The Carberry Enfield

The Carberry Enfield

 This may well rate as the closest thing we have to an Australian Motorbike, and what a bike.....


I wouldn't mind one of these 

This is interesting I know and have riden with paul

This is interesting I know and have riden will paul Carberry,, He a really nice guy.

A few year back he joined ower crew on the way home from the all british rally, I think it was in newstead in those days, I'm going back about 5 year or so, He join in on a ride home with a few of us norton owners.

Yes it a top bike, the motor was had made by himself, I still bump into him from time to time mainly at the all british rally.

Hope to see him agian at the next one.

Top web page and vid to, first time I'v seen that.

Carberry Enfield

On display at the All British Rally, and made in Victoria

Australian Motorcycle

Check these bikes out, also made in vic, but not ADR compliant.

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