Linking the Silos: Planning for Motorcycle Safety

Linking the Silos: Planning for Motorcycle Safety Author: Liz de Rome, LdeR Consulting, Sydney Australia
Eleven motorcycle safety plans from Europe, Australia and USA were reviewed to develop a model of best practice. The review compared the development process and contents of each plan. It is apparent that there are difference in the pattern of priorities and countermeasures between plans that have been developed by rider associations and those by road authorities. The former tended to focus on motorcycling as a form of transport with associated safety issues ; the latter were more likely to focus on crash incidence and injury reduction strategies. The degree of convergence between these perspectives appears to depend on the degree of consultation between riders and road authorities. Our Hypothesis is that road safety practitioners, who deal in mass crash data and comparative risk profile, may be more likely to view motorcycling as a high risk form of transport to be contained or discouraged. Where as Motorcyclists, having made the choice to ride, are more likely to think in terms of identifying and managing risks . It is this cultural difference that must be bridged if road safety professionals and the motorcycling community are to be able to work together effectively. A model for the development of motorcycle safety plans has been devised from this analysis. The model provides a process within which both government agencies and community organizations can work towards shared goals. It does not require consensus as each organization is able to work towards those shared goals from its own frame of reference. It does required agreement on issues and priorities but the allows a flexible approach to action based on a clear understanding of the ends to be achieved
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