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Evans takes maiden Motul MX2 victory at Appin

MA News - Mon, 24/04/2017 - 9:55am
With plenty of championship points up for grabs at Appin, Evans capitalised on the opportunity, on what was one of the most technically challenging Appin circuits the series has seen in years. Round one winner DPH Motorsport?s Wilson Todd set up his day perfectly, setting the fastest time in qualifying (1:44.590) while behind him Serco Yamaha team mates Evans (1:44.646) and Jackson Richardson (1:45.567) completed the top three times qualifying times. But when racing got underway it was a calm and calculated Evans who showed impressive and mature form. Moto 1 The Motul MX2 class were the first category to take to the track at Appin, and in a stark contrast to previous years, the track was rutted all the way from one side to the other after only this morning?s qualifying sessions. When gates dropped, Serco Yamaha duo Evans and Richardson shot out into the top two positions, followed by KTM two-stroke rider Egan Mastin (Davey Motorsports) and red plate holder Todd. By only the second lap, Richardson made up significant ground on his teammate, and managed to secure a pass for the lead as riders headed in to lap three. But Richardson?s lead was somewhat short lived ? KTM mounted Mastin who was the fastest man on track by lap three, accelerated from third and passed both Evans and Richardson to snatch up the top spot. However, Evans retaliated and within half a lap blew past Mastin to reclaim the lead position. Richardson then continued to fall victim to his competitors, with DPH Motorsport?s Todd making his way up to third relegating his fellow Yamaha rider Richardson to fourth. By the halfway point in moto one, the running order saw Evans continuing to maintain the race lead from Mastin, Todd, and Richardson, while behind the top four, privateer Richie Evans occupied fifth position ahead of Kiwi Hamish Harwood and CRF Honda Racing?s Kyle Webster. After 20 minutes on track, Evans had well and truly settled in to the top spot and looked super comfortable controlling the race ? and with six laps remaining, was the fastest rider on the circuit. When the chequered flag flew on the first 30-minute moto it was Serco Yamaha?s Evans who collected a maiden Motul MX2 race victory, ahead of Mastin and DPH Motorsport?s Todd who crossed the line in second and third respectively. Richardson held on to finish in fourth ahead of New Zealander Harwood in fifth. Webster, Richie Evans, Ricky Latimer, Synep Racing?s Dylan Wills and Joel Evans all completed the top ten in moto one.Moto 2 With the MX2 championship tightening up after the opening moto at Appin, when race two kicked off it was an all out battle for points. When the gate dropped for the second time it was DPH Motorsport?s Todd who took the Raceline holeshot, but Serco Yamaha?s Richardson was not letting the Yamaha rider out of his sights. After only a single lap, Northern Queenslander Richardson made the pass on Todd for the lead, where he stretched out the gap to a healthy couple of seconds after only a few turns. Race one winner Evans also joined in on the battle for the top spot, tagging on to the rear end of Todd, providing spectators with a three-way battle for the lead. Behind the top three, Mastin spearheaded his own fight for positions, with Aaron Tanti, and Wills all within striking distance of the fourth placed rider. But it was heading in to lap three that the brutality of the Appin circuit became realised ? Richardson getting caught in a rut and slipping from first to third within seconds, allowing Todd to inherit the lead position. With only 20 minutes on the clock in the second moto, by the half way point, riders had settled in to their race positions. Todd continuing to lead the way from Evans, and Richardson, while Mastin managed to hold off Tanti, Wills and Harwood in fifth, sixth and seventh places. By the time MX2 competitors received the last lap board, the leaders were well and truly into lapped traffic, and to the surprise of the crowd it was Serco Yamaha?s Evans who led the way in to the final lap after inheriting the top spot thanks to a mistake from Todd. Despite a challenge from Todd to reclaim the race lead in the final few turns, it was Evans who crossed the finish line with a perfect score card. Todd was forced to settle for second place in race two, followed by Richardson who finished in third. Mastin wrapped up race two in fourth followed by Tanti, Wills, Harwood, Rykers, Latimer and Evans who completed the top ten. With 1,1 moto finishes however it was Evans who had reason to celebrate at the conclusion of today, taking his first ever Motul MX2 round win at Appin. Second overall was taken by Todd while Mastin rounded out the MX2 podium.

Mitchell Evans ? Serco Yamaha ? Round 2 Winner ?It was pretty much a perfect day for me here at Appin, I couldn?t really be happier with how I rode and how my starts were today,? Evans shared. ?The track was really technical today, you had to look ahead to pick your lines and there wasn?t many out there because the track was so rough. You had to go slower to go faster ? almost like a trail ride. ?It was physically demanding but I really couldn?t be happier with the result we got.?

Motul MX2 Round 2 Results 1) Mitchell Evans ? 70 points
2) Wilson Todd ? 62 points
3) Egan Mastin ? 60 points
4) Jackson Richardson ? 58 points
5) Hamish Harwood ? 50 points
6) Dylan Wills ? 47 points
7) Ricky Latimer ? 45 points
8) Richie Evans ? 45 points
9) Kyle Webster ? 45 points
10) Aaron Tanti ? 44 points Motul MX2 Championship Standings 1) Wilson Todd ? 129 points
2) Mitchell Evans ? 126 points
3) Egan Mastin ? 117 points
4) Jackson Richardson ? 114 points
5) Hamish Harwood ? 102 points
6) Kyle Webster ? 98 points
7) Jayden Rykers ? 97 points
8) Dylan Wills ? 92 points
9) Richie Evans ? 91 points
10) Aaron Tanti ? 88 points The third round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will be held at Conondale in Queensland on Sunday May 7, 2017. For more information on the 2017 Motul MX Nationals, head to

Dyce fights back to take Pirelli MXD victory at Appin

MA News - Mon, 24/04/2017 - 9:46am
With racing commencing in perfect conditions, and finishing this afternoon with heavy rain, the Pirelli MXD class were forced to adapt on track today, but it was Dyce?s consistency went it counted that paid dividends at the conclusion of the round.

This morning Husqvarna?s Justin Hart surprised the competition with an impressive 1:48.894 lap time during qualifying ? the fastest of the session and more than a second quicker than his competitors. KTM?s Callum Norton and SD3 Husqvarna?s Kaleb Barham were second and third quickest on track, while round one winner Cooper Pozniak (Yamalube Yamaha Racing) qualified in fifth. But despite absent from the top times in qualifying, it was Dyce who fought hard to finish on the podium this afternoon. Moto 1
When race one got underway this morning it wasn?t without carnage. Morgan Fogarty collected the Raceline holeshot but went down just a second later, handing the lead to fastest qualifier Hart. The drama on track didn?t stop there, and only a few turns later red plate holder Pozniak went down hard, and was forced to re-join the race at the rear of the pack.

Unfortunately for Hart, he also lost the front of his number 27 machine in a rut and lost two positions on lap two, allowing Riley Dukes to inherit the lead while Norton slotted up in to second place.

Behind the top two riders, Hart maintained third position ahead of Jy Roberts and Yamalube Yamaha Racing?s Dyce, while SD3 Husqvarna?s Barham looked strong at the mid way point in the moto in sixth position.

Despite Dyce making his way up to fifth after a tough start, by lap nine the Yamaha rider had made a costly mistake seeing him slip back to seventh. Incredibly it was teammate Pozniak who put in one of the best rides so far this season, and by lap ten had fought his way back from 26th to inside the top five.

By the time riders received the last lap board Dukes looked ready to wrap up his first race win. Norton continued to look strong in third, followed by Hart, Roberts, and red plate holder Pozniak.

And it was in those positions that the Pirelli MXD riders finished ? Husqvarna?s Dukes collecting the moto victory from Norton (KTM), followed by Hart who crossed the line in third. Roberts and Pozniak concluded the Pirelli MXD class?s first moto in fourth and fifth positions, while Barham, Dyce, Brodie Ellis, Isaac Ferguson and Jye Dickson rounded out the top ten.

Moto 2
Race two took place late this afternoon and despite the rain subsiding, the water had done the damage and the Pirelli MXD class was forced to contend with one of the most difficult circuits the MX Nationals had seen in years.

When gates dropped for the second time it was Yamalube Yamaha Racing?s Dyce who secured the Raceline holeshot and moved in to the lead ? doing his best to stay out of the carnage with riders going down left right and centre.

