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2018-19 Track and Dirt Track EOI Now Re-Open

Mon, 22/05/2017 - 5:03pm
Australian Championship's are the pinnacle of competition in the country and are a great way to promote your club and community whilst providing an opportunity for local riders to compete amongst the best in Australia. These meetings not only bring competitors and spectators from all over Australia, but in some cases competitors from all over the world.

The Following Dirt Track Championships are now available for hosting by suitable applicants:

·      Senior Track 2018 -19

·      Junior Track 2018 - 19

·      Senior Dirt Track 2018 - 19

·      Junior Dirt Track 2018 - 19

·      Classic Dirt Track 2018 - 19

Please return completed Expression of Interest form to: Motorcycling Australia's Event Manager Track, Samantha Redfern via:

The closing date for applications is Thursday June 8, 2017 at 4:30pm (AEST).

Upon receipt of your club?s Expression of Interest, Motorcycling Australia will send additional information on the specific championship and the requirements therein.

Expression of Interest forms for Australian Motorcycle Sport National Championships can be found by clicking here, or by visiting the ?Forms? section of the Motorcycling Australia.

For more information head to

Chris Holder on the 2017 FIM Speedway Grand Prix

Mon, 22/05/2017 - 3:27pm
Speedway veteran Chris Holder has done it all. The highly decorated Speedway rider won the World Championship in 2012, as well as bagging no fewer than five Australian Championships. He first competed overseas in the United Kingdom (UK) for the Isle of Wight back in 2006, using bikes provided by Speedway megastar Jason Crump. Holder has been living in the UK ever since and has gone on to become a mainstay of the sport.
Holder's start to the 2017 Speedway season hasn?t quite been what he would have wanted, as he currently resides in 12th position in the overall Speedway GP Championship standings. Holder sharing; ?There's a long way to go, so I'm looking forward to getting back up the top at some point! Obviously, to be a contender in the World Championship is the goal. I also want to do well with all my clubs in the leagues and to stay healthy!? 
The next FIM Speedway GP is fast approaching with the Latvian Grand Prix and Holder is raring to go, Holder adding; ?The series is the toughest and most competitive speedway series in the world. The world?s top 15 speedway riders will battle over 12 rounds. It?s an absolute honour to take part in the series, however, it?s also mentally demanding trying to put it all together, every two weeks against the best of the best.?
The life of a travelling Speedway competitor isn?t always glitz and glamour. Holder has had to do the hard yards to get where he is today. ?It's definitely not the dream everyone thinks it is! If we?re not racing, you can expect us to be in a van travelling, in a hotel, or at an airport. There is a lot of travelling involved that?s for sure. A lot of servo food as well unfortunately!? Passion for the sport is required and Holder exudes it.
The amount of travel is highlighted by Holder?s weekly schedule, which typically starts with a practice in Poland on the Saturday, then followed by a Polish league match Sunday. If Holder?s available on Monday, he?ll fly straight up to Sweden, do the Swedish league Tuesday night, fly back to England for Kings Lynn on the Wednesday. Then he will fly out on Friday morning for Speedway GP. Straight after the GP, its back in the van and heading to Poland for the Polish League match on Sunday. The process repeats on Monday, it all puts the hectic lifestyle in perspective.
Holder enjoys the thrill of the competition but also misses home in Australia. ?I definitely miss the sunny days! I'm based in England so it's pretty rare to see the sun! There are good days but it's nowhere near as good as we have it back in Aus! Food is another is a big one and family of course!?
The single greatest motivating force in Holder?s life is his son, Max. Holder shared; ?I want him to look up to me and be proud of his dad. He loves bikes and spending time with me. Everything I do is for him.? 
Holder has encountered a number of strange experiences as a travelling Aussie in Europe, in particular his early days of travelling; ?Nobody spoke English in Poland and I was just getting by with hand signals. That was always a battle! England seem to have warm drinks and cold food, they have it the wrong way round for sure!? 
Finally, Holder has a message for all the Australian fans back home; ?Please keep supporting us Aussies! We?re a long way from home and often feel like outsiders wherever we go. Your support means a lot and I can't wait to come home to put on a show again in Melbourne!" He urged.
Catch Chris Holder compete at the Round 3 Latvian Speedway GP Sunday from 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM EST on Foxtel Channel 506.
To coincide with Holder's 2017 Grand Prix campaign, MA is giving away a Speedway GP Marshal hat signed by none other than Chris Holder! For your chance to win, like the Australian Speedway Championship Facebook Page, comment below the relevant post describing your favourite Chris Holder Speedway moment and share the post to your page. For more information on the FIM Speedway GP series visit
Top Photo from Chris Holder Facebook Page
Bottom Photo the Marshall Giveaway hat, signed by Chris Holder

Horsham delivers Ferris with fourth Thor MX1 round victory

Mon, 22/05/2017 - 9:45am
In the two days prior to todays event, heavy rain blanketed the Western Victorian venue, but the sun came out when it mattered and when the gates opened at Horsham, spectators and fans we treated to ideal weather conditions and a technically demanding track, which Ferris relished in. When riders in the premier Thor MX1 class headed out for their practice and qualifying sessions this morning, riders were forced to take on their first muddy track of the season. With the conditions proving difficult, most opted to put down minimum laps, and it was KTM?s Kirk Gibbs who was fastest of the session on only his first lap (2:17.125). It was once again no surprise the CDR Yamaha?s Ferris was well within the top times recording a 2:18.187 lap time which ensured he was second quickest, while DPH Motorsport?s Kade Mosig found his speed late in the session placing him in third (2:18.221). Crankt Protein Honda Racing?s Todd Waters and MEGA Bulk Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki?s Aleksandr Tonkov were the final two riders to progress through to GoPro Superpole. But for the first time this season it wasn?t Ferris who collected the GoPro Superpole victory. Waters managed a lightening fast 2:10.510 hot lap time, awarding him his first GoPro win of 2017, three championship points, and first pick of the MX1 grid. Moto 1 With the Horsham track claiming a number of machines in other categories by the time the Thor MX1 class lined up for their first moto this morning, thousands of spectators watched on eager to witness the premier class take on the gruelling track conditions. When the gate dropped and riders headed in to the first turn, it was an all out battle for the holeshot, but once again it was CDR Yamaha?s Ferris who wasted no time securing the Raceline holeshot and from there he moved in to a familiar position ? the race lead. With a clear track ahead of him Ferris took full advantage of the first lap, stretching his lead out to an impressive nine seconds. Slotting in to second place behind him was KTM Motocross Racing Team?s Luke Styke, followed by MX1 rookie Luke Clout in third. Despite securing his first GoPro Superpole win this morning, Waters was back in tenth place after one lap, and on a mission to make up time due to a first turn crash. By the time riders headed into lap three, Clout had gotten by the far more experienced Styke, and was looking ultra comfortable in second position. Behind the top three DPH Motorsport?s Mosig was in fourth, followed by fastest qualifier Gibbs who was circulating with the absence of goggles. As race one progressed, Ferris began to come under fire from second placed Clout, who had gradually made up ground on the CDR Yamaha machine, but as soon as Ferris felt the pressure he accelerated away, dashing any hopes of a battle for the lead. Meanwhile, despite riding without the protection of goggles, Gibbs was in no way deterred, and by the time riders reached the six lap mark, the KTM rider had made the pass on Mosig for fourth, where he began to eye off his teammate Styke. Another rider who was capturing the attention of the crowd with his charge through the pack was Waters ? the Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team rider had managed to make his way from tenth to sixth by the halfway mark in the moto. With 20 minutes run, Ferris was four seconds a lap faster than any other rider on track, showcasing his undeniable consistency and skill aboard his CDR Yamaha machine. And it was in the top spot that Ferris remained for the duration of the 30 minutes, crossing the finish line to collect his sixth moto win in race one at Horsham. Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team rider Clout finished in second, recording his best result of the season, while Styke also managed his best race finish so far in 2017, coming home in third. DPH Motorsport?s Mosig snatched back fourth in the later stages of the moto followed by Gibbs who slipped back to fifth. Waters, Tonkov, Davey Motorsport?s Hamish Harwood, Wilson Coolair Motul Factory Suzuki?s Kyle Peters, and Lachlan Davis (KTM) completed the top ten.
Moto 2 In the second moto for the Thor MX1 class, competitors were welcomed to drier track conditions, and it was Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team?s rookie Clout and Ferris who were neck and neck off the start, but in what seems to be the theme this year, it took less than a lap for Ferris to find his way into the lead position. Behind Ferris and Clout, was once again KTM Motocross Racing Team?s Styke in third, while MEGA Bulk Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki?s Tonkov got to a solid start finding himself in fourth. With the track far more technical in the second moto, Ferris? showed off his confidence and ability, and by the three-lap mark was more than five seconds a lap quicker than his competitors. Clout, who is only in his first year in the MX1 class, continued in second position, while Styke began to come under fire his team mate Gibbs in what was shaping up to be an exciting battle for third. With Gibbs desperate for championship points, it wasn?t long before the KTM rider made the move on Styke, while Wilson Coolair Motul Factory Suzuki?s Peters passed Waters for fifth on the very same lap. By the half way point in race two, it became clear that Ferris was on another level, continuing to lead by a huge margin from Clout and Gibbs in second and third positons. Peters made his way up to fourth, followed by Waters and Styke who unfortunately had slipped back to sixth position. With nine laps in the books, Clout began to feel the pressure from Gibbs who was navigating his way through the field, testing the young rider?s ability ? but just as the fight for the position was heating up, Clout?s bike let out a plume of smoke, and only seconds later the young Honda rider was pushing his bike back to the pits, dashing any hopes of a podium. With Clout out of the picture, his teammate Waters inherited third place, while Peters followed suit slotting up to fourth. With only a lap remaining, Ferris was simply unstoppable ? the margin to second placed Gibbs growing greater with every turn, and with both Gibbs and Waters behind him with their goggles around their arms, the CDR Yamaha rider was under minimal threat. So when the chequered flag flew for the final time at Horsham today, it was no surprise to see Ferris once again finish victorious. Second in moto two was taken by KTM?s Gibbs, while Waters managed to hold on for third. Styke and Peters wrapped up race two in fourth and fifth places respectively, while Harwood, Mosig, Tonkov, Davis and Joel Green completed the top ten in race two. However, the man of the moment was Ferris at the conclusion of racing today, his 1,1 race finishes rewarding him with his fourth consecutive round win at Horsham. Second on the podium was secured by Gibbs, while teammate Styke completed the Thor MX1 podium.
Dean Ferris ? CDR Yamaha ? Round 4 Winner ?The track was tough at Horsham, today was one of those days where you had to be smart and I?m glad that we were able to maximise our points, Ferris said. ?It was all about getting a good start, and I got two holeshots ? I?m not sure if I?ve done that before but it really counted here. ?The team and I, we have made really good decisions at the right moments and that?s paying off ? that?s what?s making the difference at the moment. ?You have to be the whole package ? we?re four rounds in and I?m glad that I was able to rise to the occasion today. It?s what you need to do and overall I?m really happy.?
Thor MX1 Round 4 Results 1) Dean Ferris ? 70 points
2) Kirk Gibbs ? 58 points
3) Luke Styke ? 58 points
4) Todd Waters ? 55 points
5) Kade Mosig ? 52 points
6) Kyle Peters ? 48 points
7) Hamish Harwood ? 48 points
8) Aleksandr Tonkov ? 47 points
9) Lachlan Davis ? 43 points
10) Keiron Hall ? 40 points Thor MX1 Championship Standings 1) Dean Ferris ? 288 points
2) Kirk Gibbs ? 243 points
3) Todd Waters ? 224 points
4) Kade Mosig ? 223 points
5) Luke Styke ? 215 points
6) Kyle Peters ? 182 points
7) Aleksandr Tonkov ? 173 points
8) Luke Clout ? 173 points
9) Nathan Crawford ? 149 points
10) Keiron Hall ? 148 points The fifth round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will be held at Murray Bridge in South Australia on Sunday May 28, 2017. For more information on the 2017 Motul MX Nationals, head to

