The Future of the MRA(Vic) will be decided by membership vote.

The Future of the MRA(Vic) will be decided by membership vote.

Where to now for the MRA(Vic)?

A characteristic of a successful business is to continuously evaluate its performance. For the last three years many conversations held at board level have been around how the MRA(Vic) is performing with relevance to the goals for which it was originally created.


The executive is proud to report that through several changes including a new face as President and reduced membership fees, the membership decline over the last twelve years was arrested and we have had a period marked by increased membership and exposure. However upon reflection we ask ourselves if what has been achieved is enough to make a difference to the core reasons for the MRA(Vic) to exist and can it be extrapolated to find that mark of success held in previous decades? After all, our task is not to maintain a status quo as there are still many areas of road rules and continuously evolving attitudes of authorities that do not consider the motorcyclist’s perspective.

So what has been achieved in the last year?


Stolen -

Would everyone keep their eyes peeled for a fellow member who has had their ute and trailer stolen in the early hours of this morning.  If you have  any information please contact the Police.

Stolen: Charcol Triton tray ute and tandem trailer.  The trailer was a purpose built trailer it was white with Allan Industries written on it and also had 'Fast Fox Racing' written on it.  The trailer contained an FZR 400, frames, including a  polished frame, 2 rolling chassis, rims and other assorted bike equipment.  This was taken from the Box Hill area.

Please spread the word.

[Hartwell News]

Speed Cameras the first Litmus test for the Baillieu Government

The Department of Justice says on its website that cameras "are located on our most dangerous roads and intersections to prevent speed and red-light offences".

Hahaha , theres a good one hey ! and we all believe that - not. We dont believe a word of it . We KNOW its about the revenue . We Know its a thieving government TAX no matter what they call it or how they justify it.

The Herald Sun , and all praise it for getting stuck into this issue says -

Merry Christmas Bikers



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