If you could improve Motor Cycling in the real world what would you do ?

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If you could improve Motor Cycling in the real world what would you do ?

Say you were throwing together ideas or questions for your State Trnspt Minister to answer.   I have a few, I'll bet you have too.  

Obviously not all are going to be new , my ideas aren't , but I wanna hear them anyway, I know Pollies are ' Of Dubious Parentage' so don't waste space with name calling etc. you would only be stating the obvious.

Our environment.

I want to know why, in these financial and environmentally challenged times Motor Cycling isn't encouraged.   Easing Traffic congestion, less strain on limited fuel resorces, etc.   Why are we spending Billions of Dollars on Bridges, Tunnels, By Pass roads and Widening Highways.   Surely reducing Rego and sales Taxes on bikes and scooters would encourage thirsty cars and 4wd's to be left at home, putting less strain on road maintenance.

Our Safety.

There is enough evidence to show that laws and rules can be changed nearly overnight.   Motor Cyclists are at a dissadvantage in a collision with another vehicle so if the Trnspt Dept is serious about reducing the carnage that is occuring on our roads then why don't we see the Fines and Points for the drivers of other vehicles involved in an accident doubled or even tripled if found to be at Fault.   Times have changed, it is not uncommon to have vehicles failing to Give Way and pull out in front of a Motor Cycle because they are "Just a Bike".   The current attitude seems to be 'they will be worse off if they hit me !!!'

Our Laws.

In Qld it is illegal to split lanes, a bike must travel at no less than 1.5 meters from another vehicle, it is also illegal to travel in a Bicycle or Emergency lane.   The situation is that because it is easier to book Motor Bikes in Bicycle or Emergency lanes, the Police concentrate their efforts in booking people taking this safer illegal option.   Effectlively leaving splitting lanes as the more dangerous yet more attractive illegal option.   The plain fact is that MotorCycles will not impede the thoroughfare of an Ambulance as they can soon enough get to one side or rejoin traffic.   Restricting Bike numbers in an Emergency lane at a set of lights to two, would not be difficult to implement.   A valid reason is yet to be put forward why a Motor Cycle cannot share a lane with a Bicycle, not side by side of course.


A few of my ideas, looking forward to the thoughts of others.

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 Interesting question

 Interesting question TJ

lets see.

Bicyclists do not pay rego, taxes, insurance or any of those road costs ( unless they also have a vehicle of some sore as well but that really beside the point)

yet they get their own lane on almost every major road in the country..........

Motocyclists are no less vunerable to traffic than they are  and we pay tax , rego insurance etc

bicyclists have no fear of fines or other law inforcement  as they are unidentifiable by red light cameras, witnesses , police etc 

Motorcyclists can be identified easily, and can be fined or charged because of this.

See where Im going here?

Perhaps Bikers should have their own lanes also and perhaps motobiike only roads/"Paths" like the cyclists ,this would certainly speed up transit from place to place for bikes, reduce risk for all road users reduce overall traffic congestion. on the other side this would concentrate bikes into more easily monitored areas allowing for easier speed detection and other policing? hmmmm does this outweigh the pros Im not sure.

perhaps also city CBD centres could be no go zones for heavily polluting cars and trucks (with the exception of delivery vehicles) and motobikes and cycles should be allowed in, this would free up roads which are currently crowded with parked cars ( which probably only brought one person into town each) for pedestrians , motobikes and cyclists, It would reduce pollution in the city centres making the air cleaner, it would also reduce our valuable fuel resources considerably and open up the citys for better public transport  linking "out of city parking" areas to the CBD.


in London cars and trucks into the city  are taxed at a variable rate only very economical vehicles are not taxed these are bikes (of both types) mini cars, scooters,and public transport such as cabs and buses.


the question is what do the pollies want from bikers? taxes, fines, MONEY the same thing they want from everyone, and the environment , well thats second

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I would have one rego and insurance for multipule bikes owned

I would have one rego and  insurance for multipule bikes owned.

If you owen more than one bike, one should be able to by one rego for all,,after all, you can only ride one bike at a time and just use the same plate and rego lable that can be swapped from bike to bike.


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this one!

 rego should be a quarter of the price it is. Our own lane would be sweet and cars should be kicked off cool fanging roads on sunny days (all of which is wishful thinking)

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Other road users

 Top post TJ

I have been really impressed in NSW with freeway traffic warnings.

"Check twice for motorbikes" etc

I want better general awareness of bikes - change the thinking of car and truck drivers to look out for us, keep a distance etc

The fine for driving a car or truck while talking on a mobile should be $2000  something serious

..and add the distractions...  Phone + Eating a burger + B double truck = $2000 +2000 +2000  = $6000

 and Keep trucks out of right-hand lane


\Less seriously-------------

-Speed limit anyone towing a jet ski

Here is my speed observation based on 35 years of research:

If the limit is 100...

-P platers will run at 110 (hurry tp the party)

-Trucks at 115 (makes a nice sound for falling asleep)

-Morris minors flat out at 80 (any faster and you can't see where the falling off bits went)

-Red utes 120 (to prove that an XR6 iis just as fast as the expensive ones)

-Black BMWs 130+ (important people, everyone else is in the way)

-Anyone towing a jetski 120 in the right lane weaving. (need everyone to see that jetskis go fast)

-Add 5kph to any of the above if there are two or three in the back seat (need to show off the Hyundai's power) 

hehe  now who have I not offended ?


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Interesting points

Jacqui, you have given me another way of looking at this and Bugger , I don't think the Minister and you are gonna see eye to eye.   25% of the rego is a valid point when Jacqui's post about Bicycles is put forward.   Our T lanes in Brisbane are rarely enforced , solo car drivers often sit in this restricted lane for kilometres before turning left.

How much crap dangles from Car Mirrors, some Islanders are the worst hanging any number of Lai's ( Floral Necklaces ) , another Law that is unenforced.   People can't see where they are going for goodness sake, why don't the cops get tough on this before booking bikes in the emergency lane.   Should'nt saving lives be a Priority?

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One thing that really gets

One thing that really gets up my nose is bloody dogs in the frount of cars , you see dickheads with dogs on there lap while driving ,you cant tell me they are not distracted and can see properly , and its not the dogs fault

I do like dogs , realy

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