Todd reclaims Motul MX2 Championship lead at Horsham

Mon, 22/05/2017 - 9:43am
It was an unusual day of racing for the fourth instalment of the championship, with riders taking to the track in pristine weather conditions today, however below their wheels, the surface was a completely different story. After heavy rain had fallen in the lead up to round four, riders were forced to contend with an extremely muddy track for their qualifying session, but it was DPH Motorsport?s Todd who set the pace this morning with a 2:10.582 lap time, more than four seconds quicker than second fastest qualifier Hamish Harwood (2:14.266) while KSF Racing?s Dylan Wills was third fastest on track thanks to a 2:14.759 lap time. Unfortunately for KTM two-stroke rider Egan Mastin of Davey Motorsports, despite initially setting the fastest time in qualifying (2:10.086) he was penalised three positions due to jumping under a yellow flag. Moto 1 When riders lined up for their first moto of the day, the sun was out but the track remained wet and muddy, and as a result riders opted to forgo their sighting lap and head straight into a race start. When the gate dropped it was Todd who got the jump and secured the first Raceline holeshot, but with a slippery and wet surface to contend with, WBR Yamaha?s Aaron Tanti was able to find grip and challenge the DPH Motorsport?s rider. However, Tanti went down only a few turns later handing the lead back to Todd, where he then had a clear track ahead of him. With 30 minutes on the clock in moto one for the Motul MX2 class, riders played it smart in the opening laps, ensuring that they preserved their machines for the duration of the race. Behind Todd after two rotations was Serco Yamaha?s Jackson Richardson, followed by Harwood and Penrite CRF Honda Racing?s Kyle Webster. Despite not getting the best of starts, red plate holder Mitchell Evans began to make his way to the front by the third lap, and with riders going down left right and centre in the mud, it was a mission to simply keep their machines upright. But Todd was having no issue with the conditions out in front, the Yamaha rider stretching out his lead to an incredible half a lap by the time riders had reached the half way mark. Behind him, Richardson continued to maintain second position despite going down numerous times, followed by Webster, Harwood and red plate holder Evans in fifth. With the track proving to be brutal in moto one, it was simply survival of the fittest, and unfortunately for Richardson a small mistake proved costly, dropping from second back to sixth in a matter of seconds. With less that five minutes left on the clock in the opening moto Todd continued to lead from Harwood who was the only rider that the DPH Motorsport?s leader hadn?t lapped. Webster slipped back to third thanks to a pass from Kiwi Harwood, followed by Mitchell Evans and Richie Evans in fourth and fifth places respectively. But it was Todd?s patience and technique that paid off in moto one, surviving the toughest conditions of the season to take the first race win at Horsham. Second in race one and the only rider not lapped by Todd was Harwood, followed by Webster in third. Red plate holder Evans wrapped up the opening moto in fourth, followed by Ricky Latimer in fifth. KSF Racing?s Wills, Tomas Ravenhorst, WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha?s Tanti, Lachlan Wilson and James Brown all completed the top ten. Incredibly 16 riders registered a DNF in the first Motul MX2 class race, indicative of the conditions that competitors were forced to contend with. Moto 2 After the challenge of moto one, in race two it was a dash for points for the Motul MX2 competitors. And when gates dropped for the second time today it was Todd once again who shot off the start and secured the holeshot. With the start playing a huge role in the outcome of today?s racing, Harwood and privateer Latimer wasted no time slotting in behind their race leader, while Richardson was just outside the top three in fourth, desperately racing for points after a disappointing race one finish. After three laps on track, one rider who was visibly absent from the top ten was red plate holder Mitchell Evans ? Evans who had entered the round having been undefeated since round two was back in 14th position and with a large task ahead of him if he was to chase down the leaders. With only 20 minutes to race in the second moto for the Motul MX2 class, both Harwood and Latimer were charging hard in a bid to keep race leader Todd in their sights, while behind them, Richardson, Webster and Mastin were locked into their own battle for top five positions. By the halfway point in race two, Todd looked unstoppable in P1, followed by Harwood, Latimer, and Serco Yamaha?s Richardson. As the Motul MX2 class reached its later stages in race two, riders had settled in to their positions, but one thing was certain and that was that no one was getting near the DPH rider Wilson Todd. When the chequered flag flew on the second moto it was Todd who crossed the line victorious by more than 22 seconds, while Ironman Harwood recorded his best result so far this season finishing in second, followed by privateer Latimer who also finished in a career best third in moto two. CRF Honda Racing?s Webster and Serco Yamaha?s Richardson wrapped up the second race in fourth and fifth places respectively. Mastin, Wills, Raceline Pirelli KTM?s Rykers, Mitchell Evans, and Richie Evans all finished inside the top ten in moto two. With 1,1 race results Todd was rewarded with the round four win as well as the red plate at Horsham this afternoon , second on the podium was Kiwi Harwood, while consistency paid off for Webster who?s 3,4 results handed him with third overall at Horsham. Wilson Todd ? DPH Motorsports Yamaha ? Round 4 Winner ?It?s awesome to get the championship lead back ? I went out there today and I was consistent in the mud and these aren?t conditions that usually suit me so I?m pretty happy,? Todd shared. ?I knew when I went out for qualifying that there was only one gate that I wanted and that was the inside, so I put in my best effort to get there and it paid off. ?Being on the podium is what we need the most, its really important. I got two awesome starts which made it easier ? we kept the mud off the bike, got two wins, and the red plate so we couldn?t be happier.? Motul MX2 Round 4 Results 1) Wilson Todd ? 70 points
2) Hamish Harwood ? 64 points
3) Kyle Webster ? 58 points
4) Ricky Latimer ? 56 points
5) Mitchell Evans ? 50 points
6) Dylan Wills ? 49 points
7) Jackson Richardson ? 46 points
8) Egan Mastin ? 44 points
9) Aaron Tanti ? 42 points
10) Tomas Ravenhorst ? 42 points Motul MX2 Championship Standings 1) Wilson Todd ? 257 points
2) Mitchell Evans ? 246 points
3) Jackson Richardson ? 224 points
4) Egan Mastin ? 215 points
5) Hamish Harwood ? 213 points
6) Kyle Webster ? 208 points
7) Dylan Wills ? 186 points
8) Aaron Tanti ? 178 points
9) Ricky Latimer ? 168 points
10) Jayden Rykers ? 168 points The fifth round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will be held at Murray Bridge in South Australia on Sunday May 28, 2017. For more information on the 2017 Motul MX Nationals, head to