With Dyce through the mess the Yamaha rider checked out, and Isaac Ferguson (KTM) then slotted in to second position ahead of Pozniak in third. But just as Dyce had made up ground he lost it again, going down on lap two allowing Ferguson to close in on the MXD race leader.

The same fortune was also handed to Pozniak on the same lap, and despite holding third for the first two rotations, the Yamaha rider slipped back to fifth and was forced to make up time in order to protect his championship lead.

With the circuit testing even the most experienced riders in the premier class, the MXD competitors had their work cut out for them, and by the halfway point in the final moto Dyce continued to showcase plenty of maturity, leading from Roberts who had made the pass on Ferguson for second.

With only a handful of laps remaining, the running order saw Dyce out in front of Ferguson who had passed Roberts back once again. Fourth place was held by race one runner up Norton, while Raceline Pirelli KTM?s Fogarty occupied fifth.

But it was Dyce who led race two from the gate drop all the way to the chequered flag. Second place was collected by Ferguson who held off Roberts in third. Fogarty and Pozniak wrapped up race two in fourth and fifth places respectively, while Norton, Bulk Nutrients Yamaha?s Hugh McKay, Benjamin Broad, Alex Watt and Jai Constantinou completed the top ten.

When the points were tallied from both motos Dyce?s 7,1 race results were enough to hand him the round two victory ? his first of 2017. Second on the Pirelli MXD podium was taken by Jy Roberts, while Norton finished in third at Appin this afternoon.

Cody Dyce ? Yamalube Yamaha Racing Team ? Round 2 Winner
?I managed to get the overall today by only one point! In the first race I got a seventh and in that last race I just did what I could to get the win,? Dyce explained.

?There were ruts out there that were as deep as my radiator so today was pretty crazy.
?We got it done though so it feels good to get the win.? Pirelli MXD Round 2 Results
1) Cody Dyce ? 59 points
2) Jy Roberts ? 58 points
3) Callum Norton ? 57 points
4) Isaac Ferguson ? 54 points
5) Cooper Pozniak ? 52 points
6) Morgan Fogarty ? 45 points
7) Kaleb Barham ? 45 points
8) Benjamin Broad ? 43 points
9) Brodie Ellis ? 39 points
10) Hugh McKay ? 36 points

Pirelli MXD Championship Standings
1) Cooper Pozniak ? 122 points
2) Jy Roberts ? 120 points
3) Cody Dyce ? 119 points
4) Kaleb Barham ? 100 points
5) Morgan Fogarty ? 97 points
6) Benjamin Broad ? 96 points
7) Isaac Ferguson ? 94 points
8) Hugh McKay ? 79 points
9) Riley Dukes ? 78 points
10) Justin Hart ? 40 points

For more information on the Motul MX Nationals, head to
Words & Pictures courtesy of MX Nationals

2017 Shannons Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza Labelled Huge Success!

MA News - Sat, 22/04/2017 - 11:01am
Motorcycling Australia (Acting) President, Peter Goddard has been a participant of several 'Bonanza's' over the years and admits that it is one of his favourite events on the calendar. This year's SIBBB was certainly not one he was willing to miss. Peter commented;

"This event has proven to be exceptional, with an incredible and rich history not only of Australian motorcyclists and their motorcycles, but of Motorcycling Australia itself. With all the familiar machines and faces, it is like waking up thirty years ago!" He quipped.

"Some of the bikes here, not only on track or in the pit garages, but next to patron?s tents and trailers at campsites dotted around the complex were incredible. The Bonanza has a strong following nation-wide, and will only grow larger and stronger as the years go on.

"It is so important for us to have a company like Shannons involved because they are deeply involved in grass roots recreational motorcycling, as are the majority of our members. This is an event centred around recreational riding and magnificent classic motorcycles, meeting and honouring our legends. Shannons are very supportive of people that have strong emotional connections to their toys. That's exactly what we are about too. Shannons Insurance have been a huge support for the event and Motorcycling Australia." Goddard finished. 

Shannons Melbourne Business Development Manager, Belinda Douglas was present through the duration of the SIBBB and shared her passion and commitment, adding; "In our eyes, the Bonanza gets bigger and better each year. The highlight of the event for us would have been seeing all the historic bikes both on and off tracks, but the 'Ducati All Stars' on track proved to be a hit all weekend, and it was amazing to see the rapid pace of the Ducati Superbikes on track!

"Because we support many classic events nation-wide, there are always familiar faces and some are just like long lost friends when we do bump into them again. Almost as if it's an annual reunion! Its not just the people that are familiar, the vehicles are also like long lost friends. Be it car or bike, a vehicle may change hands, but the present owners still insure it with Shannons and display it at the events we go to.

"Shannons was founded in the early 1970s, by the late Robert Shannon who was a classic car enthusiast that was fed up with mainstream insurance companies not being able to insure his rare vehicles. He decided he had to do something about it and the company has evolved into that we all know today. To be employed by Shannons, you must be an enthusiast - its a prerequisite. The beauty of that is, it continues that very same passion Robert started with, and nothing has changed since the 70s. This means that anyone you speak to at Shannons is either a car or a bike enthusiast, and knows what they are talking about and who they are talking to." Belinda continued.

"There's a lot of people with rare and classic vehicles under blankets, tucked away in sheds everywhere that understandably don't really want anyone to know they have them. It's up to us to start the conversation with those people and Shannons Insurance being present at events like the Bonanza is a great way for us to start that dialogue with collectors and owners. It might take one, two, three, up to seven or eight events for us to gain the trust of the customer, or to get them to a comfortable level to have the discussion about how Shannons can help them. Usually, once they do decide to insure their prized collection or vehicle, the piece of mind they have is like a huge weight lifted from their shoulders.

"At the 2017 Bonanza last weekend, we did receive a lot of walk-ups to the Shannons display, mostly by people who's friends have told them about their experience with Shannons. There's a lot of trust involved and a lot of sensitive information that people entrust to us, but that discretion is what Shannons is renowned for.

"From our point of view, all the effort that Motorcycling Australia and Motorcycling Victoria are going to lately across the motorcycling community, is such a great fit for Shannons and we feel that partnerships as this one (Bonanza) are mutually beneficial. It?s the direction we all want to keep going in." Shannons Melbourne Business Development Manager finished.

2017 SIBBB Event Coordinator, Rachelle Wilkinson was thrilled with the running of the event, commenting; "The partnership between Shannons and Motorcycling Australia is a great fit in this instance, as they both share a passion for classic motorcycles and the rich history of Australian motorcycling sport. They have been integral in making the event as fantastic as it is. It was great to have Shannons Insurance with us all weekend, with people of all ages walking around in the sunshine with smiles from ear to ear. It was more than just riding and bikes.. It's the whole atmosphere that simply needs to be experienced to be believed and Shannons understands that." Wilkinson surmised.
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As always, keep up to date with all the latest news and information about the 2017 Shannons Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza at and the Bonanza Facebook page.

Can Metcalfe go one better this weekend at Appin?

MA News - Sat, 22/04/2017 - 8:15am
This weekend marks the second opportunity for Metcalfe to race at Appin in New South Wales, and the ultimate question fans are asking, is can the SD3 Husqvarna rider go one better and finish on the top step this coming Sunday? ?Last year was a real experimental learning process for myself, the team and Husqvarna, so we were really just happy with being on the podium. As a rider you always plan and prepare to win, so to get the first moto win and first podium there in 2016 was huge,? Metcalfe shared.

