Allmond’s 2008 Rocket III

Allmond’s 2008 Rocket III

Roger Allmond’s  2008 Triumph Rocket III was commissioned by Bennett’s Insurance, the bike retains only the standard engine and part of the shaft drive the rest has been designed and created by Roger.
It took six months to transform from a donor bike supplied by Triumph into this.
The aluminium frame, wheel centres and unique tubular front suspension/steering setup is all Roger’s work. The only outside sourced parts were the carbon fibre wheel rims.

he must be on drugs

he must be on drugs


So must I be then because I'd have one in a heartbeat.

Its a mean looking mother ,

Its a mean looking mother , commissioned by a insurance company ??

Hey boof, Apparently it is

Hey boof,

Apparently it is used as the centre-piece in Bennett’s Coventry call centre, but also makes appearances at various events.

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