Roberts races to Pirelli MXD overall victory at Horsham

Mon, 22/05/2017 - 9:37am
It was a battle in the mud that MXD competitors were forced to contend with today, with Roberts putting in two consistent rides which saw him leave Horsham victorious. The Pirelli MXD riders took on the mud and deep ruts during their qualifying session this morning, but it was actually SD3 Husqvarna?s Kaleb Barham who topped the time sheets and secured first gate pick with a 2:32.904 lap time on his first and only hot lap. Second quickest this morning was New Zealander Wyatt Chase (2:36.039) followed by Dylan Wood who wrapped up the session in third (2:36.835). Moto 1 The Pirelli MXD class lined up for their first race just after 11am this morning, and much like their qualifying session, the track was muddy and challenging. When the gate dropped, Roberts (Husqvarna) secured the Raceline holeshot and moved in to the race lead, followed by Chase, and Yamalube Yamaha Racing?s Cooper Pozniak. With the circuit dishing out the most difficult conditions of the season, riders were forced to be calculated and patient, and with 20 minutes on the clock in moto one, it was also imperative that riders kept the mud off their machines. After only two laps, riders were close to unrecognisable with dirt covering the bikes and gear of all competitors. But despite having a number of moments, Roberts continued to lead. Pozniak made his way up to second place aboard his Yamaha, followed by Sam Pelz (Yamaha) in third. A notable absentee from the front of the pack was red plate holder Cody Dyce, who after three laps was back in ninth position. With the track continuing to change with every lap, the Pirelli MXD class showed plenty of maturity in moto one, and with eight minutes left on the clock, Roberts continued to keep his Husqvarna machine upright. Pelz who had been in third place dropped back to sixth allowing Wood to inherit the final podium position. After 18 minutes, Roberts looked strong out in front, while Pozniak managed to hold on to second position from Wood in third. Chase and Jai Constintinou remained in fourth and fifth, while red plate holder Dyce had made his way up to sixth. When the last lap board was finally displayed riders were nothing short of relieved, and with Roberts out in front, the Husqvarna rider simply had a single rotation left to collect a victory. And collect a win is exactly what Roberts did. Second place in race one was taken by Pozniak, while Chase was gifted third, thanks to a DNF from Wood.
Constantinou wrapped up the opening Pirelli MXD moto in fourth followed by Bulk Nutrients WBR Yamaha?s Hugh McKay who finished in fifth. Dyce, Tredinnick, Brodie Ellis, and Isaac Ferguson completed the top ten in race one for the Pirelli MXD class. Moto 2 In the final Pirelli MXD moto it was Roberts once again who snatched up the Raceline holeshot, but it was Yamaha mounted Pelz who moved in to the early race lead, with red plate holder Dyce, and Roberts slotting in behind him. With only 20 short minutes on the clock in race two, Dyce wasted no time chasing down the MXD race leader Pelz, and by the time riders headed in to lap two Dyce had made the pass and began to check out. Behind the top two, Roberts continued to hold off WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha?s McKay in fourth, while Ellis who had been in fifth dropped back to seventh position after four laps on track. With riders? relatively spread out as the second moto unfolded, McKay captured the attention of the crowd, making his way past Pelz for third position, however the track was simply unforgiving this afternoon, and only a lap later McKay went down but the Yamaha rider was able to re-join the pack in the same position. As riders approached the later stages of the moto, SD3 Husqvarna?s Barham came through the pack, passing both McKay and Pelz on the way to slot in to the final podium position. But with only two laps remaining, it was Dyce who looked solid and in control of the final moto. So when the chequered flag flew for the final time at Horsham this afternoon, it was no surprise to see Dyce cross the line victorious, second place was taken by race one winner Roberts, while Barham wrapped up his final moto in third. Yamaha backed McKay and Pelz crossed the line in fourth and fifth places respectively, followed by Ellis, Raceline Pirelli KTM?s Fogarty, Williams, Norton, and Wood who completed the Pirelli MXD top ten in moto two. With 1,2 race results it was Roberts who secured the overall victory at the conclusion of todays racing for the first time this season, while red plate holder Dyce took in a solid haul of points taking second step on the Pirelli MXD podium. Third today was Bulk Nutrients WBR Yamaha Racing Team?s McKay after racing to 5,4 race results at Horsham.
Jy Roberts ? Husqvarna Australia ? Round 4 Winner ?I?m stoked with how today went especially considering the track conditions here at Horsham,? Roberts shared. ?I went out there and put consistent laps down and managed to get 1,2 results for my first overall. ?I?ve had a couple of second place finishes this year so to get that round win feels awesome. Hopefully I can carry that momentum into Murray Bridge next weekend.?
Pirelli MXD Round 4 Results 1) Jy Roberts ? 67 points
2) Cody Dyce ? 60 points
3) Hugh McKay ? 54 points
4) Cooper Pozniak ? 51 points
5) Brodie Ellis ? 47 points
6) Jai Constantinou ? 45 points
7) Sam Pelz ? 44 points
8) Jake Williams ? 43 points
9) Isaac Ferguson ? 41 points
10) Morgan Fogarty ? 39 points Pirelli MXD Championship Standings 1) Cody Dyce ? 246 points
2) Jy Roberts ? 232 points
3) Morgan Fogarty ? 203 points
4) Cooper Pozniak ? 197 points
5) Isaac Ferguson ? 191 points
6) Hugh McKay ? 177 points
7) Kaleb Barham ? 176 points
8) Jai Constantinou ? 170 points
9) Brodie Ellis ? 159 points
10) Sam Pelz ? 149 points The fifth round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will be held at Murray Bridge in South Australia on Sunday May 28, 2017. For more information on the 2017 Motul MX Nationals, head to

Malkiewicz takes Yamaha 250cc Junior Class round win and red plate in Horsham

Sun, 21/05/2017 - 12:47pm
It was Husqvarna?s Bailey Malkiewicz who secured the round win and the red plate after two consistent finishes at Horsham yesterday, seeing the youngster walk away with plenty of reason to celebrate. With the track at Horsham suffering from heavy rain in the lead up to the round, when riders headed out on track to record their fastest times during qualifying yesterday morning, it was a mission for competitors to simply to stay upright. But one rider who was able to do more than just stay upright was KTM?s Regan Duffy. Duffy clocked in a 2:45.289 lap time handing him first gate pick when racing commenced. Second fastest on track yesterday morning was John Bova aboard his KTM (2:46.379), followed by Husqvarna?s Malkiewicz (2:50.711) in third. Race one for the Yamaha 250cc Junior category took place immediately after the lunch break at Horsham yesterday, and it was Duffy who carried his momentum from qualifying into the first race of the day. After getting the jump off the start, Duffy stretched out an impressive gap on second placed Rhys Budd (Honda), while Bova was only a short distance behind in third. At the mid-way point in the moto, third fastest qualifier Malkiewicz charged through the pack to pass Bova for third, while Duffy and Budd continued to occupy the top two positons. When riders received the last lap board there had been little change to positions at the front, and when the chequered flag flew it was KTM mounted Duffy who took the win. Malkiewicz managed to make the pass on Budd for second just before the finish line, relegating Budd to third at the conclusion of the moto. Bova, and Hayden Matterson finished in fourth and fifth places, while Callum McGlade, Connor McNamara, Liam Andrews, Tyler Darby and Noah Coad completed the top ten in race one. In moto two, riders were forced to contend with some of the most difficult conditions of the day. With the track drying thanks to the sunny weather, and three championship classes taking to the track prior to the Yamaha 250cc Junior category?s final moto, the youngsters were dealt deep ruts and a tough track in their final race at Horsham. At the conclusion of the 15-minute moto, it was Malkiewicz who walked away with the final victory of the day followed by KTM?s Mason Semmens and Bova in second and third places respectively. Unfortunately, despite Duffy crossing the line first in the final moto, the KTM rider was docked three positions due to jumping under a yellow flag which placed him in fourth once positions had been adjusted. Yamaha?s Jack Kukas wrapped up the final outing for the Yamaha 250cc Junior class in fifth, followed by Dante Hyam, Budd, Matterson, Darby and Caleb Clifton who completed the top ten. With results from both motos combined, it was Malkiewicz?s 2,1 finishes that rewarded him with the top step of the podium and the championship lead yesterday, second at Horsham was Duffy, while Bova completed the Yamaha 250cc Junior class podium. Bailey Malkiewicz ? Husqvarna Australia ? Yamaha 250cc Junior Class Winner - Horsham ?I had a really good day at Horsham. I managed to qualify third and finish with 2,1 results which gave me the overall and the points lead heading into our last round,? Malkiewicz shared. ?I stayed on the bike and rode smart ? the track was a mud bath during qualifying and the first moto. ?The track was pretty good in the last race, but the sun was getting low and casting shadows in the ruts which made it hard to see, but we?re happy to come away with the win, and looking forward to the next round.? Yamaha 250cc Junior Class Round Results 1) Bailey Malkiewicz ? 67 points 2) Regan Duffy ? 63 points 3) John Bova ? 58 points 4) Rhys Budd ? 54 points 5) Hayden Matterson ? 49 points 6) Jack Kukas ? 45 points 7) Callum McGlade ? 45 points 8) Tyler Darby ? 44 points 9) Connor McNamara ? 43 points 10) Liam Andrews ? 41 points Yamaha 250cc Junior Class Championship Standings 1) Bailey Malkiewicz? 127 points 2) Regan Duffy ? 120 points 3) Rhys Budd ? 114 points 4) Mason Semmens ? 102 points 5) Jack Kukas ? 98 points 6) Hayden Matterson ? 93 points 7) Connor McNamara ? 90 points 8) John Bova ? 88 points 9) Tyler Darby ? 81 points 10) Callum McGlade ? 71 points The fifth round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will be held at Murray Bridge in South Australia on Sunday May 28, 2017. For more information on the 2017 Motul MX Nationals, head to

