kinglake run part 2

kinglake run  part 2

One of the pics I took on the run to kinglake was heading right into the sun, so it was way overexposed. I played with it on photopaint and was so happy with the result, I printed it and framed it and put it on my wall!

very nice Mr Monet

very nice Mr Monet


kate wrote:

very nice Mr Monet

More Dali than Monet, I would have thought.

interesting. I'm seeing it

interesting. I'm seeing it more impressionistic , not so much surrealistic.

I see your point.

However, Monet tended to use splashes of vibrant colours to build his images. There is little colour in this image. Maybe a little Van Gough, with the swirls of light.

Could even be a little Dada, but not concoted enoiugh,

But I still stick with  the distortion of reality ala Dali.

Despite all this bullshit, this is a fantastic image.

But is it art?

But is it art?

Geez Louise

It's a motabike !

A big Dada would have just enoiugh concotion.   (I guess) :beerchug:

"Could even be a little Dada, but not concoted enoiugh,"


art ?

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