?This year the pace in the class is quite similar. We have the same fast riders with that injection of the young guys too and if anything, the competition is deeper than it was in 2016 which is great for Australian motocross. ?At round one only a few weeks ago we were competitive. Coming in, I felt more prepared than last season and although it didn?t show on paper we had the speed and just had a bit of bad luck. Although we are at a bit of a points deficit, it does give me confidence heading in to Appin to know that we?re where we wanted to be speed wise. ?It?s still early stages of the championship but if we?re going to make a run at it we need to win some races. The focus is to get a win on the score card this weekend and the goal every round from here on out is to maximise points. This weekend I?m going in knowing that I won a race there last year, and if I can go one better on Sunday that will be great!? To watch Metcalfe as well as all of the other MX Nationals riders in action this weekend, make sure you head to Appin in New South Wales this Sunday April 23. For more information on round two including ticket prices, race times and more head to Words and Photos from MX Nationals Media Enquiries: 

Misty Walton MX Nationals Media & PR Manager 0448 725 229 

Top trio in ASBK Championship locked in a scintillating battle for glory

MA News - Thu, 20/04/2017 - 3:02pm
Daniel Falzon of the JD Racing Team has impressed the ASBK paddock by taking the fight to the factory teams on his race proven privateer Yamaha YZF-R1. After winning an incredible trifecta in races at Round One Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Falzon set himself up brilliantly with a commanding championship lead. Although Round Two at Wakefield Park Raceway, he was not as dominating, Falzon managed to defend his Championship lead successfully with a strong podium finish at a track which is not his favourite. Currently, Falzon is heading to a track where he has increased confidence at Winton Motor Raceway. A strong and steady weekend is required to maintain the gap to the chasing pack.
Round Two of the ASBK at Wakefield Park Raceway saw Crankt Protein Honda Racing?s Troy Herfoss strike back, narrowly missing out on winning both races on his home circuit. Now the 2016 champ is in a strong position to carry out his title defence, as the racing progresses towards the mid stages of the year. Herfoss knows what it takes to achieve Championship glory and it won?t be long until he will attempt to stamp his authority on his rivals and achieve back-to-back titles. Winton Motor Raceway witnessed Herfoss clench the 2016 Championship last year, so he will be looking forward to competing at a track which holds great memories for the Honda star.
Robbie Bugden of the Kawasaki BCperformance Team has utilised his wealth of Superbike experience and is sitting pretty in third position in the standings. While he hasn?t managed to claim a win in 2017 yet, Bugden has achieved excellent consistency with many podium finishes. Budgen is a natural fit for the ZX-10R and will likely achieve wins in the near future if he maintains this level of competitiveness.
The Official ASBK Test at Winton Motor Raceway (11-12 April) provided an insight as to which of these riders might perform at the presents Round 3 at Winton Motor Raceway. Daniel Falzon in particular looks competitive around the Winton circuit, as he achieved the second fastest lap time of the Official ASBK Test. Herfoss also improved in the standings towards the end of the Official ASBK Test to claim the third fastest time, after not appearing as strong as the Yamaha?s on day one. Bugden finished in a solid eight position in the overall lap times.
With plenty of Championship points to play for at the presents Round 3 at Winton Motor Raceway. This trinity of riders will likely be locked in a competitive battle for the Championship lead. Riders will have to walk the line between pushing hard for victory and playing it safe to secure points.
Be sure to attend the presents Round 3 of the Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul Pirelli at Winton Motor Raceway 28-30 April, near the town of Benalla, VIC, to see who emerges as the 2017 Championship frontrunner.
Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike
Championship Points

  Rider NameMachineTotal   Daniel FALZON (SA)Yamaha106Troy HERFOSS (QLD)Honda93Robert BUGDEN (QLD)Kawasaki89 2017 Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship Presented by Motul Pirelli Calendar:
Round 3 presents Winton Motor Raceway, VIC    28-30 April
Round 4                                           Hidden Valley Raceway,     NT    7-9  July          
Round 5                                           Morgan Park Raceway,      QLD 25-27 August
Round 6                                           SMSP Eastern Creek,        NSW  8-10 September  
Round 7 presents Phillip Island Circuit,    VIC 6-8  October Don't forget to catch live ASBK footage from the presents Round 3 at Winton Motor Raceway on SBS and Live Streaming 
SBS will be broadcasting Live from 12:30 AEST, with direct action from the track. For the hard-core ASBK fan who cannot miss any of the electrifying race day action, the Live Streaming feature on and the ASBK Facebook page. Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from the ASBK by liking ASBK on Facebook, following the @asbk on Instagram and checking out the ASBK website here. ASBK Live Timing can be accessed on via the live timing tab.  Photos courtesy of Russell Colvin from the Official ASBK Test at Winton Motor Raceway.Top Picture:left Robbie Bugden, centre Daniel Falzon and right Troy Herfoss.Botton Picture:left Troy Herfoss, centre Daniel Falzon and right Robbie Bugden.

EOI to host Australian Trial Championship Events

MA News - Thu, 20/04/2017 - 2:13pm
Applications are now open for suitably qualified clubs and/or promoters who are interested in hosting Australian Trial Championship Events.
An Australian Championship is a great way to promote your club and your community whilst providing an opportunity for your local riders to compete amongst the best in Australia.
These meetings bring competitors and spectators from all over Australia, and often from other countries (where applicable).
All applications must be completed in full and on the following application form with a copy of a map of the track attached.
The application form can be accessed by clicking here
Please return completed Expression of Interest form to: Motorcycling Australia's Event Manager - Track, Samantha Redfern ( The closing date for 2018/2019 applications is 5 May 2017 at 4:30pm (AEST).
Upon receipt of your club?s Expression of Interest, Motorcycling Australia will send additional information on the specific championship and the requirements therein.
For more information head to 

Fireworks at the Australian Sidecar Championship Finale on Sunday!

MA News - Wed, 19/04/2017 - 4:27pm
Sunday night's racing kept fans enthralled with thrills, spills and restarts aplenty, as Trent Headland and his passenger Darryl Whetstone succeeded over racing greats, Darrin Treloar (Nine-time Australian Champion)/ Blake Cox (NSW) and current FIM World Champions- Warren Monson/Andrew Summerhayes (VIC), amongst a host of other experienced riders.
In the only event of the evening that saw Andrew Buchanan/Denny Cox (NSW) dropping a point when he finished second, all eyes were on Trent Headland in his convincing win, setting the benchmark for the other competitors by lowering the track record by almost a full second. Formerly, the lap record for Speedway Sidecars at Gillman was 57.30 seconds. Hedland smashed it down to a new time of 56.36 seconds.
As the night before, Heat three was an event in itself when Grant Bond/Glenn Cox (NSW) was excluded for 'barging' Shane Rudloff / Scott Morris (SA) causing an upset and restart. In the restart, Rudloff and Arron Hartwig/ Teagan Hartwig (SA) had a slight encounter which sorted out the order of running. Meantime, Brodie Cohen / Damian Egan (Qld) was increasing the distance between himself taking the win in good fashion from Hartwig and Rudloff.
Heat 11 had Mick Headland / Brenton Kerr (SA/Vic) in fourth position as he desperately tried to make up ground from the retirement in his first heat and a third placing in his second heat. On entering the final corner on the final lap, Headland entered the last corner of the last lap on too much angle, spinning the machine around and overturning it which brought on the red light, and earning an exclusion for his efforts. The heat was won by Mark Plaisted, from Rick Howse / Adam Commons (NSW) and Rudloff. 
Heat 14 took two attempts to get underway as a result of less than satisfactory starts, and were recalled. Racing finally got underway at the third attempt, in a quick win for Damian Niesche / Mitchell Spear (SA), leading Hartwig, Mark Plaisted / Ben Pitt (SA/Vic)and Russell Mitchell / Andy Gajek (WA)
All four competitors remained tightly bunched in Heat 18 from start to mid back straight, when Warren Monson / Andrew Summerhayes (VIC) came to grief, dramatically overturning his machine. Both he and passenger were thankfully uninjured and no blame was apportioned to other competitors, all re-started. The restart saw, Dave Bottrell / Christopher Bottrell (QLD) excluded for forcing Rudloff infield on the second lap. Niesche was too good in the heat, taking the win from Monson and Rudloff.
Cohen turned his three-wheeler machine around on lap three in Heat 19, backing into the air fence at speed, automatically turning on the red light. Cohen was then excluded and the race was declared. Niesche was so far in front at that point that he had already started his fourth lap. Previous Australian Champion, Mark Mitchell finished 2nd, with Russell Mitchell trailing in third.
The first lap of the B Final (Heat 21), had all competitors approaching turn three when the Bottrell's machine on the outside of the pack, overturned and dislodged him and passenger, Chris Botrell (Son). The family duo were unhurt and all restarted.
Niesche spun in the restart in the middle of three competitors, striking Mark Mitchell and causing Niesche's to overturn, again bringing on the red light and Niesche's exclusion. The third attempt bought a clear win for hot favourite Darrin Treloar, elevating him to the fourth position in the A Final which meant he gained the outside (yellow gate).
A clean start saw the A Final (Heat 22) running order sorted out promptly with Trent Headland scorching the earth, establishing a clear lead, which he maintained for the duration of the journey. Buchanan desperately tried to make up ground but the distance was too great to bridge. Monson was at a disadvantage on a foreign machine on loan from Mark Mitchell (having damaged his in the Heat 18 incident), and Treloar, struggling to make up the yards, had a couple of minor infield trips to incur an exclusion.
The A Final was well deserved win by Headland, who had set the standard early in the meeting. It was always apparent he and Buchanan were going to be the ones to fight for the Title.
Headland shared his winning comments adding; ?To go that one step better, and win against Treloar was most definitely a career highlight for me. To be the best, you have to beat the best. And now finally, I can confidently say that we?re there. To our tight-knit team ? Daz, Tommy Hannigan, Jase Hardy, Millie Thomas, Glenn O?Brien, this is our victory. Each and every one of us has an integral part to play, all of which has resulted in the makeup of the Headland Roxby Rockets,? Headland finished
To veiw the full scorecard, please click here 
The Junior (250cc) Speedway Sidecar O'Brien Cup 
produced solid and somewhat chaotic races, which bought about a number of exclusions, affecting the final order.
The previous night's winner, Jackson Milner / Adam Niesche was eliminated in the B Final, which also saw the quick Jack Fewster/ Adam Fewster's run halted by exclusion.  
The A Final on the night was won by Harry Hearne from Connor Curran/Brodie Kerss after Justin Southgate / Terrance Lanigan was excluded for a barging incident.
Success continued for the Headland family, with Trent?s passenger son, Nate Headland (10, Roxby Downs SA) and his rider Harry Hearne (13, Mildura Vic) taking first place in the Glenn O?Brien Junior Speedway Cup.
Keeping it in the family, Nate and Harry were presented their trophy by Nate?s grandfather and the namesake of the cup ? former Australian Speedway Sidecar Champion, Glenn O?Brien. With many riders showing early indications of being the bright young future of Sidecar racing in Australia, there is a lot to look forward to.
Also keep up with the latest Speedway news with the Australian Speedway Championship Facebook Page and Motorcycling Australia Website.
Photo Courtesy of Gillman Speedway: Trent Headland and Darryl Whetstone after claiming the title. Photo by Judy Mackay.