MA Rides With Australian Speedway Sidecar Champion, Mark Mitchell

Fri, 19/05/2017 - 1:36pm
It was at Undera Speedway in Victoria for the opening Round of the 2017 FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship that I first met South Australian, Mark Mitchell (49), his passenger Sam Harrison (36) and their striking sky blue and canary yellow machine.
I approached Mitchell to ask him a bit about his career in the bustling pit area. He wasted no time in filling me in saying; "I used to ride Speedway Solo's in the 1980s & 90s, because my father rode Speedway too. He won all sorts of titles at Brooklyn and all around Victoria in his day. So you see, I had no choice - it's in my blood. I started on Motocross sidecars before graduating to Speedway Sidecars in 2007, and winning the Australian title in 2009. Now, I have a motorcycle workshop so that I can continue doing it!" He quipped as he busily changed unidentifiable pieces of the bike.

"We have a little bit of time before the racing starts if you want a lap or two?!", he threatened. Before I could blink, it was all organised and I was dressed, helmet, goggles and gloves in hand. Mark was briefing me on all that he could before we had to go out on track, but the butterflies were building. I'd never even seen a sidecar in action!
When you are sitting high atop a hard plastic cowling, on the back of a three-wheeled methanol-breathing, tyre-shredding, un-braked, un-sprung, twin-geared contraption, with the cool night air breezing through your jersey - time has a funny way of slowing right down. Sure, there's an angry lumpy cammed, short stroked, fast-idling, flame-spitting monster directly under Mark; who at this point is draped over it with arms outstretched on the bars like a drag-bike pilot, or perhaps as you might imagine how Aladdin rides his carpet... There's time to take it all in. The crowd gathered in colourful clusters on the banks behind the concrete wall, the green grass on the infield, the deep rich colour and course texture of the track, the flag marshal with the start flag... Oh wait!.. Am I supposed to be doing something now? What did Mark tell me in the pit garage again? "Get down low and go, go, go! " What am I doing here? Wait!.. Wait!.. Why are you waving that flag Mr Flag Marshal Man?!"

The revs build. That's my cue to grab the metal hoop in front of me with my left hand like a rodeo rider on a bull, Mark with the right and brace for the G's. Somehow the revs snap to a crescendo; Mark drops the clutch, the rear tyre spins up, bogs down, and bites hard... We're off! Suddenly the scenery becomes a blur of disjointed shapes and colours... What was the other thing I had to do again? Swing! Now with a Tarzan-like grip on my hoop; Mark rolls the throttle back a fraction, I feel the bike start to shift on its axis, and somehow I've already 'swung' into (what I felt was) the appropriate position - with my right hand gripped down somewhere near the front wheel, and my head looking forward a mere few inches off the track... Holy smokes! I'm doing it! I swing up again, the throttle instantaneously winds up to what feels like 'full noise' and the rear bites into the dirt again. We are now doing what I can only perceive to be in the neighbourhood of Mach II, and clearly setting some kind of land speed record at the venerable Undera circuit. No time to dwell. Another corner! Down I go. The rear kicks out further this time. Was I too late? Was I too early? Am I even doing this thing right? Geez the ground is getting closer to my nose this time! Revs drop, I swing back up, throttle up, rear bites down, and 'Operation: Slingshot Down The Straight' is in full effect. Corner coming again, reach down, rear steps out - rev limiter this time. Violent steering movements. Mark sawing away on the bars. More throttle. Sit up. Mark is unsettled; bike gets rough and we lose time and momentum as the rear again searches for traction - any will do.
Sit up on corner exit, sling shot down the straight; full vibration this time. Vision blurry. Corner coming. Corner here. Get down. I'm too slow and we get pushed out near the wall, rendering it with mud. Revs build. Fatigue is setting in, and I'm not sure how many more laps I can physically hang on for. 

After what seemed like eternity, Mark mercifully shut the throttle. Tempering the bike back to a reasonable pace. Our 1 minute and 4 seconds was over, as Mr Flag Marshal Man had eagerly indicated. I am exhausted and can barely prop myself up on the cowling as we scoot off track into the pits again, but I am alive with adrenaline. "Again!" I shouted through the dusty helmet at Mark.  

When it was all over, it became very clear to me that there is an eon inside 1 minute and 4 seconds. Anyone that races any kind of machine already understands this. Mark took off his helmet and said; "With a new passenger on the back, you have to ride with your head, and wind it up slowly. I didn?t want to hurt you or my bike - especially before the meet! I would have been very sour at that!"

He assures me that we were traveling at only half race pace, as the subsequent video footage proved. However, that 1 minute and 4 seconds will be a journey in time that will stay with me forever.

Click here for the video
Tristen Spragg
Motorcycling Australia
Media & PR Officer

