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Norton to race V4 at the 2012 Isle of Man TT




Victoria’s Road Safety & Transport Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers 2009-2013

Powered two wheeled vehicles, which include motorcycles and scooters are a growing part of Victoria’s transport future. They are becoming more popular as both a mode of transport and as a recreational activity.

However powered two wheeled vehicle riders and pillion passengers are amongst the most vulnerable of road users.

On Victorian roads, they account for 13% of deaths and serious injuries although they comprise only three per cent of registered vehicles and less than one per cent of traffic volume.













Norton Comes Home!!!


Derby UK 15th October 2009


After nearly fifteen years of US ownership, Norton, the quintessential and most famous of British motorcycle brands returns home.

Intel Motorcycle

Intel Motorcycle: Touchscreen Mobile PC and Custom Chopper in One
Cameras instead of rear-view mirrors? Fingerprint recognition for ignition control? A removable, computerized dashboard with wireless connectivity? Sounds like mission prep for 007 at Q’s lab.
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