Easy riders not ready for the roads

the age VICTORIA has a glaring gap in its road-safety regime: the testing and licensing of motorcyclists. As The Age has revealed, the system is regarded as ''a joke'' and ''totally inadequate'' by accredited private providers who conduct testing for VicRoads. Car licences outnumber motorcycle licences 11 to one, but the ratio of car-to-bike fatalities is four to one. Almost one in three deaths and serious injuries among riders involved novice riders. Police note that rider error caused about 70 per cent of trauma crashes, compared with 50 per cent for other drivers. Everything points to inadequate training and testing.


The Road Less Travelled

Going around in circles

All the studies of the last few years showed training and testing is inadequate and I am sure the feedback on 120 hrs supervised riding rejected the proposal.

So what we need is good training and testing, not supervised riding.

The problem with the Age article is it is an advert for the commercial trainers who would love to increae the length of training and supervision and give them more money.

A slight vested interest situation.


TankBadge   When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!!

The key word to this is

The key word to this is TRAUMA crashes. Well no shit sherlock, of course when we hit something we're more likely to experience TRAUMA.

This whole article is a load of shit, so says I Blackdeath!



I might also add that there

I might also add that there needs to be km's travelled. A learner might do 40000 km's in 1 year because it's all new and exciting. They obviously have more exposure to risks than mum driving to the local shops.

The more you read these articles the more you want to take an axe down to Spring St and educate the turds!