Qualifying battle royale at the Australian Sidecar Championship finale

MA News - Wed, 19/04/2017 - 4:08pm

Saturday's Qualifying session at Gillman Speedway in South Australia, provided action packed, no holds barred racing that quickly thwarted the efforts of hotly tipped favourites and paved the foundations for others to shine in a tri-wheeled methanol fuelled showdown for the ages. In a blow by blow tour-de-force, the crowd was left spellbound.

In what would transpire into being the highlight snippets of the evening, Heat four of the Qualifier saw steadfast competitors Mark Plaisted/Ben Pitt caught out on the back straight as he was under pressure from Neale Hancock/Brendon Johnson (VIC), clipping the fence bringing on a red light and a restart. Plaisted didn't make the same mistake again and stole the victory from Hancock, Damien Niesche/Mitchell Spear (SA) and Haydon Bond/Brady Cox (NSW)

Dave Bottrell/Chris Bottrell (QLD) developed engine problems on the second lap of Heat five, losing power from their machine while fending off second position before a forced retirement ended their race. Hobbs was also down on power finished third. Byren Gates/Michael O?Loughlin (VIC) went on to finish in second from Niesche.
Hancock was excluded after a tangle with Mark Mitchell/Sam Harrison (SA) in Heat 11, which required Mitchell's skill to not overturn. Dean Hobbs/Justin Richards (SA) crossed the line second from Kym Menadue /Eric Melton (SA)
Heat 19 ensured thrilling racing with Grant Bond/Glenn Cox (NSW) excluded for exceeding the two-minute pre-start window, replaced by Tim Bichard/Brenton Marsh (SA)(the only event of the meeting requiring a reserve to be called on) The heat also saw Hamish Golding/Bayley Ogilvie (QLD) and Menadue retire, gifting the event to Niesche who won well ahead of Bichard. 
Dynamic duo Andrew Buchanan/Denny Cox (NSW) put on a high quality display to win each of their heats finishing with a maximum score of 15, and earned first Qualifying position for the Championship.
Niesche qualified third by virtue of a countback from Plaisted when they both finished on 11 points. Similarly on countback, Grant Bond ahead of Shane Rudloff /Scott Morris (SA) and Hancock all three finished on seven points apiece.
In Under 16 Sidecars for the Esculent Gillman Speedway Sidecar Cup, Jackson Milner/ Adam Niesche top scored the maximum 12 points ahead of fellow Victorian, Harry Hearne / Nate Headland on 10, advancing both of them directly to the Final.
The B Final saw South Australian, Mark-John Papastamatis move through to the final, leading Jaron Speyer-Silvy / Kaidyn Silvy, after Connor Curran / Brodie Kerss was excluded when he ran infield.

In the A Final Heat, Milner was the one to beat after he gated ahead of Hearne and Papastamatis, which was the finishing order. 

For more information visit Gillman Speedway's website by clicking here.
Also keep up with the latest Speedway news with the Australian Speedway Championship Facebook Page

Yamaha AORC Team Managers give the lowdown on preparing for Rounds 3 & 4 at Rawson

