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Crows Nest takes the cake with riders

Mon, 06/03/2017 - 11:00am

A couple of hundred riders rolled into the tiny town of Crows Nest yesterday to cut a cake and celebrate the town’s new status as Motorcycle Friendly.

The celebration included the usual political speeches, cutting an official cake, motorcycle stalls and a couple of scenic rides through the region.

The local soft drink company also made a special Biker’s Brew non-alcoholic drink for the day which tastes a bit like bourbon and cola. It was offered free to all riders!

As part of the usual political speak, the Federal Member for Maranoa, David Littleproud, said such motorcycle friendly projects deserve support.

“This is a project you can be very proud of and that the Australian Government should support as part of their tourism focus,” he said in a statement read out at the launch as the Member was travelling with the Prime Minister.

We’ve asked him what he means by his comments and await a response. By “support” does he mean “funding”?

The crowd listens to the political speak

However,  it would be welcome if more tourism focus was shone on motorcycle tourism and funding made available to local motorcycle friendly groups.

Official estimates of the average daily spend by riders is $160 for fuel, food, drinks, accommodation etc.

Multiply that by the thousands of riders who travel into these small communities each weekend!

The rider tourism dollar is very important in these rural communities and it is about time governments at all levels started to pay attention and offer funding support.

A lot of money is spent on enticing other tourists to discover Australia, but there are scant resources directed to attracting more riders.

It was also comforting to hear the support from Councillor Anne Glasheen of Toowoomba Regional Council.

Of course, she supports the project – she and her husband, Bob, are prolific motorcycle tourists, judging by the road grime on their well-used metric cruisers.

Anne and Bob with their bikes

But cutting a cake and delivering political speeches does not advance the cause of the motorcycle tourist.

We need more politicians like Anne to ride or at least make themselves aware of motorcycle tourism.

Then they will understand the advantages of riding to the economy and its effect on pollution, traffic congestion and parking problems.

Unfortunately, a challenge last year to politicians to ride, pillion or learn more about motorcycles failed.

What is needed is for more towns, shires and regions to declare themselves motorcycle friendly. That sort of grass-roots support should attract the attention of politicians.

Then the tide could start to change in our favour.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the residents of Crows Nest who have worked hard to make their town Motorcycle Friendly.

They join other Motorcycle Friendly towns and shires: Glamorgan Spring Bay, Tasmania (July 2007); Texas, Queensland (July 2013); Wauchope, New South Wales (November 2016); and the Avon Valley region in Western Australia which stages its official launch on April 23, 2017.

The latter seems to be doing an exemplary job of becoming motorcycle friendly. They will have motorcycle friendly signs, noticeboards and brochures as well as a website that lists more than 100 local motorcycle-friendly cafes, restaurants, accommodation and attractions.

There are also rider-only discounts available through their Facebook page.

This is a great effort, thanks to the hard work and financial support of Avon Tourism, the Motorcycle Riders Association of WA and a $16,180 allocation from the Wheatbelt Development Commission’s 2016, Royalties for Regions supported and local councils.

More areas are also considering the move to motorcycle friendly status. The most recent is the South Burnett Regional Council which has agreed to discuss the issue at its next council meeting.

Let’s hope it backs up its support with appropriate funding like the Avon Region.

There currently is no official process to declare a town motorcycle friendly as there is with becoming RV Friendly. Check out their criteria here.

However, it is believed that may change in the future.

By the way, the Crows Nest Motorcycle Friendly Town cake and Biker’s Brew were both delicious!

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How to overtake on a motorcycle

Mon, 06/03/2017 - 5:00am

One of the great joys and advantages of riding a motorcycle is being able to quickly, efficiently and safely overtake slower vehicles.

However, there are right and wrong ways to do it.

It would seem like a fairly simple task, but many riders get it wrong from both safety and legal issues.

Many riders follow too closely before overtaking, pass too closely to the vehicle and cut in too soon in front.

Following distance

We have already covered reasons riders tailgate other motorists.


There is no need to follow closely to overtake quickly.

You can sit a safe distance behind a vehicle and, thanks to the rapid acceleration of a motorcycle, overtake them in a short space of time.

Sitting back from a vehicle allows them to see your headlight in their mirrors.

It’s a good idea to switch wheel tracks a couple of times or gently weave around in your lane so the driver is alerted to your presence.

Another reason not to follow too closely is that it obscures your forward vision.

Sit further back and you will be able to see a longer and safer distance down the road to check for oncoming traffic and other obstacles such as road surface problems, stray livestock or wildlife.

Wheel tracks Move to the right wheel track

Before overtaking, move to the driver’s side wheel track, a little outside the edge of the vehicle in front.

This will put you in the driver’s wing mirror, give you a good vision of the road ahead and allow approaching traffic to see you.

You not only need to scan the road ahead for approaching traffic and obstacles, but also for turnoffs.

These can be side streets or property entrances that the driver may suddenly decide to take without indicating.

Passing manoeuvre

Before overtaking, check your own mirrors to see if you are being overtaken!

Start your indicators for a couple of seconds before moving, but don’t wait too long or other traffic may believe you have accidentally hit your indicators.

When you start to overtake, move immediately into the farthest wheel track from the vehicle.

Don’t sit in the closest wheel track as you will be in the driver’s blind spot.

Too close!

Riding in the farthest wheel track from the vehicle you are overtaking gives you the biggest buffer in case the driver decides to overtake a vehicle in front of them or suddenly turns across in front of you.

Also, if the vehicle you are passing has a blowout, you will be farther away from any shrapnel.

Even the farthest wheel track may still be in the driver’s blind spot, so you need to accelerate swiftly up to the point where you are right alongside the driver.

Now that the driver has seen you, start moving into the closer wheel track while you accelerate past.

While you should avoid speeding, I would rather break the law and speed for a short time and clear the vehicle than sit alongside for a long period as you crawl past.

The shortest time you can spend heading toward oncoming traffic, the better and safer!

When you start to move in, it is a legal requirement to indicate again.

Cutting back in

I’ve seen many riders cut in sharply after overtaking a vehicle.

Sometimes it is done in anger or frustration after being held up by an inconsiderate driver.

However, there is no point in road rage. Besides, it is illegal to cut in close on a vehicle you have passed.

Once in front of the vehicle, stay in the driver’s wheel track and claim the lane.

However, if you are being followed in your overtaking manoeuvre by another motorcycle, move int the passenger wheel track to allow the other rider to slip in quickly.

When you’ve passed, don’t slow down. Continue to ride at your faster pace, having regard for the speed limits, of course!

Passing another motorcycle

It is legal in many jurisdictions to pass a motorcycle in the same lane.

In fact, it may also be legal in your area for two motorcycles to share a lane and for a third to overtake in that lane.

However, three motorcycles beside each other in one lane is dangerous.

Since riders often move from wheel track to wheel track within a lane, it is important that the rider you are about to pass knows you are there.

Maybe give them a quick honk on the horn to alert them.


Avoid undertaking. It is illegal in many countries — for good reason — even on multi-lane roads.

While motorists on multi-lane highways may expect people to pass on the driver’s side, they may not be aware of a bike passing on the passenger side and may suddenly move over on you.

Similarly, riders won’t expect another rider to pass up the inside, especially in the same lane!

Thank-you wave

I often give the driver of the vehicle I have passed a polite wave.

It’s not only good karma, but it might also prevent them from tailgating you.

It might also make them more aware of motorcycles and more likely to move over or slow down to let riders overtake in the future.

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What should you buy as your first bike?

Sun, 05/03/2017 - 4:00pm

Selecting your first bike is important as a good experience will lead to a lifetime of joy, while a bad experience may end your two-wheel career.

I’m often asked by young people what bike they should buy first up.

Thankfully, there is a wide choice now with the Learner-Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS).

However, the options they give me lead me to believe they want me to make a lifestyle choice for them, rather tell them which is the best of a particular type.

For example, I was asked by a young wannabe rider whether they should buy a Kawasaki Ninja 300 or a Kawasaki Versys 650L.

Clearly they were in love with the lime green brand, but their problem was the type of bike and riding they wanted to do.

Instead, I expected he would ask which is the best in the 300cc sports bike range or which is the best learner-approved adventure bike.

My answer to this question would have been that it really doesn’t matter. Bikes these days are pretty close on spec and very competitive on price.

Often, it will come down to your choice of brand.

If you really want that exotic brand such as Ducati, Harley or BMW, you are in luck as they all have LAMS options.

So here are my five tips:


Don’t buy a cheap Asian knockoff model. Buy a known brand with a reputation for reliability, a good dealer network and warranty support.

During the scooter craze about a decade ago, a lot of cheap Chinese scooters flooded the market. They broke down and were discarded and a lot of would-be riders are now driving cars instead.


Get the cheapest of the known brands.

Sadly, you are likely to drop your bike or damage it in some way, even if it’s scuffing the tank with your belt buckle or the triple clamp with your keyring.

Veteran riders know not to do this, but you are bound to make some basic errors which leave your bike damaged.

Better to damage a cheaper bike than an expensive one.

Besides, you may only keep your learner bike a year or two before moving up.

That’s not because you will outgrow your bike.

LAMS bikes are up to 650cc and may suit you for some time. However, you may change your mind about what sort of riding you want to do or you may seek a more powerful bike.

And don’t blow your entire budget on the bike. You’ll need about $2000 for decent riding gear and insurance which will be hefty as you are a novice rider!


Good riding training will inspire confidence on just about any bike height.

However, most novices feel more comfortable on a bike that is low enough for them to put both feet flat on the ground when stopped.

Check out our guide to seat heights:

What are the lowest motorbike seats?

You should also sit on the bike before buying. Two bikes with the same seat height will feel different. A narrower seat will make it easier to touch the ground.


Just as a low height can inspire confidence, so will a lighter bike.

Check the tech specs of the bikes you are considering and lean toward the lightest.

Again, like the seat, two bikes with the same weight can feel different.

A cruiser with a lower centre of gravity will actually feel lighter and have better balance than a sports or adventure bike with a higher centre of gravity.

2017 Harley-Davidson Street 500 5 PURPOSE

Get it clear in your mind what you want to do with your bike.

Is it for commuting, cafe “racing”, showing off to your mates, touring, adventuring through the bush or weekend rides in the mountains.

There are bikes suitable for each purpose. There are also multi-purpose bikes that all do several of these, but they will always be a compromise.


Ask a friend or send us an email. Seek the advice of more mature riders, rather than your peers.

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Virtual reality threatens motorcycles

Sun, 05/03/2017 - 5:00am

Virtual reality computer games may just spell the end of motorcycles as they prevent young people from throwing a leg over a motorcycle.

Rather than playing games, true riders would prefer to be riding, cleaning their bike, maintaining it, reading about bikes in a mag or on this website, or dreaming about their next bike.

However, it must be getting more and more difficult to get kids on to bikes when computer games are now so realistic and virtual reality is now so affordable.

Why run the risks of falling off or being t-boned by a SMIDSY idiot when you can sit in the safety and comfort of your bedroom and get your virtual knee down?

Unrealistic and wrong

Computer games have never moved me. I just don’t get it.

Recently, I was completing a Sudoku on my iPad — it’s not a game, but a mental exercise! — when an ad appeared for some computer game where you use your finger to move things around a battlefield.

This is supposed to be fun?

In what parallel universe is that any fun?

I’ve also played several motorcycle computer games, but, try as they might, the programs are just not realistic.

They are also often wrong.

For example, the screen rotating from side to side while you corner is simply wrong. You should always keep your head vertical when cornering and let your body and the bike lean!

Don’t these programmers even ride?

Unrealistic racing game Virtual reality

Anyway, that is old-style gaming. Virtual reality has virtually changed the whole game.

Now gamers can totally immerse themselves.

They can race on the world’s greatest circuits next to Valentino Rossi, ride trails through the Rockies and perform stunts greater than Robbie Maddison.

And now prices have been dropped by about a third, making them much more accessible!

Oculus Rift virtual reality drops price

Ok, virtual reality gamers don’t cop the wind blast, the heat on their legs from the headers, the whiff of unspent fuel, the vibe from the engine, the G forces of an endo, the gut-churning feeling of hitting gravel mid-corner, or the sheer childish thrill of performing a wheelie outside the cop shop.

So how are we ever going to get these youngsters hooked on riding?

We desperately need the younger generation to become motorcyclists or the research and development for new models will dry up!

So I give thanks to the hipsters of the world.

MBW and a hipster

They may not be into bikes for the same reasons we were at their age, but at least they are into them and not sitting in their bedrooms playing with themselves … or gaming against opponents online!

At least chopping and dicing a motorcycle into a brat street tracker or scrambler cannot be attained on a computer screen.

Or can it?

  • What motorcycle computer games do you play and are they realistic? Leave your comments below.

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KTM 390 Duke adds tech and style

Sat, 04/03/2017 - 4:00pm

The 2017 KTM 390 Duke arrival in Australia has been pushed back to late May. It will cost an extra $990, but will have more tech features and stunning styling like its biggest brother.

The new model is now $6995 (+ on road costs), but has a host of changes.

They include: bigger 13.5-litre metal fuel tank up from 11 litres, a new orange and white trellis frame, ride-by-wire throttle, TFT instrument display, LED headlight, larger 320mm front disc brake, new exhaust and looks more like the biggest and baddest naked KTM, the 1290 Super Duke.

The 390 Duke has sadly never reached its potential in Australia, although last year, it increased sales 28.2% to 391, while KTM road bikes also showed a spike of 22.2% to 1656.

It sits behind the Yamaha MT-03 but ahead of the Honda CB500F.

That could change with the 2017 model which has sharper and bolder styling highlighted by the 20-piece LED headlight replacing the old halogen light. It also has a more modern LED taillight.

KTM has also improved the ergonomics with a bigger rider saddle section.

Apart from the styling, the biggest attraction is the longer range from the now-metal fuel tank.

Together with the more comfortable saddle it means longer trips aboard the new bike.

KTM claims the ride-by-wire throttle and Bosch engine management give better fuelling and throttle response.

Braking is also improved with a 320mm front disc and there is now a slipper clutch to prevent rear wheel lock-ups under downshifts.

Otherwise, the six-speed transmission and 375cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine are the same with 32kW and 37Nm of torque.

It now comes with a TFT instrument display rather than the old digital instruments, plus handlebar-mounted controls and KTM’s My Ride app to allow you to connect to an android phone to the bike.

However, it remains to be seen whether this budget novice end of the market wants all that hi-tech and a premium price tag.

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Marc Marquez scooters in the snow

Sat, 04/03/2017 - 5:45am

Triple MotoGP champion Marc Marquez has taken to the snow again and this time, not on an RC213V-S race bike, but this time on a scooter!

Marc rode the specially equipped Honda X-ADV adventure through the snow at Hahnenkamm mountain in Kitzbuehel, Austria.

The adventure scooter was unveiled last year at the Milan motorcycle show and is now confirmed for European markets.

However,  the X-ADV won’t be coming to Australia. At least for now.

Honda Motorcycles Australia spokesperson Kristy Ganter says “I can advise that currently there are no plans to release this model in  Australia”.

That doesn’t mean it won’t ever come here. They may test the market first.

The X-ADV is claimed to have a tough chassis, long-travel suspension, four-piston radial-mount brakes and a 745cc twin-cylinder engine driving through Dual Clutch Transmission.

It is also equipped with a five-level adjustable screen, underseat storage space for an off-road style helmet, hand guards, rally-style instrument display, centre stand, and the Honda Smart Key system.

Of course, this one had snow tyres!

It follows Marc Marquez’s recent ride on the RC213V-S.

What’s next for the triple champ; a ski jump on a Honda Lead?

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Desert record holder aims for 2018 Dakar

Sat, 04/03/2017 - 5:00am

A Brisbane teacher who is the record holder for a double crossing of the Simpson Desert in a single day is heading to the United Arab Emirates to prepare for the 20-18 Dakar Rally.

Trevor Wilson, 26, joined Scott Britnell last year for his assault on the record. Scott crashed, but he encouraged Trevor to continue.

Trevor and Scott before their desert crossing

Trevor eventually became the record holder for the one-day ride from Birdsville to Mt Dare and back with just 22 minutes to spare. 

His GPS and both trip meters broke on the return leg, he missed the second backup fuel drop after skipping the first to save time and ran out of fuel 15km from town then used half a cup full that was left sloshing in the bottom of the fuel bladder to nurse into town.

Now the Simpson Desert record holder is heading to the UAE for the 2500km Desert Challenge from March 29-April 6, to qualify for the Dakar and as part of his gruelling preparation and training.

Watch Trevor’s training video put together by Nathan Reed.

“For the past three months I have been flying down to Newcastle each weekend to train in the sand dunes on Stockton Beach to prepare myself for the conditions,” he says.

“We have been out in the heatwave on 41C days training intentionally in the heat, heading into the mountains doing 600km navigational road books to prepare for navigation, running along the sand dunes to increase our fitness.”

He also runs and does weights every weekday, cycles every other day and rides from 3am before work.

“Every hour has been used to prepare the best of my ability to compete well,” he says. 

Trevor says he has dreamed of competing in the Dakar since he was a child.

“Ever since I was a child I would watch the Dakar Rally on SBS and I always had a dream of seeing myself on the podium to start the rally,” he says.

He has entered with the race team HT Rally Raid and will ride a KTM 450 Rallye Factory Replica.

Trevor on his KTM (Photo by Brandon Tanner)

Other Australians competing in the UAE event who have been training with Trevor are James Ferguson and Lee Stephens.

Meanwhile, check out Scott Britnell’s preparations for the 2018 Dakar Rally.

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Does BMW R nineT Scrambler scramble?

Fri, 03/03/2017 - 4:00pm

As a styling exercise the BMW R nineT Scrambler has a lot of appeal, but how does it perform and will it actual scramble?

I much prefer the look of the R nineT Scrambler version over the standard model and any of the other three upcoming versions: Pure, Racer and Urban G/S.

It’s also the cheapest at $19,150 compared with the standard R nineT ($22,490 – $24,315)  or the Pure ($17,690 – $21,445) and Racer ($19,150 – $22,655) which arrive in March. But it’s the same price as the Urban G/S arriving in May.

But does the R nineT Scrambler actually scramble?

I have ridden the R nineT and was impressed with its performance and nimble handling, but I only had a short road ride around Mt Macedon on the Scrambler version.

Gruntmeister boxer

They share the same “gruntmeister” boxer engine which is now Euro4 compliant without any drop in power (81kW) , but slightly less torque (116Nm down from 119Nm). However, I defy anyone to notice the torque drop.

This monster pulls like a draught horse on steroids and will hoist the front wheel in the first three gears just with a hefty use of throttle.

While the gears are a little clunky and can be reluctant to go into first, you don’t need to be in the right gear for instant throttle response. Just ride the torque tidal wave in any revs in any gear.

It’s an addictive engine that I loved when I owned the last of the air/oil-cooled R 1200 GS models.

The R nineT Scrambler also comes standard with a beautiful standard Akrapovic exhaust upswept bound the rider and pillions legs so it doesn’t burn you. It also has one of the most beautiful tones of any standard exhaust.

