Adelaide joins footpath parking push

Adelaide has joined a growing push to allow motorcycles and scooters to park for free on footpaths and free up parking spaces for other vehicles.

The Adelaide Council is seeking feedback from local businesses on their proposal to trial motorcycle and scooter parking in two designated areas of footpaths in the city.


The two Adelaide footpath locations chosen for the trial are: the north-west corner of Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga; and the western side of Light Square / Wauwi (just south of Currie Street


Shock to the system


Two-year trial of motorcycle lane filtering launched on Canberra's road

Motorcycle riders will be allowed to move through stationary or slow moving traffic on Canberra's roads as part of a two-year trial set to get under way next month. 

Justice Minister Shane Rattenbury announced the trial of lane filtering on Friday, following a recommendation from the Legislative Assembly's inquiry into vulnerable road users that a trial be established before March this year.

Skully AR-1

Politician speaks sence and talks facts

Politician speaks sence and talks facts - unbelievable . Hopefully this will catch on

Lane Filtering Legal in NSW

The Australian Motorcycle Council welcomes tonight's news that lane filtering will be legal in NSW from 1 July 2014. Full licence holders only, 30km/h maximum speed, not in school zones in school hours. Further statement and more details to follow. Well done to MCC of NSW and all involved.


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