MA News - Wed, 19/04/2017 - 2:30pm
How is your team preparing and tracking for the upcoming race weekend? AJ Roberts, Team Manager for Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team was confident in his team?s preparation for the first race of the season; ?Obviously we had the postponement the first two rounds due to inclement weather. We were planning on a two-day enduro with lights and now we had to prepare for a cross-country race with no lights and no side stand, so a different format and regulations were required to be adhered to.? Christian Horwood, Team Manager of Husqvarna Enduro Team explained that despite the long off-season, Husqvarna are ready to compete; ?The preparation has been extremely positive and productive; we are definitely looking forward to going racing, as it?s been a long off-season with Rounds 1 & 2 being postponed. Can?t wait to get down there this weekend and have a crack at a great result.? Glenn Kearney, Team Manager for KTM Enduro Team is eager for the race weekend to get started after the first two rounds were postponed; ?KTM Enduro Team was ready for Rounds 1 & 2, which unfortunately got washed out, so everyone is raring to go now for Rounds 3 & 4 at Rawson, VIC. We are expecting strong results this weekend.? Dave Suter, Team Manager for DSR Motul/Pirelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team encountered a tough leadup to this weekends racing but his team are ready to go; ?Overall we are happy with our preparation. It probably was a positive for us that the Rounds 1 & 2 was postponed due to our two main riders Nic Tomlinson (EJ) and Andy Wilksch (E2) both sustaining shoulder injuries in the last month. Despite the injuries the team has worked very hard to put us in a good position in the lead-up to this weekend?s racing.? Excited by your 2017 rider line-up? AJ Roberts, Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team ?Definitely, we have tried to build consistency and a strong work ethic from our riders over time. This helps build confidence in our established riders. We?ve also brought in Will Ruprecht (E1) as a rookie, so we?ll see how he goes over time and he has two strong riders in Josh Green (E2) and Beau Ralston (E3) to look up to.? Christian Horwood, Husqvarna Enduro Team ?Very excited to working with both riders, Lachlan Stanford (E3) is into his fourth year with the team now; we expect big things from him and looking forward to working with Broc Grabham (E2) in his first year in a factory team.? Glenn Kearney, KTM Enduro Team ?We are very happy to have signed Daniel Milner (E2) for 2017 and having him back in the country. We have been doing a lot of testing and preparation to get him well prepared, so we?re expecting big things out of him. Also to have young Lyndon Snodgrass (E3) stepping up to the plate on a 300 EXC, I think we will see great things for him. It?s a local race for them both, so it?ll be a great start to the championship.? Dave Suter, DSR Motul/Pirellli Sherco Off Road Racing Team ?We are expecting strong results over the course of the championship from our main riders Nic Tomlinson (EJ) and Andy Wilksch (E2) They will both be riding this weekend at this stage, they?ve both been doing a lot of physio and preparation for the upcoming rounds.? What challenges lie ahead for the team? AJ Roberts, Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team ?The change of format after the postponement of the first two rounds is not an issue for our team, as we have to make adjustments to the bikes every race weekend anyways. As the situation changes you have to be prepared for these situations, we had to face the situation and adapt to it. Our competition is our challenge, it all starts this weekend and we?ll know where we stand.? Christian Horwood, Husqvarna Enduro Team ?In 2017 we will be looking to get through the season in great shape, have both riders injury free and have both our boys win their respective classes!? Glenn Kearney, KTM Enduro Team ?Everyone is coming out of a long off season and all the teams are still guessing where they?re at, until you get out on the racetrack we?re unsure as to where we stand. As a team we?re still coming together, this is a new role for me to manage the KTM team, even though I?ve been doing it in the past with another brand. So it?s about working with the mechanics and a brand new team. Hopefully we?ve got the dynamic right and achieve great results on race day.? Dave Suter, DSR Motul/Pirelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team ?We are working out of a place which is not ideal due to a fire at our workshop last year. It was all supposed to be sorted by this time, but complications with councils has been a significant hold up. Obviously it hasn?t been an ideal situation for the team, but hopefully by the end of the year we should be back to a optimal situation like it was before.? Is Rawson a track you look forward to compete at? AJ Roberts, Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team ?I?ve never competed there but our riders have to be versatile in the first place, so adapting to the Rawson track should be no problem at all. From being up north the Victorians may have an advantage from racing at state level, for us we want to go there being as prepared as we can be and have a good outcome.? Christian Horwood, Husqvarna Enduro Team ?We can?t wait to get to Rawson, I?ve never raced there myself but from what I hear it should suit both our riders quite well. The terrain and the format should make for a great weekend of racing, its great to start the season off with a cross-country.? Glenn Kearney, KTM Enduro Team ?It is, I?ve never raced there, but we can?t wait to blow the cobwebs out and get everyone on track!? Dave Suter, DSR Motul/Pirelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team ?Rawson will be a great place to compete. Really we?re going to try and get some points for the next round but still aim for the championship and see how we go for the weekend.? What is your team?s target for 2017? AJ Roberts, Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team ?Obviously the target is to win, there is no lets get third! We have to be consistent but the goal has to be to win.? Christian Horwood, Husqvarna Enduro Team ?We are definitely looking for an outright champion in 2017 and win E2 and E3, they are big targets but we think we can achieve them.? Glenn Kearney, KTM Enduro Team ?Of course, KTM is there to win, anything less is second best, so we?ll come out with all guns blazing. At the same time it?s a long season, everyone has to stay fit and healthy. We have to capitalise on the good days but also consolidate on the bad days to avoid any shockers.? Dave Suter, DSR Motul/Pirelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team ?We are looking at Nic Tomlinson (EJ) taking out the under 19?s and Derek Grundy (Masters) to take out the Masters. We?ve set ourselves some pretty high targets but we think they are definitely achievable. Andy Wilksch (E2) our target is a top 5 finish, he?s in the E2 class, which is tough to break into from coming out of the Under 19?s. The teams are raring to go for this weekend?s Yamaha AORC Rounds 3 & 4 at Rawson VIC. Make sure to attend to see these Factory teams battle it out for off-road supremacy in 2017. For more information about Yamaha AORC Rounds 3 & 4 visit the new AORC website which can be accessed by clicking here Stay up to date with all the happenings of the 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship by visiting the AORC Website at, or by following the Yamaha AORC on Twitter and Facebook as well as @aorc on Instagram. 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship Calendar   Round 3 & 4: Rawson, VIC                     22 ? 23 April 2017 Round 5 & 6: Miva, QLD                         13 ? 14 May 2017 Round 7 & 8: Renmark, SA                     24 ? 25 June 2017 Round 9 & 10: Kyogle, NSW                   22 ? 23 July 2017 Round 11 & 12: Omeo, VIC                     5 ? 6 August 2017 Round 1 & 2: Dungog, NSW                   Postponed (To be Announced)

FIM World Junior Motocross Championship Australia Team Manager announced

MA News - Tue, 18/04/2017 - 3:45pm
Mark was clearly honored by the opportunity; ?It's fantastic really, I last took the role on in 2012 for Bulgaria which was a really challenging, yet successful event. I decided to take a break after that one as I was just starting out at a new job, plus my wife was pregnant, so the priorities obviously had to head in that direction. I haven't been to the last four events, so it has been a while, and I have missed it. Glenn Macdonald was doing a fantastic job and now he's decided its time for him to take a break too. If I?m completely honest, I did take a little while to be sure I wanted to put my application in. I had the discussion at home and work, to make sure everything was going to be ok for me to go ahead. After I had the discussions, I was relieved and was waiting in anticipation that I would be successful. Now that I've been confirmed as Team Manager, I?m really looking forward to it.?   MA has received a considerable amount of rider applications for the Australian Team for the World Junior Motocross Championship. Willingham stated the interest was due to Australia?s success; ?We have seen a solid amount of riders that have represented Australia at these events over the years receive excellent opportunities both at home and abroad, partly, if not mostly, due to their achievements at the World Junior Motocross Championships. Any rider in a position to be able to attend should be applying, you never know what may happen!?   Willingham is excited by this year?s soon to be announced team; ?I feel we?re in a really good place as a team this year, as we are able to have a mixture of riders based here in Australia plus some now based in Europe. It?s definitely important to make sure junior riders from Australia are able to represent their country well, while also learning all they can from the experience. On the flip side, it?s fantastic that we have some European based riders who already have experience with the culture and riders that can be expected at the event, and they will be able to assist the group from their experiences too.?   The Team Manager also went into detail about rider preparation for the Championship; ?Essentially for the Australian based riders in particular, we?ll need to get there a few days prior to the event to have a solid practice session to shake out some travel nerves and make sure they?re all happy with the bike set ups. When it comes to any rider preparations between now and then, it?s mostly making sure they are getting themselves ready for the race duration, track conditions and climate. It?s more of a supportive role, we can offer any assistance in getting the best out of what they currently do.?   Keep an eye out for the list of riders for the 2017 FIM World Junior Motocross Championship, which will be announced in the coming days. MA is very enthusiastic about the prospects for this year?s championship and thanks all the riders who have applied.   Photo: Caleb Grothues with Team Manager Mark Willingham after he won the championship in Bulgaria in 2012.  

Strong Pre-Entry list for the 92nd edition of the FIM ISDE

MA News - Tue, 18/04/2017 - 8:32am

Defending FIM World Trophy class title holders Unites States of America headline this list and will return to Europe to attempt to win this most prestigious prize for only the second time in the long history of an event that is the most venerable of the FIM?s competitions. A total of thirty-one riders from the USA will descend on the French town of Brive-la-Gaillarde later this year.

A contingent of sixteen Swedish riders will also be present including three members of their FIM Junior World Trophy class who will again look to secure this hotly fought for title. With thirteen competitors listed, Australia will also be well represented as they have teams entered in all three main classes including the FIM Women?s World Trophy class, which they will look to retain for yet another year.

There are currently more than seven hundred riders on the pre-entry list but only 650 will be selected at the end of June to take part in the event. They will represent thirty-two different nations from as far afield as South America and Asia and with a healthy showing from all the European countries that have had a long association with this event. These include Italy, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands and of course the host nation France, that boasts almost two hundred riders who will proudly fly the famous three coloured flag. Typically, the Scandinavian countries are well represented by Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Alongside the main event, the second edition of the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy also has an equally impressive tally of riders on its pre-entry list and over ninety competitors out of a possible 150 have already confirmed their participation. After the highly successful and widely applauded inaugural edition held in Spain last year, this event for motorcycles of yesteryear will again take place over the last three days of the ISDE and will include an acceleration test, an enduro and a cross test to determine the eventual winners.

All the competitors of the 2017 ISDE will be aware of the area?s sporting reputation. The region of Correze is well known to Enduro, having hosted the FIM Enduro World Championship in Servières-le-Château (1994) and in Uzerche (2008), plus the ISDE in 2001, which was declared a success by all who took part in it. The dynamic town of Brive-la-Gaillarde itself has played host to many sporting events and will provide the ideal set-up for the 2017 FIM ISDE.


·         32 nations represented 

·         21 teams in the FIM World Trophy

·         17 teams in the FIM Junior World Trophy

·         10 teams in the FIM Women World Trophy

·         91 riders in the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy

·        184 Clubs teams


Words and Photo by FIM ISDE

2017 Shannons Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza Off To A Flying Start!

MA News - Fri, 14/04/2017 - 6:08pm
Featuring as this year's SIBBB theme, Ducati was given it's very own day, an 'All Ducati Day' both on and off track. Ducati owners have travelled far and wide right across Australia with their Ducati's of all guises, in a show of style and devotion. However, it was not only Ducati owners that are this year's devotees to the Bonanza. You only have to walk around the campsites around the tracks at Broadford to see the magnitude of the annual pilgrimage. All manner of two and three wheeled, bug splattered vehicles with luggage and camp gear strapped down, displaying all seven versions of interstate licence plates are present.

