Daytona 675SE

Daytona 675SE

TRIUMPH has launched (In the UK) a special edition of its award-winning Daytona 675 Supersport model - the Daytona 675SE.

The machine features a new Pearl White colour scheme, complemented with a distinctive Sparkle Blue frame, swingarm and subframe. The Daytona 675SE also features newly styled blue graphics and race-inspired pinstripes on the graphite coloured wheels.With a bit of luck we will see it here in OZ.

Very nice and sexy. It looks

Very nice and sexy. It looks fast just sitting there . Mind you , they could have made it even faster by having it in red .....


nice looking machine BF and those front brake rotors look huge


also nice to see you posting again and back on the road i believe which is even better



Kate it does look nice. I

Kate it does look nice. I don't think red would make it any faster hahaha. For me personally a bule framed red bike = not my cup of tea.

Jacqui huge brake rotors = huge stoppies and thanks it is nice to be back on both the site and the bike.

well sweetness , you'd

well sweetness , you'd hardly keep the blue frame , but anyway I was only joshing. I really like the white and blue scheme of the bike and I'd have one in a heartbeat , except that i know i would definetly not have a license for long ...........

besides ... i want a bonnie.... err , and a America ..... and that hirricat .. oh yeh.

To true Kate given that my

To true Kate given that my current ride usually has a mud shaded frame most of the time.

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