Age Article - Riding the odds

More motorcyclists than ever are taking to the roads, but the low skill level of licensing puts novices at unnecessary risk.

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I see the new vic government is trying ti scrap all the stuff the previous government started to inprove the situation for bikers , well done NOT

$60 per rider, its just too inticing to put back into rider safety they have so many other things the money could got to like their pension funds, perks and payrises :upyours:


they are  all the same




 Ride the Ragged Edge

I would not say the previous

I would not say the previous government improved anything much for riders at all. The VMAC was a waste of space. One of the more loathsome aspects of that previous government was its advisory committees and good riddance to them. Rider licensing in Victoria is pathetic. All of us who ride and got our licences under the system know that as fact. Not the people doing the testing - they are fantastic, but the pathetic system in place is patently stupid. Sadder still is our Government and Vicroads systems hiding in a labyrinth of committees and research data collection groups who have no idea of serving and are driven solely by self existence.



Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass - Its about learning how to dance in the rain

The research and data

The research and data collection leaves a lot to be desired.