The key to the Bonanza's success over the past eight years running, has been the relaxed and casual nature of proceedings in that spectators can camp, wander through the pit garages, hang out on the track fence and rub shoulders with Australian racing royalty.

Former Australian Grand Prix legend, Kevin Magee shared his 2017 Bonanza experiences in between display sessions on track; "The eye candy of all the older bikes is fantastic- I love that side of things. It's just great to ride my old bikes, catch up with all the boys like Bob Brown and the gang, hang out and talk rubbish. It's just the nostalgia that's important for us to not lose. The Bonanza is one of the best events around of this type, and the fact that there is no pressure or expectations means that you can get out on the bike and enjoy it.  Im really looking forward to getting the Ducati's out on the track over the next few days!

Ben Henry has been involved with Ducati's his whole life, with his father building the infamous custom  'Alchemy' Ducati's in the early 1990s, to Ben's Australian Superbike racing later on. These days, Henry is the Team Manager of the DesmoSport Ducati Team in the current Australian Superbike Championship.

He shared; "It's good to be here at the Bonanza. It is a fantastic event and we are so happy to support the brand we love. It's a great atmosphere, there is no pressure and everyone is here helping each other out. This is the part of motorcycling that has been lost at most races because they are so competitive. Here at the Bonanza it's just all the good bits of racing and none of the politics. It's simply good times!" Henry concluded.

Multiple World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss, lent his thoughts on the Bonanza after stepping out of the Ducati Superbike transporter. "It's our first time here and being a Ducati theme this year, we thought it'd be a great idea to bring our Australian Superbike race set up with the Ducati truck and bikes. The Bonanza this year has already been so cool, we know how busy this weekend gets and it's just so nice to be a part of it. The Bonanza is relaxed, there are many past legends here and it's got such a great vibe about it, especially with the camping involved. It's an aspect that should be brought back into racing around the country." He surmised.
Event Coordinator Rachelle Wilkinson, was delighted with the abundance of rare machinery on day one of the SIBBB, commenting; "The event is shaping up to be a great success with riders having grins from ear to ear. Ticket sales are strong and there are still tickets available at the gates tomorrow and Sunday. The new Enduro track and Speedway tracks are fast and flowing and promises to please dirt fanatics. Credit must go to all the hard working Volunteers that have all been instrumental in getting the event going." Wilkinson finished.

Ducati has had a phenomenal history with many success stories and beautiful machines, why not attend the 2017 SIBBB to check out classics from a bygone era this Easter long weekend - Saturday and Sunday!

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As always, keep up to date with all the latest news and information about the 2017 Shannons Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza at and the Bonanza Facebook page. 
So be sure to attend the family friendly Easter weekend Shannons Broadford Bike Bonanza to witness a diverse range of classic motorcycles on show and on track as they were intended to be.
Event Enquires:
Rachelle Wilkinson: 0408652877

2017 ISDE Status Update

MA News - Thu, 13/04/2017 - 3:51pm
MA advises that Australian Team rider applications for the 2017 International Six Day Enduro (ISDE), have now closed and that MA intends on announcing the finalised team later this month (April).
As a matter of courtesy, MA wishes to inform 2017 ISDE applicants that whilst MA has significantly increased its funding for the ISDE from previous years, there is unfortunately still a substantial shortfall in overall funding required to cover the costs of all participants travelling to France.
At this stage, the shortfall means that only the World Trophy Team (4 riders) and the Womens World Trophy Team (3 riders) will be able to participate with full funding. Unfortunately, without additional external funding, there is no scope for the Junior World Trophy Team to represent Australia at the 2017 ISDE without the need for the Junior World Trophy Team members to individually self-fund.
Therefore, MA is seeking expressions of interest for all types of sponsorship including naming right sponsorship, for the World Trophy Team, Womens World Trophy Team & Junior World Trophy Team, so that Australian riders can travel to and compete in the 2017 ISDE. As funds increase through sponsorship and or donations will contribute to our overall shortfall and help send the all three teams fully funded.
The expected duration away for riders competing in this year's FIM International Six Day Enduro will be approximately 17 days - departing on the 20th of August and returning on the 5th September 2017. 
All parties interested in supporting the Australian 2017 ISDE Teams should contact Motorcycling Australia as below:
Enquiries should be addressed to:
Matthew Falvo
Event Coordinator ? Off-Road
Motorcycling Australia
PO Box 134
South Melbourne, VIC 3220
Phone: (03) 9684 0514
Media Contact:
Tristen Spragg
Motorcycling Australia
Media and Public Relations Officer
p: 0417 153 920

Cru Halliday rockets his way to the top of the Official ASBK Test

MA News - Thu, 13/04/2017 - 2:32pm
Cru Halliday (Yamaha Finance, Yamaha YZF-R1) finished off the day in style with the fastest lap of the Official ASBK Test. With the quickest lap time under his belt, Halliday will be looking to take advantage of his pace and back it up at the presents Round 3 at Winton Motor Raceway.
With a top of 23 degrees and limited wind, the conditions were optimal for fast lap times. Riders took advantage of the weather and a favourable track conditions to blast previous lap records.
As the next round is fast approaching, riders and teams will need to assess all the data from the test for a competitive weekend at Winton Motor Raceway April 28-30.   
Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike The rider of the day award would have to go to Cru Halliday, who posted the fastest time of 1:20.770 for the Official ASBK Test. The Yamaha rider loves Winton Motor Raceway, and is confident heading into the next round. Halliday mentioned that although topping test sessions is helpful, he would have to back it up on race day.
?We have got the CHR Yamaha YZF-R1M tuned pretty well. There are still some little grey areas we need to fix up. I believe the next race will come down to tyre choice. Its good to top the time sheets again, however It will be a whole different ball game when the race weekend comes around.?
Closest to Halliday was Daniel Falzon (JD Racing, Yamaha YZF-R1), who pushed hard to take the fight to the top of the timesheets. With a championship lead to defend, this Official ASBK Test will be a welcome boost to his chances at the upcoming round.
Troy Herfoss (Crankt Protein Honda Racing, CBR-1000SP) also completed a successful day two of the test by coming third overall. After not being able to match the Yamaha's speed yesterday, Herfoss found extra pace on the last day to finish in the top three.
Wayne Maxwell (Yamaha Racing Team, YZF-R1) and Bryan Staring (Crankt Protein Honda Racing, CBR-1000SP) finished fourth and fifth overall respectively.
Fastest Overall Times:
Cru HALLIDAY: 1:20.770
Daniel FALZON: 1:20.944
Troy HERFOSS: 1:21.018 Motul Australian Supersport
There was no greater show of track dominance in an Official ASBK Test, than what Ted Collins (Saint Unbreakable, Suzuki GSXR-600) displayed on both days. Collins topped every session except the last, to make it a Collins clean sweep in every session he rode in. The rider even sat out the last session, satisfied in completing his objectives. With Ted Collins showing such electric pace, he will look towards the next Round to attempt to solidify and build on his championship lead.
In second position, Mark Chiodo (Repsol, Triumph, 675R) posted a very solid time to keep Collins honest. Although Collins was well on top for the test, Chiodo may be able to mount a challenge after an impressive test, which saw him build to a stronger position on the second day.
Chris Quinn (Coopers HXR Yamaha, YZF-R6) completed the top three overall times. Quinn set his fastest time in the second session of the day.
Fastest Overall Times:
Ted COLLINS: 1:24.040
Mark CHIODO: 1:24.328
Chris QUINN: 1:24.622
Hi-Tec Batteries Australian Supersport 300 / YMF R3 Cup
Fastest overall was Drew Sells (Race Center, Kawasaki Ninja 300) for the Under 300?s class. Sells noting that the conditions were perfect at the track. His fastest lap, a 1:33.207 was posted on the second session of the day. Sells later crashed, injuring his wrist later in the day, which prevented him taking part in the last session.
Up next was Ollie Bayliss (Kawasaki Ninja 300), who continued his impressive progression from yesterday to finish second overall for the Under 300?s class. Bayliss is certainly showing improvement and will be looking to further establish himself at the next round.
Max Croker (KTM Australia, RC 390) finished as the fastest Over 300?s rider and third in the timesheets. Croker is still adapting to the RC 390 but is pleased with his progression and will be looking for a podium at next round.
The Official ASBK Test featured combined sessions between the Hi-Tec Batteries Australian Supersport 300 and YMF R3 Cup.
Fastest Overall Times:
Under 300?s:
Drew SELLS: 1:33.207
Oliver BAYLISS: 1:33.557
Scott NICHOLSON: 1:33.861
Over 300?s:
Max CROKER: 1:33.597
Jack PASSFIELD: 1:34.833
Dan THOMAS: 1:36.242 presents Round 3 Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul Pirelli at Winton Motor Raceway 28-30 April.
2017 Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship Presented by Motul Pirelli Calendar:
Round 3 presents Winton Motor Raceway, VIC    28-30 April
Round 4                                           Hidden Valley Raceway,     NT    7-9  July          
Round 5                                           Morgan Park Raceway,      QLD 25-27 August
Round 6                                           SMSP Eastern Creek,        NSW  8-10 September  
Round 7 presents Phillip Island Circuit,    VIC 6-8  October
Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from the ASBK by liking ASBK on Facebook, following the @asbk on Instagram and checking out the ASBK website here.
ASBK Live Timing can be accessed on via the live timing tab.

