‘Popular’ anti-bikie laws lead to harassment

‘Popular’ anti-bikie laws lead to harassment -  

The Queensland anti-bikie laws are apparently popular with the public.
Some 48% agree with them and about 20% say the Newman Government should go further, according to a Sunday Mail/ReachTEL poll.
But is it right to trample the civil liberties of the minority for the supposed good of the majority?
Well, no. Many wars have been fought to protect the world from just such governments.
But that is exactly what is happening as you can see from the photos.
The Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland has presented several recent examples of “average riders” who are being stopped and harassed by police as part of the new powers these laws provide.
Read their accounts at the end of this article.
Without going into the lack of efficacy of these laws in fighting crime, Tony Fitzgerald (former judge who presided over the Fitzgerald Inquiry into corruption in the Joh era) has written a very reasonable assessment, surprisingly published by News Ltd papers which have been staunch supporters of the “brave” legislation.

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Cash cow

Yep ride a bike, get pulled over. Drive a truck, get pulled over. And watch out for the 'Safety Camera' too :cry:


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