 25 June 2017 Round 9 & 10: Kyogle, NSW                   22 ? 23 July 2017 Round 11 & 12: TBA, VIC                         5 ? 6 August 2017

Last Lap for Helmet Cams - Rule Bulletin #1621 Explained

MA News - Wed, 08/02/2017 - 2:44pm
MA is obliged to take into consideration the safety of its members and participants as an absolute priority, particularly at MA sanctioned events. By identifying all possible risks in the sport, and considering all available expert information in direct correlation with those risks, MA has the obligation to ensure the safe and reasonable conduct of the sport. 
Well-known Australian distributor of motorcycle helmets, Rob Casson, said in relation to camera mounts on helmets; "No motorcycle helmet manufacturer recommends any modifications at all be made to their products. They would never approve of anything either bolted to or hanging off them, never." Casson finished.

The FIM, as the world governing body of motorcycle racing, has banned such helmet additions for over a year now, with many countries immediately following suit. Motorcycling New Zealand for instance, declaring the ban in their 2016 Manual of Motorsport (MoMS);

After researching the use of camera?s on helmets and following the lead from the FIM (World Governing Body for Motorcycle Sport), and all other Motorsports in New Zealand, you will no longer be able to use a camera fixed to your helmet as mentioned earlier this is based on health & safety. All research both Nationally & Internationally states that the camera/mount creates an impact point which compromises the helmet?s design.

You can still use your cameras and where fitted to the motorcycle they must be securely mounted, and those camera mounts are subject to approval by the Machine Examiner. We will continue to monitor all information and testing on helmets, and if there are any changes you will be advised accordingly.

The FIM have been taking steps to phase out helmet cameras since 2014 in a statement to riders and teams ahead of the 2014 International Six Days Enduro, saying "The FIM Board Members have decided to prohibit temporarily On-Board cameras on the riders (helmets, plastrons etc.) in all FIM Championships.
On-Board cameras are authorized on motorbikes only."

The FIM have stipulated in their 2016 'Technical Rules for Motorcross' publication:
A helmet is made to provide protection. A helmet is not a platform to attach foreign objects. Cameras or other accessories are NOT permitted nor shall be attached to the rider?s helmet.

69.03 All helmets must be intact and no alteration must have been made to their construction.

McLeod Accessories is one of Australia's leading motorcycle accessories wholesaler, Marketing Manager, Peter Coffey shared his thoughts on the recent ban; "Obviously, with matters such as this one, it's always best to err on the side of caution. Like most people, we support rider safety first and foremost. It probably won't be long until helmet manufactures and camera companies come up with brand new fully integrated product that has been properly tested," he ended. 

Helmet cameras and camera mounts are firmly secured and therefore require force to break away when impacted. This in turn, may magnify the extent of an injury sustained by a rider. As an active participant in motorcycle sport and the wider industry both locally and globally, MA is committed to world's best practice in relation to all aspects of motorsport safety. Rule #1621 of the MoMS will remain in place in Australian motorcycle competition until such time as there is a safer alternative for consideration. 

For further information regarding helmets or 2017 competition in general, click here or visit the Motorcycling Australia website here

QBE International Festival of Speed

MA News - Wed, 08/02/2017 - 8:44am
QBE International Festival of Speed Date  23-26 March, 2017 Venue SMSP, NSW Event Details

GP Juniors Cup

MA News - Wed, 08/02/2017 - 8:33am
GP Juniors Cup Date  17-19 March, 2017 Venue Goulburn, NSW Event Details

ASBK Round 2

MA News - Wed, 08/02/2017 - 8:03am
ASBK Round 2 Date  17-19 March, 2017 Venue Goulburn, NSW Event Details

FIM Confirm 65cc inclusion in 2017 WJMX

MA News - Tue, 07/02/2017 - 10:38am
Riders wishing to apply for the 65cc class for the Australian Team in this year's FIM World Junior Motocross will need to consider that while MA will contribute some funding to the team, there may be a greater cost to individuals than in previous years. 

The expected time away for this year's FIM World Junior Motocross will be approximately 10 days, with further details to be confirmed at a later date. 
The FIM Junior Motocross World Championship will now consist of the following three classes:
Class 1: 65cc, 10- 12 years
Class 2: 85cc, 12-14 years
Class 3: 125cc, 13-17 years

Team Rider application forms are available to download here.
A reminder that Team Manager applications forms are available also and can be download here.

