Letter to Premier re TAC - TAC Reconstruction campaign

Letter to Premier re TAC - Rob Smith, manager for the Australian Riders Division of Motorcycling Australia and VMAG member has written to the Premier of Victoria. The MRA(Vic) endorses Mr. Smith's concerns.

Dear Premier Baillieu

TAC â??Reconstructionâ?? campaign

Sir, as you are doubtless aware, in recent weeks the TAC has been running an advertisement aimed at motorcycle riders. This ad has caused considerable angst amongst riders as it represents the most offensive in a long line of ads that contain arguably disingenuous representations of facts and figures; as well as inaccurate, prejudicial and dangerous stereotypes. Coupled with an institutionalised disregard for consultation between TAC, rider representatives and riding safety experts, the recent ad â??reconstructionâ?? has led to a total loss of faith by riders in the integrity of the TAC and by association, Victoria Police. Any future campaigns will be tainted by this ad for years to come. Whatever good will there may have been, has now been lost and will take years to rebuild.