15th Anniversary Speed Triple SE

15th Anniversary Speed Triple SE

The limited edition 15th Anniversary Speed Triple SE, which is being offered as a 2010 model, stays true to the bike’s original inspiration by featuring unique Phantom Black metallic paint, hand-finished red pinstriped wheels and ‘15th Anniversary Special Edition’ decals on the flyscreen and rear bodywork.
A number of Genuine Triumph accessories available as options for the regular Speed Triple come as standard equipment to complete the custom look of the 15th Anniversary model, including a gel seat and a colour-matched flyscreen and bellypan.
This anniversary has prompted John Bloor to authorize the use of his signature on a production model for the very first time.

Its for blackdeath

He will have blackdeath dreams from here on in,, tosing and turning,,, cold sweets dreams about the totaly black speedtripe,, bron will have to get the cold flannal out to carm him down

ohhhhh what have we done

He's not the only one.

Many folk will have such dreams as Blackdeath, but probably not to the same extent. I'ts a shame to torment one, so young.

That is truly a thing of

That is truly a thing of beauty. I love the way these pics keep popping up all over the place . I missed this I think the first time , but wow . Looking good.

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