Team Manager applications must be returned by COB Friday, March 17, 2017.
Team Rider applications must be returned by COB Friday, March 31, 2017.

Applications and enquiries should be addressed to:

Matthew Falvo
Motorcycling Australia
PO Box 134
South Melbourne, VIC 3220

Further information can be found on the application forms at

RULE CLARIFICATION Information Bulletin #1621

MA News - Mon, 06/02/2017 - 2:54pm
Affected Disciplines:
Road Race
Historic Road Race
Motocross& Supercross
Classic MX and Classic Dirt Track
Dirt Track

Current rule in the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport:
xx.x.x Cameras
xx.x.x.x Cameras may be fitted to the motorcycle provided they are securely mounted. Camera mounts are subject to approval by the Chief Scrutineer. Helmet cameras are not permitted unless the camera is integrated into the helmet, by design of the manufacturer.

Relevant Rule Numbers:
10.9.2,  11.7.2,  12.13.2, 13.6.1, 14.10.2, 15.8.1, 16.7.2, 17.8.2,  18.8.2, 19.8.2,  20.8.2,  21.4.1

The term ?helmet camera? as outlined in the above GCRs is intended to define all components of a camera that attaches to a helmet in anyway, including any mounting device.

All helmets are to remain free from all modifications or attachments relating to the use of Cameras.

In line with Bulletin #1604 published March 03 2016, MA take this opportunity to remind all competitors that the use of Helmet Vinyl Wraps, Skins and any adhesive coverings on helmets across all disciplines is also currently under review.

Should an Official and/or Scrutineer be concerned that a helmet has a covering or is ?wrapped? in a way that may hide damage, or that in the process of applying aftermarket products using adhesives, the integrity of the helmet may have been damaged in any way, then the helmet may be refused.

The Scrutineer may also ask for the wrap to be removed in order to inspect the helmet. This includes stickers and anything attached to the helmet after manufacture. Failure to comply with the Scrutineers request may result in the helmet being refused.

As per MA regulations, it is compulsory for all participants taking part in practice and racing to wear a protective helmet. The helmet must be properly fastened, be of a good fit, and be in good condition. Scrutineers must check prior to practice and races that all helmets meet the above technical requirements.

For a copy of the 2017 MoMS click here.
Feedback contact:
(03) 9684 0512

YMF solidifies ASBK partnership with extended two year naming rights sponsorship deal

MA News - Mon, 06/02/2017 - 8:03am
The announcment solidifies the relationship with Yamaha Motor Finance after their valued support in the crucial rebuild phase over the 2015 and 2016 seasons. With YMF's continued commitment, the ASBK can move forward with innovative plans, providing a great foundation for stability and growth over the next two years.
YMF Group General Manager Finance Servies, Brad Ryan commented; "We have always shared MA's vision for the development of the ASBK. The successful partnership between Yamaha Motor Finance and the ASBK is a great venture. We are extremely pleased with the outcomes over the past two years."

?YMF isn?t just a finance company; it?s an industry participant. Through our finance and insurance arm, Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance, we?re involved in all types of two-wheel racing. Securing a multi-year agreement with the ASBK Championship as the naming rights sponsor is just another way we can invest in the sport, and we?re delighted to be able to do so.

"By cementing our partnership with the ASBK, we continue to raise the profile of both our insurance and finance brands. Together with MA, YMF is maintaining our ethos by supporting motorcycling sport in the country at all levels." Ryan reiterated.
MA CEO Peter Doyle elaborated on the big announcement, adding "Motorcycling Australia is delighted in welcoming Yamaha Motor Finance to the ASBK once again. Both parties have enjoyed a positive and collaborative relationship, helping to develop and grow the Australian Superbike Championship in to the success that it is now.
"In 2017, we will see unprecedented levels of growth, not only of rider and team involvement, but fan and spectator involvement too. It is with YMF that 2017 is set to be one of the most incredible years of racing on record" Doyle finished.

More exciting announcements are scheduled for the Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship, ahead of the season opener this February 24th to 26th.
2017 ASBK Calendar:

·      Round 1 Phillip Island GP Circuit, WSBK, VIC        23-26 February
·      Round 2 Wakefield Park Raceway, NSW                 17-19 March
·      Round 3 Winton Motor Raceway, VIC                      28-30 April
·      Round 4  (TBC)                                                           June
·      Round 5 Morgan Park Raceway, Warick, QLD         25-27 August
·      Round 6 SMP Eastern Creek, NSW                           8- 10 September  
       Round 7 Phillip Island Circuit, VIC                            6-10 October

Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from the ASBK by liking ASBK on Facebook, following the @asbk on Instagram and checking out the ASBK website here.

