FZ6N Bike review

FZ6 opinion by RomanK.

I want to let you in on a well kept secret, it's the Yamaha Fazer 600 FZ6. This bike come in a naked and faired version as I am sure most people know. Why is it a secret ? Well the bike is so very good that it should be selling by the truck loads, but it's not. So it looks like no one knows about it. Let me explain how good I think this bike is. R6 based engine that screams to approx 15k rpm and produces great power, about 98hp at the back wheel, does not sound like much in these days of mega power 1000cc machines, but in this small light package and the way it makes that power, big bikes do not pull away until you are doing over 180kms.

The FZ6's handling for real world roads is great, suspension is not too stiff so that your back screams for mercy, there is no adjustment on the front and only ride height on the rear but it is wonderful straight out of the box. The ride position is more sit up with a slight lean into the wind , the seat is well shaped and reasonably soft so for touring the bike is comfortable. The faired bike has more screen protection than the old Fazer 1000 but as with all faired bike some helmet buffeting occurs that’s why I like the naked machine, it is fine for speeds up to and over 160 kms. For scratching through tight twisty bits the leaverage the bars gives you makes the bike so easy to swing from side to side that no matter how good you think you are riding the bike always seems to be able to go round corners even faster. At a recent track day I attended all the big bikes where slowing me down in the corners and under brakes the little yamaha could break later and any small lead the 1000cc machines made pulling out of corners was more that made up for under brakes.

I have owned the fazer now for well over a year and use it to go to work on everyday , the motor is so smooth and very easy to ride through slow moving trafic. I have ridden many roads with different riding buddys, many on the latest machinery. Lots of them have commented how fast the 600 is and can not believe that they can not shake this little weapon off their tails. In Europe the 600 fazer has been selling very well but here in Australia I think most riders are more interested in the latest greatest fantastic plastics and more interested in which machine is 100grams lighter than any other. That is a pity because they end up missing out on a great bike like the FZ6. The new model is coming out in a few months, new colours, new swing arm and better brakes, quite frankly it does not need any of it but I will get one anyway as I like these bikes soooo much. Cheers {ED. I have ridden with Roman on a number of occasions and can vouch for the way this little machine handles. He continues to surprise people on bigger faster bikes. I have also ridden this particular bike and while the ride position and bars do not accomodate me well due to my injured elbow it is fast surefooted in the twisties and brakes are fantastic, engine is flexible and pulls like a train}

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