In 2007 the MRRDA together with its partner clubs New South Wales St George Motorcycle Club Victoria Hartwell Motorcycle Club Queensland Motorcycle Sportsmen Motorcycle Club Governing Body Motorcycling Australia will host a 5 round series aimed at the development of motorcycle racing and young racers. As such the classes will be Junior, 125GP, 250GP, 250 Production and Formula 400. The series wil go beyond pure race meetings, extending to a number of seminars held in NSW, QLD and VIC covering the topics of media awareness and Sponsorship, together with training for the Junior Class riders. Paul “Woody” Edwards President - MRRDA FAQ Who is running this Series? The series is being run by the Motorcycle Road Racing Development Association (MRRDA). This is a not for profit organisation with all money raised going back into the Series for either promotion or to help the riders. The individual meetings will be operated by Motorcycle Sportsmen, St George and Hartwell Motorcycle Clubs. MA is in full support of the Series. No individual will profit from the running of this series and the organizers are providing their time for free in the spirit of developing road racing and securing a future for the sport. Who are the Series sponsors? There are a number of sponsors already on board. The major Series sponsors that have signed up so far are Honda, Red Bull, AMCN and Bondi Worldwide Online Print. Funnily enough, none of these Sponsors have opted for naming rights, so the series continues to hunt down other Sponsors. We need just 1 more big one to be able to afford to take the series to TV. When and where will the races be run? The series will be run over 5 rounds starting in March/April and finishing in September. The rounds will be 1 in Queensland (Qld Raceway), 2 in New South Wales (Oran Park and Wakefield Park) and 2 in Victoria (Winton and Phillip Island) with the final round at Phillip Island. Full details will become available on the website. For the record Eastern Creek has had to be excluded as Red Bull are not allowed there due to a Coca Cola contract with the Creek. What sort of meeting will it be? It is expected to be sprint racing and that the meetings will be run over 2 days. Saturday being practice and qualifying in the morning with a race in the afternoon. Sunday will be morning warm up and racing. All classes should get at least 4 races in the weekend so there will be no shortage of track time for all. It should be noted that each class can dictate what suits it best. For example if the 250’s want to have 2 sprint races of 6 laps and a long race of 12 laps instead of 4 sprint races, then if that is what the rep tells the committee, that is what the committee will try and make happen. Is this a National Championship? At this stage the short answer is no. As this is the first year of the Series financial constraints will not allow for this – but there is no reason for the Series not to be in the future. MA has indicated however, that good results in the Series will go a long way in assisting any Wildcard applications for the Aust GP. Is there any prizemoney? Again the short answer is no. However, entry costs will be similar to those of a normal club meeting and there are plans to offer a free or subsidised transport service for bikes and gear from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (depending on available sponsorship dollars). There are also plans to provide a “border rebate”, to further reduce your weekends costs. The concept of the Series is to make racing as affordable as possible for all, having prize money only means that everybody pays extra, so a handful get prize money. Typically its the handful that are the ones that least need the money! Trophies will be awarded to the to 3 place winners for the meeting with additional trophies at the end of the year. At least one of the Sponsors have indicated that they would like to give end of year prizes, but these are yet to be agreed upon. So do I have to do all the rounds? Obviously, competing at all the rounds will improve your chances of winning the series but even if you only enter some of the events this will help in keeping the class viable. What sort of media exposure will the Series be getting? The agreement with AMCN is for them to do a promotional piece before each round, a write up for each round and throughout the year feature riders from the series. At this stage TV coverage is still up in the air (pun) mainly due to the high production costs. Securing additional sponsorship is being targeted to take the series to TV. What about individual sponsors? Whilst it is the responsibility of riders to secure their own sponsorship, the MRRDA will be providing seminars in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne on how to approach and secure potential sponsors including preparing your proposal, how to approach potential sponsors, your obligations to sponsors etc and how to deal with the media. These will be evening seminars run by a promotions company specializing in obtaining sponsorship for motor sport. The cost of the seminar will be $250, however you will receive a rebate of $220 with your first entry to an MRRDA meeting. This way it will only cost MRRDA meeting entrants $30. Those who have no intention of doing an MRRDA meeting are welcome to attend but it will cost them full price. At the end of the seminar you will not only be equipped with the knowledge but you will also get a pack that includes a letter of support from each of the major series sponsors and a CD with a professionally prepared sponsorship proposal that you will be able to use to go and get your own sponsorship. How is running the 250GP and 250 Proddies together going to work? If the numbers are there, we won’t have too! However as it is expected that initially there will not be enough of either class to fully fill individual grids and these classes will run together. 250 Proddies will start 2 rows behind the 250GP with a delayed start. The same as the last time these classes raced at a National level. If sufficient entries are received then the grid will be split into 2 separate classes. Is there anymore info I can get? There certainly is. There is a website up and running with more details and it will be regularly updated as more information comes to hand. The address is www.mrrda.com . Also, keep an eye out on AMCN and watch coverage of the MotoGP at Philip Island. The 3 Clubs listed above also have information and the contacts listed below. Wow this sounds really good, So how do I get involved? Firstly, let me know that you are interested. The success of the class will depend on getting bikes on the grid. My contact details are: Peter Brown Ph : (02) 6294 5685 (AH please) Email : peterbktm@yahoo.com.au Or Paul Edwards Ph : 0409 606 175 Email : paul.edwards@prodocom.com.au Secondly, if you know any other 250GP or 250 Proddie riders pass this information along and ask them to contact either of the above if they are interested. Thirdly, send an email so we can start to get a mailing list together so we can keep you updated with how this is going. We know you guys are out there but we just don’t know all of you yet. What can I do to support the Series? Initially, if you know any 250 riders out there who are itching to race their bikes with other 250s let them know that the Series is starting. Just entering the race meetings will be huge help. The Series needs competitors to make it viable and to keep the class alive. If you know of any sponsorship opportunities to help with the financial aspects with running the Series please pass the contact details on. We are only too happy to talk with potential sponsors to keep growing the Series. At race days the Clubs (and riders) always appreciate help race administration, flag marshalling etc so if you can volunteer family and friends to assist this would help the Series. The proposed calendar for the MRRDA 2007 Series is: *PLEASE NOTE THERE HAS BEEN A CHANGE IN THE QLD DATE* Rd1 - 31st March and 1st April 2007 Oran Park Rd2 - 12th May and 13th May 2007 - Winton Rd3 - 7th and 8th July 2007 - Qld Raceway Rd4 - 25th and 26th August 2007 - Wakefield Park Rd5 - 27th and 28th October2007- Philip Island These dates are subject to track availability. Right now we are still waiting on the tracks to confirm our required dates.

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