Landmark agreement on filtering issue


A memorandum of understanding between the major riders’ groups on a proposal to recognise and legitimise filtering at a national level

In a landmark agreement on the issue of legitimising filtering, the Motorcycle Riders Association Vic (MRAV), Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC), Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC) and the Australian Riders’ Division (ARD) (of Motorcycling Australia) have co-signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to support the proposal put forward late last year to VicRoads by the ARD.
The proposal calls for the recognition and legitimising of filtering at a national level, but has a larger objective of informing drivers and requiring them to look for motorcycles as part of their shared responsibilities. 
“At the moment, official driver safety publications advise drivers on sharing road space with trams, trucks and bicycles, but provide no advice on how to behave with motorcycles,” said Rob Smith, the manager of the ARD. 
“There is no empirical evidence anywhere that filtering is dangerous and the benefits to the driving community and the wider community are being ignored for no good reason.” 
Following the preparation and submission of an initial proposal, the ARD is in the process of preparing a second paper that hopes to address the call for a more compelling case following a recent meeting between interested parties and VicRoads.
“We’ve run an on-line petition to gauge support and the results are overwhelming, riders want something that is practised every day without drama to be recognised and officially sanctioned. With the support of the rider reps, we’re confident that we can present a good case,” Smith said.
Historically rider groups have been fragmented, a situation that has meant a lack of coordination and communication, certainly in the eyes of government and authorities. 
“There has never been a safer time to be a rider than today and achieving recognition of filtering can only make things safer.”
Peter Baulch, Chairman of the Victorian Motorcycle Council, believes the agreement is a significant step forward.
“The Memorandum of Understanding unites us in a common purpose and clearly shows that the ARD can provide vital support for rider representatives.”
The agreement also means that in order to achieve a consistent message on the issue of filtering, the signatories will refer all media inquiries relating to filtering to Smith.

SOURCE Published : Wednesday, 25 January 2012

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