protest ride against the proposed compulsory high visibility vests ...

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protest ride against the proposed compulsory high visibility vests ...

Between 7 and 9 am on Monday, May 26, 2014, the Independent Riders

Group will protest against the proposed compulsory high visibility vest and lights-on laws for novice motorcycle & scooter riders and the coming compulsory boots for riders law.

It is short notice but only VicRoads insiders knew the threat was imminent. Consultation was an elaborate sham. Most motorcycle & scooter organisations were taken by surprise.

The IRG supports improved road user education, especially for car drivers who cause most of the injury and death on our roads. We support the Graduated Licence System (GLS) concept but this version makes it harder, and a lot more expensive, to get a
bike licence while doing nothing to promote driver awareness of vulnerable road users.

Consultation prior to the compulsory conspicuity law, was a sham. The
Motorcycle Advisory Group (MAG) failed. Rider restrictions are proposed while real road safety measures like driver awareness campaigns, use of bus lanes and traffic filtering were again delayed by VicRoads.

On May 26 riders should gather in the VicRoads car park at 60 Denmark
Street in Kew. Melways map 45 reference C7. The IRG will be there from 7 am.

Riders can join us for all or part of the protest. It is a work day so many may not be able to make it but this is important so riders should try. These laws will effect all Victorians.

If introduced in Victoria, they will spread interstate and expand to cover more and more riders. If you can't be there on May 26, go see your MP. 2014 is a Victorian election year.

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A friday arvo would be better

A friday arvo would be better as a lot of tradies, factories etc knock off early plus it would be coinciding with football public as well. Monday is no good!!!!!!

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what a crock

Currently, the only thing we have to wear is shorts and a helmet. Maybe we should have to wear a jacket, gloves, boots and a helmet, all with an AS label. But what would I know? Clearly the hi vis idea was from someone who doesn't ride.

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