A Skybike?

A Skybike?

Californian company Swift Engineering in conjunction with Samson Motorworks have unveiled the machine they see as the future for motorcycling - and boy does it fly.
Named  the 'SkyBike'  it is a futuristic design which will be capable of 130 kmh over land or over 210 kmh when airborne.
The usual James Bond stuff appears on the Skybike: electronic instrument main panel that changes automatically from ground to flight, dual ground/air lighting system, navigation radio, ELT (emergency location transmitter), leather seating for two and ample luggage capacity.
No details on pricing or availability, but the creators hope to have ground versions available in early 2010.
I’d call it a Skytrike seeing that it has 3 wheels, but let's face it, a flying motorcycle's long overdue.

wheres the handle bars?

and are those things on the side there to stop your elbows from touching the ground?

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