Rounds 3 & 4 entry close reminder and Final Instructions released

MA News - Thu, 13/04/2017 - 1:05pm
We would also like to advise competitors that the Final Instructions for Rounds 3 & 4 have officially been released, and can be found by clicking here, or heading to the AORC website. Competitors are advised to get their entry forms in before this Sunday April 16 at 5:00pm EST, which can be found by clicking here. 2017 AORC Supplementary Regulations can be found by clicking here. This is the link for final instructions. Stay up to date with all the happenings of the 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship by visiting the brand new AORC website at !! or by following the AORC on Twitter and Facebook as well as @aorc on Instagram

Easter three-day festival for the Australian Sidecar Championship finale

MA News - Thu, 13/04/2017 - 11:46am
The Speedway Sidecar season is drawing to a close and the biggest event is saved for last with the Nankang Tyres Australian Sidecar Championship finale at Gillman Speedway, Adelaide. Australia?s premier Speedway Sidecar riders will go head to head for the championship title. The racing takes place Easter long weekend, in a three-day festival event from Friday to Sunday with a total of 24 riders taking part.
Good Friday will showcase an open stadium with free entry to the ?Festival of Speed?. The festival will include a wide variety of classic and modern bikes and cars for the fans to see! There will also be interviews with the stars of the sport and activities for the kids. The festival was extremely popular last year and will not be one to miss.
Saturday will play host to a qualifying meeting to allow eight riders to enter the Championship final on Easter Sunday. Those who qualify will meet the eight star sidecar riders who have already qualified.
Several talented riders will miss out from competing on Sunday, as the qualifying session will include many talented sidecar riders, meaning Sunday?s racing will feature the best of the best in the nation. Sunday's action will be reduced down to the best 16 riders.
Finally the big finale on Sunday will pit the cream of the crop against the new qualifiers. Big names who have already seeded include nine-times Australian Champion Darrin Treloar (Blake Cox) and recent FIM World Cup winner and FIM Oceania Champion Warren Monson (Andrew Summerhayes).
Not only will they have to face the recent champions, superstars Trent Headland (Darryl Whetstone), Russell Mitchell (Andy Gajek), Aaron Hartwig (Teagan Hartwig), Tyler Moon (Adam Lovell), Rick Howse (Adam Commons) and Brodie Cohen (Damian Egan) have also already qualified.
The Australian Title winners will gain entry into next year?s FIM World Cup.
Kiwi rider Andrew Buchanan (Denny Cox) is excited ahead of the Championship finale after recently being granted an MA license.
?It?s the best Championship in the world to be honest. With the best bikes predominantly from Australia and it?s a hard fought contest.
?I work a lot in Australia these days and I was granted an MA license, which granted us entry for the Australian title. We?ve been racing in Australia for 6 years, so its great to be invited into the Australian Speedway.
?I?m taking it one race at a time, the FIM World Cup and FIM Oceania are finished now, so we?ll have to compete on qualifying on Saturday and not look to far ahead.?
It?s no easy task to compete in the qualifying session on Saturday and win the championship title but it has been achieved before!
Don?t have any plans for the Easter Weekend? Make the trek over to Gillman Speedway for the Australian Sidecar Championship finale
Venue: Gillman Speedway, Adelaide
Festival of Speed: Friday 14 April, 10am to 4pm, free entry.
Qualifying Saturday: Saturday 15 April, Gates open 2pm
Australian Sidecar Championship Final: Sunday 16 April, Gates open 5pm
Racing Starts: 7:30 both nights
Practice: Saturday 4:30pm to 5:30pm. No practice on Sunday
For more information visit Gillman Speedway's website by clicking here.
Also keep up with the latest Speedway news with the Australian Speedway Championship Facebook Page and Motorcycling Australia Website.

Spain reign yet again

MA News - Wed, 12/04/2017 - 12:18pm
Confirming the prominence of tonight?s triumph Bou said. ?It is a special feeling to be able to win this title alongside my team mate as we have a very close and special relationship. These type of events are never easy to win and you can see Great Britain were very close to us after the first lap. Thankfully our best riding came at the important moment and we were able to extend our advantage. Every victory is important and tonight it is the same for me.?

Franz Kadlec - Gas Gas and Jarmo Robrahn - Beta late capitulation gifted Italy?s pairing of Matteo Grattarola - Gas Gas and Luca Petrella - TRS fourth position, leaving Germany down in fifth place after a promising opening lap performance.
Five nations were represented in Pau, those being Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany - each squad consisting of two riders with one team member having to be under the age of twenty-five as the new eligibility rule was applied for the second year in a row.
The night?s action got underway with each of the five teams putting one of their two riders forward to contest the speed section that would ultimately decide the riding order through the six observed hazards. Not surprisingly Spain recorded the fastest time to steal an early advantage, with France being the next quickest just in front of Great Britain. Germany and Italy filled the remaining two places respectively ahead of the main event.
With the respective team managers having decided which three of the six sections each rider would attempt on the first lap, there was to prove to be several twists and turns during the initial tour with the real story only becoming clear later in the lap. Busto gave Spain an early scare as he lost three marks in the opening rocky hazard before then recovering brilliantly with two subsequent cleans before handing over to Bou who was typically faultless.
Great Britain proved to be Spain?s nearest challengers on lap one with Dabill losing two marks to add to Price?s tally of four, their total of six putting them three marks behind their Spanish rivals at the halfway point. France?s duo completed the interim podium places with Germany maintaining their supremacy over the Italian pairing come the interval.
Any thoughts of an upset rapidly faded on the second lap as the Spanish pairing confirmed their superiority with another lap of just three marks, whilst the other nations all suffered heavier losses on their later outing with the exception of Italy who delivered a vastly improved showing.
Great Britain did their best to throw away second spot, but finally clung on to the runners-up placing by a single mark as France closed in on them, but had to settle for the final step of the podium. At the same time as Germany faded, Italy grew stronger and managed to steal fourth position from their Northern European rivals.
With the 2017 X-Trial season, both individual and team, having now come to a climax all attentions now switch to the outdoor series with the 2017 FIM Trial World Championship set to kick off in Camprodon, Spain towards the middle of next month.

