The Patriots Tour of Duty

The Patriots Tour of Duty This November, a very special Territorian will set off on a very special journey. Toni 'Vixn' McGuigan is a single mother of 3 from Darwin. She is a former member of the Royal Australian Navy now dedicated to her children Jazz, Marlee, Phoenix and her love of motorcycles. Vixn is also a follicular lymphoma survivor, still undergoing maintenance chemotherapy treatment once every three months. If that's not enough, she is a full-time forensic science student at Charles Darwin University.

Vixn is a proud member of the Patriots Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club, a group who share the bond of military service and a love of motorcycles. Each year more than 300 Patriots gather for their National Annual General Meeting (NAGM). This year Vixn will attend the NAGM in Bunbury WA, but not via the normal route. She will circumnavigate Australia on 'Low Fat' her Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, hugging the coastline, crossing 5 states and one territory and covering more than 15,000 kms.

The purpose of this journey and Vixn's aims are three fold:

    To raise $100,000 to support the work of The Leukaemia Foundation

    To raise awareness of The Leukaemia Foundation and Patriots Australia

    To attend the Patriots Australia NAGM in Bunbury WA

The Patriots Tour of Duty will be in a town near you soon.