The Australian Sidecar Championship thrills crowds at Morgan Park

Thu, 18/05/2017 - 9:45am
Featuring as part of the Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul Pirelli (ASBK) in select rounds this year, the Australian F1 and F2 Sidecar Championship provided exceptional racing and plenty of thrills for the local spectators.
After the surprise pace of the Championship leaders for Round 1 at Winton only two weeks before, it was Howard Ford/Lee Menzies (Howard Ford Concrete Pumping LCR Suzuki) went into Round 2 as favourites. Like the first round they would forgo the practice day, but still put their machine on pole, beside local favourites Dave Boughen/Lok O?Kane (SideFX Racing LCR Suzuki). The second row was headed by reigning champions Jero Joyce/Corey Blackman (Rick Hanger Racing RHR Kawasaki) beside the father and son team of Richard and Scott Goodale (Shelbourne Honda) who were also first F2.
The F2 class was to suffer two teams dropping out early with Matty McKinnon/Warren Grubb (Matty?s Spoke Wheels PC Suzuki) having to withdraw before qualifying due to a major electrical problem and Richard and Scott Goodale pulling in on the sighting lap of race one with a collapsed rear wheel bearing. With their spare being the wrong part they were out for the weekend.
Race One
Race one was started first thing on Sunday morning after some delays on Saturday saw it postponed, and it was Ford/Menzies who took the win with Boughen/O?Kane five seconds adrift. Joyce/Blackman despite posting the fastest lap of the race dropped to third after their engine went into limp home mode, finishing a further eighteen seconds behind. Fourth was Daniel Keppell/Matty Morgan (McCabe Suzuki) who showed great pace, despite Matty Morgan having had a tumble at turn three in the first practice session. The first F2 was Western Australians Darryl McLeod/Paul Matthews (McLeod Suzuki) in ninth outright with Andrew Phillips/Barry Martin (Shelbourne Honda) second in F2 but 15thoutright despite being a few laps down.
Race Two
Due to further delays, race two was shortened from ten laps to eight and the top three were very close until lap seven, when Joyce/Blackman had a moment exiting turn six leaving Ford/Menzies nowhere to go but off the track, re-joining behind Boughen/O?Kane but losing around nine seconds. Joyce/Blackman again set the fastest lap but this time also took the race win 0.4 seconds ahead of Boughen/O?Kane with Ford/Menzies nine seconds back in third. Fourth was again Daniel Keppell/Matty Morgan who fought off a late race attack from Jeff Brown/Darren Sheldrick (APW Motorcycles JBR Suzuki). First of the F2s was again McLeod/Matthews but this time only 0.11 ahead of Phillips/Martin with Joseph and Ted Tuppen (Shelbourne Honda) in third, twenty seconds behind them.
Race Three
The second race had seen plenty of rubbing and bumping, but nothing like the third and final race, the most action packed race of possibly any category for the meeting. The same top three had their usual swapping of places, changing the lead up to six times per lap with paint and carbon fibre given a real stress test as the track became narrower and the dicing became more desperate. Late in the race the F2 of Joseph and Ted Tuppen had an incident, leaving the passenger tumbling in the turn six gravel trap and the passengerless machine stuck on the exit of turn seven. This caused a long yellow flag zone that was to come into play later. After six laps Jero Joyce decided the heat at the front was too much and settled for a safe third, leaving Ford and Boughen to battle it out to the finish. After more lead changes and getting tantalisingly close to the Paul Jacobs/Steve Bonney lap record, coincidentally set on the Ford/Menzies machine, it was Ford and Menzies who were first to the chequered flag, but they upon entering pit lane it was announced that they had been relegated to second place for passing under yellow flags, handing the win to Boughen and O?Kane. Joyce and Blackman finished third only four seconds behind with Brown/Sheldrick fourth after a mistake in turn three by Keppel/Morgan.
First in F2 was the team of Andrew Phillips and Barry Martin in what is believed to be the first class win in Australian sidecar racing by a paraplegic rider in his first meeting since converting his Shelbourne Honda to hand controls. Second was Darryl McLeod/Paul Matthews nursing the machine to the finish stuck in fifth gear.
Championship leader Howard Ford described how the weekend went; ?It was a solid weekend from Lee (Menzies) and I, with great performance from the bike. Unfortunately I was penalised in Race 3 due to passing under a yellow flag period which meant we missed out on another win. We are still leading the championship and are very much looking forward to the next round at Sydney Motorsport Park. The Australian Sidecar Championship is in a good state of health!"
The next round of the championship is at Sydney Motorsport Park with the ASBK on 8-10 September. Being Howard Ford?s home track he will definitely be going in as favourite despite the fact that both Boughen and Joyce have better personal best times at that track, so it should be action packed once again. Also the top F2 teams will be back from the IoM as well as some fast local teams, it is not to be missed.
Stay up to date with all the latest news and highlights from Australians competing at the upcoming Isle of Man TT, including Mick Alton and Chrissy Clancy in their chase to top the 2017 rankings, via and the Motorcycling Australia Facebook page. 
Race Report provided by Jeff Brown 
Photo Courtesy of Osella Photography. F1 points after round two: 1. Howard Ford/Lee Menzies - 132 2. Jero Joyce/Corey Blackman - 127 3. Dave Boughen/Lok O?Kane - 116 4. Jeff Brown/Darren Sheldrick - 92 5. Terry Goldie/Jamie Crass - 56 6. Daniel Keppell/Matty Morgan - 50 7. Bruce Collins/Peter DeAngelis - 48 8. Dave Buxton/Cameron Bell - 46 9. Mick Alton/Chrissie Clancy - 43 10. Keith Hoare/Diane Boughen - 41 F2 points after round two: 1. Darryl McLeod/Paul Matthews - 105 2. Terry Goldie/Jamie Crass - 75 3. Andrew Phillips/Barry Martin - 65 4. Bruce Collins/Peter DeAngelis - 61 5. Mick Alton/Chrissie Clancy - 54 6. Matty McKinnon/Peter Cumming - 49 7. Richard Goodale/Scott Goodale - 35 8. Joseph Tuppen/Ted Tuppen - 18 9. John Clancy/Warren Grubb - 15

Another display of brilliance from Gardiner

Wed, 17/05/2017 - 8:53am
The track at Gacé was a polar opposite to the opening round of the championship, which was held in Le Luc in mid-April. Gacé was simply just grass tracks, a lot of camber, flat out and nothing technical at all, which has never been Gardiner?s forte at all. On top of that, overnight rain made conditions quite challenging for Gardiner on the opening day of competition. However, despite challenging conditions, Gardiner did manage to finish inside the top three in all six of her heats during the day. Gardiner managed to top the time sheets in the third and final heat, but admitted at the conclusion of the day that she did struggle, a lot. In fact, Gardiner went into the final heat of the day in third place overall in the standings. Gardiner explained that she gave it everything she could in the final test and managed to beat her nearest rival, Samantha Tichet by 13.891 seconds. ?At the beginning of the day it was just so slippery and I couldn?t find my rhythm,? explained Gardiner. ?Coming into the last test of the day I was a bit more confident as it was a bit drier towards the end of the day. I said to myself I must push so, I gave it everything I had and in the end I managed to win the round, which I?m happy about as I was quite disappointed with my day.? The former three times Australian Off-Road champion explained that she couldn?t find the feel with the bike as the track was so slick and no lines to pick, which made it quite hard. ?The course was quite technical for me, so I?m glad to get the win in the end. I?m looking forward for tomorrow and hopefully keep up my winning spree here in the French Enduro Championship. Hopefully the rain stays away tonight. If it does, I believe the track will only be slick for the first couple of tests in the morning.? Unfortunately, mother-nature again was to make racing a real test for Gardiner on the second day of competition with overnight rain, however, it stopped just before the get go. Gardiner was simply in a class of her own as she took an imperious victory taking out all six tests and winning with a total time of 36min17.024, 54.435 seconds ahead of Tichet. ?Today was a bit better,? expressed Gardiner at the conclusion of the second day. ?The second test was a bit of challenge as it started pouring with rain making the track extremely slippery. However, the Michelin tyres proved once again they are best when it comes to riding in the dry or the wet which showed today as the team and I managed to hang on for the win in that test and the other five as well. ?Overall it?s been a great day. It?s a great way to reward the Rider Camp Yamaha team with these race wins this weekend. Everyone in the team are working extremely hard and providing me a fantastic Yamaha WR250F to go and race with, which just makes my job so much easier. So, a big thankyou to them and everyone else who continues to support me along the way.? With another clean sweep and taking away twenty points each day, it now sees Gardiner extending her championship lead over Tichet from six to twelve points. Round three of the Championnat de France d?enduro now heads to Bar-sur-Seine, a French commune in the Aube department in the Grand Est region of north-central France, which will take place on the last weekend of July. The next event for Gardiner will be the Trèfle Lozérien AMV, which is the most prestige classic race in France on the first weekend of June, before she turns her attention to the second round of the Women?s FIM Enduro GP World Championship in Parádfürdó in Hungary on 23-25 June. For the meantime, Gardiner will travel 100km south to the famous Le Mans circuit for next weekend?s fifth round of the MotoGP? World Championship as a guest of Dorna Sports, the commercial rights holder for the motorcycling sport of MotoGP?. Championnat de France d?enduro championship standings (top 5) ? After 2 rounds: 1st Jess Gardiner ? 80 2nd Samantha Tichet ? 68 3rd Juliette Berrez ? 60 4th Valerie Roche ? 50 5th Justine Martel - 46 Credits: Mastorgne Images: Jess Gardiner
Words from Yamaha Motor Australia

RULE CHANGE: Information Bulletin #1633

Tue, 16/05/2017 - 2:34pm
16 May 2017 Rule Pertains to: The use of titanium in machine frames and parts. Current Rule in the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport: 10.22 MOTO3
10.22.8 Materials and Construction
a) The use of titanium in the construction of the frame, the front forks, the handlebars, the swing arm spindles is forbidden. For wheel spindles, the use of light alloys is also forbidden. 10.27 FORMULA TWO SIDECARS
10.27.1 Frames and Parts
... Titanium may not be used in the construction of the frame, front forks, handlebars, swinging arm and wheel axles. 16.18 FRAMES AND PARTS
16.18.1 General Titanium: The use of Titanium is not permitted in the construction of the frame, the front forks, the handlebars, the swing arms or the wheel axles of any machine. New Rule after Change:
xx.x.x The use of titanium in the construction of the frame, the front forks, the handlebars, the swinging arm, the swinging arm spindle and the wheel spindles is forbidden unless OEM. The use of light alloys for wheel spindles is also forbidden unless OEM. The use of titanium alloy nuts and bolts is allowed. Rule wording will be included under the following sections across all disciplines: 10.17 11.15 12.25 13.13 14.18 15.15 16.18 17.16 18.16 19.15 20.15 Rationale:
This rule is to be enforced across all disciplines as it is a safety issue; with titanium axles and pivots at a high risk of breaking. Over time Titanium becomes brittle and can break unexpectedly. The changing of current wording where it exists in the 2017 MoMS brings the rule in line with FIM regulations. Rule change effective from:
Immediate Feedback contact:
Elizabeth Kinderis
(03) 9684 0512


Mon, 15/05/2017 - 7:46pm
 Further to our recent update on 24 April 2017, we can confirm that a meeting with engineer Chris Hall has been arranged regarding Barbagallo Raceway. The meeting will take place on 25 May 2017.
As always, please send any queries to

Motorcycling Australia Board of Directors Position Openings

Fri, 12/05/2017 - 4:46pm
Partnered with the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM, International Motorcycling Federation) and the Australian Sports Commission, Motorcycling Australia and the seven State Controlling Bodies (SCBs) are working together to ensure long term strategic, business and participation models are effectual in order to guarantee that the sport of motorcycling has a strong and bright future both domestically and internationally.
If you are a proven and effective leader with a clear focus and vision to further motorcycling sport nationally, please click on the links below to see the attached position description and promptly forward your applications for consideration via and LinkedIn.


