Two-year trial of motorcycle lane filtering launched on Canberra's road

Motorcycle riders will be allowed to move through stationary or slow moving traffic on Canberra's roads as part of a two-year trial set to get under way next month. 

Justice Minister Shane Rattenbury announced the trial of lane filtering on Friday, following a recommendation from the Legislative Assembly's inquiry into vulnerable road users that a trial be established before March this year.

The practice of lane filtering is when motorcyclists move between cars and other vehicles which are stopped or slow moving. It allows motorcyclists to move away from other traffic faster, including from red lights. 

Mr Rattenbury said the trial from February 1 would bring the ACT into line with New South Wales road rules. 

Tom McIlroy 
Published: January 23, 2015 - 11:30PM  Canberra Times

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