Media Omissions Distort the Story - MRA(VIC)

MRA(Vic) Media Release 5th May, 2008

Media Omissions Distort the Story

Rider group representatives were left wondering whether their attendance at a Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Summit organized by the Federal Government, held in Canberra on 10th/11th April 2008, was worth the effort as a result of media reporting of a statement put out by Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese’s office on Friday.

AMC Media Release - Road Safety Summit

The Australian Motorcyle Council

Police Inability to use their own cameras makes Scapegoats of Motorcyclists

The Victorian Police (almost uniquely of all the World’s Police Forces) seem to be unable to use well tested cameras to photograph the rear of motorcycles and scooters. In an effort to stigmatise motorcyclists still further for their own operational shortfalls, they are now once again pressing for front number plates for all motorcycles, despite the fact that internationally the only countries that require this are that paragon of road safety – India, and that defender of personal freedoms – Singapore.

Speeding not the real cause of motorbike accidents

Speeding not the real cause of motorbike accidents

Richard Blackburn,, April 11, 2008

An international expert says that targeting speeding motorcyclists is merely a distraction from more relevant road safety issues. By RICHARD BLACKBURN.

New friend on the road

So there I was riding home from Kilsyth and I slowly came up behind this bike , not far past the roundabout in montrose on the road to lilydale .


Following a sugestion made at VMAC recently, by one of the motorcycle members , Vic Roads have uploaded the Great Ocean Ride DVD onto YouTube.

The GOR DVD was produced as part of a VMAC initiative and funded by the TAC levy. Much of the content in the DVD was included at the direction of the VMAC Motorcycle members. The DVD has been widely distributed as a "give away" and many hundreds were given away in the VMAC Showbag at the recent Melbourne Motorcycle Expo.

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