A dominant trifecta by Yamaha at Day One of the Official ASBK Test

MA News - Tue, 11/04/2017 - 8:19pm
Cru Halliday (Yamaha Finance, Yamaha YZF-R1) took charge of the Official ASBK Winton Test to post the fastest time overall for the Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance (YMI) Australian Superbike Class during day one. 
Although multiple riders noted that the track was green from the recent Victorian rain, the conditions yielded quick lap times and plenty of grip. As the track temperature climbed and rubber was put down, the times started to tumble.
The Test allows riders and teams to prepare for the presents Round 3 at Winton Motor Raceway. Preparation include coming to terms with the new surface, running race simulations and trying different setups.
Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike
The day belonged to Cru Halliday and Yamaha. Halliday posted the fastest time of 1:21.132 in the fourth session. Despite the impressive time, Halliday realises he has to back it up at the upcoming Round. 
?We did top the timesheets but everyone is going to go quicker. It?s a different ballgame when the racing begins but we?re just trying to get our heads around the new surface. There are some fixtures out on the track with different surfaces, it?s bumpier than last year but it should make for great racing. ? Halliday said.
Halliday has shown pace at Winton Motor Raceway in the past, including being the current lap record holder for the track. 
Yamaha bikes dominated the first day; Daniel Falzon (JD Racing, Yamaha YZF-R1) had the second best overall time of 1:21.331, while Wayne Maxwell (Yamaha Racing Team, YZF-R1) took the third best time with 1:21.563.
Josh Waters (Team Suzuki ECSTAR, GSX-R1000) and Robbie Bugden (Kawasaki BCperformance, ZX-10R) finished fourth and fifth in the overall lap standings.
Fastest Overall Times:
Cru HALLIDAY: 1:21.132
Daniel FALZON: 1:21.331
Wayne MAXWELL: 1:21.563
Motul Australian Supersport
Ted Collins (Saint Unbreakable, Suzuki GSXR-600) dominated the Motul Australian Supersport class on day one by topping all four sessions with a fastest overall lap of 1:24.644. Collins will certainly be relishing the upcoming race after displaying impressive pace.
?We have had a really good first day here at Winton Motor Raceway. We managed to top every session, which has given me a bit of a confidence boost. The Traction Control Suspension/Next Gen Motorsports team have worked really well today, which proves as we have got a good setting on both bikes. We rode both bikes today and I have good feeling on both of them.
"Tomorrow we?ll make a few changes to the bikes and hopefully find a bit more time. I really can?t wait to get out here and race in a few weeks time, as today really has shown we have the overall pace to hopefully finish with a good result.? Collins said.
Samuel Lambert (Sam Lambert Racing, Yamaha YZF-R6) broke though with a lap time of 1:25.075 to have the second best overall time.
Mark Chiodo (Repsol Gas Racing, Triumph 675R) steadily rose though the timesheets throughout the day to attain a lap time of 1:25.450 and achieve third best time.
Fastest Overall Times:
Ted COLLINS: 1:24.644
Samuel LAMBERT: 1:25.075
Mark CHIODO: 1:25.450
Hi-Tec Batteries Australian Supersport 300 / YMF R3 Cup
Young gun Oliver Bayliss (Kawasaki Ninja 300) would top the overall timesheets for the combined Hi-Tec Batteries Supersport 300 and YMF R3 Cup classes, with a lap time of 1:34.279 in the fourth session. Bayliss had a productive day that has given himself belief for the upcoming Rounds.
?The test has progressed really well on day one. It has given us a newfound confidence, after achieving the overall best time for the class. Even though it?s not a race, we are up against some fast competitors. I?m very happy to have the overall time and hopefully there is some improvement to come! Bayliss explained.
All three of the best overall lap times came from the Under 300's class.
Drew Sells (Race Centre, Kawasaki Ninja 300) finished of the day with the second best overall time of 1:34.805.
Scott Nicholson (G. Williams Motorcycle Engineering, Kawasaki Ninja 300) also pulled off an impressive display to finish third overall with a lap time of 1:34.853.
Fastest Overall Times:
Oliver BAYLISS: 1:34.279
Drew SELLS: 1:34.805
Scott NICHOLSON: 1:34.853
Fans will be able to catch all the lap by lap activity on the Official ASBK Test Live Timing which can be accessed on ASBK website, via the live timing tab throughout the Official Test, providing the breakdown as to who is on the pace! presents Round 3 Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul Pirelli at Winton Motor Raceway 28-30 April.
2017 Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship Presented by Motul Pirelli Calendar:
Round 3 presents Winton Motor Raceway, VIC    28-30 April
Round 4                                           Hidden Valley Raceway,     NT    7-9  July          
Round 5                                           Morgan Park Raceway,      QLD 25-27 August
Round 6                                           SMSP Eastern Creek,        NSW  8-10 September  
Round 7 presents Phillip Island Circuit,    VIC 6-8  October
Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from the ASBK by liking ASBK on Facebook, following the @asbk on Instagram and checking out the ASBK website here.
ASBK Live Timing can be accessed on via the live timing tab.

Vale Jack Ahearn

MA News - Tue, 11/04/2017 - 1:12pm
Jack Ahearn was a stalwart of early international Australian motorcycle sport, and has been recognised on many occasions both domestically and internationally for his achievements on track.

Born 1924 in Sydney, the man from Bondi quickly rose to stardom after buying a well-used Triumph single and joining the Lithgow Motorcycle club as a teen. It was here that Ahern started to really learn his craft by racing and immediately succeeding.

After a stint in the Royal Australian Air Force, in 1946 and at the age of 29 years old, Jack would embark on what would be a highly successful 25 year-long love affair, filled with travel and racing. He was selected to represent Australia with team-mates Laurie Boulter and Maurice Quincey at the Isle of Man TT on a Norton 350 for the second round of the 1954 350cc World Championship.

Jack was brought up in the great depression era where one quickly learnt to be both rider and mechanic as a matter of course. A theme and trait that stuck with him throughout his race career and life, Jack was recognised as being a motorcycle engine guru. Even up to the point of managing to finish second in the '64 500cc World Championship as a privateer and one-man show, with MV?s Mike Hailwood taking the win from Ahearn.

Jack Ahearn once shared his recipe for his many successes with Australian Motorcycle News;

 ?I was no world champion. But I could ride a bike fast and safely and enjoy it.? ?My biggest secret to tell is that I hated work. I managed to create a lifestyle on a motorcycle. I just wanted to keep racing. I didn?t want to stop racing and start working!? ?I could beat all the field except Hailwood, Agostini and Read after he got factory machinery.? He is survived by daughters Vicki and Julia. Career Highlights:
: 9th Isle of Man TT (season points only awarded to top six finishers) and 6th at Ulster TT (reduced from 27 to 13 laps so results not counted in world title points)
: Equal 26th in season points. Best finish 6th Nurburgring
10th in season points. 4th Assen, 5th Belgium
2nd in season points. 1st Finland, 2nd West German, 3rd Ulster, 4th Assen and Monza, 6th East German
: 5th in season points. 4th East German, 5th Assen
: equal 6th in season points (with G. Marsovszky). 3rd Belgium and East German, 4th Finland, 5th Brno

Nation's best riders head to Winton for crucial Official ASBK Test

MA News - Mon, 10/04/2017 - 6:41pm
 The Official Test provides a pivotal opportunity for the riders and teams to prepare themselves for the eagerly anticipated presents Round 3 at Winton Motor Raceway over the next two days. More than 40 riders from multiple classes will take to the track, attempting to post quick lap times, make crucial setup changes and run race simulations before the next round. Winton has recently been resurfaced, which should help to provide riders with plenty of grip and the confidence to chase quick lap times. Despite the region experiencing rainfall in recent days, the forecast appears to indicate excellent weather for the two-day Official Test. A significant pool of riders from the Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike, Motul Australian Supersport, Hi-Tec Batteries Australian Supersport 300 and YMF R3 Cup will be in attendance at the Test. The major factory teams and top riders will take to the track to gain as much knowledge as possible on the track. With the ASBK getting well into the thick of the Championship, riders will want to find a working base setup to bring into Round 3 at Winton. Stay tuned to all the breaking news from the Official Test on all ASBK media channels. Fans will be able to catch all the lap by lap activity on the Official ASBK Test Live Timing which can be accessed on ASBK website, via the live timing tab throughout the two days, providing the breakdown as to who is on the pace! The Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul Pirelli, presents Round 3 at Winton Motor Raceway will be taking place 28-30 April, make sure to attend the earlier Victorian Round near the town of Benalla.
2017 Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship Presented by Motul Pirelli Calendar: Round 3 presents Winton Motor Raceway, VIC    28-30 April
Round 4                                           Hidden Valley Raceway,     NT    7-9  July          
Round 5                                           Morgan Park Raceway,      QLD 25-27 August
Round 6                                           SMSP Eastern Creek,        NSW  8-10 September  
Round 7 presents Phillip Island Circuit,    VIC 6-8  October
Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from the ASBK by liking ASBK on Facebook, following the @asbk on Instagram and checking out the ASBK website here. ASBK Live Timing can be accessed on via the live timing tab.
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