Nazaré Blow Up

Nazaré Blow Up from SURFPortugal Mag on Vimeo.

A new world record?
Carlos Burle, Sylvio Mancusi, Rodrigo Koxa, Maya Gabeira, Felipe "Gordo" Cesarano, Hugo Vau, Eric Rebiere, Pedro Scooby, Andrew Cotton and Garrett Macnamara

Shoot with Canon 7D and canon lens 300mm f.4

A film by Hélio Valentim


Brazilian Carlos Burle took on what is believed to be the biggest wave ever ridden, estimated at nearly 100ft, it is thought to be bigger than the wave Garrett Macnamara rode at the same location last year

It was created by the St Jude storm at Praia do Norte, near the fishing village of Nazare, Portugal


The Road Less Travelled


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 Ride the Ragged Edge