SA government releases its latest motorcycle safety campaign

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SA government releases its latest motorcycle safety campaign

the SA government and the MAC have just released their latest Motorcycle safety awareness campaign

Motorcycle campaign launched 30.10.2009

A new motorcycle campaign featuring five-time 500cc MotoGP World Champion Mick Doohan has been launched by MAC.

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latest adverts

there is a good intro vid that shows Motogp riders coming off and crashing into road furniture like road riders

then there are 3 other vids covering the bike, the rider and gear and the road


not bad but again they are targeting the bikers totally and not raising the awareness of the cagers

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MAC ads

Hi Jacqui

I think they're a step up from the usual "speed is evil and the cause of all accidents" drivel we usually get served up.

Agree too they are focussed on us and not the cagers, but this series seems to be looking at what we can do in terms of basic gear, bike and road awareness.

<begin small rant>

I'd like to see the series that VICRoads ran a whle ago about drivers looking for bikes run continually, not just when there's an election or some pollie needs to appear to be doing something with our "safety levy".

<end small rant>

That's it for now.

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Make our own Advertisment

I have always liked the idea of Motorcyclists making our own infomercial as they are known these days for TV.  

I would probably start it with an older rider telling a young rider

Son, you'll be on your own if you wanna ride a bike.   The Govt. won't change any laws to help protect you , the Cops just wanna book you , Car Drivers will be jealous of you in traffic , and no matter how you behave you will always be branded as ' that fool on the bike.'

Then a series of riders making a plea for what they would like , eg higher penalties for 'At Fault' where a bike is concerned , a shared Bicycle and Motor Bike Lane , Better Rider Education so on and so forth etc.

Then to end , footage of car/ bike  incident wreckage and a voice over saying "WE KNOW what the problems are , the Question is WHEN are YOU going to do something about it ?"

The YOU being ambiguous , Rider , Driver , Parent ,,, Everybody.

But alas it's hard enough to organise a ride between motorcyclists let alone a Television commercial...   Many people have asked me " Just what do the M.R.A. do with the money they get anyway !?"   I am at a loss to answer...  

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