RULE CLARIFICATION Information Bulletin #1632

Fri, 12/05/2017 - 2:50pm
Current Rules in the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport: Machine Requirements
f) The appearance of a machine must remain as manufactured provided that the following may be altered:
i) Colour,
ii) Seat,
iii) Mudguards,
iv) Handlebars,
v) Grips,
vi) Levers,
vii) Cables,
viii) Chains,
ix) Tyre brand and tread pattern,
x) Carburettor jets Machine Requirements
? f) The appearance of a machine must remain as manufactured provided that the
following may be altered:
i) Colour,
ii) Seat,
iii) Mudguards,
iv) Handlebars,
v) Grips,
vi) Levers,
vii) Cables,
viii) Chains,
ix) Tyre brand and tread pattern,
x) Carburettor jets
New Wording After Clarification:
xx.xx.x.2 Machine Requirements
f) All machines must remain standard to the OEM specifications for the
model. Only the following items may be modified:
i) Colour,
ii) Seat,
iii) Mudguards,
iv) Handlebars,
v) Grips,
vi) Levers,
vii) Cables,
viii) Chains,
ix) Tyre brand and tread pattern,
x) Carburettor jets

To ensure consistency and clarity throughout the disciplines that hold 50cc Auto class for juniors, the above-mentioned wording will be implemented to better reflect the intention of the rules under Dirt Track and Track, 50cc Auto Class Permitted Modifications.

The 50cc Auto class is an introduction for juniors to competition and therefore machines should remain free from performance based modifications. In 2017, the Application of Chapter was removed from Dirt Track and Track however some regulations were not updated in order to retain the original intentions.

Rule change effective from:

Feedback contact: | (03) 9684 0512

GP Juniors Australia and GMC Cooyar Unite

Fri, 12/05/2017 - 1:44pm
A training camp will be held at GMC Cooyar on 12th and 13th June. After coaching and practicing there on the dirt, GP Juniors Australia will relocate to Morgan Park Raceway with McCoy for two days of valuable training on the bitumen. The opportunity to practice off-road at GMC Cooyar, combined with two day?s practice on bitumen with Garry will prepare the juniors well for the third round of the GP Juniors Cup, a part of the Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld Southern Downs Road Race Series. Only those that enter the third round of GP Juniors Australia during the weekend of 16th -17th June will be eligible to take part in this amazing opportunity. For interested parties, that have the necessary licence, there is also the option of leasing a Yamaha R15 fitted with Bridgestone tyres from GP Juniors Australia, for the training and weekend?s racing. An added bonus to the GP Juniors is that all this training will be free, thanks to GMC Cooyar, Dave Fuller from Advanced Rider Training and Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland! Standard club entry fees apply to enter the meeting. GMC Cooyar is Garry McCoy?s private off-road training facility and is one of Australia?s largest motorcycle coaching and practice venues.  The 1800-acre property, 2.5 hours from Brisbane, features a natural terrain motocross track, speedway track, junior technical tracks and a fast and flowing flat track ? all of which Garry has purposely designed for road racers to cross train on dirt. Promotor of GP Juniors Australia, Mark Bracks is naturally excited at the prospect saying, ?this is an excellent opportunity for GP Juniors Australia to work with Garry McCoy and opens an avenue that can benefit so many riders. I have been there a couple of times and it is a magnificent facility for riders of all levels and ages.? ?In his stellar 18-year racing career Garry won 125cc and 500cc Grands Prix as well as races in the Superbike World Championship. To have Garry passing on his skills and knowledge is invaluable? he said. McCoy is equally pleased to welcome GP Juniors Australia to his Queensland training facility.  ?When I was racing in Grand Prix?s I developed my own off-road tracks here for my off-season training. For road racers, the opportunity to cross train on dirt provides immense physical and mental benefits? McCoy said. ?Over recent years I?ve continued to develop my tracks and coaching venue here in Cooyar and I?m now thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Australia?s young talent and to share my tracks and experience with GP Juniors Australia? McCoy said. For more information visit and email: or phone 0488 257 188. Words and pictures from GP Juniors Australia

The 2017 Australian FIM Trial des Nations Team wants you!

Thu, 11/05/2017 - 4:51pm
This is your opportunity to assist the Team and represent Australia on the world stage. MA has recently announced the 2017 Australian Team competitors and is excited about the possibilities this year. 
Those eager to play a crucial part in the performance of the Australian Team are welcome to apply. MA is looking for experienced and confident motorcycle Minders where possible.
As one of two Minders for the Australian FIM Trial des Nation Team of 2017 you will be required to be away for approximately 10 days to cover the events on the 23rd and 24th of September.
1.       Adhere to all instructions from the Team Manager
2.       Prepared to work for the whole team rather than specific riders
3.       Physically fit and strong enough to complete your tasks for two consecutive events
1.       Team Mechanic when required
2.       Communicate clearly with riders whilst in the section
3.       Catch for multiple riders
4.       Carry a 15 Kg backpack during practice and competition
5.       Assist the team manager with day-to-day duties
Minders will be responsible their expenses for the duration of the trip.
This is a great opportunity for the successful applicants to experience International events and to be part of an Australian Team. So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to join the team as it competes in Spain! Applications and enquiries should be addressed to: Sam Redfern
Event Manager - Track,
Motorcycling Australia
03 9684 0501 Photo: FIM Trial des Nations 2016

Round Two of the Australian Sidecar Championship Launches at Morgan Park

Wed, 10/05/2017 - 4:35pm
Featuring as part of the Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul Pirelli (ASBK) in select rounds this year, the Australian Sidecar Championship is developing a unique narrative of its own after recently holding its first round of the year at the third round of the ASBK at Winton Motor Raceway, putting on a show for spectators.

Revered sidecar F1 class competitor, Jero Joyce and passenger Corey Blackman have consistently found themselves on race podiums in previous years. Joyce shared his 2017 Round 1 Winton Motor Raceway experience and his predictions for the upcoming round at Morgan Park.

"We qualified on pole at Winton on the first day, but the rest of the field sped up and promptly overtook us! We are currently running second in the championship which is nice, but could have gone one better. The handling characteristics of the F2's coupled with the tight corners at Winton, meant that the F2 class actually did better than F1. Morgan Park has a few fast corners that will allow the F1's to pull away and gap the F2 outfits, so we hope for a better result there.

"Winton doesn?t really suit the way I ride, so I am satisfied with our second placing. Unlike Winton, the tracks I really enjoy the most are Eastern Creek and Phillip Island because of their long fast sweeping bends. There is no better feeling than passing on the outside of Turn 2 at 'the Island'!

"Round two will see many more entries than the first round due to the geographic location of the event, as there are simply more sidecars in Queensland and we expect more than 19 entries. The teams to look out for is without question at Morgan Park is Howard Ford/ Lee Menzies who have serious speed and one of the best engines out there. Dave Boughen/Lok O'Kane also have pace and a home track advantage.

"Our preparation for most events is difficult because we live in Western Australia (Perth) and 99% of our racing is done interstate. The only way to go, is to have lots of friends from all over the country that understand what it takes to race a sidecar. That's what it's all about, we are all great mates and we help each other out where ever we can, especially with transport and parts. Its harder to transport sidecar and the equipment than regular motorcycles where you might fit four to a van or trailer. You can only get one sidecar, so there is a greater cost involved and greater complexity of logistics.

?Sidecar racing on track is all about being as precise as you can. There might be a full grid of wide body outfits racing around at top speed with only millimetres between them.
?I've been into sidecar forever, starting with speedway when my brother won a Western Australian State Title. Corey Blackman has been my passenger ever since he was 16, his mother even had to sign his license forms so that he could race!  - He's 40 something now so that was 20 something years ago!" Joyce surmised.

Australian Sidecar Championship Coordinator and competitor, Jeff Brown also shared his thoughts on the upcoming round. After becoming involved in sidecar racing since the very first day he was introduced to one in 2002 at a Annandale-Leichhardt Motorcycle Club NSW 'come and try' day, Brown has a fair idea of all things tri-wheeled. He shared;

"We run as part of the ASBK this year for Rounds one at Winton, three at Eastern Creek and four at Phillip Island. Racing with the ASBK this year has been fantastic, because the whole show has grown and so too has the profile of our sport.