While I am excited by the boxer engine in these lighter R nineT models, I was initially not totally enthusiastic with the Scrambler’s road manners.

Road manners

With that 19-inch front wheel and raked-out forks, it felt slow to turn in and difficult to change direction on a set of twisties.

The Scrambler’s non-adjustable suspension also felt a bit taut and unforgiving while the rear end seemed to flop into corners.

So BMW Motorrad Australia boss Andreas Lundgren organised a review bike for me through Motorline BMW at Daisy Hill for a week to see if I would change my mind.

I was very enthusiastic and keen to get that gorgeous bike a little dirty.

Out on the highway, the bike is a solid and stable as a rock, unshaken by wind blasts from trucks with steady steering thanks to the rake and the non-adjustable steering damper.

If it weren’t for the hard seat, I could easily tour for hours on the R nineT Scrambler.

The seat is 820mm high which might seem tall, but it’s very narrow and most people’s feet should comfortably reach the ground.

Head for the hills

Then I headed to the hills and the bumpy country roads in Brisbane’s hinterland.

As I shifted around in the saddle, the seat didn’t seem as hard or uncomfortable.

Over time, I grew used to the fact that you have to manhandle the bike to get it to turn which is easy thanks to the wide bars. You just have to learn to give them a good counter-steering nudge.

If you hold your elbows out wide, you can also get it to change direction quickly.

And that big hoop on the front maintains a stable line through corners where you can hold a deep lean angle before your toes start touching down.

The demo bike was shod with knobby Karoo tyres which made the front a little vague, but standard tyres should be better.

Brakes  re different to the standard R nineT which has strong bite and effect. By comparison, these feel a little mushy and unresponsive at first, but if you give them a good squeeze, they perform very well with minimal front-end dive and no fade.

After a while, I was being quite brutal with the steering and braking inputs and the Scrambler simply followed orders and made short work of the twisting mountain circuit.

So once you get used to riding it, the R nineT Scrambler is quite a decent canyon carver. Not the sharpest tool for the job, but more than capable.

And you always have that monster torque to fire you out of corners.

Getting down and dirty

Then I hit the dirt.

What a revelation!

Suddenly the front didn’t feel vague at all. It felt precise and grippy.

The taut suspension now soaked up the sharp bumps and even ironed out those annoying inside-corner corrugations that usually make the forks stutter and the bike steer wide.

The brakes also made much more sense on the dirt without initial bite. Instead, they have good progressive feel for use on a loose surface.

I rode the R nineT Scrambler for a while across smooth country dirt roads having an absolute blast, going faster and faster through corners I would normally take with much more caution.

As I became more aggressive, I decided to switch off the ABS and $450 optional traction control using the handy button on the left handlebar.

To switch off ABS, you have to stop but you can switch the traction control on and off while riding.

I performed a few emergency stops with and without ABS but I couldn’t beat the ABS stopping distance. It seems to be set up just right for loose gravel roads.

So I left it on.

The traction control allows a little bit of slip, but it bogs down too soon and on a couple of hairy steep ascents, it actually stalled the bike.

So traction control stayed off for the duration on the dirt.

I stopped on several occasions to take photos and used the kill switch to stop the engine, rather than the key as that resets ABS and traction control to being on.

And oh what fun I had.

That gruntmeister boxer allows controlled and prolonged power slides. It doesn’t alarmingly snap into sideways action, but comes on in a sweep that most riders can easily control.

After a while, you find yourself spinning the back wheel even on the straights, just for the sheer thrill.

On the smooth country dirt roads, the R nineT Scrambler make so much sense. No need to stop when the tar runs out. In fact, drop a gear, turn off traction control, spin the back tyre and enjoy.

Adventure riding

As my week’s rides became more adventurous, I chose more difficult roads until I finally climbed quite a steep and gravelly track to the summit of Mt Tarampa.

The lack of a sump guard and limited clearance make progress slow and steady on bumpy tracks like this, but it can be done with a steady hand.

My excitement at summiting the mountain soon turned to fear as I realised I had to descend the same steep track with its fist-sized rocks.

I nearly dropped the bike on several occasions because first gear is too tall. In fact, I stalled it a couple of times by braking too much.

So I decided to pull the clutch in and roll down the hill using only the brakes with ABS engaged.

It worked. The ABS actually allowed it to roll over the rocks when it started to slip.

With its limited clearance and lack of engine protection, the R nineT Scrambler is no GS. However, it will handle some single track if you take it slowly, especially with decent knobby tyres.

In a couple of patches of very loose and deep gravel and some sand the steering felt too light. An adjustable steering damper would be handy.

I also didn’t stand up often as the bars are too low, the tank too slippery to grip with your knees and the narrow foot pegs – the same ones they’ve been using for years on the F 650 GS – are too far back.

But it’s ok for short stints standing up over tricky sections.

Otherwise, sit down, put your foot out speedway-style and have fun power sliding the beast.

Budget model

The R nineT Scrambler is the cheapest model and you can see where the cuts are made.

They include telescopic forks instead of upside-down forks, although they seem to work really well, especially over stutters and corrugations.

Another budget item is the single instrument pod. It has an LCD screen with some information, but not the all-important fuel gauge. I’d rather a fuel gauge than an engine temperature readout.

However, with a lean burn and economy in the low 5L/100km area, you won’t need to fill the 17-litre tank for at least 300km, depending on how much thirsty off-road work or power-sliding you do.

While I’m complaining about minor issues, the auto indicators take too long to switch off.


There is a host of BMW factory accessories for the R nineT Scrambler, including a solo seat with short luggage rack. Just dismount the rear frame section.

Other options include cross-spoke wheels, traction control, heated grips, LED indicators, aluminium fuel tank, chrome-plated manifold, raised seat, lowered suspension, alarm system, comfort seat, tacho, headlight grille, engine guard, Scrambler windshield and luggage.

No-cost options include knobby tyres and a higher seat.

There are also Akropovic sports exhausts (titanium slip-on muffler  $1139 and full system $3100, plus labour to fit), but the standard model is made by Akrapovi and sounds just great.

BMW also has a series of “Machined Parts” made for them by Roland Sands Design of LA.

The Machined Parts include: cylinder head covers ($3000), oil filler neck lid ($150), belt cover ($1600), headlight cover ($900), handlebar end cover ($200), rear axle cover ($300), bevel gear bearing cover ($100), swinging-arm pivot mount cover ($200).

If you buy them all separately, they will cost $6450, but if you buy the lot as a package, it’s only $4500, saving you $1950.

BMW says more RSD products are being developed.


After a week of running to the cafe, up the mountain, around town, out on the highway and into the bush with some tricky single-track thrown into the mix, I think I’ve found the perfect compromise tool for almost all occasions.

It’s not tall and heavy like a GS, it’s not a race-track machine like the SS and it’s not an all-day tourer like the RT.

Instead, the R nineT Scrambler is a stylish machine that is comfortable in most situations and will allow you to do some exploring on Australia’s many unsealed roads.

Unfortunately, it’s so flexible, stylish, practical and torquey that I want one. Badly! I’d sell a kidney for one. Or at least a couple of my current bikes!

BMW R nineT Scrambler
  • Price: $19150 (+orc)
  • Engine: 1170cc, eight-valve boxer twin
  • Bore x stroke: 101 x 73mm
  • Power: 81kW (110hp) @ 7750rpm
  • Torque: 116Nm @ 6000rpm
  • Compression: 12.0:1
  • Fuel: 17-litre tank, premium unleaded (95-98 RON)
  • Economy: 5.3L/100km
  • Transmission: 6-speed, shaft drive, hydraulic dry clutch
  • Suspension: Telescopic 43mm fork with 125mm travel, BMW Paralever swingers with 140mm travel
  • Wheelbase: 1527mm
  • Brakes: hydraulic, 320/265mm discs, switchable ABS
  • Wheels: 3.0 x 19”; 4.5 x 17” cast alloy
  • Tyres: 120/70 ZR19; 170/60 ZR17
  • Length: 2175mm
  • Width: 880mm
  • Seat: 820mm
  • Wet weight: 220kg
  • Supplied by: Motorline BMW

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First aid course returns to Queensland

Fri, 03/03/2017 - 12:00pm

The First Aid for Motorcyclists course founders are heading north to Queensland again to run their important courses in several centres from March.

Motorbike Writer is a proud sponsor of the course which has toured the country and set up trainers in several centres.

The course was put together by Tracy Hughes and partner Roger Fance who are highly qualified and experienced first aiders and dedicated Ducatisti!

They are based in NSW, but still tour the country to provide the course for riders around the nation.

Tracey and Roger hit the road

The course is specific to motorcycle crashes and varies from other first-aid courses. Even trained medical staff have found the course useful for the specifics of a motorcycle crash.

Costs are $85 per person and Ulysses members get a 50% rebate.

Queensland course schedule


  • MARCH 5th sold out
  • JUNE 17th

Where: Palm Beach Sports Club

Time:10:45am – 3:30pm
Cost:  $85 

Book Online: BOOK NOW  

Contact: Roger 0427 464 266


  • MARCH 11th
  • JUNE 3rd

Where: Brothers Leagues Club

Time:10:45am – 3:30pm
Cost:  $85 

Book Online: BOOK NOW  

Contact: Roger 0427 464 266


  • MARCH 12th
  • JUNE 4th 

Where: Ipswich Country Club

Time:10:45am – 3:30pm
Cost: $85 

Book Online: BOOK NOW  

Contact: Roger 0427 464 266


  • MARCH 26th
  • JUNE 11th

Where: Kawana Surf Club

Time:10:45am – 3:30pm
Cost: $85 

Book Online: BOOK NOW  

Contact: Roger 0427 464 266


  • APRIL 29th
  • AUGUST 12th
  • TBA 

Where: The Ocean International Hotel

Time:11:00am – 3:30pm
Cost: $85 

Book Online: BOOK NOW  

Contact: Charles 0400 051 211


  • MARCH 11th
  • MAY 13th
  • OCTOBER 14th 

Where: School of Arts Building

Time:11:00am – 3:30pm
Cost:  $85 

Book Online: BOOK NOW  

Contact: Charles 0400 051 211


  • MAY 14th 
  • OCTOBER 15th 

Where: Frenchville Sports Club

Time:11:00am – 3:30pm
Cost: $85 

Book Online: BOOK NOW  

Contact: Charles 0400 051 211


  • SEPTEMBER 9th  
  • TBA

Where: Townsville Yacht Club

Time:11:00am – 3:30pm
Cost: $85 

Book Online: BOOK NOW  

Contact: Charles 0400 051 211


  • SEPTEMBER 10th

Where: Brothers Leagues Club

Time:11:00am – 3:30pm
Cost: $85 

Book Online: BOOK NOW  

Contact: Charles 0400 051 211

The course is also sponsored by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and well supported by Motorcycle Councils in each state, rider training providers Stay Upright and HART, Motorcycle Riders Associations in Queensland and ACT, plus Harley-Davidson Australia HOG Chapters.

Their half-day course is not designed to turn participants into medical practitioners. It’s designed to help riders manage a motorcycle accident scene and manage the casualties, rather than treat them.

“The main aim is to preserve life and hold the fort until the cavalry arrives,” says Roger.

Topics include such things as emergency helmet removal, moving a casualty away from danger, picking up a motorbike, emergency communications in remote areas, legal aspects of providing first aid, accident prevention and techniques such as fatigue management and group riding guidelines.

Motorbike Writer strongly urges every rider to do their First Aid for Motorcyclist course.

You can contact Roger for bookings and more information on 0427 464 266.


Tracey with husband Roger playing the casualty

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Shire may become motorcycle friendly

Fri, 03/03/2017 - 5:00am

The South Burnett Regional Council in South-East Queensland could be the first shire to declare itself motorcycle friendly.

It follows the towns of Bicheno in Tasmania, Texas and Crows Nest in Queensland and Wauchope in NSW plus the Avon Valley region near Perth which have all declared themselves motorcycle friendly in recent years.

Motorbike Writer is proud to have helped some of these communities throw out the welcome mat to riders.

We were on the Texas Motorcycle Friendly Committee from which Wauchope drew their plan and have advised Crows Nest which officially launches as a Motorcycle Friendly Town on Sunday.

Riders are invited to attend the official Crows Nest ceremony from 10am in the town square with a parade and scenic rides to follow.

Texas Motorcycle Friendly Town launch

Motorbike Writer also recently consulted with the South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell, Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff and relevant council members on what being motorcycle friendly involves.

While there is an official process for declaring a town RV friendly, there is currently no such official process or representative body to declare a town, shire or region motorcycle friendly.

All it really takes is for the local authorities to embrace the concept, erect some welcoming signage, allocate motorcycle-only parking, produce motorcycle tourist brochures and suggested route maps, and advise local businesses on how they can make riders welcome.

Shire discusses proposal

Mayor Campbell says they have agreed to discuss the whole shire becoming motorcycle friendly at next month’s Council meeting.

Quaint towns of the South Burnett

He credited the idea to Harley rider and menswear shop owner Mark Smith of Murgon.

Mark contacted Motorbike Writer to discuss the project and we later conferred with the Mayor and representatives.

Mayor Campbell says the South Burnett has many motorcycle-friendly drives available through a variety of landscapes with low traffic volumes. They include the Bunya Mountains and several crossings of the Great Dividing Range.

Bunya Mountains scenery

“From Council’s point of view, this is another tourism market we should encourage,” he says.

“We already encourage inland tourists, caravanners and people who want a fishing holiday to visit us. Motorcyclists should be just as welcome.”

Tourism Queensland has estimated that motorcycle tourists spend up to $160 a day in local communities on food, drink, accommodation, fuel and necessities, while caravaners are more self-contained and only spend about $40 a day.

There is also discussion of Armidale in NSW and Echuca in Victoria joining the parade of Motorcycle Friendly towns. Do you know of any other regions considering welcoming riders?

  • Do we need an official process or representative body to formalise declaration of motorcycle friendly status, or are we just happy for communities to embrace us? Have your say in the comments section below.
Northern approach to the Bunya Mts

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Indian electrics and scramblers coming?

Thu, 02/03/2017 - 4:00pm

When Polaris pulled the pin on Victory Motorcycles in January to concentrate on Indian, they suggested they could make electric bikes, but could there also be scramblers?

Now Polaris vice-present of motorcycles Steve Menneto has gone further and confirmed they will produce an electric Indian within five years and also smaller capacity Indian bikes.

He expects this expansion to grow their motorcycle revenue to $1 billion in the next five years from $708.5 million last year.

The five-year plan electric bike plan seems to coincide with when Harley-Davidson plans to produce their electric Livewire for sale.

In 2015, Polaris bought Brammo electric bikes and rebadged them as the Victory Empulse TT. Now it seems they may be rebadged again as Indian.

Victory Empulse TT electric motorcycle

However, Steve says they will have a much higher range of up to 225km, up from the current range of 120km.

He didn’t mention price, but the Victory Empulse sells in the US from $19,999.

Future products

Previously, Steve suggested “future products and markets will develop, both on-road and off-road”.

“What will change are those efforts will transfer over time to Indian in the two-wheel space and Slingshot in the three-wheel space,” he said.

Now he has confirmed the electric Indian, but there is no word on an electric Slingshot.

He has also now confirmed Indian will produce smaller-capacity bikes.

There was no confirmation of size or type, but he had previously mentioned “off-road”, so we wonder if they may be looking at the growing adventure or scrambler markets.

Now that would be something … an Indian Scout Scrambler that really could scout!

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How Trump is wrong about Harley-Davidson

Thu, 02/03/2017 - 11:00am

President Trump mentioned Harley-Davidson in a recent address to Congress, but as usual, he seems to have the story all wrong.

Fake news!

Last month Harley execs met Trump on the White House lawns with five of their Touring motorcycles.

“They wanted me to ride one, and I said ‘No thank you.’,” he told Congress.

There seems to be no record of Trump ever having ridden a motorcycle and the last thing he would want right now is an excuse for the media to lampoon him … he’s doing a good enough job of that himself.

“At our meeting, I asked them, how are you doing, how is business? They said that it’s good,” Trump told Congress in his hour-long speech.

“I asked them further how they are doing with other countries, mainly international sales. They told me – without even complaining because they have been mistreated for so long that they have become used to it – that it is very hard to do business with other countries because they tax our goods at such a high rate. They said that in one case another country taxed their motorcycles at 100%.

“They weren’t even asking for change. But I am.

“I believe strongly in free trade but it also has to be fair trade,” Trump said.

Where Trump is wrong

Of course Harley didn’t complain.

Their international sales are up 2.3%. In fact, in India, where they face a 100% import duty, their sales have almost trebled in the past year.

Furthermore, the company now manufacturers Street 500 and 750 models in India to avoid the duty.

Harley Street 750 and 500

By the way, that duty is not just imposed on Harley-Davidsons, but all bikes over 800cc. India is a crowded and polluted place and the duty is imposed to restrict large vehicles.

Also, the $1 million in tariffs India collected on Harley, Indian and Victory motorcycles in 2015 is about the same as the tariffs the US collects every year on Indian clothing products, alone.

Trouble at home

In fact, where Harley is not doing well is within America, in particular with Trump supporters. The US President didn’t mention that.

Harley still has a little over 50% of domestic road bike sales, but it is gradually reducing because their major buyer is the ageing white male. Interestingly, these represent a high proportion of Trump supporters.

Harley has identified that to grow its sales in the USA, it needs to reach out to women, Hispanics, black African Americans and young people. Interestingly, these represent a high proportion of Trump detractors.

US import duties

While Trump complains about tariffs imposed on American goods overseas being higher than they impose on imported goods, he also didn’t mention the US push for a 100% duty on motorcycles.

The Office of United States Trade Representative (USTR) is planning to introduce a tariff of 100% or more on European motorcycles with an engine capacity of 51cc-500cc.

The push is the result of a trade war between the European Community and the United States over hormones used by US farmers in beef cattle.

It seems motorcycles have a new purpose – political footballs.

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Yamaha recalls R3 and MT-03 again

Thu, 02/03/2017 - 6:34am

Yamaha has again recalled its MT-03 and R3 learner-approved motorcycles over two new issues regarding the fuel tank and electrics.

It follows a recall in July 2016 over a transmission problem which could cause an engine seizure.

The two new voluntary safety recalls issued through the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission are for the following defects:

1. Engine vibration transmitted to the fuel tank may cause the spot weld of the bracket to break. If it does, fuel could leak.

2. Corrosion of the switch electrical terminals may develop due to water contamination, causing a loss of electrical power and engine stalling. 

R3 and MT-03 owners will be contacted by mail and advised to contact their nearest Yamaha dealer to arrange an inspection and repair of the motorcycle.

If the bike has a second or subsequent owner, they may be unknown to Yamaha, so Motorbike Writer publishes all recall notices.

The VIN numbers of affected R3 and MT-03 motorcycles are listed at the end of this article.

In the previous recall over transmission problems, the bikes affected can be identified by their frame numbers:

  • YZF-R3A 2015 ~ 2016 – RH072 – 001001-004480
  • MT03LA 2016 – RH07L – 001001-001800

    Yamaha R3 


Recall notices are issued by the manufacturer through a voluntary industry code under the ACCC.

Despite hundreds of recalls by various automotive manufacturers, none has ever been mandatory.  All have been issued by the manufacturer.

While any recall is not good news for the manufacturer, it shows that they are largely diligent in fixing problems.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• UK

• New Zealand

• Canada

R3 and MT-03 VINs MH3RH0720FB001008 MH3RH0720FB001011 MH3RH0720FB001025 MH3RH0720FB001039 MH3RH0720FB001042 MH3RH0720FB001073 MH3RH0720FB001090 MH3RH0720FB001123 MH3RH0720FB001137 MH3RH0720FB001154 MH3RH0720FB001168 MH3RH0720FB001171 MH3RH0720FB001185 MH3RH0720FB001199 MH3RH0720FB001204 MH3RH0720FB001218 MH3RH0720FB001221 MH3RH0720FB001249 MH3RH0720FB001283 MH3RH0720FB001297 MH3RH0720FB001302 MH3RH0720FB001316 MH3RH0720FB001333 MH3RH0720FB001347 MH3RH0720FB001350 MH3RH0720FB001364 MH3RH0720FB001378 MH3RH0720FB001381 MH3RH0720FB001395 MH3RH0720FB001400 MH3RH0720FB001414 MH3RH0720FB001428 MH3RH0720FB001431 MH3RH0720FB001445 MH3RH0720FB001459 MH3RH0720FB001462 MH3RH0720FB001476 MH3RH0720FB001493 MH3RH0720FB001509 MH3RH0720FB001512 MH3RH0720FB001526 MH3RH0720FB001543 MH3RH0720FB001557 MH3RH0720FB001560 MH3RH0720FB001574 MH3RH0720FB001588 MH3RH0720FB001591 MH3RH0720FB001607 MH3RH0720FB001610 MH3RH0720FB001624 MH3RH0720FB001638 MH3RH0720FB001641 MH3RH0720FB001655 MH3RH0720FB001669 MH3RH0720FB001672 MH3RH0720FB001686 MH3RH0720FB001705 MH3RH0720FB001719 MH3RH0720FB001722 MH3RH0720FB001736 MH3RH0720FB001753 MH3RH0720FB001770 MH3RH0720FB001784 MH3RH0720FB001798 MH3RH0720FB001803 MH3RH0720FB001817 MH3RH0720FB001820 MH3RH0720FB001834 MH3RH0720FB001848 MH3RH0720FB001851 MH3RH0720FB001865 MH3RH0720FB001879 MH3RH0720FB001882 MH3RH0720FB001896 MH3RH0720FB001901 MH3RH0720FB001915 MH3RH0720FB001929 MH3RH0720FB001932 MH3RH0720FB001946 MH3RH0720FB001963 MH3RH0720FB001977 MH3RH0720FB001980 MH3RH0720FB001994 MH3RH0720FB002000 MH3RH0720FB002028 MH3RH0720FB002031 MH3RH0720FB002045 MH3RH0720FB002059 MH3RH0720FB002076 MH3RH0720FB002112 MH3RH0720FB002126 MH3RH0720FB002143 MH3RH0720FB002157 MH3RH0720FB002160 MH3RH0720FB002174 MH3RH0720FB002188 MH3RH0720FB002191 MH3RH0720FB002207 MH3RH0720FB002210 MH3RH0720FB002224 MH3RH0720FB002241 MH3RH0720FB002269 MH3RH0720FB002272 MH3RH0720FB002286 MH3RH0720FB002305 MH3RH0720FB002319 MH3RH0720FB002322 MH3RH0720FB002336 MH3RH0720FB002353 MH3RH0720FB002367 MH3RH0720FB002370 MH3RH0720FB002384 MH3RH0720FB002398 MH3RH0720FB002403 MH3RH0720FB002417 MH3RH0720FB002420 MH3RH0720FB002434 MH3RH0720FB002448 MH3RH0720FB002451 MH3RH0720FB002465 MH3RH0720FB002479 MH3RH0720FB002482 MH3RH0720FB002496 MH3RH0720FB002501 MH3RH0720FB002515 MH3RH0720FB002529 MH3RH0720FB002532 MH3RH0720FB002546 MH3RH0720FB002563 MH3RH0720FB002577 MH3RH0720FB002580 MH3RH0720FB002613 MH3RH0720FB002627 MH3RH0720FB002644 MH3RH0720FB002658 MH3RH0720FB002661 MH3RH0720FB002675 MH3RH0720FB002689 MH3RH0720FB002692 MH3RH0720FB002708 MH3RH0720FB002711 MH3RH0720FB002725 MH3RH0720FB002739 MH3RH0720FB002742 MH3RH0720FB002756 MH3RH0720GB002807 MH3RH0720GB002810 MH3RH0720GB002824 MH3RH0720GB002838 MH3RH0720GB002841 MH3RH0720GB002869 MH3RH0720GB002872 MH3RH0720GB002919 MH3RH0720GB002922 MH3RH0720GB002936 MH3RH0720GB002953 MH3RH0720GB002998 MH3RH0720GB003004 MH3RH0720GB003018 MH3RH0720GB003021 MH3RH0720GB003035 MH3RH0720GB003049 MH3RH0720GB003052 MH3RH0720GB003066 MH3RH0720GB003083 MH3RH0720GB003097 MH3RH0720GB003102 MH3RH0720GB003116 MH3RH0720GB003147 MH3RH0720GB003150 MH3RH0720GB003164 MH3RH0720GB003181 MH3RH0720GB003200 MH3RH0720GB003262 MH3RH0720GB003276 MH3RH0720GB003360 MH3RH0720GB003374 MH3RH0720GB003388 MH3RH0720GB003391 MH3RH0720GB003407 MH3RH0720GB003424 MH3RH0720GB003438 MH3RH0720GB003441 MH3RH0720GB003472 MH3RH0720GB003486 MH3RH0720GB003519 MH3RH0720GB003536 MH3RH0720GB003567 MH3RH0720GB003570 MH3RH0720GB003598 MH3RH0720GB003648 MH3RH0720GB003651 MH3RH0720GB003701 MH3RH0720GB003746 MH3RH0720GB003777 MH3RH0720GB003780 MH3RH0720GB003794 MH3RH0720GB003889 MH3RH0720GB003908 MH3RH0720GB003911 MH3RH0720GB003939 MH3RH0720GB003942 MH3RH0720GB003956 MH3RH0720GB004122 MH3RH0720GB004153 MH3RH0720GB004170 MH3RH0720GB004203 MH3RH0720GB004217 MH3RH0720GB004220 MH3RH0720GB004234 MH3RH0720GB004282 MH3RH0720GB004296 MH3RH0720GB004301 MH3RH0720GB004315 MH3RH0720GB004492 MH3RH0720GB004573 MH3RH0720GB004587 MH3RH0720GB004590 MH3RH0720GB004606 MH3RH0720GB004623 MH3RH0720GB004637 MH3RH0720GB004640 MH3RH0720GB004721 MH3RH0720GB004735 MH3RH0720GB004749 MH3RH0720GB004752 MH3RH0720GB004881 MH3RH0720GB004895 MH3RH0720GB004900 MH3RH0720GB004914 MH3RH0720GB004945 MH3RH0720GB004959 MH3RH0720GB004962 MH3RH0720GB004976 MH3RH0720GB004993 MH3RH0720GB005013 MH3RH0720GB005027 MH3RH0720GB005030 MH3RH0720GB005044 MH3RH0720GB005058 MH3RH0720GB005089 MH3RH0720GB005092 MH3RH0720GB005111 MH3RH0720GB005139 MH3RH0720GB005156 MH3RH0720GB005223 MH3RH0720GB005321 MH3RH0720GB005335 MH3RH0720GB005349 MH3RH0720GB005352 MH3RH0720GB005402 MH3RH0720GB005416 MH3RH0720GB005433 MH3RH0720GB005447 MH3RH0720GB005450 MH3RH0720GB005464 MH3RH0720GB005478 MH3RH0720GB005481 MH3RH0720GB005495 MH3RH0720GB005500 MH3RH0720GB005514 MH3RH0720GB005528 MH3RH0720GB005531 MH3RH0720GB005559 MH3RH0720GB005562 MH3RH0720GB005576 MH3RH0720GB005593 MH3RH0720GB005609 MH3RH0720GB005612 MH3RH0720GB005626 MH3RH0720GB005707 MH3RH0720GB005724 MH3RH0720GB005805 MH3RH0720GB005819 MH3RH0720GB005822 MH3RH0720GB005836 MH3RH0720GB005853 MH3RH0720GB005903 MH3RH0720GB005917 MH3RH0720GB005920 MH3RH0720GB005934 MH3RH0720GB005948 MH3RH0720GB005951 MH3RH0721FB001003 MH3RH0721FB001017 MH3RH0721FB001020 MH3RH0721FB001034 MH3RH0721FB001051 MH3RH0721FB001065 MH3RH0721FB001079 MH3RH0721FB001101 MH3RH0721FB001129 MH3RH0721FB001132 MH3RH0721FB001146 MH3RH0721FB001163 MH3RH0721FB001177 MH3RH0721FB001180 MH3RH0721FB001194 MH3RH0721FB001213 MH3RH0721FB001227 MH3RH0721FB001244 MH3RH0721FB001261 MH3RH0721FB001275 MH3RH0721FB001289 MH3RH0721FB001292 MH3RH0721FB001308 MH3RH0721FB001311 MH3RH0721FB001325 MH3RH0721FB001339 MH3RH0721FB001342 MH3RH0721FB001356 MH3RH0721FB001373 MH3RH0721FB001387 MH3RH0721FB001390 MH3RH0721FB001406 MH3RH0721FB001423 MH3RH0721FB001437 MH3RH0721FB001440 MH3RH0721FB001454 MH3RH0721FB001468 MH3RH0721FB001471 MH3RH0721FB001485 MH3RH0721FB001499 MH3RH0721FB001504 MH3RH0721FB001518 MH3RH0721FB001521 MH3RH0721FB001535 MH3RH0721FB001549 MH3RH0721FB001552 MH3RH0721FB001566 MH3RH0721FB001583 MH3RH0721FB001597 MH3RH0721FB001602 MH3RH0721FB001616 MH3RH0721FB001633 MH3RH0721FB001647 MH3RH0721FB001650 MH3RH0721FB001664 MH3RH0721FB001681 MH3RH0721FB001695 MH3RH0721FB001700 MH3RH0721FB001714 MH3RH0721FB001745 MH3RH0721FB001759 MH3RH0721FB001762 MH3RH0721FB001776 MH3RH0721FB001793 MH3RH0721FB001809 MH3RH0721FB001812 MH3RH0721FB001826 MH3RH0721FB001843 MH3RH0721FB001857 MH3RH0721FB001860 MH3RH0721FB001874 MH3RH0721FB001888 MH3RH0721FB001891 MH3RH0721FB001907 MH3RH0721FB001910 MH3RH0721FB001924 MH3RH0721FB001938 MH3RH0721FB001941 MH3RH0721FB001955 MH3RH0721FB001969 MH3RH0721FB001972 MH3RH0721FB001986 MH3RH0721FB002037 MH3RH0721FB002040 MH3RH0721FB002054 MH3RH0721FB002068 MH3RH0721FB002071 MH3RH0721FB002099 MH3RH0721FB002104 MH3RH0721FB002118 MH3RH0721FB002121 MH3RH0721FB002135 MH3RH0721FB002149 MH3RH0721FB002152 MH3RH0721FB002166 MH3RH0721FB002197 MH3RH0721FB002202 MH3RH0721FB002216 MH3RH0721FB002233 MH3RH0721FB002250 MH3RH0721FB002264 MH3RH0721FB002278 MH3RH0721FB002281 MH3RH0721FB002295 MH3RH0721FB002300 MH3RH0721FB002328 MH3RH0721FB002331 MH3RH0721FB002345 MH3RH0721FB002359 MH3RH0721FB002362 MH3RH0721FB002376 MH3RH0721FB002393 MH3RH0721FB002409 MH3RH0721FB002412 MH3RH0721FB002426 MH3RH0721FB002443 MH3RH0721FB002457 MH3RH0721FB002460 MH3RH0721FB002474 MH3RH0721FB002488 MH3RH0721FB002491 MH3RH0721FB002507 MH3RH0721FB002541 MH3RH0721FB002555 MH3RH0721FB002569 MH3RH0721FB002572 MH3RH0721FB002586 MH3RH0721FB002605 MH3RH0721FB002619 MH3RH0721FB002622 MH3RH0721FB002636 MH3RH0721FB002653 MH3RH0721FB002667 MH3RH0721FB002670 MH3RH0721FB002684 MH3RH0721FB002698 MH3RH0721FB002703 MH3RH0721FB002717 MH3RH0721FB002720 MH3RH0721FB002734 MH3RH0721FB002748 MH3RH0721FB002751 MH3RH0721GB002816 MH3RH0721GB002833 MH3RH0721GB002847 MH3RH0721GB002850 MH3RH0721GB002864 MH3RH0721GB002878 MH3RH0721GB002881 MH3RH0721GB002895 MH3RH0721GB002900 MH3RH0721GB002914 MH3RH0721GB002928 MH3RH0721GB002931 MH3RH0721GB002945 MH3RH0721GB002959 MH3RH0721GB002993 MH3RH0721GB003013 MH3RH0721GB003027 MH3RH0721GB003030 MH3RH0721GB003044 MH3RH0721GB003058 MH3RH0721GB003061 MH3RH0721GB003075 MH3RH0721GB003089 MH3RH0721GB003092 MH3RH0721GB003108 MH3RH0721GB003111 MH3RH0721GB003125 MH3RH0721GB003139 MH3RH0721GB003142 MH3RH0721GB003187 MH3RH0721GB003190 MH3RH0721GB003254 MH3RH0721GB003271 MH3RH0721GB003366 MH3RH0721GB003383 MH3RH0721GB003397 MH3RH0721GB003402 MH3RH0721GB003433 MH3RH0721GB003447 MH3RH0721GB003464 MH3RH0721GB003478 MH3RH0721GB003500 MH3RH0721GB003514 MH3RH0721GB003528 MH3RH0721GB003531 MH3RH0721GB003545 MH3RH0721GB003559 MH3RH0721GB003562 MH3RH0721GB003576 MH3RH0721GB003660 MH3RH0721GB003674 MH3RH0721GB003707 MH3RH0721GB003710 MH3RH0721GB003741 MH3RH0721GB003755 MH3RH0721GB003769 MH3RH0721GB003772 MH3RH0721GB003805 MH3RH0721GB003819 MH3RH0721GB003822 MH3RH0721GB003836 MH3RH0721GB003853 MH3RH0721GB003870 MH3RH0721GB003898 MH3RH0721GB003903 MH3RH0721GB003917 MH3RH0721GB004128 MH3RH0721GB004131 MH3RH0721GB004145 MH3RH0721GB004159 MH3RH0721GB004162 MH3RH0721GB004209 MH3RH0721GB004212 MH3RH0721GB004226 MH3RH0721GB004288 MH3RH0721GB004291 MH3RH0721GB004307 MH3RH0721GB004310 MH3RH0721GB004517 MH3RH0721GB004520 MH3RH0721GB004565 MH3RH0721GB004579 MH3RH0721GB004582 MH3RH0721GB004596 MH3RH0721GB004601 MH3RH0721GB004615 MH3RH0721GB004629 MH3RH0721GB004632 MH3RH0721GB004727 MH3RH0721GB004730 MH3RH0721GB004744 MH3RH0721GB004758 MH3RH0721GB004887 MH3RH0721GB004890 MH3RH0721GB004906 MH3RH0721GB004940 MH3RH0721GB004954 MH3RH0721GB004968 MH3RH0721GB004971 MH3RH0721GB004985 MH3RH0721GB004999 MH3RH0721GB005005 MH3RH0721GB005022 MH3RH0721GB005036 MH3RH0721GB005053 MH3RH0721GB005067 MH3RH0721GB005070 MH3RH0721GB005084 MH3RH0721GB005098 MH3RH0721GB005103 MH3RH0721GB005117 MH3RH0721GB005134 MH3RH0721GB005148 MH3RH0721GB005151 MH3RH0721GB005201 MH3RH0721GB005215 MH3RH0721GB005232 MH3RH0721GB005327 MH3RH0721GB005330 MH3RH0721GB005344 MH3RH0721GB005358 MH3RH0721GB005408 MH3RH0721GB005411 MH3RH0721GB005425 MH3RH0721GB005439 MH3RH0721GB005442 MH3RH0721GB005456 MH3RH0721GB005473 MH3RH0721GB005487 MH3RH0721GB005490 MH3RH0721GB005506 MH3RH0721GB005537 MH3RH0721GB005540 MH3RH0721GB005554 MH3RH0721GB005568 MH3RH0721GB005571 MH3RH0721GB005585 MH3RH0721GB005599 MH3RH0721GB005604 MH3RH0721GB005618 MH3RH0721GB005621 MH3RH0721GB005683 MH3RH0721GB005697 MH3RH0721GB005702 MH3RH0721GB005800 MH3RH0721GB005814 MH3RH0721GB005828 MH3RH0721GB005831 MH3RH0721GB005926 MH3RH0721GB005943 MH3RH0721GB005957 MH3RH0721GB005960 MH3RH0722FB001009 MH3RH0722FB001012 MH3RH0722FB001026 MH3RH0722FB001043 MH3RH0722FB001057 MH3RH0722FB001060 MH3RH0722FB001074 MH3RH0722FB001091 MH3RH0722FB001107 MH3RH0722FB001124 MH3RH0722FB001138 MH3RH0722FB001141 MH3RH0722FB001155 MH3RH0722FB001169 MH3RH0722FB001172 MH3RH0722FB001186 MH3RH0722FB001205 MH3RH0722FB001253 MH3RH0722FB001267 MH3RH0722FB001284 MH3RH0722FB001298 MH3RH0722FB001303 MH3RH0722FB001317 MH3RH0722FB001320 MH3RH0722FB001334 MH3RH0722FB001348 MH3RH0722FB001351 MH3RH0722FB001365 MH3RH0722FB001379 MH3RH0722FB001382 MH3RH0722FB001396 MH3RH0722FB001401 MH3RH0722FB001415 MH3RH0722FB001429 MH3RH0722FB001432 MH3RH0722FB001446 MH3RH0722FB001463 MH3RH0722FB001477 MH3RH0722FB001480 MH3RH0722FB001494 MH3RH0722FB001513 MH3RH0722FB001527 MH3RH0722FB001530 MH3RH0722FB001544 MH3RH0722FB001558 MH3RH0722FB001561 MH3RH0722FB001575 MH3RH0722FB001589 MH3RH0722FB001592 MH3RH0722FB001608 MH3RH0722FB001611 MH3RH0722FB001625 MH3RH0722FB001639 MH3RH0722FB001642 MH3RH0722FB001656 MH3RH0722FB001673 MH3RH0722FB001687 MH3RH0722FB001690 MH3RH0722FB001706 MH3RH0722FB001723 MH3RH0722FB001737 MH3RH0722FB001740 MH3RH0722FB001754 MH3RH0722FB001768 MH3RH0722FB001799 MH3RH0722FB001804 MH3RH0722FB001818 MH3RH0722FB001821 MH3RH0722FB001835 MH3RH0722FB001849 MH3RH0722FB001852 MH3RH0722FB001866 MH3RH0722FB001883 MH3RH0722FB001897 MH3RH0722FB001902 MH3RH0722FB001916 MH3RH0722FB001933 MH3RH0722FB001947 MH3RH0722FB001950 MH3RH0722FB001964 MH3RH0722FB001978 MH3RH0722FB001981 MH3RH0722FB001995 MH3RH0722FB002015 MH3RH0722FB002029 MH3RH0722FB002032 MH3RH0722FB002046 MH3RH0722FB002063 MH3RH0722FB002077 MH3RH0722FB002080 MH3RH0722FB002094 MH3RH0722FB002113 MH3RH0722FB002127 MH3RH0722FB002130 MH3RH0722FB002144 MH3RH0722FB002158 MH3RH0722FB002161 MH3RH0722FB002189 MH3RH0722FB002208 MH3RH0722FB002211 MH3RH0722FB002225 MH3RH0722FB002242 MH3RH0722FB002273 MH3RH0722FB002287 MH3RH0722FB002290 MH3RH0722FB002306 MH3RH0722FB002323 MH3RH0722FB002337 MH3RH0722FB002340 MH3RH0722FB002354 MH3RH0722FB002368 MH3RH0722FB002371 MH3RH0722FB002385 MH3RH0722FB002399 MH3RH0722FB002404 MH3RH0722FB002418 MH3RH0722FB002421 MH3RH0722FB002435 MH3RH0722FB002449 MH3RH0722FB002452 MH3RH0722FB002466 MH3RH0722FB002483 MH3RH0722FB002497 MH3RH0722FB002502 MH3RH0722FB002516 MH3RH0722FB002533 MH3RH0722FB002547 MH3RH0722FB002578 MH3RH0722FB002595 MH3RH0722FB002600 MH3RH0722FB002614 MH3RH0722FB002628 MH3RH0722FB002631 MH3RH0722FB002645 MH3RH0722FB002659 MH3RH0722FB002662 MH3RH0722FB002676 MH3RH0722FB002693 MH3RH0722FB002709 MH3RH0722FB002712 MH3RH0722FB002726 MH3RH0722FB002743 MH3RH0722FB002757 MH3RH0722FB002760 MH3RH0722GB002811 MH3RH0722GB002825 MH3RH0722GB002839 MH3RH0722GB002856 MH3RH0722GB002873 MH3RH0722GB002887 MH3RH0722GB002906 MH3RH0722GB002937 MH3RH0722GB002940 MH3RH0722GB002954 MH3RH0722GB002999 MH3RH0722GB003005 MH3RH0722GB003019 MH3RH0722GB003022 MH3RH0722GB003036 MH3RH0722GB003053 MH3RH0722GB003067 MH3RH0722GB003070 MH3RH0722GB003084 MH3RH0722GB003103 MH3RH0722GB003117 MH3RH0722GB003148 MH3RH0722GB003165 MH3RH0722GB003179 MH3RH0722GB003196 MH3RH0722GB003361 MH3RH0722GB003375 MH3RH0722GB003389 MH3RH0722GB003392 MH3RH0722GB003425 MH3RH0722GB003439 MH3RH0722GB003442 MH3RH0722GB003456 MH3RH0722GB003473 MH3RH0722GB003506 MH3RH0722GB003523 MH3RH0722GB003537 MH3RH0722GB003540 MH3RH0722GB003568 MH3RH0722GB003571 MH3RH0722GB003604 MH3RH0722GB003649 MH3RH0722GB003666 MH3RH0722GB003702 MH3RH0722GB003716 MH3RH0722GB003747 MH3RH0722GB003750 MH3RH0722GB003764 MH3RH0722GB003778 MH3RH0722GB003795 MH3RH0722GB003800 MH3RH0722GB003814 MH3RH0722GB003828 MH3RH0722GB003831 MH3RH0722GB003862 MH3RH0722GB003876 MH3RH0722GB003893 MH3RH0722GB003909 MH3RH0722GB003912 MH3RH0722GB003960 MH3RH0722GB004137 MH3RH0722GB004140 MH3RH0722GB004154 MH3RH0722GB004199 MH3RH0722GB004218 MH3RH0722GB004221 MH3RH0722GB004235 MH3RH0722GB004283 MH3RH0722GB004297 MH3RH0722GB004302 MH3RH0722GB004316 MH3RH0722GB004445 MH3RH0722GB004459 MH3RH0722GB004493 MH3RH0722GB004509 MH3RH0722GB004512 MH3RH0722GB004574 MH3RH0722GB004588 MH3RH0722GB004607 MH3RH0722GB004610 MH3RH0722GB004624 MH3RH0722GB004722 MH3RH0722GB004736 MH3RH0722GB004753 MH3RH0722GB004882 MH3RH0722GB004896 MH3RH0722GB004901 MH3RH0722GB004915 MH3RH0722GB004929 MH3RH0722GB004932 MH3RH0722GB004946 MH3RH0722GB004963 MH3RH0722GB004977 MH3RH0722GB004980 MH3RH0722GB004994 MH3RH0722GB005000 MH3RH0722GB005028 MH3RH0722GB005031 MH3RH0722GB005045 MH3RH0722GB005059 MH3RH0722GB005062 MH3RH0722GB005109 MH3RH0722GB005112 MH3RH0722GB005126 MH3RH0722GB005143 MH3RH0722GB005157 MH3RH0722GB005207 MH3RH0722GB005210 MH3RH0722GB005238 MH3RH0722GB005322 MH3RH0722GB005336 MH3RH0722GB005353 MH3RH0722GB005403 MH3RH0722GB005417 MH3RH0722GB005420 MH3RH0722GB005434 MH3RH0722GB005448 MH3RH0722GB005451 MH3RH0722GB005479 MH3RH0722GB005482 MH3RH0722GB005496 MH3RH0722GB005501 MH3RH0722GB005515 MH3RH0722GB005529 MH3RH0722GB005532 MH3RH0722GB005563 MH3RH0722GB005577 MH3RH0722GB005580 MH3RH0722GB005594 MH3RH0722GB005613 MH3RH0722GB005627 MH3RH0722GB005689 MH3RH0722GB005708 MH3RH0722GB005711 MH3RH0722GB005806 MH3RH0722GB005823 MH3RH0722GB005837 MH3RH0722GB005840 MH3RH0722GB005871 MH3RH0722GB005904 MH3RH0722GB005918 MH3RH0722GB005921 MH3RH0722GB005935 MH3RH0722GB005949 MH3RH0722GB005952 MH3RH0723FB001004 MH3RH0723FB001018 MH3RH0723FB001021 MH3RH0723FB001035 MH3RH0723FB001049 MH3RH0723FB001052 MH3RH0723FB001066 MH3RH0723FB001102 MH3RH0723FB001133 MH3RH0723FB001147 MH3RH0723FB001150 MH3RH0723FB001164 MH3RH0723FB001178 MH3RH0723FB001181 MH3RH0723FB001195 MH3RH0723FB001200 MH3RH0723FB001228 MH3RH0723FB001231 MH3RH0723FB001245 MH3RH0723FB001293 MH3RH0723FB001309 MH3RH0723FB001312 MH3RH0723FB001326 MH3RH0723FB001343 MH3RH0723FB001357 MH3RH0723FB001360 MH3RH0723FB001374 MH3RH0723FB001388 MH3RH0723FB001391 MH3RH0723FB001407 MH3RH0723FB001410 MH3RH0723FB001424 MH3RH0723FB001438 MH3RH0723FB001441 MH3RH0723FB001455 MH3RH0723FB001469 MH3RH0723FB001472 MH3RH0723FB001486 MH3RH0723FB001505 MH3RH0723FB001519 MH3RH0723FB001522 MH3RH0723FB001536 MH3RH0723FB001553 MH3RH0723FB001567 MH3RH0723FB001570 MH3RH0723FB001584 MH3RH0723FB001598 MH3RH0723FB001603 MH3RH0723FB001617 MH3RH0723FB001620 MH3RH0723FB001634 MH3RH0723FB001648 MH3RH0723FB001651 MH3RH0723FB001665 MH3RH0723FB001679 MH3RH0723FB001682 MH3RH0723FB001696 MH3RH0723FB001701 MH3RH0723FB001715 MH3RH0723FB001729 MH3RH0723FB001732 MH3RH0723FB001746 MH3RH0723FB001763 MH3RH0723FB001777 MH3RH0723FB001780 MH3RH0723FB001794 MH3RH0723FB001827 MH3RH0723FB001830 MH3RH0723FB001844 MH3RH0723FB001858 MH3RH0723FB001861 MH3RH0723FB001875 MH3RH0723FB001889 MH3RH0723FB001892 MH3RH0723FB001908 MH3RH0723FB001911 MH3RH0723FB001925 MH3RH0723FB001939 MH3RH0723FB001942 MH3RH0723FB001956 MH3RH0723FB001973 MH3RH0723FB001987 MH3RH0723FB001990 MH3RH0723FB002010 MH3RH0723FB002024 MH3RH0723FB002038 MH3RH0723FB002041 MH3RH0723FB002055 MH3RH0723FB002069 MH3RH0723FB002072 MH3RH0723FB002105 MH3RH0723FB002122 MH3RH0723FB002136 MH3RH0723FB002153 MH3RH0723FB002167 MH3RH0723FB002184 MH3RH0723FB002198 MH3RH0723FB002203 MH3RH0723FB002217 MH3RH0723FB002220 MH3RH0723FB002251 MH3RH0723FB002265 MH3RH0723FB002279 MH3RH0723FB002282 MH3RH0723FB002296 MH3RH0723FB002301 MH3RH0723FB002329 MH3RH0723FB002332 MH3RH0723FB002346 MH3RH0723FB002363 MH3RH0723FB002377 MH3RH0723FB002380 MH3RH0723FB002394 MH3RH0723FB002413 MH3RH0723FB002427 MH3RH0723FB002430 MH3RH0723FB002444 MH3RH0723FB002458 MH3RH0723FB002461 MH3RH0723FB002475 MH3RH0723FB002489 MH3RH0723FB002492 MH3RH0723FB002511 MH3RH0723FB002525 MH3RH0723FB002539 MH3RH0723FB002542 MH3RH0723FB002587 MH3RH0723FB002606 MH3RH0723FB002637 MH3RH0723FB002640 MH3RH0723FB002654 MH3RH0723FB002668 MH3RH0723FB002671 MH3RH0723FB002685 MH3RH0723FB002699 MH3RH0723FB002704 MH3RH0723FB002718 MH3RH0723FB002721 MH3RH0723FB002735 MH3RH0723FB002749 MH3RH0723FB002752 MH3RH0723GB002803 MH3RH0723GB002848 MH3RH0723GB002851 MH3RH0723GB002865 MH3RH0723GB002879 MH3RH0723GB002882 MH3RH0723GB002896 MH3RH0723GB002901 MH3RH0723GB002915 MH3RH0723GB002929 MH3RH0723GB002932 MH3RH0723GB002946 MH3RH0723GB002994 MH3RH0723GB003000 MH3RH0723GB003014 MH3RH0723GB003028 MH3RH0723GB003031 MH3RH0723GB003045 MH3RH0723GB003059 MH3RH0723GB003062 MH3RH0723GB003076 MH3RH0723GB003093 MH3RH0723GB003109 MH3RH0723GB003112 MH3RH0723GB003126 MH3RH0723GB003143 MH3RH0723GB003157 MH3RH0723GB003160 MH3RH0723GB003188 MH3RH0723GB003191 MH3RH0723GB003255 MH3RH0723GB003269 MH3RH0723GB003384 MH3RH0723GB003398 MH3RH0723GB003403 MH3RH0723GB003434 MH3RH0723GB003448 MH3RH0723GB003451 MH3RH0723GB003465 MH3RH0723GB003479 MH3RH0723GB003482 MH3RH0723GB003496 MH3RH0723GB003501 MH3RH0723GB003515 MH3RH0723GB003529 MH3RH0723GB003532 MH3RH0723GB003577 MH3RH0723GB003580 MH3RH0723GB003675 MH3RH0723GB003708 MH3RH0723GB003711 MH3RH0723GB003742 MH3RH0723GB003756 MH3RH0723GB003773 MH3RH0723GB003787 MH3RH0723GB003790 MH3RH0723GB003806 MH3RH0723GB003823 MH3RH0723GB003840 MH3RH0723GB003885 MH3RH0723GB003899 MH3RH0723GB003904 MH3RH0723GB003918 MH3RH0723GB004129 MH3RH0723GB004132 MH3RH0723GB004146 MH3RH0723GB004194 MH3RH0723GB004213 MH3RH0723GB004227 MH3RH0723GB004230 MH3RH0723GB004289 MH3RH0723GB004292 MH3RH0723GB004308 MH3RH0723GB004311 MH3RH0723GB004454 MH3RH0723GB004471 MH3RH0723GB004499 MH3RH0723GB004504 MH3RH0723GB004566 MH3RH0723GB004583 MH3RH0723GB004597 MH3RH0723GB004602 MH3RH0723GB004616 MH3RH0723GB004633 MH3RH0723GB004728 MH3RH0723GB004731 MH3RH0723GB004745 MH3RH0723GB004759 MH3RH0723GB004888 MH3RH0723GB004891 MH3RH0723GB004907 MH3RH0723GB004910 MH3RH0723GB004924 MH3RH0723GB004938 MH3RH0723GB004941 MH3RH0723GB004955 MH3RH0723GB004969 MH3RH0723GB004972 MH3RH0723GB005023 MH3RH0723GB005037 MH3RH0723GB005040 MH3RH0723GB005054 MH3RH0723GB005071 MH3RH0723GB005099 MH3RH0723GB005104 MH3RH0723GB005118 MH3RH0723GB005149 MH3RH0723GB005216 MH3RH0723GB005233 MH3RH0723GB005328 MH3RH0723GB005331 MH3RH0723GB005345 MH3RH0723GB005359 MH3RH0723GB005409 MH3RH0723GB005412 MH3RH0723GB005426 MH3RH0723GB005443 MH3RH0723GB005457 MH3RH0723GB005460 MH3RH0723GB005474 MH3RH0723GB005488 MH3RH0723GB005491 MH3RH0723GB005507 MH3RH0723GB005510 MH3RH0723GB005555 MH3RH0723GB005569 MH3RH0723GB005572 MH3RH0723GB005586 MH3RH0723GB005605 MH3RH0723GB005619 MH3RH0723GB005636 MH3RH0723GB005703 MH3RH0723GB005717 MH3RH0723GB005782 MH3RH0723GB005801 MH3RH0723GB005815 MH3RH0723GB005829 MH3RH0723GB005832 MH3RH0723GB005880 MH3RH0723GB005894 MH3RH0723GB005927 MH3RH0723GB005930 MH3RH0723GB005944 MH3RH0723GB005958 MH3RH0724FB001013 MH3RH0724FB001027 MH3RH0724FB001030 MH3RH0724FB001044 MH3RH0724FB001058 MH3RH0724FB001061 MH3RH0724FB001092 MH3RH0724FB001108 MH3RH0724FB001111 MH3RH0724FB001125 MH3RH0724FB001139 MH3RH0724FB001142 MH3RH0724FB001156 MH3RH0724FB001173 MH3RH0724FB001187 MH3RH0724FB001190 MH3RH0724FB001206 MH3RH0724FB001240 MH3RH0724FB001271 MH3RH0724FB001285 MH3RH0724FB001299 MH3RH0724FB001304 MH3RH0724FB001318 MH3RH0724FB001321 MH3RH0724FB001335 MH3RH0724FB001349 MH3RH0724FB001352 MH3RH0724FB001366 MH3RH0724FB001383 MH3RH0724FB001397 MH3RH0724FB001402 MH3RH0724FB001416 MH3RH0724FB001433 MH3RH0724FB001447 MH3RH0724FB001450 MH3RH0724FB001464 MH3RH0724FB001478 MH3RH0724FB001481 MH3RH0724FB001495 MH3RH0724FB001500 MH3RH0724FB001514 MH3RH0724FB001528 MH3RH0724FB001531 MH3RH0724FB001545 MH3RH0724FB001559 MH3RH0724FB001562 MH3RH0724FB001576 MH3RH0724FB001593 MH3RH0724FB001609 MH3RH0724FB001612 MH3RH0724FB001626 MH3RH0724FB001643 MH3RH0724FB001657 MH3RH0724FB001660 MH3RH0724FB001674 MH3RH0724FB001691 MH3RH0724FB001707 MH3RH0724FB001710 MH3RH0724FB001724 MH3RH0724FB001738 MH3RH0724FB001741 MH3RH0724FB001755 MH3RH0724FB001769 MH3RH0724FB001786 MH3RH0724FB001805 MH3RH0724FB001819 MH3RH0724FB001822 MH3RH0724FB001836 MH3RH0724FB001853 MH3RH0724FB001867 MH3RH0724FB001870 MH3RH0724FB001884 MH3RH0724FB001898 MH3RH0724FB001903 MH3RH0724FB001917 MH3RH0724FB001920 MH3RH0724FB001934 MH3RH0724FB001948 MH3RH0724FB001951 MH3RH0724FB001965 MH3RH0724FB001979 MH3RH0724FB001982 MH3RH0724FB001996 MH3RH0724FB002016 MH3RH0724FB002033 MH3RH0724FB002050 MH3RH0724FB002081 MH3RH0724FB002095 MH3RH0724FB002128 MH3RH0724FB002131 MH3RH0724FB002145 MH3RH0724FB002159 MH3RH0724FB002176 MH3RH0724FB002193 MH3RH0724FB002209 MH3RH0724FB002212 MH3RH0724FB002243 MH3RH0724FB002257 MH3RH0724FB002260 MH3RH0724FB002274 MH3RH0724FB002288 MH3RH0724FB002291 MH3RH0724FB002307 MH3RH0724FB002310 MH3RH0724FB002324 MH3RH0724FB002341 MH3RH0724FB002355 MH3RH0724FB002369 MH3RH0724FB002372 MH3RH0724FB002386 MH3RH0724FB002405 MH3RH0724FB002419 MH3RH0724FB002422 MH3RH0724FB002436 MH3RH0724FB002453 MH3RH0724FB002467 MH3RH0724FB002470 MH3RH0724FB002484 MH3RH0724FB002498 MH3RH0724FB002503 MH3RH0724FB002517 MH3RH0724FB002520 MH3RH0724FB002534 MH3RH0724FB002548 MH3RH0724FB002551 MH3RH0724FB002579 MH3RH0724FB002596 MH3RH0724FB002601 MH3RH0724FB002615 MH3RH0724FB002629 MH3RH0724FB002632 MH3RH0724FB002646 MH3RH0724FB002663 MH3RH0724FB002677 MH3RH0724FB002680 MH3RH0724FB002694 MH3RH0724FB002713 MH3RH0724FB002727 MH3RH0724FB002730 MH3RH0724FB002744 MH3RH0724FB002758 MH3RH0724GB002809 MH3RH0724GB002812 MH3RH0724GB002826 MH3RH0724GB002843 MH3RH0724GB002857 MH3RH0724GB002888 MH3RH0724GB002891 MH3RH0724GB002907 MH3RH0724GB002910 MH3RH0724GB002924 MH3RH0724GB002938 MH3RH0724GB002941 MH3RH0724GB002986 MH3RH0724GB003006 MH3RH0724GB003023 MH3RH0724GB003037 MH3RH0724GB003040 MH3RH0724GB003054 MH3RH0724GB003068 MH3RH0724GB003071 MH3RH0724GB003085 MH3RH0724GB003099 MH3RH0724GB003104 MH3RH0724GB003118 MH3RH0724GB003149 MH3RH0724GB003152 MH3RH0724GB003166 MH3RH0724GB003183 MH3RH0724GB003197 MH3RH0724GB003362 MH3RH0724GB003393 MH3RH0724GB003412 MH3RH0724GB003443 MH3RH0724GB003457 MH3RH0724GB003460 MH3RH0724GB003474 MH3RH0724GB003488 MH3RH0724GB003491 MH3RH0724GB003510 MH3RH0724GB003524 MH3RH0724GB003538 MH3RH0724GB003541 MH3RH0724GB003569 MH3RH0724GB003653 MH3RH0724GB003667 MH3RH0724GB003670 MH3RH0724GB003717 MH3RH0724GB003748 MH3RH0724GB003751 MH3RH0724GB003779 MH3RH0724GB003801 MH3RH0724GB003815 MH3RH0724GB003832 MH3RH0724GB003846 MH3RH0724GB003863 MH3RH0724GB003877 MH3RH0724GB003927 MH3RH0724GB003930 MH3RH0724GB003944 MH3RH0724GB003958 MH3RH0724GB004124 MH3RH0724GB004138 MH3RH0724GB004141 MH3RH0724GB004155 MH3RH0724GB004205 MH3RH0724GB004219 MH3RH0724GB004222 MH3RH0724GB004236 MH3RH0724GB004284 MH3RH0724GB004298 MH3RH0724GB004303 MH3RH0724GB004317 MH3RH0724GB004320 MH3RH0724GB004446 MH3RH0724GB004494 MH3RH0724GB004513 MH3RH0724GB004544 MH3RH0724GB004561 MH3RH0724GB004575 MH3RH0724GB004589 MH3RH0724GB004592 MH3RH0724GB004608 MH3RH0724GB004611 MH3RH0724GB004625 MH3RH0724GB004639 MH3RH0724GB004656 MH3RH0724GB004673 MH3RH0724GB004723 MH3RH0724GB004737 MH3RH0724GB004740 MH3RH0724GB004754 MH3RH0724GB004883 MH3RH0724GB004897 MH3RH0724GB004902 MH3RH0724GB004916 MH3RH0724GB004947 MH3RH0724GB004950 MH3RH0724GB004964 MH3RH0724GB004978 MH3RH0724GB004981 MH3RH0724GB004995 MH3RH0724GB005001 MH3RH0724GB005015 MH3RH0724GB005029 MH3RH0724GB005032 MH3RH0724GB005046 MH3RH0724GB005063 MH3RH0724GB005077 MH3RH0724GB005080 MH3RH0724GB005094 MH3RH0724GB005113 MH3RH0724GB005130 MH3RH0724GB005144 MH3RH0724GB005208 MH3RH0724GB005211 MH3RH0724GB005225 MH3RH0724GB005239 MH3RH0724GB005273 MH3RH0724GB005323 MH3RH0724GB005337 MH3RH0724GB005340 MH3RH0724GB005354 MH3RH0724GB005404 MH3RH0724GB005418 MH3RH0724GB005421 MH3RH0724GB005435 MH3RH0724GB005449 MH3RH0724GB005452 MH3RH0724GB005483 MH3RH0724GB005497 MH3RH0724GB005502 MH3RH0724GB005516 MH3RH0724GB005533 MH3RH0724GB005547 MH3RH0724GB005550 MH3RH0724GB005564 MH3RH0724GB005578 MH3RH0724GB005581 MH3RH0724GB005595 MH3RH0724GB005600 MH3RH0724GB005614 MH3RH0724GB005628 MH3RH0724GB005631 MH3RH0724GB005712 MH3RH0724GB005807 MH3RH0724GB005810 MH3RH0724GB005824 MH3RH0724GB005838 MH3RH0724GB005886 MH3RH0724GB005905 MH3RH0724GB005922 MH3RH0724GB005936 MH3RH0724GB005953 MH3RH0725FB001005 MH3RH0725FB001019 MH3RH0725FB001022 MH3RH0725FB001036 MH3RH0725FB001053 MH3RH0725FB001070 MH3RH0725FB001084 MH3RH0725FB001103 MH3RH0725FB001117 MH3RH0725FB001134 MH3RH0725FB001148 MH3RH0725FB001151 MH3RH0725FB001165 MH3RH0725FB001179 MH3RH0725FB001182 MH3RH0725FB001196 MH3RH0725FB001201 MH3RH0725FB001215 MH3RH0725FB001232 MH3RH0725FB001246 MH3RH0725FB001280 MH3RH0725FB001294 MH3RH0725FB001313 MH3RH0725FB001327 MH3RH0725FB001330 MH3RH0725FB001344 MH3RH0725FB001358 MH3RH0725FB001361 MH3RH0725FB001375 MH3RH0725FB001389 MH3RH0725FB001392 MH3RH0725FB001408 MH3RH0725FB001411 MH3RH0725FB001425 MH3RH0725FB001439 MH3RH0725FB001442 MH3RH0725FB001456 MH3RH0725FB001473 MH3RH0725FB001487 MH3RH0725FB001490 MH3RH0725FB001506 MH3RH0725FB001523 MH3RH0725FB001537 MH3RH0725FB001540 MH3RH0725FB001554 MH3RH0725FB001568 MH3RH0725FB001571 MH3RH0725FB001585 MH3RH0725FB001599 MH3RH0725FB001604 MH3RH0725FB001618 MH3RH0725FB001621 MH3RH0725FB001635 MH3RH0725FB001652 MH3RH0725FB001666 MH3RH0725FB001683 MH3RH0725FB001702 MH3RH0725FB001733 MH3RH0725FB001747 MH3RH0725FB001764 MH3RH0725FB001778 MH3RH0725FB001795 MH3RH0725FB001800 MH3RH0725FB001814 MH3RH0725FB001828 MH3RH0725FB001831 MH3RH0725FB001845 MH3RH0725FB001859 MH3RH0725FB001862 MH3RH0725FB001876 MH3RH0725FB001893 MH3RH0725FB001909 MH3RH0725FB001912 MH3RH0725FB001926 MH3RH0725FB001943 MH3RH0725FB001957 MH3RH0725FB001960 MH3RH0725FB001974 MH3RH0725FB001988 MH3RH0725FB001991 MH3RH0725FB002008 MH3RH0725FB002011 MH3RH0725FB002039 MH3RH0725FB002042 MH3RH0725FB002056 MH3RH0725FB002087 MH3RH0725FB002090 MH3RH0725FB002123 MH3RH0725FB002137 MH3RH0725FB002140 MH3RH0725FB002154 MH3RH0725FB002168 MH3RH0725FB002185 MH3RH0725FB002218 MH3RH0725FB002235 MH3RH0725FB002249 MH3RH0725FB002252 MH3RH0725FB002266 MH3RH0725FB002283 MH3RH0725FB002297 MH3RH0725FB002302 MH3RH0725FB002316 MH3RH0725FB002333 MH3RH0725FB002347 MH3RH0725FB002350 MH3RH0725FB002364 MH3RH0725FB002378 MH3RH0725FB002381 MH3RH0725FB002395 MH3RH0725FB002400 MH3RH0725FB002414 MH3RH0725FB002428 MH3RH0725FB002431 MH3RH0725FB002445 MH3RH0725FB002459 MH3RH0725FB002462 MH3RH0725FB002476 MH3RH0725FB002493 MH3RH0725FB002509 MH3RH0725FB002512 MH3RH0725FB002526 MH3RH0725FB002543 MH3RH0725FB002557 MH3RH0725FB002560 MH3RH0725FB002574 MH3RH0725FB002588 MH3RH0725FB002607 MH3RH0725FB002624 MH3RH0725FB002638 MH3RH0725FB002641 MH3RH0725FB002655 MH3RH0725FB002669 MH3RH0725FB002672 MH3RH0725FB002686 MH3RH0725FB002705 MH3RH0725FB002719 MH3RH0725FB002722 MH3RH0725FB002736 MH3RH0725FB002753 MH3RH0725GB002821 MH3RH0725GB002852 MH3RH0725GB002866 MH3RH0725GB002883 MH3RH0725GB002897 MH3RH0725GB002902 MH3RH0725GB002916 MH3RH0725GB002933 MH3RH0725GB002947 MH3RH0725GB002950 MH3RH0725GB002995 MH3RH0725GB003001 MH3RH0725GB003015 MH3RH0725GB003029 MH3RH0725GB003032 MH3RH0725GB003046 MH3RH0725GB003063 MH3RH0725GB003077 MH3RH0725GB003080 MH3RH0725GB003094 MH3RH0725GB003113 MH3RH0725GB003127 MH3RH0725GB003130 MH3RH0725GB003144 MH3RH0725GB003161 MH3RH0725GB003189 MH3RH0725GB003242 MH3RH0725GB003256 MH3RH0725GB003368 MH3RH0725GB003371 MH3RH0725GB003385 MH3RH0725GB003399 MH3RH0725GB003404 MH3RH0725GB003421 MH3RH0725GB003435 MH3RH0725GB003452 MH3RH0725GB003483 MH3RH0725GB003497 MH3RH0725GB003516 MH3RH0725GB003533 MH3RH0725GB003547 MH3RH0725GB003645 MH3RH0725GB003659 MH3RH0725GB003712 MH3RH0725GB003743 MH3RH0725GB003757 MH3RH0725GB003760 MH3RH0725GB003774 MH3RH0725GB003791 MH3RH0725GB003807 MH3RH0725GB003810 MH3RH0725GB003841 MH3RH0725GB003855 MH3RH0725GB003869 MH3RH0725GB003922 MH3RH0725GB003936 MH3RH0725GB004133 MH3RH0725GB004150 MH3RH0725GB004214 MH3RH0725GB004228 MH3RH0725GB004231 MH3RH0725GB004293 MH3RH0725GB004309 MH3RH0725GB004312 MH3RH0725GB004469 MH3RH0725GB004505 MH3RH0725GB004519 MH3RH0725GB004567 MH3RH0725GB004570 MH3RH0725GB004584 MH3RH0725GB004598 MH3RH0725GB004603 MH3RH0725GB004617 MH3RH0725GB004620 MH3RH0725GB004634 MH3RH0725GB004715 MH3RH0725GB004729 MH3RH0725GB004732 MH3RH0725GB004746 MH3RH0725GB004889 MH3RH0725GB004892 MH3RH0725GB004908 MH3RH0725GB004911 MH3RH0725GB004925 MH3RH0725GB004942 MH3RH0725GB004956 MH3RH0725GB004973 MH3RH0725GB004987 MH3RH0725GB004990 MH3RH0725GB005007 MH3RH0725GB005010 MH3RH0725GB005024 MH3RH0725GB005038 MH3RH0725GB005041 MH3RH0725GB005055 MH3RH0725GB005069 MH3RH0725GB005072 MH3RH0725GB005086 MH3RH0725GB005105 MH3RH0725GB005119 MH3RH0725GB005122 MH3RH0725GB005136 MH3RH0725GB005153 MH3RH0725GB005220 MH3RH0725GB005234 MH3RH0725GB005329 MH3RH0725GB005332 MH3RH0725GB005346 MH3RH0725GB005413 MH3RH0725GB005427 MH3RH0725GB005430 MH3RH0725GB005444 MH3RH0725GB005458 MH3RH0725GB005461 MH3RH0725GB005475 MH3RH0725GB005489 MH3RH0725GB005492 MH3RH0725GB005508 MH3RH0725GB005511 MH3RH0725GB005539 MH3RH0725GB005542 MH3RH0725GB005573 MH3RH0725GB005587 MH3RH0725GB005590 MH3RH0725GB005606 MH3RH0725GB005623 MH3RH0725GB005637 MH3RH0725GB005640 MH3RH0725GB005718 MH3RH0725GB005735 MH3RH0725GB005783 MH3RH0725GB005802 MH3RH0725GB005816 MH3RH0725GB005833 MH3RH0725GB005847 MH3RH0725GB005878 MH3RH0725GB005914 MH3RH0725GB005928 MH3RH0725GB005931 MH3RH0725GB005945 MH3RH0725GB005959 MH3RH0726FB001014 MH3RH0726FB001028 MH3RH0726FB001031 MH3RH0726FB001045 MH3RH0726FB001059 MH3RH0726FB001062 MH3RH0726FB001076 MH3RH0726FB001093 MH3RH0726FB001109 MH3RH0726FB001126 MH3RH0726FB001143 MH3RH0726FB001157 MH3RH0726FB001160 MH3RH0726FB001174 MH3RH0726FB001188 MH3RH0726FB001191 MH3RH0726FB001207 MH3RH0726FB001255 MH3RH0726FB001286 MH3RH0726FB001305 MH3RH0726FB001319 MH3RH0726FB001322 MH3RH0726FB001336 MH3RH0726FB001353 MH3RH0726FB001367 MH3RH0726FB001370 MH3RH0726FB001384 MH3RH0726FB001398 MH3RH0726FB001403 MH3RH0726FB001417 MH3RH0726FB001420 MH3RH0726FB001434 MH3RH0726FB001448 MH3RH0726FB001451 MH3RH0726FB001465 MH3RH0726FB001479 MH3RH0726FB001482 MH3RH0726FB001496 MH3RH0726FB001501 MH3RH0726FB001515 MH3RH0726FB001529 MH3RH0726FB001532 MH3RH0726FB001546 MH3RH0726FB001563 MH3RH0726FB001577 MH3RH0726FB001580 MH3RH0726FB001594 MH3RH0726FB001613 MH3RH0726FB001627 MH3RH0726FB001630 MH3RH0726FB001675 MH3RH0726FB001689 MH3RH0726FB001692 MH3RH0726FB001708 MH3RH0726FB001711 MH3RH0726FB001725 MH3RH0726FB001756 MH3RH0726FB001773 MH3RH0726FB001787 MH3RH0726FB001790 MH3RH0726FB001806 MH3RH0726FB001823 MH3RH0726FB001837 MH3RH0726FB001840 MH3RH0726FB001854 MH3RH0726FB001868 MH3RH0726FB001871 MH3RH0726FB001885 MH3RH0726FB001899 MH3RH0726FB001904 MH3RH0726FB001918 MH3RH0726FB001921 MH3RH0726FB001935 MH3RH0726FB001949 MH3RH0726FB001952 MH3RH0726FB001966 MH3RH0726FB001983 MH3RH0726FB001997 MH3RH0726FB002003 MH3RH0726FB002017 MH3RH0726FB002020 MH3RH0726FB002034 MH3RH0726FB002048 MH3RH0726FB002065 MH3RH0726FB002079 MH3RH0726FB002082 MH3RH0726FB002096 MH3RH0726FB002101 MH3RH0726FB002115 MH3RH0726FB002129 MH3RH0726FB002132 MH3RH0726FB002146 MH3RH0726FB002163 MH3RH0726FB002177 MH3RH0726FB002180 MH3RH0726FB002194 MH3RH0726FB002213 MH3RH0726FB002230 MH3RH0726FB002244 MH3RH0726FB002261 MH3RH0726FB002275 MH3RH0726FB002289 MH3RH0726FB002292 MH3RH0726FB002308 MH3RH0726FB002311 MH3RH0726FB002325 MH3RH0726FB002339 MH3RH0726FB002342 MH3RH0726FB002356 MH3RH0726FB002373 MH3RH0726FB002387 MH3RH0726FB002390 MH3RH0726FB002406 MH3RH0726FB002423 MH3RH0726FB002437 MH3RH0726FB002454 MH3RH0726FB002468 MH3RH0726FB002471 MH3RH0726FB002485 MH3RH0726FB002499 MH3RH0726FB002504 MH3RH0726FB002518 MH3RH0726FB002535 MH3RH0726FB002549 MH3RH0726FB002552 MH3RH0726FB002597 MH3RH0726FB002602 MH3RH0726FB002647 MH3RH0726FB002650 MH3RH0726FB002664 MH3RH0726FB002678 MH3RH0726FB002681 MH3RH0726FB002695 MH3RH0726FB002700 MH3RH0726FB002714 MH3RH0726FB002728 MH3RH0726FB002731 MH3RH0726FB002745 MH3RH0726FB002759 MH3RH0726GB002827 MH3RH0726GB002830 MH3RH0726GB002858 MH3RH0726GB002861 MH3RH0726GB002875 MH3RH0726GB002889 MH3RH0726GB002908 MH3RH0726GB002911 MH3RH0726GB002939 MH3RH0726GB002942 MH3RH0726GB002956 MH3RH0726GB002987 MH3RH0726GB003007 MH3RH0726GB003010 MH3RH0726GB003024 MH3RH0726GB003038 MH3RH0726GB003041 MH3RH0726GB003055 MH3RH0726GB003069 MH3RH0726GB003072 MH3RH0726GB003086 MH3RH0726GB003105 MH3RH0726GB003119 MH3RH0726GB003136 MH3RH0726GB003153 MH3RH0726GB003167 MH3RH0726GB003170 MH3RH0726GB003198 MH3RH0726GB003248 MH3RH0726GB003363 MH3RH0726GB003377 MH3RH0726GB003380 MH3RH0726GB003394 MH3RH0726GB003413 MH3RH0726GB003430 MH3RH0726GB003444 MH3RH0726GB003458 MH3RH0726GB003475 MH3RH0726GB003489 MH3RH0726GB003511 MH3RH0726GB003525 MH3RH0726GB003539 MH3RH0726GB003573 MH3RH0726GB003671 MH3RH0726GB003749 MH3RH0726GB003752 MH3RH0726GB003783 MH3RH0726GB003797 MH3RH0726GB003802 MH3RH0726GB003816 MH3RH0726GB003833 MH3RH0726GB003847 MH3RH0726GB003850 MH3RH0726GB003864 MH3RH0726GB003878 MH3RH0726GB003881 MH3RH0726GB003895 MH3RH0726GB003928 MH3RH0726GB003931 MH3RH0726GB004125 MH3RH0726GB004139 MH3RH0726GB004142 MH3RH0726GB004156 MH3RH0726GB004173 MH3RH0726GB004190 MH3RH0726GB004206 MH3RH0726GB004223 MH3RH0726GB004237 MH3RH0726GB004240 MH3RH0726GB004285 MH3RH0726GB004299 MH3RH0726GB004304 MH3RH0726GB004318 MH3RH0726GB004447 MH3RH0726GB004450 MH3RH0726GB004481 MH3RH0726GB004495 MH3RH0726GB004500 MH3RH0726GB004514 MH3RH0726GB004562 MH3RH0726GB004576 MH3RH0726GB004593 MH3RH0726GB004609 MH3RH0726GB004626 MH3RH0726GB004643 MH3RH0726GB004724 MH3RH0726GB004738 MH3RH0726GB004741 MH3RH0726GB004755 MH3RH0726GB004884 MH3RH0726GB004898 MH3RH0726GB004903 MH3RH0726GB004917 MH3RH0726GB004920 MH3RH0726GB004934 MH3RH0726GB004948 MH3RH0726GB004951 MH3RH0726GB004965 MH3RH0726GB004979 MH3RH0726GB004982 MH3RH0726GB004996 MH3RH0726GB005016 MH3RH0726GB005033 MH3RH0726GB005047 MH3RH0726GB005050 MH3RH0726GB005064 MH3RH0726GB005078 MH3RH0726GB005081 MH3RH0726GB005095 MH3RH0726GB005114 MH3RH0726GB005131 MH3RH0726GB005145 MH3RH0726GB005159 MH3RH0726GB005212 MH3RH0726GB005226 MH3RH0726GB005324 MH3RH0726GB005338 MH3RH0726GB005341 MH3RH0726GB005355 MH3RH0726GB005405 MH3RH0726GB005419 MH3RH0726GB005422 MH3RH0726GB005436 MH3RH0726GB005453 MH3RH0726GB005467 MH3RH0726GB005484 MH3RH0726GB005498 MH3RH0726GB005503 MH3RH0726GB005517 MH3RH0726GB005520 MH3RH0726GB005534 MH3RH0726GB005548 MH3RH0726GB005565 MH3RH0726GB005579 MH3RH0726GB005582 MH3RH0726GB005596 MH3RH0726GB005601 MH3RH0726GB005615 MH3RH0726GB005629 MH3RH0726GB005632 MH3RH0726GB005694 MH3RH0726GB005713 MH3RH0726GB005789 MH3RH0726GB005808 MH3RH0726GB005811 MH3RH0726GB005825 MH3RH0726GB005839 MH3RH0726GB005856 MH3RH0726GB005873 MH3RH0726GB005887 MH3RH0726GB005923 MH3RH0726GB005937 MH3RH0726GB005940 MH3RH0726GB005954 MH3RH0727FB001006 MH3RH0727FB001023 MH3RH0727FB001037 MH3RH0727FB001040 MH3RH0727FB001054 MH3RH0727FB001068 MH3RH0727FB001071 MH3RH0727FB001104 MH3RH0727FB001121 MH3RH0727FB001135 MH3RH0727FB001149 MH3RH0727FB001152 MH3RH0727FB001166 MH3RH0727FB001183 MH3RH0727FB001197 MH3RH0727FB001216 MH3RH0727FB001247 MH3RH0727FB001264 MH3RH0727FB001281 MH3RH0727FB001295 MH3RH0727FB001300 MH3RH0727FB001314 MH3RH0727FB001328 MH3RH0727FB001331 MH3RH0727FB001345 MH3RH0727FB001359 MH3RH0727FB001362 MH3RH0727FB001376 MH3RH0727FB001393 MH3RH0727FB001409 MH3RH0727FB001412 MH3RH0727FB001426 MH3RH0727FB001443 MH3RH0727FB001457 MH3RH0727FB001460 MH3RH0727FB001474 MH3RH0727FB001488 MH3RH0727FB001491 MH3RH0727FB001507 MH3RH0727FB001510 MH3RH0727FB001524 MH3RH0727FB001538 MH3RH0727FB001541 MH3RH0727FB001555 MH3RH0727FB001569 MH3RH0727FB001572 MH3RH0727FB001586 MH3RH0727FB001605 MH3RH0727FB001619 MH3RH0727FB001622 MH3RH0727FB001636 MH3RH0727FB001653 MH3RH0727FB001670 MH3RH0727FB001684 MH3RH0727FB001703 MH3RH0727FB001717 MH3RH0727FB001720 MH3RH0727FB001734 MH3RH0727FB001748 MH3RH0727FB001751 MH3RH0727FB001765 MH3RH0727FB001779 MH3RH0727FB001796 MH3RH0727FB001801 MH3RH0727FB001815 MH3RH0727FB001829 MH3RH0727FB001832 MH3RH0727FB001846 MH3RH0727FB001863 MH3RH0727FB001877 MH3RH0727FB001880 MH3RH0727FB001894 MH3RH0727FB001913 MH3RH0727FB001927 MH3RH0727FB001930 MH3RH0727FB001944 MH3RH0727FB001958 MH3RH0727FB001961 MH3RH0727FB001975 MH3RH0727FB001989 MH3RH0727FB001992 MH3RH0727FB002009 MH3RH0727FB002012 MH3RH0727FB002057 MH3RH0727FB002060 MH3RH0727FB002088 MH3RH0727FB002091 MH3RH0727FB002107 MH3RH0727FB002124 MH3RH0727FB002138 MH3RH0727FB002141 MH3RH0727FB002155 MH3RH0727FB002186 MH3RH0727FB002205 MH3RH0727FB002219 MH3RH0727FB002236 MH3RH0727FB002253 MH3RH0727FB002267 MH3RH0727FB002270 MH3RH0727FB002284 MH3RH0727FB002298 MH3RH0727FB002303 MH3RH0727FB002317 MH3RH0727FB002320 MH3RH0727FB002334 MH3RH0727FB002348 MH3RH0727FB002351 MH3RH0727FB002365 MH3RH0727FB002379 MH3RH0727FB002382 MH3RH0727FB002396 MH3RH0727FB002401 MH3RH0727FB002415 MH3RH0727FB002429 MH3RH0727FB002432 MH3RH0727FB002446 MH3RH0727FB002463 MH3RH0727FB002477 MH3RH0727FB002480 MH3RH0727FB002494 MH3RH0727FB002513 MH3RH0727FB002527 MH3RH0727FB002530 MH3RH0727FB002544 MH3RH0727FB002558 MH3RH0727FB002561 MH3RH0727FB002575 MH3RH0727FB002589 MH3RH0727FB002592 MH3RH0727FB002608 MH3RH0727FB002611 MH3RH0727FB002639 MH3RH0727FB002642 MH3RH0727FB002656 MH3RH0727FB002673 MH3RH0727FB002687 MH3RH0727FB002690 MH3RH0727FB002706 MH3RH0727FB002723 MH3RH0727FB002737 MH3RH0727FB002740 MH3RH0727FB002754 MH3RH0727GB002836 MH3RH0727GB002853 MH3RH0727GB002884 MH3RH0727GB002898 MH3RH0727GB002903 MH3RH0727GB002917 MH3RH0727GB002920 MH3RH0727GB002934 MH3RH0727GB002948 MH3RH0727GB002951 MH3RH0727GB002965 MH3RH0727GB002996 MH3RH0727GB003002 MH3RH0727GB003016 MH3RH0727GB003033 MH3RH0727GB003047 MH3RH0727GB003050 MH3RH0727GB003064 MH3RH0727GB003078 MH3RH0727GB003081 MH3RH0727GB003095 MH3RH0727GB003100 MH3RH0727GB003114 MH3RH0727GB003131 MH3RH0727GB003145 MH3RH0727GB003162 MH3RH0727GB003243 MH3RH0727GB003257 MH3RH0727GB003369 MH3RH0727GB003372 MH3RH0727GB003386 MH3RH0727GB003405 MH3RH0727GB003436 MH3RH0727GB003453 MH3RH0727GB003467 MH3RH0727GB003484 MH3RH0727GB003498 MH3RH0727GB003503 MH3RH0727GB003517 MH3RH0727GB003520 MH3RH0727GB003551 MH3RH0727GB003565 MH3RH0727GB003579 MH3RH0727GB003596 MH3RH0727GB003646 MH3RH0727GB003663 MH3RH0727GB003680 MH3RH0727GB003713 MH3RH0727GB003744 MH3RH0727GB003758 MH3RH0727GB003789 MH3RH0727GB003792 MH3RH0727GB003808 MH3RH0727GB003811 MH3RH0727GB003825 MH3RH0727GB003839 MH3RH0727GB003856 MH3RH0727GB003873 MH3RH0727GB003887 MH3RH0727GB003906 MH3RH0727GB003937 MH3RH0727GB003940 MH3RH0727GB003954 MH3RH0727GB004134 MH3RH0727GB004148 MH3RH0727GB004151 MH3RH0727GB004165 MH3RH0727GB004196 MH3RH0727GB004201 MH3RH0727GB004215 MH3RH0727GB004229 MH3RH0727GB004232 MH3RH0727GB004294 MH3RH0727GB004313 MH3RH0727GB004456 MH3RH0727GB004506 MH3RH0727GB004571 MH3RH0727GB004585 MH3RH0727GB004599 MH3RH0727GB004604 MH3RH0727GB004618 MH3RH0727GB004621 MH3RH0727GB004635 MH3RH0727GB004733 MH3RH0727GB004747 MH3RH0727GB004750 MH3RH0727GB004893 MH3RH0727GB004909 MH3RH0727GB004912 MH3RH0727GB004926 MH3RH0727GB004957 MH3RH0727GB004974 MH3RH0727GB004988 MH3RH0727GB004991 MH3RH0727GB005008 MH3RH0727GB005011 MH3RH0727GB005025 MH3RH0727GB005042 MH3RH0727GB005056 MH3RH0727GB005073 MH3RH0727GB005087 MH3RH0727GB005090 MH3RH0727GB005106 MH3RH0727GB005123 MH3RH0727GB005140 MH3RH0727GB005154 MH3RH0727GB005218 MH3RH0727GB005235 MH3RH0727GB005333 MH3RH0727GB005347 MH3RH0727GB005350 MH3RH0727GB005414 MH3RH0727GB005428 MH3RH0727GB005431 MH3RH0727GB005445 MH3RH0727GB005462 MH3RH0727GB005476 MH3RH0727GB005493 MH3RH0727GB005509 MH3RH0727GB005512 MH3RH0727GB005526 MH3RH0727GB005557 MH3RH0727GB005560 MH3RH0727GB005574 MH3RH0727GB005588 MH3RH0727GB005591 MH3RH0727GB005607 MH3RH0727GB005610 MH3RH0727GB005638 MH3RH0727GB005686 MH3RH0727GB005705 MH3RH0727GB005719 MH3RH0727GB005798 MH3RH0727GB005803 MH3RH0727GB005817 MH3RH0727GB005820 MH3RH0727GB005834 MH3RH0727GB005851 MH3RH0727GB005865 MH3RH0727GB005915 MH3RH0727GB005929 MH3RH0727GB005932 MH3RH0727GB005946 MH3RH0728FB001001 MH3RH0728FB001029 MH3RH0728FB001032 MH3RH0728FB001046 MH3RH0728FB001063 MH3RH0728FB001077 MH3RH0728FB001080 MH3RH0728FB001094 MH3RH0728FB001113 MH3RH0728FB001127 MH3RH0728FB001130 MH3RH0728FB001144 MH3RH0728FB001158 MH3RH0728FB001161 MH3RH0728FB001175 MH3RH0728FB001189 MH3RH0728FB001192 MH3RH0728FB001225 MH3RH0728FB001256 MH3RH0728FB001273 MH3RH0728FB001287 MH3RH0728FB001290 MH3RH0728FB001306 MH3RH0728FB001323 MH3RH0728FB001337 MH3RH0728FB001340 MH3RH0728FB001354 MH3RH0728FB001368 MH3RH0728FB001371 MH3RH0728FB001385 MH3RH0728FB001399 MH3RH0728FB001404 MH3RH0728FB001418 MH3RH0728FB001421 MH3RH0728FB001435 MH3RH0728FB001449 MH3RH0728FB001452 MH3RH0728FB001466 MH3RH0728FB001483 MH3RH0728FB001497 MH3RH0728FB001502 MH3RH0728FB001516 MH3RH0728FB001533 MH3RH0728FB001547 MH3RH0728FB001550 MH3RH0728FB001564 MH3RH0728FB001578 MH3RH0728FB001581 MH3RH0728FB001595 MH3RH0728FB001600 MH3RH0728FB001614 MH3RH0728FB001628 MH3RH0728FB001631 MH3RH0728FB001645 MH3RH0728FB001659 MH3RH0728FB001676 MH3RH0728FB001693 MH3RH0728FB001709 MH3RH0728FB001712 MH3RH0728FB001743 MH3RH0728FB001757 MH3RH0728FB001760 MH3RH0728FB001774 MH3RH0728FB001788 MH3RH0728FB001791 MH3RH0728FB001810 MH3RH0728FB001824 MH3RH0728FB001838 MH3RH0728FB001841 MH3RH0728FB001855 MH3RH0728FB001869 MH3RH0728FB001872 MH3RH0728FB001886 MH3RH0728FB001905 MH3RH0728FB001919 MH3RH0728FB001922 MH3RH0728FB001936 MH3RH0728FB001953 MH3RH0728FB001967 MH3RH0728FB001970 MH3RH0728FB001984 MH3RH0728FB001998 MH3RH0728FB002021 MH3RH0728FB002035 MH3RH0728FB002049 MH3RH0728FB002066 MH3RH0728FB002083 MH3RH0728FB002097 MH3RH0728FB002102 MH3RH0728FB002133 MH3RH0728FB002147 MH3RH0728FB002150 MH3RH0728FB002178 MH3RH0728FB002181 MH3RH0728FB002195 MH3RH0728FB002200 MH3RH0728FB002214 MH3RH0728FB002245 MH3RH0728FB002259 MH3RH0728FB002276 MH3RH0728FB002293 MH3RH0728FB002309 MH3RH0728FB002326 MH3RH0728FB002343 MH3RH0728FB002357 MH3RH0728FB002360 MH3RH0728FB002374 MH3RH0728FB002388 MH3RH0728FB002391 MH3RH0728FB002407 MH3RH0728FB002410 MH3RH0728FB002424 MH3RH0728FB002438 MH3RH0728FB002441 MH3RH0728FB002455 MH3RH0728FB002469 MH3RH0728FB002472 MH3RH0728FB002486 MH3RH0728FB002505 MH3RH0728FB002519 MH3RH0728FB002522 MH3RH0728FB002536 MH3RH0728FB002553 MH3RH0728FB002567 MH3RH0728FB002570 MH3RH0728FB002603 MH3RH0728FB002617 MH3RH0728FB002634 MH3RH0728FB002648 MH3RH0728FB002651 MH3RH0728FB002665 MH3RH0728FB002679 MH3RH0728FB002682 MH3RH0728FB002696 MH3RH0728FB002701 MH3RH0728FB002715 MH3RH0728FB002729 MH3RH0728FB002732 MH3RH0728FB002746 MH3RH0728GB002814 MH3RH0728GB002828 MH3RH0728GB002845 MH3RH0728GB002859 MH3RH0728GB002876 MH3RH0728GB002893 MH3RH0728GB002909 MH3RH0728GB002912 MH3RH0728GB002926 MH3RH0728GB002943 MH3RH0728GB002957 MH3RH0728GB002988 MH3RH0728GB003008 MH3RH0728GB003011 MH3RH0728GB003025 MH3RH0728GB003039 MH3RH0728GB003042 MH3RH0728GB003056 MH3RH0728GB003073 MH3RH0728GB003087 MH3RH0728GB003090 MH3RH0728GB003106 MH3RH0728GB003123 MH3RH0728GB003137 MH3RH0728GB003199 MH3RH0728GB003252 MH3RH0728GB003266 MH3RH0728GB003364 MH3RH0728GB003378 MH3RH0728GB003381 MH3RH0728GB003395 MH3RH0728GB003400 MH3RH0728GB003414 MH3RH0728GB003428 MH3RH0728GB003445 MH3RH0728GB003459 MH3RH0728GB003462 MH3RH0728GB003476 MH3RH0728GB003493 MH3RH0728GB003509 MH3RH0728GB003512 MH3RH0728GB003557 MH3RH0728GB003574 MH3RH0728GB003588 MH3RH0728GB003655 MH3RH0728GB003669 MH3RH0728GB003705 MH3RH0728GB003719 MH3RH0728GB003753 MH3RH0728GB003784 MH3RH0728GB003803 MH3RH0728GB003817 MH3RH0728GB003820 MH3RH0728GB003834 MH3RH0728GB003865 MH3RH0728GB003879 MH3RH0728GB003882 MH3RH0728GB003896 MH3RH0728GB003901 MH3RH0728GB003915 MH3RH0728GB003929 MH3RH0728GB003932 MH3RH0728GB004126 MH3RH0728GB004143 MH3RH0728GB004157 MH3RH0728GB004160 MH3RH0728GB004207 MH3RH0728GB004210 MH3RH0728GB004224 MH3RH0728GB004238 MH3RH0728GB004286 MH3RH0728GB004305 MH3RH0728GB004319 MH3RH0728GB004451 MH3RH0728GB004465 MH3RH0728GB004496 MH3RH0728GB004501 MH3RH0728GB004515 MH3RH0728GB004563 MH3RH0728GB004577 MH3RH0728GB004580 MH3RH0728GB004594 MH3RH0728GB004613 MH3RH0728GB004627 MH3RH0728GB004630 MH3RH0728GB004725 MH3RH0728GB004739 MH3RH0728GB004742 MH3RH0728GB004756 MH3RH0728GB004885 MH3RH0728GB004899 MH3RH0728GB004904 MH3RH0728GB004918 MH3RH0728GB004935 MH3RH0728GB004949 MH3RH0728GB004966 MH3RH0728GB004983 MH3RH0728GB005003 MH3RH0728GB005017 MH3RH0728GB005020 MH3RH0728GB005034 MH3RH0728GB005048 MH3RH0728GB005051 MH3RH0728GB005065 MH3RH0728GB005079 MH3RH0728GB005082 MH3RH0728GB005096 MH3RH0728GB005115 MH3RH0728GB005213 MH3RH0728GB005227 MH3RH0728GB005230 MH3RH0728GB005325 MH3RH0728GB005342 MH3RH0728GB005356 MH3RH0728GB005406 MH3RH0728GB005423 MH3RH0728GB005437 MH3RH0728GB005440 MH3RH0728GB005454 MH3RH0728GB005468 MH3RH0728GB005471 MH3RH0728GB005485 MH3RH0728GB005499 MH3RH0728GB005504 MH3RH0728GB005518 MH3RH0728GB005549 MH3RH0728GB005552 MH3RH0728GB005566 MH3RH0728GB005583 MH3RH0728GB005597 MH3RH0728GB005616 MH3RH0728GB005633 MH3RH0728GB005695 MH3RH0728GB005714 MH3RH0728GB005809 MH3RH0728GB005812 MH3RH0728GB005826 MH3RH0728GB005843 MH3RH0728GB005860 MH3RH0728GB005924 MH3RH0728GB005938 MH3RH0728GB005941 MH3RH0728GB005955 MH3RH0729FB001007 MH3RH0729FB001010 MH3RH0729FB001024 MH3RH0729FB001038 MH3RH0729FB001041 MH3RH0729FB001055 MH3RH0729FB001069 MH3RH0729FB001072 MH3RH0729FB001086 MH3RH0729FB001105 MH3RH0729FB001119 MH3RH0729FB001122 MH3RH0729FB001136 MH3RH0729FB001153 MH3RH0729FB001167 MH3RH0729FB001170 MH3RH0729FB001184 MH3RH0729FB001198 MH3RH0729FB001203 MH3RH0729FB001248 MH3RH0729FB001251 MH3RH0729FB001265 MH3RH0729FB001282 MH3RH0729FB001296 MH3RH0729FB001301 MH3RH0729FB001315 MH3RH0729FB001329 MH3RH0729FB001332 MH3RH0729FB001346 MH3RH0729FB001363 MH3RH0729FB001377 MH3RH0729FB001380 MH3RH0729FB001394 MH3RH0729FB001413 MH3RH0729FB001427 MH3RH0729FB001430 MH3RH0729FB001444 MH3RH0729FB001458 MH3RH0729FB001461 MH3RH0729FB001475 MH3RH0729FB001489 MH3RH0729FB001492 MH3RH0729FB001508 MH3RH0729FB001511 MH3RH0729FB001525 MH3RH0729FB001539 MH3RH0729FB001542 MH3RH0729FB001556 MH3RH0729FB001573 MH3RH0729FB001587 MH3RH0729FB001590 MH3RH0729FB001606 MH3RH0729FB001623 MH3RH0729FB001637 MH3RH0729FB001640 MH3RH0729FB001654 MH3RH0729FB001668 MH3RH0729FB001671 MH3RH0729FB001685 MH3RH0729FB001699 MH3RH0729FB001704 MH3RH0729FB001718 MH3RH0729FB001721 MH3RH0729FB001749 MH3RH0729FB001752 MH3RH0729FB001766 MH3RH0729FB001797 MH3RH0729FB001802 MH3RH0729FB001816 MH3RH0729FB001833 MH3RH0729FB001847 MH3RH0729FB001850 MH3RH0729FB001864 MH3RH0729FB001878 MH3RH0729FB001881 MH3RH0729FB001895 MH3RH0729FB001900 MH3RH0729FB001914 MH3RH0729FB001928 MH3RH0729FB001931 MH3RH0729FB001945 MH3RH0729FB001959 MH3RH0729FB001962 MH3RH0729FB001976 MH3RH0729FB001993 MH3RH0729FB002013 MH3RH0729FB002027 MH3RH0729FB002030 MH3RH0729FB002044 MH3RH0729FB002058 MH3RH0729FB002089 MH3RH0729FB002092 MH3RH0729FB002108 MH3RH0729FB002111 MH3RH0729FB002125 MH3RH0729FB002139 MH3RH0729FB002142 MH3RH0729FB002156 MH3RH0729FB002173 MH3RH0729FB002187 MH3RH0729FB002206 MH3RH0729FB002223 MH3RH0729FB002237 MH3RH0729FB002240 MH3RH0729FB002254 MH3RH0729FB002268 MH3RH0729FB002271 MH3RH0729FB002299 MH3RH0729FB002304 MH3RH0729FB002318 MH3RH0729FB002321 MH3RH0729FB002335 MH3RH0729FB002349 MH3RH0729FB002352 MH3RH0729FB002366 MH3RH0729FB002383 MH3RH0729FB002397 MH3RH0729FB002402 MH3RH0729FB002416 MH3RH0729FB002433 MH3RH0729FB002447 MH3RH0729FB002450 MH3RH0729FB002464 MH3RH0729FB002478 MH3RH0729FB002481 MH3RH0729FB002495 MH3RH0729FB002514 MH3RH0729FB002528 MH3RH0729FB002545 MH3RH0729FB002562 MH3RH0729FB002593 MH3RH0729FB002609 MH3RH0729FB002612 MH3RH0729FB002626 MH3RH0729FB002643 MH3RH0729FB002657 MH3RH0729FB002660 MH3RH0729FB002674 MH3RH0729FB002688 MH3RH0729FB002691 MH3RH0729FB002707 MH3RH0729FB002710 MH3RH0729FB002724 MH3RH0729FB002738 MH3RH0729FB002741 MH3RH0729FB002755 MH3RH0729GB002837 MH3RH0729GB002840 MH3RH0729GB002854 MH3RH0729GB002871 MH3RH0729GB002885 MH3RH0729GB002904 MH3RH0729GB002918 MH3RH0729GB002949 MH3RH0729GB002952 MH3RH0729GB002966 MH3RH0729GB003003 MH3RH0729GB003017 MH3RH0729GB003020 MH3RH0729GB003034 MH3RH0729GB003048 MH3RH0729GB003051 MH3RH0729GB003065 MH3RH0729GB003079 MH3RH0729GB003082 MH3RH0729GB003096 MH3RH0729GB003101 MH3RH0729GB003115 MH3RH0729GB003129 MH3RH0729GB003132 MH3RH0729GB003146 MH3RH0729GB003163 MH3RH0729GB003177 MH3RH0729GB003258 MH3RH0729GB003275 MH3RH0729GB003373 MH3RH0729GB003387 MH3RH0729GB003390 MH3RH0729GB003406 MH3RH0729GB003437 MH3RH0729GB003440 MH3RH0729GB003454 MH3RH0729GB003468 MH3RH0729GB003471 MH3RH0729GB003485 MH3RH0729GB003504 MH3RH0729GB003521 MH3RH0729GB003552 MH3RH0729GB003566 MH3RH0729GB003583 MH3RH0729GB003745 MH3RH0729GB003759 MH3RH0729GB003762 MH3RH0729GB003776 MH3RH0729GB003809 MH3RH0729GB003812 MH3RH0729GB003843 MH3RH0729GB003857 MH3RH0729GB003860 MH3RH0729GB003891 MH3RH0729GB003907 MH3RH0729GB003910 MH3RH0729GB003938 MH3RH0729GB003941 MH3RH0729GB003955 MH3RH0729GB004121 MH3RH0729GB004135 MH3RH0729GB004149 MH3RH0729GB004152 MH3RH0729GB004166 MH3RH0729GB004183 MH3RH0729GB004202 MH3RH0729GB004216 MH3RH0729GB004233 MH3RH0729GB004281 MH3RH0729GB004295 MH3RH0729GB004300 MH3RH0729GB004314 MH3RH0729GB004443 MH3RH0729GB004474 MH3RH0729GB004491 MH3RH0729GB004507 MH3RH0729GB004510 MH3RH0729GB004569 MH3RH0729GB004572 MH3RH0729GB004586 MH3RH0729GB004605 MH3RH0729GB004619 MH3RH0729GB004622 MH3RH0729GB004636 MH3RH0729GB004734 MH3RH0729GB004748 MH3RH0729GB004751 MH3RH0729GB004894 MH3RH0729GB004913 MH3RH0729GB004930 MH3RH0729GB004944 MH3RH0729GB004961 MH3RH0729GB004975 MH3RH0729GB004989 MH3RH0729GB004992 MH3RH0729GB005009 MH3RH0729GB005012 MH3RH0729GB005026 MH3RH0729GB005043 MH3RH0729GB005060 MH3RH0729GB005074 MH3RH0729GB005088 MH3RH0729GB005107 MH3RH0729GB005110 MH3RH0729GB005124 MH3RH0729GB005141 MH3RH0729GB005155 MH3RH0729GB005205 MH3RH0729GB005219 MH3RH0729GB005222 MH3RH0729GB005236 MH3RH0729GB005334 MH3RH0729GB005348 MH3RH0729GB005351 MH3RH0729GB005401 MH3RH0729GB005415 MH3RH0729GB005429 MH3RH0729GB005432 MH3RH0729GB005446 MH3RH0729GB005480 MH3RH0729GB005494 MH3RH0729GB005513 MH3RH0729GB005527 MH3RH0729GB005544 MH3RH0729GB005558 MH3RH0729GB005561 MH3RH0729GB005575 MH3RH0729GB005589 MH3RH0729GB005592 MH3RH0729GB005611 MH3RH0729GB005625 MH3RH0729GB005639 MH3RH0729GB005706 MH3RH0729GB005804 MH3RH0729GB005818 MH3RH0729GB005821 MH3RH0729GB005835 MH3RH0729GB005866 MH3RH0729GB005933 MH3RH0729GB005947 MH3RH0729GB005950 MH3RH072XFB001002 MH3RH072XFB001016 MH3RH072XFB001033 MH3RH072XFB001047 MH3RH072XFB001050 MH3RH072XFB001064 MH3RH072XFB001078 MH3RH072XFB001100 MH3RH072XFB001128 MH3RH072XFB001131 MH3RH072XFB001145 MH3RH072XFB001159 MH3RH072XFB001162 MH3RH072XFB001176 MH3RH072XFB001193 MH3RH072XFB001209 MH3RH072XFB001212 MH3RH072XFB001226 MH3RH072XFB001260 MH3RH072XFB001288 MH3RH072XFB001291 MH3RH072XFB001307 MH3RH072XFB001310 MH3RH072XFB001324 MH3RH072XFB001338 MH3RH072XFB001341 MH3RH072XFB001355 MH3RH072XFB001369 MH3RH072XFB001372 MH3RH072XFB001386 MH3RH072XFB001405 MH3RH072XFB001419 MH3RH072XFB001422 MH3RH072XFB001436 MH3RH072XFB001453 MH3RH072XFB001467 MH3RH072XFB001470 MH3RH072XFB001484 MH3RH072XFB001498 MH3RH072XFB001503 MH3RH072XFB001517 MH3RH072XFB001520 MH3RH072XFB001534 MH3RH072XFB001548 MH3RH072XFB001551 MH3RH072XFB001565 MH3RH072XFB001579 MH3RH072XFB001582 MH3RH072XFB001596 MH3RH072XFB001601 MH3RH072XFB001615 MH3RH072XFB001629 MH3RH072XFB001632 MH3RH072XFB001663 MH3RH072XFB001677 MH3RH072XFB001680 MH3RH072XFB001694 MH3RH072XFB001713 MH3RH072XFB001758 MH3RH072XFB001761 MH3RH072XFB001775 MH3RH072XFB001789 MH3RH072XFB001792 MH3RH072XFB001811 MH3RH072XFB001825 MH3RH072XFB001839 MH3RH072XFB001842 MH3RH072XFB001856 MH3RH072XFB001873 MH3RH072XFB001887 MH3RH072XFB001890 MH3RH072XFB001906 MH3RH072XFB001923 MH3RH072XFB001937 MH3RH072XFB001940 MH3RH072XFB001954 MH3RH072XFB001968 MH3RH072XFB001971 MH3RH072XFB001985 MH3RH072XFB001999 MH3RH072XFB002005 MH3RH072XFB002019 MH3RH072XFB002022 MH3RH072XFB002036 MH3RH072XFB002053 MH3RH072XFB002067 MH3RH072XFB002070 MH3RH072XFB002084 MH3RH072XFB002098 MH3RH072XFB002103 MH3RH072XFB002117 MH3RH072XFB002120 MH3RH072XFB002134 MH3RH072XFB002148 MH3RH072XFB002151 MH3RH072XFB002165 MH3RH072XFB002179 MH3RH072XFB002182 MH3RH072XFB002196 MH3RH072XFB002201 MH3RH072XFB002215 MH3RH072XFB002232 MH3RH072XFB002246 MH3RH072XFB002263 MH3RH072XFB002277 MH3RH072XFB002280 MH3RH072XFB002294 MH3RH072XFB002313 MH3RH072XFB002327 MH3RH072XFB002330 MH3RH072XFB002344 MH3RH072XFB002358 MH3RH072XFB002361 MH3RH072XFB002375 MH3RH072XFB002389 MH3RH072XFB002392 MH3RH072XFB002408 MH3RH072XFB002411 MH3RH072XFB002425 MH3RH072XFB002439 MH3RH072XFB002442 MH3RH072XFB002456 MH3RH072XFB002473 MH3RH072XFB002487 MH3RH072XFB002490 MH3RH072XFB002506 MH3RH072XFB002537 MH3RH072XFB002554 MH3RH072XFB002568 MH3RH072XFB002571 MH3RH072XFB002585 MH3RH072XFB002604 MH3RH072XFB002618 MH3RH072XFB002621 MH3RH072XFB002635 MH3RH072XFB002649 MH3RH072XFB002652 MH3RH072XFB002666 MH3RH072XFB002683 MH3RH072XFB002697 MH3RH072XFB002702 MH3RH072XFB002716 MH3RH072XFB002733 MH3RH072XFB002747 MH3RH072XFB002750 MH3RH072XGB002801 MH3RH072XGB002815 MH3RH072XGB002829 MH3RH072XGB002832 MH3RH072XGB002877 MH3RH072XGB002880 MH3RH072XGB002927 MH3RH072XGB002930 MH3RH072XGB002944 MH3RH072XGB002958 MH3RH072XGB002961 MH3RH072XGB002975 MH3RH072XGB003009 MH3RH072XGB003012 MH3RH072XGB003026 MH3RH072XGB003043 MH3RH072XGB003057 MH3RH072XGB003060 MH3RH072XGB003074 MH3RH072XGB003088 MH3RH072XGB003091 MH3RH072XGB003107 MH3RH072XGB003110 MH3RH072XGB003138 MH3RH072XGB003155 MH3RH072XGB003172 MH3RH072XGB003186 MH3RH072XGB003267 MH3RH072XGB003365 MH3RH072XGB003379 MH3RH072XGB003396 MH3RH072XGB003429 MH3RH072XGB003432 MH3RH072XGB003463 MH3RH072XGB003477 MH3RH072XGB003480 MH3RH072XGB003513 MH3RH072XGB003558 MH3RH072XGB003561 MH3RH072XGB003575 MH3RH072XGB003642 MH3RH072XGB003673 MH3RH072XGB003754 MH3RH072XGB003785 MH3RH072XGB003799 MH3RH072XGB003804 MH3RH072XGB003818 MH3RH072XGB003821 MH3RH072XGB003835 MH3RH072XGB003883 MH3RH072XGB003902 MH3RH072XGB003933 MH3RH072XGB003947 MH3RH072XGB004130 MH3RH072XGB004144 MH3RH072XGB004158 MH3RH072XGB004175 MH3RH072XGB004208 MH3RH072XGB004211 MH3RH072XGB004225 MH3RH072XGB004239 MH3RH072XGB004287 MH3RH072XGB004290 MH3RH072XGB004306 MH3RH072XGB004452 MH3RH072XGB004483 MH3RH072XGB004502 MH3RH072XGB004516 MH3RH072XGB004564 MH3RH072XGB004581 MH3RH072XGB004595 MH3RH072XGB004600 MH3RH072XGB004614 MH3RH072XGB004628 MH3RH072XGB004631 MH3RH072XGB004726 MH3RH072XGB004743 MH3RH072XGB004757 MH3RH072XGB004760 MH3RH072XGB004886 MH3RH072XGB004905 MH3RH072XGB004919 MH3RH072XGB004922 MH3RH072XGB004936 MH3RH072XGB004953 MH3RH072XGB004967 MH3RH072XGB004970 MH3RH072XGB004984 MH3RH072XGB004998 MH3RH072XGB005018 MH3RH072XGB005021 MH3RH072XGB005035 MH3RH072XGB005049 MH3RH072XGB005052 MH3RH072XGB005066 MH3RH072XGB005083 MH3RH072XGB005097 MH3RH072XGB005102 MH3RH072XGB005116 MH3RH072XGB005214 MH3RH072XGB005228 MH3RH072XGB005231 MH3RH072XGB005326 MH3RH072XGB005343 MH3RH072XGB005357 MH3RH072XGB005360 MH3RH072XGB005407 MH3RH072XGB005410 MH3RH072XGB005424 MH3RH072XGB005438 MH3RH072XGB005441 MH3RH072XGB005455 MH3RH072XGB005469 MH3RH072XGB005486 MH3RH072XGB005505 MH3RH072XGB005519 MH3RH072XGB005536 MH3RH072XGB005570 MH3RH072XGB005584 MH3RH072XGB005598 MH3RH072XGB005603 MH3RH072XGB005617 MH3RH072XGB005620 MH3RH072XGB005701 MH3RH072XGB005715 MH3RH072XGB005729 MH3RH072XGB005813 MH3RH072XGB005827 MH3RH072XGB005830 MH3RH072XGB005908 MH3RH072XGB005911 MH3RH072XGB005925 MH3RH072XGB005939 MH3RH072XGB005942 MH3RH072XGB005956

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Black Dog Ride event aids mental health

Thu, 02/03/2017 - 5:00am

The annual Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer rides for mental health awareness are coming up on March 19, 2017, with one lucky rider winning an Indian Scout.

The Scout is valued at $19,995 and all riders who registered online before March 7 are now in the draw to win with the winner announced on the day.

However, there is still time to register for the many rides which are being held in all states on the same day.


While Black Dog Ride founder Steve Andrews resigned this month from the mental health charity after facing up to his own issues with depression and anxiety. 

The BDR board has appointed Black Dog Ride’s Wangaratta Coordinator Jim Redmond as the interim CEO to manage the planned March 1 Dayer rides and national Tasmania rides.

Meanwhile, they are looking for a permanent replacement.

Steve started the Black Dog Ride to the centre of Australia in 2009 to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention and mental health.

Black Dog Ride founder Steve Andrews

A year later he added the March 1 Dayer rides for those who couldn’t afford the time for the longer trek in winter.

All funds raised through the events are channeled to mental health organisations on the front line of suicide prevention

More than $360,000 was distributed in 2016 to 30 such organisations.

Riders who register online for the 1 Dayer 2017 can also buy the unique and inaugural Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer 2017 “We need to talk” (about depression) t-shirt.

However, the t-shirts won’t arrive until after the 1 Dayer event. They are available in men’s S to 5XL and ladies’ 8 to 20 for $30 which includes shipping.

The annual BDR ride in 2017 will head to Tasmania for the first time and will be held from October 28 to November 5, rather than in winter for obvious reasons.

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Crashes prompt road craft courses

Wed, 01/03/2017 - 4:00pm

A high incidence of motorcycle crashes in the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast areas have prompted the establishment of two road craft courses.

While motorcyclists represent about 22% of road fatalities in Australia despite being less than 5% of registered road users, they represent almost half of the road toll in the combined tourist region.

The crash statistics have prompted the Tweed Shire Council to present its first motorcycle safety workshop and the start of a new motorcycle road craft course on the Gold Coast from this Saturday (March 4, 2017).

Gold Coast SMART course

The Gold Coast SMART Rider Program has the same name and some of the same operators as a previous course funded by the Gold Coast City Council. This time it is funded by the Queensland Government Community Road Safety Grants Program.

The previous Safe Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training courses were cancelled in 2012 despite winning the inaugural 2011 Australian Road Safety Awards.

Councillors claimed at the time that the course was mainly attended by non-ratepayers, so they pulled the plug. It was a myopic view considering the area attracts motorcycle tourism and any crashes are a burden on their infrastructure.

Before the original course began in 2008, the region’s motorcycle rider toll was 25. It fell to just four by the time the course was axed in 2012. It has since risen again.

SMART Rider Program creator Steve McDowall of Motorcycle Life points out that for every fatality there are also 15 hospitalisations, 10 medical treatments and five minor injuries reported.

SMART road craft course instructors Steve McDowall and Mike Roberts

“That trend is worrying,” the accredited rider trainer says.

“Part of the reason is that the roads around the area, and in particular the hinterland, are very attractive to motorcyclists, but they are catching riders out and crashes are occurring far too often. 

“And unfortunately, many of those involved in crashes are older riders or those returning to riding after a long break.”

Tweed road craft workshop

The new course comes as the Tweed Council just over the border in NSW recently conducted its first motorcycle safety workshop with plans to host more.

Road Safety Officer Alana Brooks says they had more than 80 attend their first workshop on February 19 in Chillingham.

Motorcycles outside the Chillingham Public Hall for the safety workshop

The workshop, run by Survive the Ride Association of NSW volunteers who rode up from Sydney, included subjects such as road craft and riding techniques; safe following distances; tips for riding in groups; safe speeds; and riding gear. 

Alana says the road craft workshop was free to riders and was funded through the Local Government Road Safety Program which has run similar workshops in Coffs Harbour.

“Given the overwhelming response and interest the workshop received from riders and the media, we would certainly look at holding other similar workshops, perhaps during Motorcycle Awareness Week in October this year,” she says.

Survival strategies

The new SMART Rider Program is a full-day road craft course designed to help riders identify risks and give them strategies to avoid them.

It was developed jointly by the Australian Road Safety Foundation and Motorcycle Life with State Government funding and Gold Coast City Council support.

Course fees have been kept to an affordable $95. 

Mt Tamborine is a scene of many motorcycle crashes

“There have been plenty of calls in the media and from rider groups for the re-instatement of an on-road training course like this, and the initial uptake from riders has been very good,” he says. 

The SMART Rider Program will be delivered by a team of experienced instructors who have worked on similar road craft courses, including the original SMART course.  

We attended two of the original SMART courses and learnt something each time. The courses featured a clever mix of theory and practical road craft techniques on popular local motorcycle routes.

The new SMART Rider Program courses will run on the Gold Coast from March 4 to June at the Nerang Bicentennial Centre, 833 Southport-Nerang Rd, Nerang, next to the City of Gold Coast Administration Centre.

The full day training course involves theory sessions, demonstrations, facilitated discussions, and a mentored road ride.

Steve says there is already interest in running the program in other regions.

For course information, dates and bookings, click here.

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How to maintain a bike battery properly

Wed, 01/03/2017 - 7:00am

Numerous factors such as temperature, engine vibration and electrical loads can cause your bike battery to die.

While these things contribute to eventual failure, RACQ Principal Technical Researcher John Ewing says a major factor in ensuring they achieve their maximum life and reliability is how they are maintained.

He says it is important they are appropriately charged through the vehicle charging system and by an appropriate external charger if needed.

Visit: to learn more about the best jump starters.

Nothing is designed to last forever and everything has a reasonable amount of usage time. Most batteries have an expected lifespan of two years, but you can increase that considerably if you maintain it properly. 

John says average lifespan is likely to be around two to three years, if it’s well maintained, although some batteries manage quite a bit more.

Please read all the tips, especially the safety advice at the end of the article.

Bike battery types

There are different bike battery types and most modern batteries are sealed for life and maintenance-free.

“Like automotive batteries, motorcycle batteries come in two main types, the widely used sealed maintenance-free type, and the now less common, older, messier, and less efficient lead acid ‘wet’ cell,” he says. 

“These are actually a flooded cell design that uses a liquid electrolyte (a mix of sulphuric acid and distilled water to give the correct concentration), whereas the sealed MF batteries typically use absorbed glass mat technology that holds the electrolyte within the mat, a bit like a sponge. “Maintenance-free batteries, due to their slightly different chemistry, design and construction don’t lose water during charging like ‘wet’ cells do through their external vents. Hence the electrolyte level doesn’t drop and need top up.

Sealed lithium bike battery Battery myth

Batteries don’t store electricity as some people think, John says. 

They contain plate materials and an electrolyte that together produce a chemical reaction that produces electrical energy. The reaction causes the bike battery to ‘discharge’ and chemical changes to the plate material and electrolyte. Lead sulphate forms on the plates. 

“Charging the battery reverses these changes,” John says. “This is important because batteries that don’t have their fluid levels maintained or that aren’t maintained in a proper state of charge can lose electrical capacity/efficiency and eventually can fail though sulphation. 

“The charging current can no longer effectively reverse the changes that normally occur to the plate material during discharge. The change to lead sulphate has become virtually permanent. Leaving batteries in a partially discharged state can drastically shorten its life.”

He says it’s also important to regularly use a smart charger.

Check the electrolyte levels

Lead acid batteries require the electrolyte to be maintained at the correct level to ensure they function correctly and deliver maximum life. 

John advises riders do a monthly check and top up when required with demineralised water if needed. 

“Don’t overfill as this can lead to damaging acid spills,” he says. “Top up to the levels marked on the case, if the battery is so equipped. Otherwise just above the top of the plates visible inside each cell should be about right.”

He advises riders check their owner’s manual or with the bike battery manufacturer if unsure. 

“Under normal circumstances there should never be a need to add acid,” he says. 

“It consists of distilled water and sulphuric acid, but it often evaporates due to a variety of chemical reactions.” 

Move your bike under cover

Extremely high temperatures can reduce the life of a battery considerably, so move your bike under cover. 

In fact, it’s more damaging than leaving your bike outside in freezing temperatures.

John says most batteries can live to as low as minus 18 degrees. 

However, at this temperature, a bike battery might deliver a constant current for no more than 30 seconds. The older it is, the less powerful it will be. 

At very low temperatures engines can be harder to crank, making the battery ‘work’ harder. It also reduces the battery’s ability to supply the sustained high current required for cranking.

Click here to buy a Bike Kubby for your motorcycle Charging memory

Lead-acid batteries have a “charging memory” and they might refuse to accept a charge less than the highest one it has experienced, John says. 

“The best advice is to use a smart charger to ensure the battery is always maintained in a fully charged state. 

“This gets around the issue of the battery being in partially discharged state through the bike charging system not keeping up with the amount of current taken out for starting and during short trips, and the self-discharge and any keep-alive memory losses.”

Cells with such memories are considered faulty, as they can never be charged at their maximum. There are almost no ways to repair them. Sulphation eventually kills batteries and there is no way of restoring them.

John says old-style trickle chargers aren’t suitable for modern batteries (such as MF lead calcium) and also run the risk of actually causing plate material shedding when used regularly on lead acid wet cells, shortening their life.

Clean the battery regularly

Batteries, even when they aren’t being used have a natural tendency over time to self-discharge, a tendency that increases at higher temperatures, John says.

Eventually they will go ‘flat’. A build-up of dust and dirt on the battery top in conjunction with humidity can also help drain the battery, so regularly clean/wipe any dust and dirt off, he suggests.

John says there is no need to regularly clean with a mixture of water and baking soda or distilled water, if your bike battery is kept clean.

If you do, he says to be careful about spilling water.

Clean the terminals 

Acid and copper sulphate accumulations on battery terminals can seriously harm them. Most often, the contact area is reduced, which would not charge the battery fully and it might not supply enough current. 

If this happens, terminals will most probably overheat, which would lead to even more damage to your bike. Poor contact leads to high electrical resistances, and the batteries are not designed to withstand them.

John says a build-up of corrosion around battery terminals can lead to high electrical resistance leading to hard or no starts, and making proper charging from the bike charging system difficult.

He suggests cleaning with baking soda and water. 

“However, you might want to remove the terminals from the posts and use a stiff wire brush to clean the area thoroughly,” he says.

“Rinse off with clean water afterwards. Once the terminals are reconnected a smear of Vaseline will help keep corrosion at bay.”

John warns that some modern computerised bikes may experience some computer memory loss when terminals are removed. 

“Consult your owner’s handbook before terminal removal for correct procedures or entrust the work to a reliable bike mechanic or auto electrician.”

Motorcycles often have high density padding fitted around the battery to help reduce vibration. Make sure this hasn’t been removed, John warns.

Important safety advice

Avoid contact with battery acid as it’s highly corrosive, John says. 

Don’t get it on your skin, clothing, in your eyes or on paintwork, metal surfaces etc. 

Eye protection and suitable gloves are recommended when handling batteries. 

Don’t short battery terminals (terminal to terminal or positive to the bike’s metal components or frame) with metal objects including jewellery, rings, watch bands, or tools when working (eg loosening/tightening terminals). 

Flush any acid spills off immediately with plenty of fresh water. Batteries give off explosive hydrogen, so avoid naked flames, sparks, cigarettes, etc anywhere near them.

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Asian copycat rips off motorcycle brand

Wed, 01/03/2017 - 5:00am

It seems Asian countries believe they are above international trade laws that bind other countries with the latest copycat ripoff being these Vietnamese “Ducati” Monsters.

The “Monsters” are made by Vietnamese company Quang Phuong Motor with a Thai-made 107cc engine and a four-speed transmission.

They even include “Ducati” on the fuel tank.

Vietnamese “Ducati Monster” ripoffs

We all know Asian countries make cheap copies of well-known brands and many of us probably have a Gucci belt made of plastic in an Asian sweatshop.

That might seem harmless, but they also make blatant ripoffs of larger products including motorcycles and even cars.

Check out this electric Honda Goldwing from a Chinese manufacturer.

Chinese “Goldwing”

And how about this Chinese copy of a Range Rover Evoque?

Land Wind’s Range Rover Evoque copy Why is it a problem?

So why should we care? How does it affect us? Doesn’t it just mean cheaper products?

It’s simply wrong on so many levels.

First of all there is a humanitarian concern as many of these copycat companies use child labour and/or pay slave rates.

We don’t expect these “Vietcatis” will ever be imported to any country that supports international trade laws. However, it hasn’t stopped some manufacturers from exporting models that are design ripoffs.

Copycat vehicles are also a major safety concern for the occupants and other road users – which could include you if you are visiting that country or they are imported to your country.

There are also ramifications for automotive companies which are losing revenue from these ripoffs. And as customers of these companies it is in our best interests that they are profitable and don’t end up on the scrapheap like Buell and Victory Motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson is one of the most copied brands around the world, mainly their merchandise. They have a team of lawyers who actively pursue copycat manufacturers.

Harley-Davidson jacket ripoff

However, the Chinese in particular are thumbing their noses at lawyers and international trade laws.

Several car manufacturers have tried to stop them copying their cars, but failed in the obstructive and partisan domestic legal system.

Some have thrown up their hands and formed alliances with Chinese companies to make their products for the local market.

Trade war

But with US President Donald J. Trump now threatening a trade war with China, the issue could move up a notch.

It seems the Don is intent in inflaming long-held international diplomacy.

Trump meets with Harley execs

However, it’s not as simple as increasing import duties on products from countries such as China. Many European and American manufacturers use parts and components made in these countries.

So long as the rest of the world refuses to do anything about these cheap copies, they will become bolder and bolder.

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RACQ joins Ride to Work Day

Tue, 28/02/2017 - 3:00pm

The RACQ is supporting the first annual Ride to Work Day today (March 1, 2017) organised by the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland.

RACQ technical and safety officer Steve Spalding, a Suzuki Bandit owner and frequent motorcycle commuter, says he hopes the ride will alert motorists to the number of riders on the road.

“These Ride to Work days also help raise awareness of motorcycles on the road and remind other road users to think about their safety and give them a safe space in city traffic,” he says.

“It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness of motorcycles as an option for commuting where parking cost savings can be made.”

RACQ spokesman Steve Spalding takes Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey for a ride on his Bandit

Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland president Chris Mearns says riders are “often overlooked or ignored” when it comes to seeking solutions to transport issues.

“For every motorcycle or scooter that is used instead of a car there is a space saving on the road and a fuel use reduction of approximately 50% which results in a considerable positive outcome for the issues of congestion and pollution,” he says.

He hopes that message will be delivered to the authorities by establishing Ride to Work Day as a major event in coming years.

Several other states have Ride to Work days and the MRAQ used to organise an event more than a decade ago. Now Chris wants to resurrect the event.

MRAQ president Chris Mearns

He says this year will be a “soft start”, but he hopes it will be “bigger and better in coming years”.

Chris says now is a good time to kickstart Ride to Work Day as Queensland recently celebrated the second anniversary of the introduction of lane filtering.

He says the the MRAQ was “heavily involved” in having the welcome legislation introduced.

“So there is even more benefit now to making a motorcycle or scooter the means of transport to work due to our ability to move through road congestion more swiftly,” he says.

Ride to Work even if you work from home

Motorbike Writer works from home, but will ride into Park Rd tomorrow morning in support of rider/commuters, regardless of the weather conditions.

If you work from home, too, you are invited to join us for coffee and a chat.

Motorbike Writer believes that more riders visible in commuter traffic might encourage motorists to see us and/or leave a gap for filtering.

Who else plans to ride to work tomorrow? Please share this article with your friends and encourage them to join you.

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Kubby tent makes bike covers easy

Tue, 28/02/2017 - 9:00am

If you are sick of fiddling with a cumbersome motorcycle cover when you get home each night, there are now foldable motorcycle Kubby “tents” available to protect your “loved one”.


They are robust and sturdy, but most importantly, they stay erect and you simply ride in, get off and pull the cover over the bike. Simple!

Kubby covers come in small ($315.70) and large ($359.70) sizes.

We’ve tried the Kubby for small to medium bikes and it comfortably fits our Triumph Bonneville T100 and Scrambler and, of course, our Honda CX500.

Dimensions are 2682mm long, 1036mm wide and 1584mm high, so you can also fit some tools and spares in there with your bike.

Because it keeps the cover away from your bike, you can park your bike in the tent even when the exhaust is hot without worrying about melting the cover.

For bigger bikes, outfits and trikes, such as the Can-Am Spyder, you need the large Kubby tent which may even fit two bikes side-by-side.

It’s certainly big enough at 3444mm long, 1798mm wide and the same height.

The covers are made of heavy duty and waterproof Oxford 600D.

It fits over 25mm galvanised powder-coated piping that is hinged in the centre so the structure is easily folded shut or open.

The Kubby will not only protect your bike from the rain, but also being covered in dust, fading under the sun and even being hammered in hail storms. A normal cover won’t do that.

There is also an exhaust vent so the bike doesn’t get too hot.

Even though the medium-sized Kubby weighs 18kg and the big Kubby is 23kg, they can still blow away in strong winds.

To stop it blowing away, you can bolt it to the ground with the provided holes and special bolts.

Kubby tents are not something you can carry on your bike to work or on a weekend trip, but you could set one up as a semi-permanent feature at home or work, like a fabric shed.

The motorcycle tents are so good, we have decided to stock them on the Motorbike Writer online shop.

And to celebrate, we have provided a free Kubby cover to MotoMedics Queensland to protect one of their Yamaha FJR1300 bikes which they use to patrol the Brisbane hinterland and offer lifesaving first responder assistance to motorcycle crash victims.

Motomedics Queensland

You could also use them to store bicycles, a lawn mower, dinghy, ATV, camping gear, or tools.

They are available in black, blue, green, grey and more and there are also bigger tents available for cars.

Kubby motorcycle tent
  • Price: $315.70 (small), $359.70 (large) – delivery charges vary depending on your location
  • Dimensions: L3450mm, W1880mm, H1900mm (small); L2700mm, W1050mm, H1570mm (large)
  • Weight: 18kg (small), 23kg (large)
  • Cover: water-proof oxford 600D
  • Frame: 25mm x 1.2mm galvanised powder-coated pipe
  • Buy them now at our online shop.

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Confusion grows over helmet attachments

Tue, 28/02/2017 - 5:00am

A South Australian rider has been warned about wearing a motorcycle helmet camera as confusion reigns over the laws on helmet cameras and bluetooth units.

Adelaide rider Erica Aria went to the Sturt Police Station to submit video of drivers cutting him off in traffic but was surprised when he was instead given an official warning for an “illegal helmet camera”.

Eric Aria says he is planning to fight the warning and has engaged motorcycle rights legal experts Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

Eric Aria (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

“I wanted to help them, but walked out with a ticket in my hand,” he says. “I was really surprised.”

The police warned he could cop a $450 fine if he is caught again with the camera.

Police comment

South Australian police say the rider was issued a caution for breaching Australian Design Standards. 

“Cameras on motorcycles are legal as long as they don’t interfere with the structural integrity of the helmet,” a police media spokesperson says.

“The officer was of the opinion the rider was in breach due to the manner in which he had attached his camera.

“If someone receives an expiation notice (fine) and they are disputing the facts, they can elect to have the matter heard before a court.

“When someone is cautioned, there is no fine attached to the expiation and hence, there would be no court hearing.

“If the man is disputing the facts with his caution, he is quite within his rights to lodge a complaint with the Police Ombudsman. 

“Attaching a camera to a helmet is a personal choice however, the manner in which that camera is attached should not interfere with the structural integrity of the helmet.”

Eric says his helmet camera was attached by double-sided tape and he had not tampered with the integrity of the helmet.

Confusion over laws

He says the law is not specific and causing confusion among riders.

The incident follows a recent Facebook claim by a rider that a NSW police warned him electronic attachments to motorcycle helmets would become an offence from March 31 with three demerit points and a $430 fine.

However, NSW police tell us there is no such ruling.

In fact, last year NSW police were instructed by the Police Commissioner to stop issuing infringement notices for helmet accessories.

The Facebook post is either Trump “fake news” or the work of a rogue cop trying to scare a rider. Either way, it only adds to rider confusion and concern about different police interpretations of the rules across state boundaries.

The ACT government last year ratified the legality of helmet cameras and Bluetooth units, while states such as Queensland and Western Australia do not see it as an issue.

In fact, Queensland police actively encourage cyclists to wear them yet bicycle helmets are covered by the same design rules as motorcycle helmets.

In Victoria last year, a rider’s helmet camera fine was waived after several court appearances.

Max Lichenbaum had his fine waived

However, the judge made the ruling to waive Max Lichenbaum’s fine based on the Maurice Blackburn defence argument that the laws were not accessible.

That still leaves the validity of the laws untested in Victoria, further adding to rider confusion.

Police misinterpretation

It all stems from police interpretations of the Australian Design Rule AS1698 on helmets that says nothing can be attached to a motorcycle helmet and that a helmet shell cannot be modified such as by drilling holes.

However, now that helmets do not need to have Australian specification and Euro-approved helmets are allowed, it has heightened confusion among riders.

The UNECE 22.05 rule now includes a clause which effectively places the onus on a manufacturer to ensure that any attachment fitted internally or externally to a helmet is safe, this effectively moves the responsibility to the point of sale.

As Eric says, the rules need to be made clear one way or the other.

NSW, Victorian and South Australian police seem to interpret the AS1698 specification to determine accessories are illegal on the basis they are rigid external projections protruding more than 5mm beyond the helmet shell.

Yet bike cops in all states have cameras and Bluetooth units attached to their helmets. So it’s a case of one law for riders and another for police. Is there any wonder there is not only confusion but some anger among riders!

NSW police have cameras on their helmets, so why can’t we? Lawmakers struggle to keep up

It seems that law makers around the world are at odds on the safety and benefits of helmet technology and are unable to keep up with some of the emerging technologies such as head-up display.

In France, they even ban riders from wearing earphones under their helmets and in some countries a rider’s intercom is only allowed to have one speaker operating.

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