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Pics in posts is almost here.


Testing the blog post here.

The winds of Tuesday Coming


To the west and south east

All you guys in the west , how are you all ? Snowee ? Jez ? Bron ? Dale ? Who Else ...Are you near the fire over there ?

Blackfab I know is very close to the Upwey fire. Best to you all , hope its (a) not near you (b) your safe if it is. 

Itsy and Bottle ? Tomcat ?

Bloody hell. Report in you guys and let us all know you are safe .....

Thinking of you all.

Severe Fire Warning Issued Sunday 8pm 2009 - My Place

Issued 8:00pm Sunday night 2009

Kilmore East-Murrindindi Complex, SOUTH:

Residents in communities south of the containment lines: Arthurs Creek, Christmas Hills, Smiths Gully, St Andrews, Strathewen, Yan Yean, Yarra Glen, Yering, Steels Creek and Dixons Creek. Residents further south of these communities also need to be aware, listen to ABC radio and be prepared to implement their bushfire survival plans.

Saturday 7th Feb 7.30

Saturday - 7th Feb. - 7.36pm - This is from my house paddock . Here ot comes ....... The wind was northerly and the temperature was 48 degrees. It was another hour , maybe longer , I cant remember in the blur that followed snapping this pic with my mobile , before the wind changed and halted the progress ( sort off) as this monster rolled over the ridge. The view is towards St Andrews , about 5 minutes away on bike .


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