"Round two will be an interesting F2 showdown between Matthew McKinnon/ Peter Cummings and Richard Goodale / Scott Goodale. F2 Championship contenders will have a few less top competitors to worry about this round. John Clancy/Warren Grubb, Chrissy Clancy/Mick Alton will be over at the Isle of Man TT, but will be back for rounds three and four, finishing up the year. We are really looking forward to the next round hosted by the The Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld Inc at Morgan Park. They run a great event and we have always had a large turn out to cheer us on." According to Brown. The second round at Morgan Park is sure to be an exciting affair as Sidecar riders cooperate with their passengers to achieve top results. Keep an eye out for further Australian Sidecar Championship news from MA as the year progresses.

Australian Sidecar Championship Points Standings 2017
Name                                                         Total   

Howard FORD / Lee MENZIES (NSW)               68   
Jero JOYCE / Corey BLACKMAN (WA)               66   
Terry GOLDIE / Jamie CRASS (VIC)                 56   
Dave BOUGHEN / Lok O'KANE (QLD)                51   
Bruce COLLINS / Peter DE ANGELIS (VIC)        48   
Jeff BROWN / Darren SHELDRICK (NSW)          44   
Mick ALTON / Chrissie CLANCY (NSW)              43   
Matthew McKINNON / Peter CUMMINGS (NSW) 37   
Darryl McLEOD / Paul MATTHEWS (WA)             31   
Richard GOODALE / Scott GOODALE (QLD)        26
Simon REYNOLDS / Phil TREACEY (NSW)           22   
John CLANCY / Warren GRUBB (VIC)                 11 Stay up to date with all the latest news and highlights from Australians competing at the upcoming Isle of Man TT, including Mick Alton and Chrissy Clancy in their chase to top the 2017 rankings, via and the Motorcycling Australia Facebook page.      

Jemma Wilson a True Trailblazer

Wed, 10/05/2017 - 9:27am
Wilson was pleased as to how her title defence kicked off this year, setting her up to go back to back in 2017; ?It was the perfect start to the season. I got the hole shot at the start of the Cross Country. I also led the Sprint Race from start to finish. The conditions were perfect and I couldn?t ask for a better way to start the season.? Wilson said.
As an icon of Australian Off-Road racing, Wilson is a trailblazer and hopes to influence more women to join in the sport that she loves; ?I definitely hope that I can assist in getting more women involved in the sport and trials riding as well. The interest in the Women's Yamaha AORC class is growing and the more that are involved the better it will be.? Wilson exclaimed.
?I?m part of a privateer outfit that?s supported by Yamaha Motor Australia, they?ve backed me for about 10 years and have been a phenomenal supporter of mine." Wilson Stated.
After Jessica Gardner and Tayla Jones moved overseas to compete internationally, Wilson has new challengers in the form of Emelie Karlsson and Sophie Coldicutt; "Jess Gardiner is obviously racing in Europe at the moment and Tayla Jones in America. So Emilie (Karlsson) and Sophie (Coldicutt) are likely to be Championship threats.? According to Wilson.
This weekends' meeting at Miva will be Wilson?s home race and she hopes the conditions will be optimal for great racing; ?The track is very tight and rocky. Hopefully the conditions aren?t dusty, but it should make for great racing. It will be great to have the locals cheering me on!? Wilson said.
A highlight of Wilson?s career is her international experience at the ISDE; ?ISDE is always a fantastic experience. Going to France will also be unforgettable, I?ve got a lot of friends over there that I've gathered from five years of racing there. I?m not racing the World Enduro GP this year, however I am really looking forward to competing overseas. The highlight of my career has to be the four wins at ISDE with Jess (Gardiner) and Tayla (Jones). Spraying the champagne and hearing the Australian national anthem on the podium is a buzz. Also winning the Yamaha AORC Women?s Championship last year was phenomenal!? Wilson finished.
Don?t forget to check out the AORC?s new website at
2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship Calendar 
Round 5 & 6: Miva, QLD                         13 ? 14 May 2017
Round 7 & 8: Renmark, SA                     24 ? 25 June 2017
Round 9 & 10: Kyogle, NSW                   22 ? 23 July 2017
Round 11 & 12: Omeo, VIC                     5 ? 6 August 2017
(Round 1 & 2: Dungog, NSW                  Postponed TBA)
Stay up to date with all the happenings of the 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship by visiting the brand new AORC website at by following the AORC on Twitter and Facebook as well as @aorc on Instagram.
Womens Yamaha AORC Championship Standings Pos Name  Total1 Jemma WILSON   502 Emelie KARLSSON   443 Sophie COLDICUTT   404 Tegan HALL   365 Emma BROADBENT   326 Kate NORMAN   297 Stacey THOMPSON   258 Angela SCOTT   259 Cheyenne JONES   1510 Rachelle DESSERT   13
Photo Courtesy of John Pearson Media. Jemma Wilson at Rawson

RULE BULLETIN: Information Bulletin #1631

Tue, 09/05/2017 - 4:33pm
Current Rule in the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport: 14.9.1 Junior Competition No person who is under the age of 16 years may compete in other than a Junior competition.
Correct Rules to be Reinstated: 14.9.1 Junior Competition Juniors only to compete in Junior competition. ? Subject to GCR and, Competitors aged 13 to under 16 years in the Enduro discipline may compete in other than a Junior competition if that competition is: a) E1 class, b) EJ class, i) Participation in the EJ class is restricted to a machine capacity endorsed under Junior competition. Competitors aged 13 to under 16 years may participate in classes listed in GCR, providing the following conditions are met: a) The State Controlling Body is satisfied of their competence, b) The competitor obtains a licence endorsement for Enduro. State legislation will override GCR where applicable.

In publishing the Manual of Motorcycle Sport for 2014 minus the ?All Discipline? chapter, the above regulations were not carried over correctly into the Enduro chapter (2014 GCRs 12.2.2 and Likely due to a clerical error at the time. This update re-instates the applicable rules to ensure the inclusion of Juniors in all levels of suitable competition. Rule change effective from:
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Sidecar duo Alton & Clancy Contest the 2017 Isle of Man TT

Mon, 08/05/2017 - 3:03pm
Australian Sidecar Champion, Mick Alton (62) has been involved in sidecar racing since the late 1970s shared his enthusiasm for sidecar and his excitement at competing for the second time at the Isle of Man TT (May 27- June 09 2017); "The attraction of sidecars for me is the comradery of all the competitors. There is no other discipline like it, and I have managed to be quite successful at it being the current champion of F2 class in Australia and career highlights including holding the lap record (in class) holder at Phillip Island, Morgan Park, Hampton Downs in New Zealand." Alton said.

"Chrissy is one of the best passengers I've ever had. As a team, its excellent. We communicate well, she's a thinking passenger and she's always thinking how to make my life easier. Because, once we are on the bike, there is only two signals she can give me. One is to tap me and I'll shut it off with no excuses and the other is to squeeze my leg to let me know that there is a bike that wants to pass. At the TT, if you get caught by someone that started 10 seconds behind you, you let them pass, it is a gentleman?s agreement on the island. So there is a lot of intuitive communication that is required in a sidecar team.

"Our bike, the LCR, is actually over in the United Kingdom waiting for us at the moment. We want to go faster and do better this year obviously, however we are going to approach it a little more apprehensively than we did in 2016 as we are now ranked at 21st in the world at the TT. It's such a different event at the TT, you have to have the machine nailed the whole way round, every corner is blind and you have to have track knowledge to be in the game with all the curbs, walls, hedgerows, telephone boxes and spectators to watch out for!

"Training for the TT, we watch a lot of videos, read books and study maps together and write notes on every corner and every part of the track where we can pick up time. We both spend a lot of time trying to get the most out of the bike around the track. That's what were here to do. It's easier for sidecar riders to see what's going on as the road unravels in front, however the passenger can only pop their head up at certain moments and they have to know exactly where they are on the circuit. Memory and feeling is what it's about. Last year Chrissy, (passenger) was picking up land marks a few weeks before the TT when practicing the circuit when none of the trees had leaves, however a few weeks later the leaves were back and the land marks were gone, so our points of reference were gone too!

"We have different suspension and brakes this year, but the same engine (Suzuki 600 F2 Class spec as per Isle of Man TT regulations) that has been built for reliability rather than power. We went for reliability because we are only a five-person crew and we do all our own mechanical work."  Alton finished.

Leaving the on the 15th of May, passenger Chrissy Clancy will spend weeks in a car with Mick Alton driving around and around the Isle of Man in a car to re-learn all the lines through the corners, the g-forces and breaking zones. "It's just to familiarise Mick and myself with the landmarks and my movements, and to see what Mick is going to do and where he will be breaking, because I won't be able to move while he does that. I need to either move before he breaks or well after he breaks. Practice week is straight after that, where all we will be focused on is qualifying and finish as normal and not get injured in between! And no secret agendas like last year when Mick sneakily wanted to break 105mph. We ended up at 108 without me knowing!

"Our past achievements include winning every single race we entered into last year. Mick was my mentor when I was riding years ago, and he was teaching me all the sneaky things like when to change gears, how to move and where all the breaking markers were. My achievement was when I beat him on track in a race! I was over the moon when that happened, it was the student overtaking the master!

"Next to winning the 'Kings of Wanneroo' with Leanne March, career highlights for me personally - The Isle of Man last year was the pinnacle of my total achievements. Having the right team and people around you helps so much with your journey in racing to get you through the highs and lows. This will be my 10th year in sidecar. Sidecar champ Terry Goldie got me into it at Winton Raceway, when his passenger fell off and he needed to win one more race to win the series. So I said to him that "I'd do it, but I've never done it before!" 18 months later we had our outfit. We bought it sight unseen in a box. We upgraded to a Post Classic that we race now. But it's the modern Suzuki LCR that we bought overseas that we compete in now.  

"This is the second time that I will be competing in the Isle of Man and we are ranked 21 in the world after starting off 61 last year and 32 away, coming 13th, so we have landed the number 21 ranking and now the pressure is really on us! It will mean that we miss out on the Morgan Park round of the Australian Sidecar Championship this year, but somethings can't wait! We would like to thank Motorcycling New South Wales, who have been very helpful in our TT endeavours this year, and we are very grateful to them. We can't wait to get over there and out onto the circuit!" Clancy ended.

Stay up to date with all the latest news and highlights from Australians competing at the upcoming Isle of Man TT, including Mick Alton and Chrissy Clancy in their chase to top the 2017 rankings, via and the Motorcycling Australia Facebook page.

Photos: Courtesy of Mick Alton
Pictured Alton/ Clancy Isle of Man 2016

Ferris extends Thor MX1 Championship lead at Conondale

Mon, 08/05/2017 - 9:47am
Ferris was impressive from the minute he hit the track on the Sunshine Coast today, the reigning champ putting on a performance for thousands of spectators, and maintaining the red plate as the series powers on. Competitors and fans were greeted with dry track conditions for Thor MX1 qualifying this morning, but the one rider who capitalised on the conditions early was KTM Motocross Racing Team?s Kirk Gibbs. Gibbs was close to a second faster than any other rider on track with a 2:10.898 lap time at the conclusion of the session. Second fastest was Russian MEGA Bulk Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki?s Aleksandr Tonkov (2:11.568), followed by CDR Yamaha?s Ferris, Crankt Protein Honda Racing?s Todd Waters and teammate Luke Clout. With the top five through to GoPro Superpole, fans watched on in anticipation as riders threw down their fastest flying laps, but it was Ferris who made it count when it mattered, once again taking his third Superpole victory for the season and first pick of the grid when racing commence with a 2:10.620 lap time. Moto 1 When bikes headed to the line for race one all eyes were on the heavy hitters, and uncharacteristically Ferris and Gibbs opted to take positions on the grid no where near each other. But when gates dropped it was the Russian rider Tonkov who took the Raceline holeshot, and only a bikes length behind him was Waters and Ferris who weren?t letting the international competitor out of their sights. With one lap in the books Ferris made a quick pass on Waters and moved up into second position, where he then set his sights firmly on the rear wheel of race leader Tonkov, and before riders had even reached their second rotation, the CDR Yamaha rider had moved into the race lead. With Ferris out in front, the focus the shifted to the battle for positions behind him. And battle they did. KTM Motocross Racing Team?s Gibbs began his charge to the front, passing both Waters and Tonkov to snatch up second position. Despite Waters dropping off the pace for a short time and losing a spot to Tonkov, it wasn?t long before the Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team rider found his wheels once again and moved back up into third place. Unfortunately for Tonkov his time at the front was short lived in moto one, and by lap four the Factory Kawasaki rider had dropped back to fifth position, where he then continued to fade. After ten minutes on track for the Thor MX1 class, Ferris continued to school his competitors, leading by a comfortable margin. Gibbs and Waters occupied second and third while DPH Motorsport?s Kade Mosig was back in fourth. Rookie MX1 rider Clout was having yet another impressive ride in fifth position, while Penrite Honda?s Jesse Dobson and SD3 Husqvarna?s Brett Metcalfe continued to battle for sixth. As race one reached its final stages, Ferris continued to be the fastest rider on track, slowly stretching out his lead to a commanding eight seconds. Behind him, Metcalfe was on his own charge, passing the likes of Dobson and then Clout to make his way into the MX1 top five. But it was Ferris who had reason to celebrate at the conclusion of moto one, taking his fourth race victory for the year by a comfortable eight seconds. Second place was taken by Gibbs, while Waters rounded out the MX1 podium getters in the opening moto. Mosig crossed the finish line in fourth followed by Metcalfe who held on to finish in fifth. Dobson, KTM Motocross Racing Team?s Luke Styke, Clout, Nathan Crawford and privateer Keiron Hall completed the top ten in race one. Moto 2 When bikes returned to the line for race two, the crowd watched on intently with all wondering whether Ferris could go undefeated at Conondale, and unsurprisingly it was the CDR Yamaha rider who snatched up the Raceline holeshot, and within only a few turns had stretched out his lead to an impressive three seconds. Behind Ferris was MX1 rookie Crawford aboard the MEGA Bulk Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki, followed by KTM?s Styke and Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team?s Waters. Uncharacteristically, Gibbs who finished second in the opening moto was back outside the top five in seventh position after one and a half laps, giving himself one serious job to do if he was to make his way onto the MX1 podium. With Ferris stretching his lead out lap by lap, the focus shifted to the riders behind him. And unfortunately it was Styke who captured the spectator?s attention for all the wrong reasons, allowing Waters, Mosig, Gibbs and Metcalfe to charge past the KTM rider who had fallen back to seventh position. Despite entering the season with an arm injury, by lap five Crawford continued to hold his own in an impressive second place, while behind him Waters began to come under fire from Gibbs who was a man on a mission in the final moto. And by lap seven Gibbs made the pass on Waters and began his attempt to chase down Crawford. When riders reached the halfway mark in race two Ferris had stretched out the margin on second placed Crawford to seven seconds, while behind the Kawasaki rider Gibbs began to look ultra threatening after coming through the field and into the final podium position. Behind Gibbs was Waters and Styke who recovered from an earlier mistake, while DPH Motorsport?s Mosig looked dejected in sixth.
As race two reached its final stages, SD3 Husqvarna?s Metcalfe was headed back to the pits after experiencing bike trouble, while Gibbs closed in on Crawford and made the pass on the Kawasaki rider for an all important second position. But Ferris was unstoppable at Conondale this afternoon, and once again in the final moto he took an unchallenged victory and celebrated deservingly across the finish line. Second place in moto two was taken by KTM Motocross Racing Team?s Gibbs, followed by Crawford who collected the first MX1 podium finish of his career. Fourth place in race two was taken by Waters, followed by Styke in fifth. Honda mounted Dobson, Mosig, Clout, Tonkov and Wilson Coolair Motul Factory Suzuki?s Peters completed the top ten in the MX1 class in race two. With 1,1 race results it was Ferris who secured the top step of the Thor MX1 podium at Conondale, while second place was handed to KTM?s Gibbs, and third at round three was secured by Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team?s Waters. Dean Ferris ? CDR Yamaha ? Round 3 Winner ?It was a perfect day for me. I got Superpole and then went 1,1 so I just really enjoyed myself,? Ferris explained. ?I had a smile on my face under the helmet all day. I love coming here, Green Park Conondale is one of my favourite tracks. ?It?s a special place for me, I got my first ever National moto win here ten years ago, so I love coming back and I?m just stoked that we got it done and got the win again today.? Thor MX1 Round 3 Results 1) Dean Ferris ? 70 points
2) Kirk Gibbs ? 64 points
3) Todd Waters ? 58 points
4) Nathan Crawford ? 52 points
5) Kade Mosig ? 52 points
6) Luke Styke ? 50 points
7) Jesse Dobson ? 50 points
8) Luke Clout ? 46 points
9) Kyle Peters ? 41 points
10) Keiron Hall ? 40 points Thor MX1 Championship Standings 1) Dean Ferris ? 216 points
2) Kirk Gibbs ? 185 points
3) Kade Mosig ? 170 points
4) Todd Waters ? 166 points
5) Luke Styke ? 157 points
6) Nathan Crawford ? 149 points
7) Luke Clout ? 141 points
8) Kyle Peters ? 134 points
9) Aleksandr Tonkov ? 126 points
10) Brett Metcalfe ? 109 points The fourth round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will be held at Horsham in Victoria on Sunday May 21, 2017 For more information on the Motul MX Nationals, head to Words & Pictures courtesy of MX Nationals