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Government Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics


vmc  Government Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

The Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC) has again called for the State Government to discontinue the selective use of discredited data and misleading statements that falsely represent motorcyclists, following the recent release of the State Road Safety Strategy 2013-2022.

VMC Chairman Peter Baulch said: “The Strategy is based upon unreliable data gathered from an agenda driven online survey and distribution through a single newspaper. Such surveys are notorious for failing to produce reliable data and it is to the Government’s discredit that they should use it as the basis of such an important strategy”.

Notice of General Meeting of Victorian Motorcycle Council.



Motorcycle riders universally outraged at TAC "reconstruction ad campaign



The TAC’s “Reconstruction” ad campaign launched on 26thApril 2012 has riders and rider groups in an uproar, almost unanimously describing the ad as prejudicial and deplorable.

UP TO 750,000 drivers in NSW will be forced to pay at least $150 more for petrol each year

Almost all motorcyclists in NSW and drivers of several popular makes and models, such as all Ford Lasers and many Mazdas made before 2005, will also have to pay more as their vehicles cannot run on ethanol-blended petrol.


Easy riders not ready for the roads

the age VICTORIA has a glaring gap in its road-safety regime: the testing and licensing of motorcyclists. As The Age has revealed, the system is regarded as ''a joke'' and ''totally inadequate'' by accredited private providers who conduct testing for VicRoads. Car licences outnumber motorcycle licences 11 to one, but the ratio of car-to-bike fatalities is four to one. Almost one in three deaths and serious injuries among riders involved novice riders. Police note that rider error caused about 70 per cent of trauma crashes, compared with 50 per cent for other drivers. Everything points to inadequate training and testing.

Age Article - Riding the odds

More motorcyclists than ever are taking to the roads, but the low skill level of licensing puts novices at unnecessary risk.

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