WorldSBK European testing over: next stop Phillip Island

MA News - Fri, 03/02/2017 - 3:01pm
Over the last fortnight, WorldSBK testing has been held in Portugal and Spain, with reigning world champion Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) the fastest in both outings at Jerez ? the same venue where he dominated a combined WorldSBK and MotoGP test last November ? while fellow Briton Chaz Davies (Ducati) sat at the top of the timesheets at Portimao.
The opening WorldSBK test at Jerez from January 23-25 saw all the top teams in attendance, including Honda (Nicky Hayden and Stefan Bradl) with its all-new homologation-special CBR1000RR SP2.
Despite the bikes being hastily prepared at the team's Dutch headquarters, Hayden (1:40.548) was impressive in completing the three-day test in sixth position, behind Rea (1:39.809), Lorenzo Savadori (Aprilia, 1:39.920), Tom Sykes (Kawasaki, 1:40.219), the returning Marco Melandri (Ducati, 1:40.313) and Davies (1:40.324).
A number of other riders also set times in the 40s mark including Alex Lowes (Yamaha), Xavi Fores (Ducati) and Bradl.
Rea's top time only came after he crashed at turn three on the final day, when Savadori was leading the way. After a trip to the medical centre to get the all clear, Rea then went out on his second bike to edge out the Italian speedster ? who has joined Aprilia's factory team alongside Eugene Laverty.
?It is nice to set such a good lap time at this time of the year but it is testing and I have never been the best guy for one lap," said Rea, who's riding an updated ZX-10RR. "We have been able to make many fast laps in these winter tests, however, and we have found a bike set-up that has been working well.
?I felt my own ?bike fitness? was not great as I have been off the race bike for so many weeks now. I am looking forward to the next test to try and do a lot of laps. I need some more mileage to feel like I did during the season last year.?
With teams barely drawing breath, Portimao ? returning to the WorldSBK calendar in 2017 after a one-year break ? was the next top on January 28-29, with Kawasaki an absentee.
The top seven riders all finished within a second of each other, led by Davies (1:41.813) followed by Laverty (1:42.002), Savadori (1:42.043), Leon Haslam (Kawasaki, 1:42.300), Leon Camier (MV Agusta, 1:42.339), Lowes (1:42.533) and van der Mark (1:42.794). Haslam, a former WorldSBK winner and now British superbike campaigner, was deputising for Randy Krummenacher who was injured at the previous Jerez test.
"We did a lot of work in the past two days, as well as in Jerez, and overall we can be happy with the results," said Davies. "We completed a detailed program to evaluate all the technical upgrades, with good feedback.
"These tests, after a two-month break, were also crucial to allow me to get back the feeling I had on the bike towards the end of last year. The team has done a great job, and we?re optimistic ahead of the season opener in Australia, where we?ll take advantage of the final tests to fine-tune the details.?
The second Jerez test was dominated by Kawasaki (Rea, 1:L39.248 and Sykes 1:40.928) with Ducati, Aprilia, Honda and Yamaha all absent.
The teams have now returned to their European bases to prepare to fly Down Under for the final pre-season test at Philip Island on February 20-21 ahead of round one back at the fast and flowing circuit on February 24-26.
At Phillip Island, Aussie Josh Brookes will compete in WorldSBK on the same Yamaha he won the 2015 British title on, while Anthony West (Yamaha) will join countrymen Aiden Wagner (Honda) and Lachlan Epis (Kawasaki) in WorldSSP.
There will be two WorldSBK races over the weekend, in addition to WorldSSP and 13 national-level support races across superbike, supersport, 300 supersport and historics.
Tickets are available from Ticketek, with a three-day general admission at just $120*, saving $35 on the gate price. Also available via Ticketek are BarSBK passes at $260* with undercover viewing locations at the circuit?s most spectacular points ? Doohan Corner, Lukey Heights and Siberia. Adult single day tickets start at $30* for Friday, $65* for Saturday and $80* for Sunday, purchased in advance.
World supers is a mega-scorcher delivering three days of action, so make the most of a visit to beautiful Phillip Island in summer and camp at the circuit with up to four nights for just $105*.
The best news for families is that children 15 and under are free^ for both the event and circuit camping, making it an affordable, summer long weekend getaway for all the gang at pristine Phillip Island.
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^ Children 15 and under
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