Discontinuation of registration labels

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Discontinuation of registration labels


Premier Denis Napthine has announced that from 1 January 2014, Victoria will abolish registration labels for light vehicles, including passenger cars.
It is estimated this move will save Victorians $19.5 million a year by reducing the red tape burdens.

From the vicroads registration page


What changes are being made to registration labels?
Victoria is abolishing registration stickers for light vehicles.

What is considered a light vehicle?
A light vehicle is a car, motorcycle, motor trike or a truck with a Gross Vehicle Mass (weight) of less than 4.5 tonnes. This also includes scooters and light trailers.  

What does the change to registration sticker rules actually mean?
VicRoads will no longer issue registration stickers for light vehicles, and there will be no requirement for them to be displayed on light vehicles.

How will it work? What will the new law be?
All vehicles will still be required to have current registration. By law a registered operator is required to ensure their vehicle is registered if it is to be used on the road.

Victoria Police will continue to enforce the law to ensure that a vehicle is registered when it is used on a road.

Registration renewal certificates will still be sent to light vehicle owners as a reminder to renew registration, but drivers will not have to put a sticker on their windscreen.

Why is it changing?
The change is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to reduce the “red-tape” burden for Victorians.

What is the “red-tape” burden?
The Victorian Government has identified a number of rules, processes and regulations that are not necessary. Removing these compliance requirements and processes will reduce costs that are affecting Victorian businesses and the community.

How much money will it save?
The Victorian community and business will save approximately $19.5 million in costed time each year through not having to go to the inconvenience of fixing registration stickers to windscreens. Although all Victorian motorists will benefit from the time saving, the most pronounced time-cost saving will be for business fleet operators.

Discontinuing stickers will end the inconvenience suffered by approximately 44,000 motorists each year who require replacements for lost or damaged stickers.

How did you calculate the cost?
The red-tape costs are calculated according to a formula by Victoria’s Department of Treasury and Finance, which puts a cost on the time taken to carry out certain tasks. Whilst this is relatively low for an individual, it’s a significant amount when you are dealing with a large fleet of vehicles.

What does it cost VicRoads to print the stickers?
Approximately $600,000 per year.

How many light vehicles are there in Victoria?
There are five million registered light vehicles in Victoria.

Will it make registration cheaper for Victorians?

The annual registration fee is made up of two components – the registration fee and a TAC charge.

The registration fee is approximately $230 for a light vehicle in metro Melbourne. The TAC charge funds Victoria's compulsory third party personal injury insurance scheme. It is currently approximately $430 for a light vehicle in metro Melbourne.

Registration fees will not be reduced as a result of discontinuing the stickers. This is because the change represents a minimal saving to VicRoads as registration certificates and invoices will continue to be produced and mailed, which constitutes the majority of the costs in ensuring vehicle operators receive a registration renewal notice.

How will people know when they need to pay registration?
Although registration stickers will be no longer issued, there will be no change to the traditional reminders which car owners are used to receiving. 

VicRoads will continue to send vehicle registration renewals notices around six weeks before registration is due, and a reminder letter will be sent if registration is not paid by the due date.

How else can people check if their car is registered?
Vehicle operators will continue to be able to check vehicle registration status through VicRoads’ existing free service on the VicRoads website.

What are the other states doing?
Most other jurisdictions have either abolished registration stickers or are planning to:

WA – stickers discontinued 2010
SA – stickers discontinued 2011
NSW – stickers discontinued from 1 Jan 2013 
TAS – stickers discontinued from 1 Sept 2012
ACT – stickers discontinued from 1 Jul 2013 
NT – currently considering abolition
QLD – currently considering abolition

Haven’t there been problems with removing the stickers in these states?
Victoria is in the fortunate position of being able to draw on the experience of other states with have already scrapped registration labels.

VicRoads is developing a smart phone friendly service to ensure people can check their registration anywhere and anytime. In South Australia, more than one million people used the smart phone app to check registration and more than 16,000 people a month now renew their rego via their smart phone, which is more transactions than a busy metropolitan customer service center.

This is in addition to the traditional reminders – which have not changed.

What happens if I am driving someone else’s car and I don’t know that it is not registered?
Driving an unregistered vehicle is an offence. Whenever you drive a vehicle it is your responsiblity to ensure it is registered. This will remain the case when registration stickers are removed.

You will be able to check any vehicle’s registration by entering the registration plate details online at vre.vicroads.vic.gov.au or by calling VicRoads on 13 1171.

Why will heavy vehicles keep registration stickers?
Heavy vehicles will continue to be required to display vehicle registration stickers. This requirement is uniform throughout Australia but the requirement for display of stickers on heavy vehicles may be reviewed in future by the new National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

What about Police? How will they identify if a vehicle is registered without the sticker?
Most police vehicles have online access to registration data through their in-car mobile data terminals.

The use of Automated Number Plate Recognition technology also means that Victoria Police can easily scan traffic and identify which vehicles are unregistered.

Just because a vehicle has a registration sticker on the windscreen doesn’t mean it is registered as that stickers is sent out, regardless of whether the registration is paid.

What about local councils? How will they identify which vehicles are allowed to park in loading zones?
Currently, vehicles permitted to park in loading zones have a “G” on their registration sticker so they can be checked by parking inspectors.

A similar system will be available online, enabling councils to identify if a vehicle is permitted to park in a loading zone.

How will councils and other agencies be able to look up data on registered vehicles?
There will be new ways of checking registration. VicRoads is currently developing a free smart phone friendly service to allow people to check registrations anytime, anywhere.

Won’t this lead to more drivers forgetting to renew their registration?
Interstate experience shows there were no more unregistered drivers when the labels were abolished, primarily because there will be the same reminders for drivers as there always has been.

What happens if my registration expires on 31 December 2013? Do I take my sticker off on 1 January 2014?
As from 1 January 2014 there will be no requirement to display a sticker. You will be able to take the existing sticker off.

Do I need to carry my receipt with me if I want to prove I’ve paid the registration?
That’s won’t be necessary. Victoria Police will be able to identify whether you vehicle is registered through their mobile data terminals or via the Automated Number Plate Recognition technology.

How long have registration stickers been in operation in Victoria?
Since the 1920’s.

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Cool, this is going to save VR $600,000 and the savings will not be passed onto their customers WTF. And I just bought a new rego label holder for the Sprint :cry: I'm shattered :upyours:

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Will this mean that after Jan 1st we will get fined for HAVING a rego label? :upyours: