Speed Cameras the first Litmus test for the Baillieu Government

The Department of Justice says on its website that cameras "are located on our most dangerous roads and intersections to prevent speed and red-light offences".

Hahaha , theres a good one hey ! and we all believe that - not. We dont believe a word of it . We KNOW its about the revenue . We Know its a thieving government TAX no matter what they call it or how they justify it.

The Herald Sun , and all praise it for getting stuck into this issue says -

Merry Christmas Bikers



Motorcycle simulator gives new clues to road safety

Motorcycle simulator gives new clues to road safety

by administrator on November 30, 2010

New research using a world leading motorcycle simulator to analyse rider behaviour has proved that safer doesn't necessarily mean slower and that formal advanced training for bikers can demonstrate improved safety on our roads.


Victorian Liberal National Coalition Media Release - Monday 22 November 2010


NSW to overhaul driver demerit system

While the Victorian Government intends to flood the state with more revenue raising cameras comes this news from NSW -

Major changes to Mobile speed cameras and licensing laws nsw- Press release attached

NSW's demerit system will be overhauled to give motorists more points, while for some offences points will be reduced or scrapped altogether in a rare piece of good news for the state's drivers.
NSW Premier Kristina Keneally on Monday said cabinet had agreed to the sweeping demerit point reforms, as well as changes to how the controversial mobile speed cameras are marked.
Under the government proposal, unrestricted drivers would get an additional point, from 12 to 13.
Professional drivers, such as couriers and taxi drivers, would get two additional points, from 12 to 14.
Demerit points for 22 offences would also be reduced or deleted, Ms Keneally said.

Ms Keneally said the unpopular mobile speed cameras would also be more clearly marked, including warning signs placed at least 50 metres before the camera vehicles.
The cars will also be clearly signposted and marked in bright colours, she said.
"Mobile speed cameras are on the road to make people slow down - we've said that from the start," she said.
"However, the reality is the majority of drivers do the right thing.
"We've heard community concerns about mobile speed cameras loud and clear and we are responding."

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One step closer to victory for bikers in France


No to a compulsory annual environmental and road safety test for motorcycles in France!

40,000+ bikers blocked the whole of France on 13th March 2010

france bikers

... And again on 23rd October 2010!

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